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Angelina Jolie: London Aquarium with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie: London Aquarium with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie and her little ones visit the London Aquarium on Monday (July 25) in London, England.

The 36-year-old actress brought 6-year-old Zahara, 5-year-old Shiloh, and 3-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne with her for a fun day out.

Over the weekend, Angelina and partner Brad Pitt were spotted heading into The Dorchester after she and Vivienne went flower shopping at a local florist.

Angelina, Shiloh, and Zahara left LAX airport to head to London on Wednesday of last week.

The Jolie-Pitt clan is in London while papa Brad shoots scenes for his latest movie, World War Z, in the UK.

FYI: Angelina is wearing Stuart Weitzman black calf 50/50 boots and Dolce&Gabbana sunglasses. Vivienne is wearing Crocs “Carlie” flats.

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angelina jolie knox vivienne zahara shiloh london aquarium 01
angelina jolie knox vivienne zahara shiloh london aquarium 02
angelina jolie knox vivienne zahara shiloh london aquarium 03
angelina jolie knox vivienne zahara shiloh london aquarium 04
angelina jolie knox vivienne zahara shiloh london aquarium 05
angelina jolie knox vivienne zahara shiloh london aquarium 06
angelina jolie knox vivienne zahara shiloh london aquarium 07

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311 Responses to “Angelina Jolie: London Aquarium with the Kids!”

  1. 1
    PJ Says:

    Wonderful here we go again.
    Have a great time.

  2. 2
    PJ Says:

    Wonderful here we go again.
    Have a great time.

  3. 3
    Aisha Says:

    Soooooooooooooooo cute , love the cute ones

  4. 4
    teri Says:

    YAY, Love this family. : )

  5. 5
    wtf Says:

    Ehm.. School?!

  6. 6
    cate Says:

    viv & shiloh look like twins. doesnt viv have a twin? never see him/her.

  7. 7
    busted Says:

    The twins are so cute. I saw a picture of the people around them. WOW.. lots of tourist.

    They were standing in the line waiting with the other people. The kids looked so excited. Holding hands. beyond adorable.

  8. 8
    teri Says:

    These children are so well behaved, you don’t see that to often or hear about it. Hope the kids had a great time.

  9. 9
    Katie Says:

    I wish that just once Angeline would make Shiloh wear a dress. Why does she allow a four year old to manage herself that way.

  10. 10
    Evie Says:

    I love this family!

  11. 11
    Felicity Says:

    What a cuties!!!!!!!

  12. 12
    lilooo Says:

    my girrrl!!! GO ANGIE!!! and the beautiful kids!!!
    Where my haters at loool always have to drag in JP!!! Eff off

  13. 13
    wtf? Says:


    Guess you don’t have kids. It is summer vacation time.

  14. 14
    av Says:

    OMG they are so cute…. this is what kids do, have fun… UNLIKE Suri Cruise who acts like a drama queen!

  15. 15
    Katie Says:

    Please make Shiloh wear a dress Angelina she might like it.

  16. 16


  17. 17
    busted Says:


    Are you that ignorant on purpose or by accident.


    BUT DON’T LET THAT FACT STOP YOU for making a fool of yourself under another name.

    YOU idiots look for anything. Nothing wrong with her and her children going out to enjoy the city and its sights.

  18. 18 Says:

    Gorgeous woman, divine family & such a lovely photos :)

  19. 19
    lilooo Says:

    OMG Shi is gonna be such a stunner when she grows up!!!
    Well they are all BEAUTIFUL!!!

  20. 20
    Lara Says:

    Gorgeous all of them, so happy strolling along and having fun together. Love them.

  21. 21
    teri Says:

    what a great way to start my day, love them.

  22. 22
    SOOPX1 Says:

    Thanks Jared.Just Gorgeous.

  23. 23
    r&bmom Says:

    @cate: Actually, I think that Shiloh looks identical to Knox. Unless I am wrong, Viv has on the brightly coloured jacket. Knox is the little feller with the long hair.

  24. 24
    Dakota Says:

    What a close knit family! I think the older kids holding hands with the younger ones is such a warm, caring and loving gesture. After all the years that I have seen pictures of them, I can’t think of one time that they misbehaved or threw a temper tantrum! Wow!! Good job Brad and Angelina!

  25. 25
    kiki Says:

    All 3 of her bio-kids look very much alike; I know that they are related, but goddamn couldn’t they have some variety within their genes lol. Zahara is very beautiful:)

  26. 26
    annie Says:

    Anige is so gorgeous and she has only lip gloss no make up.

    Shiloh is very beautiful, her face is really gorgeous with that perfect lips.

    I think Know will be handsome too he is now looking more like Brad. Viv has Angie’s slanting eye shape but not as big as hers. I think she will become prettier in 2-3 years when she isvof Shi’s age.

    Zee is a little model, i think she will have a great well proportioned body. her face is also very pretty.

  27. 27


  28. 28
    kiki Says:

    All 3 of her bio-kids look very much identical; I know that they are related but Brad’s and Angie’s genes sure don’t offer a lot of variety. Zahara is beautiful:)

  29. 29
    cate Says:

    @r&bmom: ah, i didnt see him back there, he is partially hidden! lol i see now :)

  30. 30
    deke Says:

    I think Knox looks like Angie.

  31. 31
    kiki Says:


    posted twice, my bad…technical difficulties

  32. 32
    madmoni Says:

    Angelina beautiful as always, simply stunning

  33. 33
    busted Says:

    The hand holding reminds me of a line from the poem.

    All I really need to know I learned in Kindergarten..
    *When you go out in the world, watch out for traffic, hold hands and stick together.

    awww cute.. cute.. cute..


  34. 34
    Katie Says:

    Shiloh is four years old and should not be allowed to dictate what she wants to wear to her mother the adult! What if she wants to go outside naked, will Angelina condone it? Yes, she probably would.

  35. 35
    PJ Says:

    Thank you JJ for the pix.
    So overcome seeing them all again forgot to say thank you.

  36. 36
    ALANA Says:

    Love to see siblings holding hands! Reminds me of me and my 4 sibs. Amazing how well behaved they always seem to be, good parenting, obviously.

  37. 37
    busted Says:


    This is not your child. Go have your own and raise her or him or whatever the way you choose.

    It is beyond reason that people actually think they have a right to judge people on how they raise their children. I bet if you had a child if someone came up to you and told you to do this or that with your child you would blow a gasket. YET you a stranger on the internet think you have a say or an opinion. YOU don’t

    Stop sticking you big fat nose in other people business. An internet connection and computer still does not make you have a say.

