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Gerard Butler in 'Machine Gun Preacher' - FIRST LOOK!

Gerard Butler in 'Machine Gun Preacher' - FIRST LOOK!

Check out this first look at Gerard Butler in his upcoming film Machine Gun Preacher, in theaters on September 23!

“Sam is a guy of our times,” the 41-year-old actor told USA Today about his character. “There is more complexity in a modern-day character who’s a drug addict and a biker turned businessman, missionary and soldier. You don’t get roles like this very often.”

Machine Gun Preacher is the story of Sam Childers (Butler), a former drug-dealing biker tough guy who found God and became a crusader for hundreds of Sudanese children who’ve been forced to become soldiers.

Bigger pic inside…

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gerard butler machine gun preacher first look

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  • curious cat

    Never in the history of JJ have I been the first poster! I hope this movie is as good as the hype about it. A hell of a story if it’s done right.

  • curious cat

    @curious cat:

    He looks good here and let’s hope we have a serious, awareness awakening, mind blowing blockbuster.

  • curious cat

    # 2 and #3. Is something wrong here? Is there a contract out on the first person to post?

  • Tres

    I have yet to see a hollywood film where a black lead does something good for white people. It is always the white person who manages to single handedly save a million black people, and thats only the first part! I know my african american teacher was my mentor for many years and I want a movie about him!

  • J

    @curious cat: Idk if you’re talkign to yourself, or someone using your name, but the 1st post usually gets the most thumbs up, if you care about stupid stuff like that.

  • J

    @Tres: It’s Hollywood. Thinking outside the box is usually risky, like making a Black guy the protagonist that protects white or what not, which is why they keep giving us the same stick every year, because people will buy into, and it’s what society is use to seeing. It’s been like this for years, and I doubt it’s going to change anytime soon.

  • Souper

    he looks like a dirty old greasy FOOL.
    he is the quintessential 40 year old man in the club.

  • Cord

    This is a story of for our times and Sam is a hero among men. Gerard is the only actor I can think of to do honor to both. Maybe for once he will get the recognition he should get with almost all the roles he has ever delievered.

  • glen

    Funy you say that – my guidance counsellor was AA and my only mentor in school. I developed a crush on her bc she believed in me.
    Every other teacher treated me like something was wrong with me … on top of that my gym teacher used to hit on me. She was like 35 married with kid too and looked like an ugly Kate hudson.

  • lolita

    I am sure she does – she is a ‘regular’ and they are the biggest weirdos on the board. She writes long drawn out stuipidy about her personal life as well.

  • ellie’

    looking real good Gerry!!

  • Where is….?

    The girl who b0nked him last thread???

  • just asking…

    The pics of Gerry’s face in that woman’s butt – yes he is kinky and yes that woman’s husband should kick his a@@. Why would any married man allow another MAN to put his face in his wife’s…..?!
    Are Scottish people ANIMALS??!! Just asking…

  • MGP: Huge FLOP!!!


  • Manlesston

    @curious cat:
    WHAT ??

  • curious cat


    Idon’t know what to say. Didn’t Morgan Freeman play Nelson Mandela? Mandela is a very big hero in my book. As are a few other people of African descent.

  • curious cat


    Who is he? Write a book about him. If it’s that good someone will make a movie.

  • curious cat


    I don’t care a hoot. It’ s just that I never happen to hit a new thread first. I din’t mean mean to post to myself. Accidental.

  • curious cat


    Excuse me? A sock? I post consistently under the name curious cat and never any other name. I don’t wear socks. I don’t know where you are coming from. I said I accidentally posted to myself, didn’t mean to. I couldn’t believe this chronically slow to catch up poster actually posted FIRST. Is that your problem?

  • furious fart

    Of course we talk about everybody —any flaw in any person. buy your own walkie-talkie radios and communicate that way, about hot girls and everyone else who’s not so hot. We always get these big, old French-Canadian guys who wear tiny thongs. its disgusting. A woman who isn’t a size 4 or smaller should never wear a bikini. end of story.

  • Same Ole

    What a gorgeous man and a great actor. Can’t wait for this movie to come out about Sam Childer’s life and the work he is doing in Sudan. It doesn’t matter the color of Sam’s skin.. I would hope any one of us would want to help someone being mistreated and stop the violence if we were in the same position.

  • The Noise In The Walls

    The PR on MGP has started…
    Good Luck Gerry!!! :)…

  • cubiedwellie

    @curious cat:
    want a medal for posting first???
    i mean….if that’s actually an accomplishment for you….

  • Brooke

    @Same Ole:
    I can’t wait for the inevitable FAIL this movie is going to bring and solidify Gerard on the F-List!!

  • curious cat


    Aren’t Will Smith and Eddie Murphy making an impact? Isn’t Will Smith one of the highest paid actors in Hollwyood? I thought we had broken the race barrier.

  • Ben

    You fat women keep telling yourselves we like fat chicks…like Bar Rafeli.
    But we want abs like Meg Fox or Vic Sec models – visble tummy tight muscles. Tight bodies are desirable because it means YOUTH and vitality no matter the chrono age. Soft just means….FAT. A turn-off.
    Go get an ab cruncher or something and firm up those flabby tummy pooches and flab arms like gelatin

  • dead equine beater = cc

    @curious cat:
    why are you beating a dead horse??? clown.

