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'Captain America' Tops Box Office

'Captain America' Tops Box Office

Chris EvansCaptain America: The First Avenger topped the box office over the weekend, taking in an estimated $65.8 million in ticket sales.

Second place went to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, which took in a strong $48.1 million and is on track to be the Harry Potter franchise’s best performing film domestically.

Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake‘s Friends with Benefits took third place with $18.5 million, which was a little under industry expectations, according to Variety.

WHAT DID YOU SEE at the movies this weekend?

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  • Barbie Kate

    Mk and JT are not big movie stars

    JT is pathetic.

  • JC

    I don’t get it. This site pimped FWB for weeks. When it comes out and finishes third with an underwhelming number, this site actually points that out? This site never says anything negative about anything. Good work JJ. I get that this site is the celebrity good guy, but honesty never hurts. FWB should have done better business on a weekend where most of the country is under the effect of a major heatwave. Captain America actually over performed. Most people were saying 50-55 million.

  • So&So

    Not surprised. Why would a studio schedule FWB to be released a week after Harry P and the same week as Capt. America??? It’s gonna take longer to recoup that budget at this rate.

  • JC


    They’ll recover a 30 million dollar budget easily. The problem is this isn’t the kind of box office performance that launches the careers of leading actors. Timberlake has always been a supporting player, and so has Kunis. All the reviews I’ve seen all say that these two have really good chemistry, but the movie itself is all formula even if it pretends not to be. I also said before that this was a bad week to release this movie. On the heels of Harry Potter and against Captain America would be hard. An alternative date movie is what this was meant to be. Bad Teacher and Horrible Bosses have shown that raunchy R rated comedies are performing well this summer. I’m not sure what happened to FWB other than audiences weren’t that interested in the two leads.

  • Denise

    Captain America rocked! Btw I agree with Barbie Kate re JT; they promoted the heck out of that stupid movie.

  • Iwc3716

    I took my nephew to see Captain America on Friday and thought it was awsome. It didn’t really seem like a run of the mill superhero movie. To me it was a world war II movie with superhero elements thrown in. Id definatly say its a must see. Probably my new fav comic book movie.

  • Kirsten

    Loved captain America. Chris Evans did a great job.

  • gecko

    Critics and Marketing Media experts have proved themselves irrelevant….Not Surprised.

  • Sunnie

    I didn’t like Captain America it was kinda boring to me. I saw Harry Potter last week it was really good even though I hadn’t seen the other previous movies.

  • txr


    I wouldn’t go quite that far in terms of the leads. The numbers were very comprable to NSA. It hit what was pretty much expected for a rom com. Especially for, as you suggested, what was a difficult placement in the middle of the summer blockbuster fest.

  • Bethany

    FWB should learn Jennifer Aniston lesson always preview your movies when no other big movie is coming out then act like your movie is all that.

  • Pup

    Captain America and films like it appeal to everyone. Harry Potter has a much more specific crowd. This is no surprise. You can’t measure Friends with Benefits against them. In the coming weeks it will probably bring in sold money.

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    to be good

  • Halli

    Maybe this will teach the industry to stop treating Justin Timberlake like he is a movie star.

  • JC


    That is right. You cannot measure FWB against Harry Potter or a super hero movie. You can measure it against other R rated comedies though.

    Bridesmaids- 26 million opening

    Bad Teacher- 31 million opening

    Horrible Bosses- 28 million opening

    FWB- 18.5

    All these movies are somewhat similar, and they all opened within five million dollars of one another. FWB opened well below Bridesmaids which proved to have the most legs of any movie this summer, and is closing in on 175 million. Unless you consider Cameron Diaz a major box office draw, none of these movies feature a huge bankable actress or actor. They are all ensembles. Lucky for us it appears Justin Timberlake is not able to deliver a big hit with his name at the top of the marquee. His publicity for this movie was completely obnoxious, and every time I saw him I wanted to slap him across the face. They went overboard with the publicity for the movie that by the time it came out you were sick of seeing them. Munis I feel bad for. She needs to be careful before she becomes the next Jessica Alba. It girl for a moment who sees her popularity wane from doing too many mediocre commercial projects.

  • 22

    @Halli: It takes two to carry a movie. Justin really pushed to be relatable in interviews. He did that song with Jimmy Fallon, ping-pong with Regis, he was pushing this film. Mila is rather flat in interviews, and doesn’t seem to believe in her own project, so why should we?

  • txr


    That still isn’t an apples to apples comparison. None of the films you listed are rom-coms. The fact that FWB is R rated does not automatically put it in that genre. It is a rom com and rarely do rom coms score big or are expected to score big at the box office. Again, the best reasonable comparison is to the film it is obviously being compared to…NSA, which was R rated and diid about 19.5 its opening weekend, against NO competition compared to what FWB faced in the mddle of the summer blockbuster season. FWB was projected to hit around 19 or 20 million, the fact that it hit slighly below that is not a major deal….it just shows that its appeal was very similar to NSA.