  38. 38
    slig o lambert^_______^ cute Says:

    so beautiful kids i love

  39. 39
    Passing Through Says:

    Awwww! Those kids are just way too cute. Z’s rockin’ those boots she’s got on and the twins are soooooo friggin’ cute. I just can’t believe how tall Shiloh has gotten though. She looks like she’s going to be really tall – and lean like Angie is. I saw some pix on M4A and there’s one where Knox is staring up at the building with his mouth open like he can’t believe what he’s seeing – it’s really cute. Too bad Jared didn’t get that photo.

  40. 40
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    Love them All. Viv is cute with her outfit. Cute is delicious. Love Shi’s bob cut. Z is pretty and so is mama Angie.

    I really love the way she dresses. The Burberry dress yesterday and today.

  41. 41
    dark angel Says:

    Such beautiful kids that I am so sure the haters are unconsciously wishing that they have.

  42. 42
    ang Says:

    twins are not as cute and beautiful as Shiloh, Brad and Angelina. Just a fact, everyone knows that

  43. 43
    Passing Through Says:

    I think it’s really funny how Shiloh and the twins’ hair all grows in exactly the same direction (and just like Brad’s at that!). And their resemblence is uncanny. The twins look alike, but different yet they each look like Shiloh in different ways. Photoshop a picture of the twins now and Shiloh when she was 3 and they could be triplets.

  44. 44
    L Says:

    Shiloh is sooo cute!

  45. 45
    hmm Says:

    maybe to some all white kids look alike but these three do not look alike, there r some similarities here and there i guess but, their faces are completely different to me

  46. 46
    leni Says:

    So nice to see them out having fun. PT, Isaw that Knox pic, so cute, I thught he was yawning though. lol And may I say, Angelina looks gorgeous!

  47. 47
    Dakota Says:

    I agree PT @ #43 that they could be triplets. I definitely see a lot more of Brad in Knox in these pictures. I love how they each have their individual styles. Angie and Brad let them each be their own person. They probably don’t have the fighting each morning where kids want to pick out what they want to wear and Mom won’t let them.

  48. 48
    adel Says:

    is jjb site down?…..

  49. 49
    adel Says:

    is jjb site down?…..

  50. 50
    sillyme Says:

    Wow, Knox and Shiloh look so much alike. I saw a pic of Knox last week and could have sworn it was Shiloh. And, I love Zahara and her black boots! I wonder how it’s going to feel for her growing up the only black girl. I remember Angie said a few years ago before the twins came that she was thinking of adopting another African child because Maddox and Pax have each other (of the same race), and Shiloh (and the twins) could look to her and Brad. I see now why Madonna went and adopted Mercy as a sister for David – it does help having someone in the family that you can look to that looks like you.

  51. 51
    The Comedian Says:

    I think the Pitt-Jolie couple is the first on earth to experience clones !!
    The twins are excat repliquat of their sister !!

  52. 52
    Susan Says:

    @adel: Yes

  53. 53
    Adamme Says:

    Yeah, don’t get the clone thing, they have very different faces,But, you can definitely tell they belong to each other! lol

    Angie looks HOT!!!!

  54. 54
    busted Says:


    I think maybe Zahara is fine. plus they have nannies that are of color. I think parents make decisions on what their child needs. Maybe Madd needed that. Zahara has always had siblings. Maddox was an only child for 3+ years.

    anyway Zahara appears to be well adjusted, and may not be needing that. Besides I think things change. I think when Brad/Angie had the twins. Two babies at one time is a lot. And right now they seem happy with 6.

    Who knows is they will add more.

    But I think they must have so much fun at their house.

  55. 55
    whoever asked Says:

    Yes, JJB has been havin issues again today

  56. 56
    leni Says:

    I think when the twins are older, maybe 5, they will adopt another child, perhaps from Africa. An older child probably, like they did with Pax. Just speculating.

  57. 57
    Sammy Says:

    I’m loving the new Brangelina pictures everyday!!!! =) Her kids are GORGEOUS!

  58. 58
    Susan Says:

    @sillyme: Don’t worry about Zahara, her aunt have two boys from Ethiopa, you’re lying Angie never any thing about adopting an African kid for Zahara. Yes she said it about Maddox. Zahara will not be the first kid to be raised in a mixed race family, from all appearances, she is loved and a happy kid except, when the paps get too close. Go back to the drawing board and for someting else, stick to the truth this time.

  59. 59
    sotired Says:

    Another photo op. Ho’s children are the only people who keep her relevant.

  60. 60
    lulu Says:

    Ahhhhhhh . Cute kids and family !

  61. 61
    LoriLori Says:

    The children are adorable, Knox is super cool
    AJ is always Beautuful but lately for some reason even more attractive than usual!! so not fair
    God bless the Jolie-Pitts

  62. 62
    neer Says:

    I think Zahara doesn’t mind even if she’s the only one who’s from black race. Her cousins are from Ethiopia anyway (Brad’s sis Julie adopted her own). Also, Shi was born in Namibia, so in a way they are both from Africa.
    What is important is NOT the color of your skin but the kind of person you are. The way AJBP raised their children, they seem to treat them with equality. Zee may not be born from AJ’s womb BUT through the heart. Zee is full of love & happiness because she is surrounded & treated with love & equality by her parents, siblings, grandparents, uncles, aunts & friends.
    Every time I see pics of the 6 JP children, I don’t distinguish who is biological or not. I see them as THEIR children, period.

  63. 63
    lurker Says:

    you are so stupid ,wow trolls need a chill pill,the family look gorgeous enjoying their holiday

  64. 64
    anustin Says:

    wrong!!!!who.reniston dont have children!!! i understand she is trying to be like angelina jolie.nah!ain’t workin’sorry.

  65. 65
    Ann Says:

    O m g Shiloh and vive so much like brad and knox mini me Angelina

  66. 66
    ok Says:

    Say what you will , that is a very beautiful woman. And seems like a good mom, too.

  67. 67
    Danielle Says:

    Shiloh is drop dead gorgeous. Wow. Actually all the kids are. Ms. Zee is gorgeous too as are the twins. But Shiloh–wow. Stunning at age 5.

