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Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: Comic-Con Couple

Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: Comic-Con Couple

Vampire Diaries stars Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder check out Entertainment Weekly‘s Comic-Con Celebration, held at Float at the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego on Saturday (July 23) in San Diego, Calif.

The co-stars and real life couple checked out the celebration, which was sponsored by Batman: Arkham City. Paul Wesley was also spotted at the SyFy and E! Comic-Con party, held at Hotel Solamar.

Also pictured inside are Nina (in Dalia MacPhee), Ian, and Paul at Camp Playboy on Friday (July 22), where they played Ubisoft’s Raving Rabbids: Alive & Kicking and Just Dance 3. Later in the evening, they hit up the Maxim/FX party at Hotel Solamar.

FYI: Nina accessorized her Zuhair Murad dress with a gold “Jennifer” clutch by Raven Kauffman Couture..

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Credit: Michael Buckner/John Shearer/Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty/WireImage
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  • Pup

    I have never seen a person smize as much as Ian. Tyra would be so proud.

  • Pete

    He looks like a girl!

  • Sarah

    Is he still dating that Jeff guy from the studio?

  • http://ja slig o lambert^_______^ cute


  • http://ja slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    @kà simply
    where are you?@_@

  • eww

    What is wrong with your face Ian? Is it surgery? He looks like a plastic elf.

  • Ceecile

    Ian can be really handsome, but sometimes he just looks weird and really unattractive. In my opinion. Also, that hat!

  • Kenya

    he can wear that hat but he’ll never look as hot as bomer

  • lold

    Why does this person insist on wearing a fedora all the time?

  • Whatever

    @lold: Because he’s going BALD and is trying to hide it!

  • Orion

    Nina Dobrev is always so elegant. She can’t do any wrong in my eyes.

  • Renee

    Dude, that hat has GOT to go. He looks like douche bag in that thing.

  • arranged romances

    they are so in love – LOL

  • Elisia

    Ewww he looks like such a sleaze in that photo!

  • smug fools

    Hate these 2.

  • snookie stackhouse

    they’re cool

  • danielik25

    I think, that Nina´s dress is for old woman, not for young sexy girl. Bad choice!

  • Daniel

    What are you talking about? Ian is one of the most beautiful men in the world. this photos are just bad! go search him on google and youll see how hot he is.

  • SarahC

    They’re both so beautiful. Can’t wait for the new season of The Vampire Diaries!

  • Michelle

    Nina’s a cute girl and I used to think Ian was cool but he’s become so cocky it’s super annoying.. At Comic Con he kind of took over the discussion even when several questions weren’t directed at him. Paul Wesley is much more handsome and humble. Team Paul! Nina could do better in the dating department.

  • tammy

    @Michelle: Completely agree. I was there and Ian seems to think that he calls the shots for all the cast. If anyone wanted to ask something other then about him he’d jump in and make it about him. I’m over him. He really knows how to play with the fans minds, such a kissas- and some of the fans actually still fall for it. It’s funny to see.

  • kella

    wow, boone looks extra douchey in that photo.
    nice job, JJ.

  • tammy

    Oh look Ians new flavor is Nina, Gee wonder why? Is it because he wants to keep people watch the vampire diaries or because he knows how to play the “Damon fans”? Lets look at his history, wanted to get his picture taken, enter Nicky Hilton. Needed his face out there and needs to be noticed, enter Ashley Green fron Twilight. Wanted to start a foundation and needed someone with brains enter, Megan. Now Nina. Guy is such a kissas- to fake for me. Hate it when an actors ego is as big as his head.

  • kgg

    What’s with all the hate comments on here? Ian is a super cute, super smart,super nice guy who is helping save our planet and animals. He is very kind to all his fans and they just love him. What have you done lately? He loves his hats and we don’t mind him wearing one.

    Nina, on the other hand is a gorgeous, smart, and talented girl. Her dresses on the Red Carpet are to die for. She also speaks 3 languages.

    She and Ian make an adorable couple and I, for one, wish them the best.

  • Bear

    Nina dobrev seems like a ditz.


    I used to love them together, but now I think she could better I hate him during comiccon 2011 he kept talking during other cast answers i enjoyed Paul and Joseph more they were more natural and also calling Nina’s caracter Katherine a bitch it’s getting old Ian.

  • jo

    Funny how all the negative comments say the same thing, like they are coming from the same group-person. There is nothing more sad and pathetic than a bitter, jealous coward hiding behind their big computer screens insulting people they dont even know. FFS Get a life!!! Maybe set up a foundation also and try and make a difference in this world instead of wasting energy on hate.

  • Suzi

    H8ters gonna hate but I love Ian and Nina and so do millions of their fans, so there.

  • Suzi

    H8ters gonna hate but I love Ian and Nina and so do millions of their fans, so there.

  • suna

    @kgg: You do realize that Ninas dresses are given to her for free by the designers. Anyone would look great if someone gives them free dresses and free hair and make up people. Don’t be so niave

  • Crystal

    aarrgghh! my head! lot’s of bitter comments here,

    whether you like it or not, the truth is real guys! Ian is ridiculously hot and a lot of haters are just so damned about it :P and Nina is gorgeous offcourse. They both look great together.