  • JC


    I disagree. The three comparable movies to FWB showed that people want R rated comedies along wit their blockbusters. The summer is completely saturated, and a lot more people are going to the movies in the summer than in January. You can make the comparison to NSA, but that movie opened in the winter as opposed to the summer. FWB sold itself as the anti- romcom. Every box office roundup I’m reading is also saying the same thing. They’re comparing what FWB did against the other R rated comedies this summer. A romcom is still a comedy. They don’t distinguish slasher movies and supernatural thrillers. They call them horror movies. Even if you still want to argue that it can’t be compared to the other comedies because it was a romcom, all that means is that women are driving the movie. 62% of the audience was female. That isn’t that lopsided. Plenty of guys went to see this too.

    FWB did not miss it’s mark by much, but it did miss it’s mark. It made below industry expectations, and that alone is being noticed. We’ll see how it plays in upcoming weeks, but I think we’re looking at a 60-70 million domestic gross. That’s not great. If the studio didn’t have any expectations for it they would not have released it when they did and tried to sell it like they did. Say whatever you want but unless this movie performs steadily because of strong word of mouth, FWB will be considered a slight disappointment when Bridesmaids, Bad Teacher, and Horrible Bosses will all cross 100 million. Bridesmaids might even cross 200 million.

  • txr


    I concede that a summer release makes for a better box office potential then January. However, you stil have to account for the competition. It is incredilbly more difficult to find box office dollars for a rom com against multiple summer blockbusters. As you already admitted in your fist post. I still disagree with your comparison to Bridesmaids, etc… is still fundementally a rom com, and NSA remains the true measure of comparison. I will let one of the movie sites recap sum it up pefectly, that still touches on your point, but establishes exactly what I am saying….
    Benefits opened to $1 million less than Strings, but that’s really negligible when you parse the numbers; Strings screened at 92 more venues, and only earned $189 more than Benefits in per screen average. Friends with Benefits also opened against Captain America and weekend two of Harry Potter; No Strings Attached had its biggest competition from weekend two of The Green Hornet. All in all, not bad for Will Gluck’s bang buddies comedy, though it did have the worst opening of any mainstream R-rated comedy released this summer.
    We will have to see what kind of legs it has. I think if it can hit 70 million by the time it completes its domestic run, pretty much doubling the budget and Screen Gems will be content with that. There was never any expectation that this was going to be a 100+ grossing film by anybody doing serious projections. It was expected to pretty much match NSA 70 million box office and it is aligned to do that.

  • JC


    I’d be inclined to agree with a lot of that.

    If NSA and FWB basically had the same opening when you crunch all the numbers it shows that people weren’t in any more of a mood to see this now than they were seven months ago. That is why I don’t think FWB will have much legs in the coming weeks. People looking for something to see still have many more options available to them, and maybe they skip the one they feel like they just saw Natalie Portman in. This is where I think the movie is lacking. Strength of the leads. They just put this movie out seven months ago, and they’re asking people to pay and see it again for Kunis and Timberlake. Take it or leave it. They aren’t offering anything new. I don’t know if they would have switched releases if NSA would have performed better than FWB in the summer. I don’t think it matters. Nobody who skipped NSA is going to be a new audience for FWB is what it looks like.

    Like I said, 60-70 million is probably what it is in line for, and when you consider it will make a profit I’m sure the studio will be happy with it. But seeing how R rated comedies have played this summer, in the back of their mind I’m sure they were hoping for more.

  • txr


    Those are all good points JC and I pretty much agree…..the decision by Screen Gems to open FWB in the middle of the summer, still so close to the release of NSA never made any sense. Had they opened FWB 6 months later in late January, or especially the Valentine’s day weekend I am sure it would have done better box office.

    I honestly don’t think FWB has a chance to do much more then the 60-70 number either. There are more major releases still to come this summer that will eat up box office, plus as you have indicated when comparing it to the R rated raunch comedy humor, FWB is still competing for dollars with the likes of Horrible Bosses and Bad Teacher….and again there are more to come this summer.

  • J

    Friends with Benefits should’ve been push back. I have no idea what they were thinking. Congrats on Captain America though. The Cap really needed this after the shit stain of a movie that was made in the 90′s.

  • kristina

    captain america was awesome, and chris evans was perfect! he looks really good BLONDE <3

  • Lydia Roberts

    I hope in this film series, they will include: Rikki Barnes, Battlestar, Sharon Carter, Diamondback, Falcon, Golden Girl, Nomad, Rick Jones, Bernie Rosenthal.

    I look forward to seeing the following villains in future sequels: Baron Zemo, Batroc the Leaper, Crossbones, Doctor Faustus, Grand Director, Hate-Monger, MODOK, Protocide, Serpent Society, Serpent Squad, Sin, Viper.