  68. 68
    ceemee Says:

    Glad to see the family having fun but dayum MESSAGE TO WHITE PEOPLE if you have a black child learn to comb their hair. That little girl’s hair always looks ratty. She is to cute to have beebees on the back of her neck. So many people I know of with interracial kids don’t know how to do black hair and they have to much money for that!!!!!

  69. 69
    anustin Says:

    if that is a photo op….hehehehe they are gorgeous anyway,unlike the who.reniston’s photo oping lol her monkeyroux….fck zhit! goodbye.

  70. 70
    Susan Says:

    Guys you notice HuffPo or CB never post anything positive about the Jolie-Pitts but they can post every tabloid lie.
    PopSugar have a pic of Knox and Shiloh talk about cute, Knox is a little ham, sticking his tongue out like his Dad. I understand what Brad means when he said he felt rich, because of his family.

  71. 71
    ok Says:

    Are you kidding? #68? That little girl has beautiful hair, looks healthy to me, love the curls. Wish my hair looked like that so naturally.

  72. 72
    anustin Says:

    wtf! zee zee’s hair looks beautiful!u are just a c.unt!unlike who.reniston’s fake blond hair,fake blue eyeball.

  73. 73
    LoriLori Says:


    There is nothing wrong with Zahara’ hair, it is normal to have some fly away strands with her soft texture. I wish people would stop OVER ANALYZING THIS CHILDS FACIAL EXPRESSIONS AND HER HAIR
    All of the children look normal and well cared for
    I am done, wishing all the JP fans a happy day

  74. 74
    Susan Says:

    @ceemee: Not this hair Sh*t again, it is whats under the hair that matters. They might not know how to do their hair, but they sure can love and educate them. If you ever saw Zahara in a reality show she not going to come last in the race because she can’t swim and don’t want her hair wet..

  75. 75
    anustin Says:

    i cant wait for the who.reniston have a child.i know she’ll cover her kid all the time b/c u know……her genes and monkeyroux gene.hehehehe

    one word. BONSAI!

  76. 76
    lulu Says:

    ITA. ,Shiloh is so pretty! specially the one she’s smiling. those perfect feature coming from Dad and Mom are start molding out.
    I can said she’s one of the prettiest among the recent HW celebrity children.

  77. 77
    Kpsinha Says:

    Zahara est troooooooooooop mignonne !

  78. 78
    dd Says:


  79. 79
    busted Says:


    Zahara is not interracial. She is also not Black.. she is Ethiopian. Her hair texture is not the same as someone who is black.

    This whole hair thing needs to be done and over. She has naturally curly hair and it is beautiful.

    I love the light brown highlights.

    Get over it. but then again you freaks need something to whine about don’t you.

  80. 80
    Appletini Says:

    How fun for them. I love how the kids are all wearing such a wide variety of footwear, like they’re each in a different weather pattern, lol! I remember those days, when my kids had a favorite outfit or pair of shoes, and you couldn’t get them to wear anything else no matter what. Thank goodness kids outgrow their clothes & shoes fast, lol!

  81. 81
    passby Says:

    love them…they are so cute.

  82. 82
    passby Says:

    love them…they are so cute.

  83. 83
    sounds like Says:

    someone is jealous of zahara;s lovely curls. she doesnt have to have her hair braided or greased down, it is beautiful naturally.

  84. 84
    Agatha Says:

    I love this family, the twins are so cute

  85. 85
    :) Says:

    After photos of a miserable Angelina with wig pitt it’s great to see her out with her babies. She looks much happier.

  86. 86
    booooring Angelina Says:

    same look, same hair, same someglasses.

  87. 87
    QQQQ Says:

    Idiot women like #68 are all over the internet and they do it to all chocolate kids who “vanilla” parents. You should see how the crucified Joelie (sp) Fisher on BCB. If the hair isn’t braided or has 60 clips or permed it is an issue for these women. Natural hair is NO NO for these people. These women who would NEVER consider adopting a child, are always criticizing these parents over superficial bull_shite. Instead of being happy that another chocolate child is not left in an orphanage or foster care in the US. It doesn’t matter how happy the child looks if the hair isn’t up to their STUPID standard there is an issue.
    And you wanna bet most of them wear those god awful hair pieces and wigs and their hair is damaged to eternity with receding hairline like Susan Taylor (Essence mag) from 20+ yrs of constant braiding.

  88. 88
    natalya Says:

    Cute kids…they are sweet and lovely) Shiloh holds hand of Knox-it`s cute. Angie looks amazing in these boots. She`s happy with kids…Viv is stylish lady like Zahara)

  89. 89
    ;) Says:

    Wow Angelina actually looks hot for once – photos from other sites-. She’s wearing high boots. o lala

  90. 90
    ;) Says:

    Knee high

  91. 91
    whake up people Says:

    The kids’ hair is OK. It’s their mom that needs a hairdresser.

  92. 92
    Sonia Says:

    I love Viv’s style greatly!
    The jacket and the skirt, then legging and the sandals!!
    How cute!
    And my #1 forever most precious is always Z! What a fierce little girl, walks up straight with her chin up! Z will grow up with extraordinary beauty, what a pretty fighter! So no nonsense!

    As for Shi, she brings sunshine and smiles to me at all time!

  93. 93
    A Lurker Says:

    On jjb, there is a picture of Brad & Angelina at Churchill War Rooms on Saturday for a private tour.

  94. 94
    lurker Says:

    angie is a great mum always teaching the kids different things about the countries they visit,if i ever come back in my next live i want to be a joliepitt kid

  95. 95
    Dakota Says:

    Shiloh and Zahara are best buds besides sisters! They are so cute together! They are both good big sisters to the twins also, you can tell from pictures!

  96. 96
    anonymous Says:

    I don’t think Zahara feels uncomfortable as the only black family member but I have to admit Angelina said a few yrs ago that she wanted a black sibling for Zahara, because Maddox has Pax, Shiloh has her parents( it was before Angelina get pregnant with twins).
    Angelina is my favourite actress but I really don’t like how her fans react for anything that others says about her. They accept only what is comfortable for them and it’s quite ridiculous. angelina can say something what they don’t like but other people don’t have this right in front of Angie’s fans.

  97. 97
    lurker Says:

    @A Lurker:
    i want to see that picture

  98. 98
    ;) Says:

    After photos of a miserable Angelina with wig pitt it’s great to see her out with her babies. She looks much happier.