  • Lo

    @curious cat:

    Name more than 10 black actors who are making an impact…. I bet you can’t do it. I bet you can name 20 white actors.

    Until then… there is no broken race barrier. Wake up people! It’s not only blacks, but what about the Asians and Hispanics too!!!

  • fooz

    In general America is a lame country. They have the hottest prez but the people are for sh*t. Go to Winconsin or Georgia sometime. Makes you want to run for your life.

  • curious cat


    You aren’t cubedweller. You adopted a similar name but cubedweller is a class act. I don’t want any medal. I thought it was a joke that this poster who is always late to the party posted first. I asked if I got the honor of being first because there was a contract out. It’s Machine Gun Preacher after all. Good golly Miss Molly. Lighten up.

  • fooz

    @curious cat:
    That’s how you know your beloved ‘regs’ sock to talk crap on the boards – if they know old names and old posters.

  • curious cat

    @dead equine beater = cc:
    I don’t know what dead horse you mean.

  • curious cat


    How can you call people fat when you don’t even know what they look like?

  • Greek Babe for Gerry

    Re the race thing – the US is far behind everyone else. Thats why that country is going down the tubes. Only trash-as/sholes are racists.
    They worry about stupid sh*t like who is my neighbor in the US because for so long they have had the LUXURY of being stupid.
    The rest of the world is too busy trying to keep their homes and feed their children to worry about not liking someone because their eyes are different or otherwise.
    The US is mostly Hispanic anyway in a few years. They better figure it out or get out. Dummies.

  • Tres

    @curious cat: What? I’m sorry if you got the wrong idea. Maybe I didn’t explain myself properly, sorry. I didn’t mean that there aren’t black actors, there are, even though you can count all of them on your fingers. What I meant is that there aren’t many stories portraying black people in america, africa, europe or asia who do good things for their school or country. Its almost as if we are being pushed an idea that black people don’t do good things in this country. I just mentioned that I had a really great teacher who impacted my life and he should have a film based on his life, he was that awesome!

  • regan

    will smith
    denzel washington
    forest whitaker
    that’s all i got.

  • mason

    @fooz: there’s good people and crap people everywhere. wisconsin and georgia, that’s all u got? lol have u been to all 50 states?
    and there’s variation even within a state.
    northern virginia totally different from southern virginia.
    upstate new york different from the rest of it.
    you’re so ignorant it’s not even worth going on.

  • jackson

    @Greek Babe for Gerry: who exactly is american behind? not europeans. u go to europe, everyone in there is white. they have the least tolerance of varying races.
    they’re not even tolerant of other white people, e.g. germans look down on eastern europeans like they have the plague. they employ them as servants.

  • curious cat


    I admit I would need a little time to come up with 10 black actors who are making an impact but I don’t know that I could name 20 white actors that I admire off the bat either. BUT, given the difference in numbers in the white and black population, I can’t help but believe blacks have made significant strides. Sure, Oprah Winfrey is a huge star and exception to most of the rules for blacks and whites. Could she have made it a generation ago? Probably not.
    Cicely Tyson, an extraordinary actress, surely would have gone much father in her career today. If you never saw it, watch “The Biography of Miss Jane Pittman” if you hzven’t seen it. She played a woman aging from a teen-age slave tin the American Civil War o a woman 105 years old. Extraordinary performance.
    I loved Dorothy Dandrige. Shewas another huge talent born before the time was right, I believe she died of a drug overdose. A beautiful woman and a great talent lost.
    Morgan Freeman is extraordinary and he started as a dancer. Ended up playing sinister roles and the nice role in “Driving Mis Daisy.:
    Give me time. I can think of many.

  • jessa

    @Greek Babe for Gerry: if u are actually in greece then u must not be well-traveled as if u go north of u, u would have noticed that northern europeans look down on southern europeans. yah, america is really “behind”.

  • Swansong/Paisley

    Yes!!!!! Hoping for a critical and financial hit for Gerry!


  • xyzee

    Thank goodness the PR is finally beginning for this movie. Now, I hope things really begin to roll.
    Gerry looks great in the photo JJ used.

  • curious cat

    I’m not sure wha’s going on here.

  • curious cat

    @dead equine beater = cc:

    I don’t kow what you are tallking about. I seem to be today’s target.

  • LLL

    @curious cat: Sorry, didn’t get the memo. I do recommend going back and reading the end of the last thread. Eve was pretty funny.

  • cersei

    @Tres: I have to agree with you. If they ever tell a story where the African American character does something wonderful, like risk his life, he usually dies in the movie.

  • SisBoomBah!

    I wonder if this movie was one that Mel Gibson was gonna do then turned it down? This sounds exactly like something he would be involved in. Mel loves to play hero rescueing people roles when he isn’t playing the avenger of dead children.

  • for what its worth

    denzel, forrest ,jamie, sidney,cuba, djimon, morgan,robert, lawrence, spike, tyler, idris, samuel, don, terence,danny, wesley,eddie, martin,james earl,,levar, michael, will,….

    from a white middle age housewife off the top of my head..please don’t bring racist stuff here

  • CC

    aaaahhh! so excited!!

  • Who Dat

    The U.S. is far behind everyone else on the race issue? Are you kidding me? Name one black European president/prime minister/leader. Go ahead.