  • Polly

    I used to like Ian but not anymore. He was horrible at Comic Con. I think his true colors have come out. He is a little bit too in love with himself. Run Nina!

  • Crystal

    @jo: 100% agree!!!

    I bet if they say this things w/ their bitter faces in public.

  • Kat

    Nina needs to eat a few Big Macs
    girl is too skinny

  • Emma

    I’m last

  • BOJI

    Some of the comments here just want to me say this,” Do your homework and research before you spout your mouths off.”
    Ian has always been Ian, he loves his fans and is always courteous and is the founder of Ian Somerhalder Foundation, a cause concerned about greening our planet and about protecting the environment, animals and wildlife. He is what he is and doesn’t pretend to be anything else. If you think him pretentious, go do your homework and then eat your words. He is very pro-active and there is nothing horrible about him. If he didn’t look your way or oblige you with a pic at comic-con, don’t take it personally. Blowing kisses is his norm and has always been. I think he is a genuinely nice person.

    Nina Dobrev is an intelligent and super talented actress. Her portfolio is truly impressive. She’s an ex-champion rhythmic gymnast and speaks french, English, and her native language from eastern europe. If you follow her twitter, she’s prone to quoting wise sayings, nothing fluffy about her. Her interviews are proof of that.
    She also echoes Ian’s causes and has a love for animals.

    Together, they make an ideal couple and have been dating for more than a year. I wish them all the best in their future together. Amen.

  • DB

    Ian Somerhalder is so HOT & Sexy. He and Nina are a perfect couple. Their relationship is a lasting one. If you think otherwise, obviously you have not been paying attention for the past year. I love his different hats and think he is super cute in them. BTW: Ian is NOT going bald. I have met the guy when he was not wearing a hat, and his hair is thick and gorgeous. As far as Ian at the ComiCon Panel, thank goodness he was there and was able to carry the panel with his witty remarks. Ian and Paul were hilarious. Surely at some point there will be questions that have not been asked over and over. The fans that attend these conventions really need to think about the questions they ask. Think new and refreshing.

  • DB

    Some of the “hate” comments are used over and over again by the same people each time there is an article regarding Ian and Nina. It becomes extremely repetitive and boring.

    Considering the cheers that Ian got when he entered the room for the TVD ComiCon panel, I would say he is definitely the fan favorite and money maker for the show.

  • BOJI

    I totally agree, answering the same questions year in year out can be excruciatingly tiresome. If you are indeed a true fan, you would have done your homework and come up with something new or refreshing to ask like for instance, a question for Ian. “If you were the writer what would you have liked Damon to be doing for season 3?” “Can Damon ever get it together with Elena, ever do you think?” ” How has playing Damon affected your life socially and personally?” To Nina”What can you identify yourself with in playing Katherine?” “How has playing Katherine influenced you personally if at all?” Which direction would you like to see Elena take in season 3, proactive, passive or the aggressor?”.
    “What other changes would you like to see as TVD progresses, more exposure, action packed, new characters, twists and turns or emotional, riveting and unexpected, new creatures with special powers perhaps?” More titillating perhaps. Where does Stefan fit in now that he has gone over to the dark side, will there be salvation?” and the list goes on…….


    I agree 100% with you.

  • theresa

    you are so right :D

  • anna

    he´s soo hot! she´s pretty but in desperate need of a stylist1

  • lili

    to me Paul wesley is way hotter than Ian. Ian has those amazing eyes but I don’t like his features at all, plus his hair are coloured in black, it’s not natural….Paul was so sexy at that event!
    nina can date Ian if she wants even if I think she can do better but I think it will ruine the show dynamic if they got together as elena and damon….

  • Ally

    What is wrong with people here? Why so bitter? or perhaps insecure? whatever! Ian & Nina rocks

  • leslie

    I’m over them. The second season of the show was so boring. It was suppose to be the year of the Kat. Instead it was another year of him chasing her and acting like a total whimp. Love Klaus, at least he is a tough guy.

  • kiki

    I like Ian, but that half smile smirky thing he insists on doing is getting annoying. Its not sexy, but I think he thinks it is. He does look a little plastic, he is a lot older than the rest of the VD actors so I wouldn’t be surprised if he is ummm “maintaining” his looks. But he is definitely hot and he does wonderful work for charity. Nina looks beautiful as always and Paul is very nice to look at too. Vampire Diaries has a very beautiful cast!

  • lili

    I love nina’s lipstick! she’s just so lovely

  • Hmm

    So im watching the conmic con with TVD’S i agrree with everyone why does Ian butt into other peoples answers, their getting asked the questions not him and as someone is talking he just automatically says something and then, they have to know what he’s saying. He so f***in annoying. He has no control over his mouth at all, doesnt he know its rude to butt in ALL THE TIME!!!! Dont get me wrong i love TVD’S cnt wait for S3 and i love the character Damon, hes funny as hell. But ian is a pain in the back side.

  • Delphic

    That chick really has awful style.

  • nepenthes

    I’v liked Ian since his “Lost’ days but I have to say that the constant smirk and the hat are annoying me. Whatever floats his boat I guess.