  99. 99
    neer Says:

    The irony is…..while some people claim that AJ is boring…same look blah blah…….YET they love to look at her. I know even themselves they can’t resist her gorgeousness! …or they are still curious how AJ manage to look fascinating despite trying to dress down or anything. That’s the power of AJ…..she is really different from the rest…no matter how much she tries to “hide” her gorgeousness, she still stands out in the crowd. Her appeal is just very difficult tp contain. She simply has it, you know. Her sexuality & sensuality is just with her regardless what she wears or not wear. It’s not her fault if she is gifted NOT just with good genes but with so much appeal as well. A combination of these gifts are rarely found in a person. AJ is just lucky………& it’s unfortunate to “someone” who always wants to appear great in appearance even though she always fails miserably.

  100. 100
    ;) Says:

    @lurker: just look at any other pic of Brad hiding his wrinkles behind shades and Angelina looking lost and you got it.

  101. 101
    Angie + brad @ Museum Says:

  102. 102
    A Lurker Says:

    JJB is down at the moment. Angie was holding Brad’s arm, very sweet.

  103. 103
    Jennifer MANASTEALIN Says:

    @ ;)

    The only miserable was your idole and her midget of a stolen boyfriend.
    Not one single smile at the airport or anywhere else like he did when he was with lovely heidi..
    They only smile when they are with Terry Richradson. Bet those parties at three is what makes them happy.
    Plus Manastealin will have to pay for everything after stealing a dwarf like boyfriend who is worth 1/10 of her own house. oucchhh…no wonder she looks miserable and no wonder that he looks miserable, obliged to fake some kind of attraction with that old bimbo, dumping hois lovelmy fresgher musch more beautiful gal.

  104. 104
    sadie Says:

    #101 great pick of brad but they werent at the museum

  105. 105
    lurker Says:

    @A Lurker:
    thanks will check it when jjb is back,they love and support each other

  106. 106
    natalya Says:

    Brad looks amazing. He`s great in these sunglasses. He`s smart and sexy and he adores his angel…They are happy being with 6 kids and having romantic time with each other

  107. 107
    A Lurker Says:

    Try this link, scroll down for picture of Brad and Angelina at Churchill War Museum.

  108. 108
    lurker Says:

    the stupid troll thinks thats a bad picture of brad,trolls are lame

  109. 109
    busted Says:

    @Angie + brad @ Museum:

    I love that picture of Brad.. he looks great.. so happy.

    Why you think it is anything other than a fineass man is beyond me.. THUMB UP ON THAT PICTURE> ONE OF MY FAVORITES during that promotion. His smile is like sunshine.

  110. 110
    Passing Through Says:

    # 50 sillyme @ 07/25/2011 at 10:12 am
    Another troll who’s misnamed herself. It should be “Stupid Me”.

  111. 111
    sadie Says:

    #108, lurker, they think that is bad pic? he looks GOOD. crazy people.

  112. 112
    natalya Says:

    I`ve noticed that Angie has other hairdo than she was at the dorchester hotel…maybe they were really having hot night in hotel. Brad is stylish gentleman…It`s great for him to be wih his loving lady and it `s big pleasure 4 fans to take photos with this graceful couple

  113. 113
    AngieLoving Says:

    SheKnows dropped by the set of E! News to get the scoop from celebrity guru Giuliana Rancic on interviewing A-listers, season four of her reality show and the chances that she’ll give children another go.
    Over the last few seasons of her show Giuliana & Bill, we watched E! News host Giuliana Rancic go through many highs and lows in her attempts to get pregnant. After her devastating miscarriage last year, Giuliana tells us she’s just focusing on having fun this year.
    “We had kind of a tough season last year,” Giuliana tells SheKnows. “We were trying to have a kid and it didn’t go the way we wanted, so now we’re like, ‘Let’s do everything we couldn’t do if we had a kid.’ So we’re just having fun and letting go.”

    Despite rampant rumors that she is currently pursuing adoption, G tells us she hasn’t discarded the idea of natural birth.

    “At some point we’re going to try IVF again and definitely try to have a baby naturally,” says Giuliana. “Whether or not that works, we’ve always been open to the idea of adoption and even surrogacy.”

    If she does choose to adopt, Giuliana already knows where she’ll look.

    “When I went to Italy this last trip I felt such a connection to Naples and there are so many kids who need a good home and don’t have a home,” says Giuliana. “That’s where I’m from. I would love to give a kid like me an opportunity like I had. By no means has any step been taken and no papers have been done.”

    The “Year of Fun”
    In addition to Bill moving to L.A. this season after years of a long-distance relationship, the couple is now also playing with the idea of opening a restaurant together.

    “We are thinking of opening a restaurant called Mama DePandi’s, which is my mom’s recipes,” Giuliana tells SheKnows. “The big debate is: Do we open it in Chicago or L.A.? Bill thinks no one eats in L.A. Unless we’re serving lettuce cups with air, we probably won’t do well!”

    And that’s not Bill’s only gripe about the Hollywood lifestyle — Giuliana tells us he also isn’t very fond of the attitudes in L.A.

    “Bill is not a fan,” says Giuliana. “The problem with L.A. is when you go to dinner, people just want to know what you do for a living and what can you do for them. In Chicago, all they want to know is, ‘Are you a Cubs fan or a Sox fan?’ It’s more about your hobbies and who you are as a person.”

    Lucky for Rancic, as she affectionately calls her hubby, Giuliana says one day she would like to return to their former home.

    “It’s really hard to leave Chicago,” says Giuliana. “It’s a really authentic city. Down the road, much later, I’d love to live in Chicago.”

    Q & A with G
    Between her positions on E! News and E!’s Fashion Police, Giuliana has had her hands full dealing with Hollywood’s rich and famous. We grilled her on some behind the scenes scoop on your favorite celebs:

    SheKnows: You’ve interviewed everyone. Do you ever still get star struck?

    G: When I see Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt I get star struck. I’m such a loser I know. I love them. I love that they have all these kids, they’ve done a really good job. Say what you want about Brad and Angie, but they have done a tremendous amount of giving back with their fame.

    SheKnows: Who is the worst celebrity you’ve interviewed?

    G: Russell Crowe when he did Beautiful Mind and was getting famous, he was a tough interview. But when he got married and had kids, he lightened up a bit.

    SheKnows: What celebrity story is captivating you right now?

    G: Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s divorce. I think it was something abrupt. Because it’s like, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And there was no smoke. No one saw the signs. No tabloids picked it up. And trust me, someone would have reported on them. I feel like everything was fine and then something happened. One of them did something and it was like, ‘That was a deal breaker.’ It was totally out of the blue.

  114. 114
    Passing Through Says:

    # 54 busted @ 07/25/2011 at 10:25 am
    Busted -
    I’m surprised you gave that idiot troll a polite answer because she didn’t deserve one. Brad’s sister has 2 adopted Ethiopian sons and her SIL (her husband’s sister) has also adopted 1 or 2 Ethiopian children – and the two of them also do a lot of charity work in Ethiopia. So the troll needs to STFU and STFD. Z is fine. It’s the troll who has problems.

  115. 115
    AngieLoving Says:

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie enjoy a posh hotel rendezvous without the kids

    With the entire family living in a rented house in London while Brad works there on his new film, World War Z, various members of the Jolie-Pitt clan have been sighted in the British capital in recent weeks. However, this weekend Brad and Angelina stepped out as a couple for the first time since being sighted together last month.

    Arriving at the uber posh Dorchester hotel for lunch they looked utterly relaxed in their casual, chic outfits, which were almost perfectly matched in beige and white (eat your hearts out, Posh and Becks!).

    Angelina wore a slim-fitting beige skirt and white long-sleeved top, accessorised with nude patent wedges, while Brad teamed beige trousers with a crisp white shirt and carried an off-white trench coat as a precaution against London’s unpredictable summer weather. If you’re wondering how to dress on your London summer city break, this is it.

  116. 116
    AngieLoving Says:

    MUMBAI: UTV Action will be premiering the Angelina Jolie starrer Salt in Hindi.

    The movie, which has been dubbed in Hindi, will be aired on 30 July at 8.45 pm.

    UTV Action programming head Manasi Sapre said, “Angelina Jolie has reportedly said when she was asked about a role of Bond-girl “why should I play Bond Girl when I can play the role of Bond? The protagonist she plays in the 2010 blockbuster Salt, is reported to have been written for a man. It was Jolie’s superstar status and her action credentials which turned SALT from being a man to a woman. And in this box office winner filled with twists, turns, mind-blowing stunts- you will see why Angelina Jolie is one of the best action stars to have graced Hollywood.”
    As you can see SALT is still making money way to go Angelina.

  117. 117
    Justi Says:

    The kids are cute.Vivienne is Brad’s mini me. Knox and Shiloh look like Angelina.

  118. 118
    Passing Through Says:

    # 58 Susan @ 07/25/2011 at 10:38 am
    Sadly, the troll didn’t lie. She did the same thing the tabs do – took a little bit of the truth and twisted it to suit her own foul purpose. Angie did say they were concerned about Z having a sibling who looked like her – just as she said about Maddox. However, I think after Brad’s sister and her SIL both adopted from Ethiopia Angie realized it wasn’t necessarily that important to adopt another African child because Z would have cousins from her birth country in the family.

  119. 119
    Jennifer MANASTEALIN Says:

    @ 101
    Maniston stolen midget : neck face all look busted. Not even 40 yet and already looking like he is 60 !
    Maniston ion her true glorious self at 35 between bitix sessions
    Welcome to Dracula and Vampirella !
    No wonder they both look mserable ! They both have to sleep with a monster and get up looking at the other real face…ewww

  120. 120
    Frenchy Says:

    Hellloo all!!!! These are wonderful pictures. Everyone looks healthy, strong and happy.

    Waving to everyone!!!!!!

  121. 121
    lurker Says:

    viv and zee are fashionistas

  122. 122
    Susan Says:

    @Passing Through: Ok I stand corrected, I missed that, I knew about Maddox.

  123. 123
    ang Says:

    OMG —-Angie and the kids just stroll around London. I’m soooooo jealous and wish I could be in London right now. Can you imagine, you just walk around minding your own business and suddenly you run into a beautiful woman with 4 georgous children? Sooooooo awesome.

  124. 124
    Alice Says:

    It seemed mum and dad had a great weekend. Angelina looks fresh, relax and happy, their children are happy. This is a happy family.

  125. 125
    unisex Says:


  126. 126
    mwannirs Says:

  127. 127
    Just Saying Says:

    Kung Fu Panda 2′s worldwide gross is almost $600M. Hooray!!! It hasn’t been shown in Japan and Italy yet. It will surely surpass the 1st Kung Fu Panda.

  128. 128
    Mel Says:

    Viv has the head of Tweety Bird

  129. 129
    gracie Says:

    Angie and Brad have beautiful kids. All their kids are cute. Papa Brad will need a gun to keep the boys away from his girls when they turn teenagers, they’re all freaking beautiful. Shi and Knox could pass as twins if Knox was as tall.

  130. 130
    Lucky Charm Says:

    It’s obvious that some posters here don’t have children, or are the type to “make” them wear something they don’t want to because the parents are so concerned with appearances and superficial things. As long as it’s age and weather appropriate, does it really matter what children wear? I have a sister who is straight, but hates wearing dresses, and even as a child it was a struggle for our mom to get her to wear one to church each Sunday. And the minute we came home her dress came off. My mom was so excited when she got married, because it meant she would finally wear a dress after so many years, lol. My mom bought us boys jeans because they held up better and were more durable than the girls jeans, because we liked to play with our cousins (who all happened to be boys, and definitely didn’t want to play dolls and tea parties.

    It’s great that they can take the kids to normal places and give them a real childhood.

  131. 131
    Passing Through Says:

    # 87 QQQQ @ 07/25/2011 at 11:34 am
    Don’t even get me started on the black women fake long ass white girl hair craze. It’s bad enough that that’s all you see all over the entertainment industry, but then half the black women on the streets are running around with these long busted ass fake ponytails and weaves. A lot of them don’t take care of it right and it looks like exactly what it is – some nasty ass busted-looking synthetic hair. 99% of it doesn’t even look real so I’m never quite sure exactly who they think they’re fooling – or why they think it looks good…cuz it don’t.

  132. 132
    Richard P Says:

    Gorgeous all of them.

    Angie is sexy ,wonderful and elegant.I love her

  133. 133
    ebmo Says:

    so cute, the haters are beside themselves with envy

  134. 134
    LAURA Says:

    TO SH!!T-MOUTHED Mel :

  135. 135
    ebmo Says:

    # 15 Katie @ 07/25/2011 at 9:27 am
    Pay attention to your OWN kids idiot! Angelina knows that the more you give children choices over little things, the more prepared they are for big decisions later in life.

  136. 136
    Viv Says:

    I tawt I taw a puddy tat,
    yes i did

  137. 137
    Sonia Says:

    What is all the fuss about Z??
    Anybody says anything negative about Z must be totally trolling or stupid or blind or ignorant or heartless!

    Z is a survivor! Very blessed little girl to have Brad and Angie, who have done wonder, only wonder with her!

    Forget about the stupid, stupid azz hair talk, stupid to the extreme!!!
    Just look at how Z walks tall and straight, and think back how Z used to walk with crooked legs for malnutrition when she was a baby!!

    That along ought to STFU all the negative trolls!

  138. 138
    MOXIE Says:

    YAY! My favorite celeb family, out having fun and looking great!

  139. 139
    Anne Says:

    Angelina looks very young here. Knox looks exactly like Angelina. Viivenne looks more like her dad . Shiloh is a mini John Voight

  140. 140
    natalya Says:

    I think people who say negative comments often shud be blocked on this site. All the best to Jolie-Pitt strong loving family! Nothing can be better than sleeping in arms of your husband and watching how your kids smile and hold hand of each other

  141. 141
    Jen Says:

    What a great time the family is having in London. I love how Brad and Angelina take the kids to so many different kinds of adventures.
    Cute little Knox is the spitting image of Brad in some of the pictures I have seen. Down to the dimples in his little cute fat cheeks. Shiloh is an absolute stunner like her mom. Zee is so stylish and cute and Viv is a little doll in her dress and tights.
    I am admiring this picture of Angie and the children in a sea of people at the museum. What a wonderful experience for them to be at the museum with lots of other people and being able to walk about unaccosted. Of course Brad has his bodyguards around them, but still they are having the experience of sharing this trip to the museum with so many other people. Great!!! Bet they had a grand time. I wonder if Maddox and Pax are with dad at the studio.

  142. 142
    Lucky Charm Says:


    ITA, AND if you allow your kids the chance to make their own decision over the little things, they are more willing to listen when you put your foot down over the big things. It’s called, picking your battles. If you always force your kids to do everything that you want, including clothes, then they will resent your and your authority and do all they can to rebel and break free from a suffocating, restrictive environment. Give a little leeway when it doesn’t matter, and they will give in when it does. Not to mention it gives them the opportunity to learn to make decisions, and live with the consequences when those don’t turn out like they thought. Below is taken from a real conversation with a six year old (and used without her permission, lol!):

    Mommy: You want to wear a bathing suit and flip flops outside to play in? You won’t be able to climb the trees with the other kids, you know. Why don’t you put on your jeans and tennis shoes.

    Daughter: I don’t want to wear those.

    Mommy: Are you sure ?

    Daughter: Mommy, I WANT to wear my new bathing suit and flip flops!

    Mommy: Ok, but don’t cry and complain to me about it.

    About 15 minutes later:
    Daughter: Mommy, can I change my clothes? I want to wear my jeans and tennis shoes now.

  143. 143
    svetlana Says:

    I think anyone who has a different opinion from the “official” opinion should be reported to the authorities by their neighbors and sent directly to the Gulag.

  144. 144
    Susan Says:

    The next stop for the older children will be the London Eye, hope they go on a clear and sunny day, hard to come by in England even in summer.
    Six flags maybe more the boys speed.

  145. 145
    gracie Says:

    Mel, ain’t you old enough to be Viv’s great grandfather/mother? — shame on you idiot. Pick on someone your age you stupid braindead trailer trash. Lil Viv has got more sense and brain than you’ve got in your 50yrs on earth.
    I don’t know what kind of sewer you trolls crawl out from, you have to be the lowest of low to pick on babies and toddlers. You’re all sick and not fit to be parents or breath the same air as other sane human beings.

  146. 146
    jenanistonfan Says:

    lovely kids :)

  147. 147
    Jen Says:

    Glad to read Angie and Vivi enjoyed their trip to the florist on Saturday. The people allowed them to shop without intruding on their day. Nice write up.
    Angelina Jolie was spotted picking up flowers and birthday cards at Streets Florist in St Margarets

    Angelina Jolie and her three-year-old daughter Vivienne surprised shoppers in Twickenham at the weekend when they made a pit stop to buy some flowers.

    Jolie and her daughter visited Streets Florist,in St Margarets Road, at about 11.30am on Saturday, July 23, to pick up flowers and birthday cards.

    The Hollywood star kept a low profile while in the shop and according to Sandra Nunez, Streets’s joint business owner, “nobody even approached her” or asked for a photo or autograph.

    She said: “Everyone was looking but didn’t want to intrude.”

    Mrs Nunez said a car pulled up outside the shop and her son was worried they might get a parking ticket because it was a bus stop.

    She said Jolie bought calla lilies, thistles, red roses and some bouvardia, along with a gift bag and birthday cards during her visit to the shop.

    Jolie and husband Brad Pitt are thought to be in the area while he works on a film nearby. They have been spotted numerous times in recent weeks.

  148. 148
    Etta Says:

    Does anyone know why Diane Sawyer doesn’t interview Brad and Angie anymore? Just asking as I have just realised that its been a while she last did interviews with them.

  149. 149
    Susan Says:

    @Passing Through: I was in Kmart on Saturday, and it was so freaking hot, the cashier was rudding her head and the wig was sliding from side to side. It was too funny.

  150. 150
    Tater Tot Says:

    The adopted ones are so ugly.

  151. 151
    Tater Tot Says:

    The adopted ones are so ugly.

  152. 152
    Lucky Charm Says:

    @Tater Tot:

    You need to stop looking in the mirror before you post comments. Where is your picture to show what you look like? And why do you feel it’s ok to say such hateful things about children? All six of the Jolie-Pitt kids are cute and adorable. The boys are handsome young men and the girls are all lovely young ladies, and will become beautiful women.

  153. 153
    Susan Says:

    @Etta: I think she is a News Anchor now, so I don’t think she will be interviewing the same type of people, that she would on GMA. And the last time Angie did an enterview with her, she was so condescending. I remembered Angie talking about Brad letting her sleep in, because she had this interview, and how she could hear him trying to change diapers on Zahara and Shiloh at the same time. Watching Angie in that interview I realized she is a tough bird.

  154. 154
    Life or Something Like It Says:

    Brad has the most beautiful woman inside and out and 6 gorgeous children with a house full of love. He is one lucky man! Clearly as Angie has said before, family is what matters to her and it shows.

  155. 155
    Susan Says:

    Mega 4 A is up.

  156. 156
    crazy8 Says:

    LOVE ANGIE! Such a great mother!

  157. 157
    PJ Says:

    I know that part of London very well and I think they came in by boat not sure but that’s what it looks like.
    As Richmond is on the river it would be an easy way for them to move around.

    I think Knox is looking at the London Eye which is very close to the aquarium.

    I cant get over how beautiful they all are.

  158. 158

    “I’ve just returned from a trip to Somalia and Kenya where it’s truly a life and death situation. I met a young mother in Mogadishu who walked for four days in search of food. She lost three children.
    The famine is taking countless lives, mostly children. We’ve been scaling up our operations for six months, but Somalia has been hit especially hard by consecutive droughts and an ongoing conflict that has limited humanitarian access.
    We’re starting emergency airlifts to get food to children who desperately need it.
    The suffering is terrible across the Horn of Africa. In Kenya, lack of water and high food prices are causing a dramatic rise in the number of severely malnourished children. At the refugee camps in Dadaab, which I visited on Saturday, we’re providing three-week food rations to families arriving from Somalia, many of whom haven’t eaten for days.
    Josette Sheeran
    Executive Director
    World Food Programme ”
    I got this in a letter from WFP after a donation I made, so I decided to spread the word here because I think it’s in the spirit of what Angelina wants to do. She often goes to aid refugees and other displaced people, and this drought (the worst in 60 years) has displaced a lot of people who have had no alternative than to abandon their homes in order to survive, hoping there will be someone who will feed their children when they no longer can. I just think it’s so sad that in this world where there’s so much abundance of food that we take it for granted, meanwhile some people because of drought and bad governance, are dying from lack of it.
    So if you believe in helping people in a true crisis like this, I think you should donate and/or spread the word to others.
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  159. 159
    Lucky Charm Says:

    I just noticed that Zee is wearing boots similar to her mom’s how cute! And Viv is wearing the same shoes again and has her purse with her.

  160. 160
    um Says:

    what’s going on with the thumbs up/thumbs down thing? sometimes the number changes 2-4 digits, when it should obviously only change one…

  161. 161
    Maya Says:

    Knox and Viv don’t remind Shiloh much, Knox and Viv looks alike but have different eyes. Angelina once said none of her kids look like her but more like Brad and she was right

  162. 162
    A Says:

    Zahara is so pretty, i’ve always thought Ethiopian girls and women are gorgeous! They have very unique features and amazing wavy/curly hair and skin color.
    She will grow up to be beautiful i’m sure.

  163. 163
    Kate Says:

    Vivienne looks just like her daddy.Knox no looks like Brad at all.He’s Angie’s clone. Shiloh is spitting image of grandpa John.

  164. 164
    Passing Through Says:

    # 141 Jen @ 07/25/2011 at 1:57 pm
    I’m LMAO because all the bio kids have the same little ticks – bite the bottom lip, brush the hair out of their faces, scrunch their noses up, pointing at things, sticking their tongues out for no reason, mouth breathing, etc. Who even knew that kind of stuff was genetic? Or is it merely environmental – their daddy does those things…so they all do them to? That’s what makes it all the more hilarious – those are ALL Brad’s ticks, not Angie’s. I don’t even think Angie has any little mannerisms like that – maybe twisting her rings, which she does a lot in interviews, but otherwise I can’t think of any.

  165. 165
    Passing Through Says:

    # 149 Susan @ 07/25/2011 at 2:40 pm
    LOL. I guess you should consider yourself lucky she didn’t accidentally pull the whole thing off when she was scratching her head. For some reason all these busted weaves I’ve been seeing on the sistahs remind me of Aunt Esther’s wigs on Sanford & Son. They all seem just a wee bit c o c k eyed…

  166. 166
    Anonim Says:

    Angelina looks frsh and gorgeous.Vivienne is Pure Brad.Knox looks like a mini Angelina . Shiloh is another Angelina’s clone.

  167. 167
    Anonim Says:

    Angelina looks fresh and gorgeous.Vivienne is Pure Brad.Knox looks like a mini Angelina . Shiloh is another Angelina’s clone.

  168. 168
    Passing Through Says:

    I’m irked because I see my post laughing at Ticky’s NZ interview has gone into Moderation Hell. Geez…all I did was make fun her lying about The Boring Girls again…

  169. 169
    wow Says:

    @busted: Zehara is African!!

  170. 170
    wow Says:

    @annie: Zee is not only very pretty..She is beautiful.

  171. 171
    wow Says:

    @L: All of their kids are cute.

  172. 172
    bdj Says:

    Awww that is so cute. BP and AJ have adorable children. Miss Viv is stylin. Zahara, Shiloh are Viv are beauties and knox is one handsome fellow. I am sure there is a lot of laughter and love in the Jolie-Pitts household. Best wishes to them and all the fans.

  173. 173
    bdj Says:

    oops Zahara, Shiloh and Viv are beauties.

  174. 174
    bdj Says:

    Mama Angie is one fine lady with all the curves. Hens are having a meltdown and Baby Jane ordered more sessions with the downlow yoga chick. Just kidding hens. Don’t get your superwide panties in a wad

  175. 175
    Angelina cloned herself Says:

    @Kate: agreed. Don’t know why you got thumbs down.

  176. 176
    bdj Says:

    hehe there’s the lurking paid hen. I tell ya, Angelina Jolie gets more beautiful every day.
    She is beautiful, inside and out.

  177. 177
    Mai Says:

    I am really happy when I saw this picture. I can’t believe that Angie & Brad’s youngest daughter is wearing a traditional Hmong shirt. I love this family!

  178. 178
    sop Says:

    it always my treat see the jp cuities angie included . So cute family we are spolied this sumer thx jj

  179. 179
    busted Says:

    @Passing Through:

    actually Angie is a hand talker. And she does do this little eyebrow lift when she is amused. but yeah Brad’ genes are strong. But think about it.. those little swimmers were on lock down for a long time. And when they had their chance they moved in like a conquering force. It had to be that way. I love it more because the hags wanted so much for there to be no trace of Brad in any of the kids. HELLO.. even Madd and Pax have his swagger..

    I hope I’m around to see them as they get older. Shiloh’s looks have changed a lot. She will be a stunner like her mother. Zee to me looks the same as she did as a baby. I think Knox will look a lot like his mother but with Brad’s mannerism and swagger.

    VERY cute kids. So different.

  180. 180
    ? Says:

    cuties kids and angie is so effortlessly gorgeous !

    i see many stars go to italy this year in vacations like JP last year ! Copy Cat, isn’t it ?
    Anne Hathaway, Bar Rafaeli, Jared Leto, Gwyneth Paltrow, Edward Norton, Jesse Williams, Blake Lively, Leo Dicaprio, Ekton John and his husband, Salma Hayek and his husband, Shakira, Michael Buble and his wife and Heidi Klum tells she wants to travel to Italy for vacations…

  181. 181
    Dakota Says:

    Angelina is so effortlessly gorgeous someone posted. How True! If I am not mistaken she has worn the sweater and pants before and they are classically simple. She puts on those over the knee black boots, lets her hair fly naturally, lip gloss and looks beautiful! But the best thing about Angie is she is just as beautiful on the inside!!

  182. 182
    Orchid Says:

    Great! Many threads to read!

    Gorgeous bunch of kids. Totally love Vivi’s top/jacket. I’d buy that in my size.

  183. 183
    busted Says:


    that happens when more than one person is thumbing up or down at the same time. It gets stuck then it catches up. happens to me all the time.

  184. 184
    ceemee Says:

    What are you talking about? She’s from Ethiopa so her hair is not like black peoples. I AM BLACK duh. The best hair braiders are from Africa, how do I know because they micro braid their asses off. Most black girl (yea and those from Africa too) have cure styles and beads and so on in their hair. She is a beautiful little girl I was just saying I wish they would DO her hair. She wears her hair like white people always do bi-racial kids hair in a pony or down because they don’t know hot to do our hair and believe it or not SUSAN, our hair is just it be because Zahara is black? Get real everything is not racist but the hair is what most black people will notice first because we take care of our kids hair. And just so you know, all black peoples hair grows in a curl pattern. DAYUM learn something before you type!!!!

  185. 185
    bdj Says:
    Too funny.

    Brad Pitt’s Brother Talks Paparazzi Mix-Up
    July 25, 2011 | Brad Pitt

    One of the world’s most famous faces has a look-alike brother!

    Brad Pitt’s younger brother, Doug Pitt, said people definitely suspect he is related to his superstar brother, even putting his picture in the paper! Of a recent mistaken identity published, he says, “I wasn’t even on that trip and it’s posted all over… ‘Brad’s brother there,’ so they’re [paparazzi] not the brightest group.”

    Just how often does he get asked if he is related to Brad? “Three times a week for the last twenty-something years,” Doug explained. “I love him to death and couldn’t be more proud, but my eyes kind of glaze over when I know it’s coming.”

    Doug, a photojournalist, shares his brother’s humanitarian spirit, and teamed with Pres. Bill Clinton and Kevin Costner at the Starkey Hearing Foundation’s 11th annual event “So the World May Hear” gala attended by 1,600 guests on Sunday in St. Paul, Minnesota.

    The foundation’s mission is to provide the gift of hearing to those in need around the world and a “Listen Carefully” campaign was created to promote safe listening among young people.

    The 44-year-old reveals his father, William, always taught the Pitt children to give back, and “if someone was hurting, he [William] was there to take care of them.”

    For more information on the Starkey Hearing Foundation, click here.

  186. 186
    bdj Says:

    One thing I love about Brad Pitt is that he’s still open to doing movies like World War Z at this stage of his career. He could be doing any number of high minded projects right now(and is with Cogan’s Trade and Moneyball on the way) and still wants to dive into the middle of a global zombie war. Marc Forster is directing the adaptation of Max Brooks’ novel, and Pitt finds himself surrounded by young talent: James Badge Dale(Lord of the Flies) and Mireille Enos(Big Love). Now he can add one more, with Game of Thrones’ Elyes Gabel joining as a character named Fassbach. No details on the role have been revealed at this time. [THR]

  187. 187
    Passing Through Says:

    # 188 ceemee @ 07/25/2011 at 5:37 pm
    Oh STFU. It’s hair. As long as the child is happy who cares if her hair isn’t braided so tightly her eyebrows start just below her hairline? I wore my hair in a very similar fashion when I was a kid because that’s how my mother styled it. And it’s the damnedest thing because NOW I can do whatever the hell I want to my hair – including busted ass weaves should I so desire. Should I sue my mother because she didn’t conform to the Black People’s Hair Guide For Torturing Their Children?

  188. 188
    ceemee Says:

    @busted: You are an idiot, what do you mean she’s not black, so she’s from Ethiopia so are many of my friends and guess what they all comb their hair. No we don’t all ear hair pieces and weaves. Most people wear weaves to simply have a different hair style. Do you not realize that most American Black people are mixed? Our hair varies greatly but we know how to take care of it. I don’t say the child didn’t have a blessed life filled with opportunities, I just wish they would comb her hair and for White parents who adopt Black children, that is a skill that has to be learned.

  189. 189
    gracie Says:

    Hi Orchid, hope all is okay with you. You’ve been mia for a while, it’s nice to see you.

  190. 190
    ceemee Says:

  191. 191
    ceemee Says:

  192. 192
    busted Says:


    you know what you need to slow your fcuking roll. I’m black too and know all people of color do not have the same texture of hair. Every black child is not walking around with her hair braided. Zee’s hair is a different texture. And yes sometimes your ethnic background has a lot to do with the texture of your hair. She does not need a million pony tails with hair clips. She wears her hair the way she wants. Why that bothers the hell out of you is beyond reason. Too many black women are too freaking obsessed with their hair. Thus all the extensions, weaves, perms. I see so many little girls 3, 4, 5 and 7 walking around with freaking hair extension.. weaves because their moms won’t do their hair. I wonder how many of them you have run your as&s up and said something about that. I go to my nieces school and see little girls with their hair pulled so tight that they have bumps in their heads. OR the damn fake hair is falling all out when they play. For those that don’t know. it takes hours upon hours to had those extensions to hair. And why is that necessary at that age.

    I take care of my hair like all women. But the crazyass obsession some black women have has gotten to the extreme.

    Zahara’s hair is very curly and fine. She probably spends a lot of time in the water because it seems the kids love to swim. Her hair is not breaking off and looks healthy. Obviously it is taken care of.

    Now seriously I’m done with this tired old black hair debate. I wish more women would spend more time worrying about their financial future than talking about freaking hair.

    I don’t think Zee will have to worry about paying her bills. But I know tons of women that do because their priorities are in and on the wrong thing.

  193. 193
    Premalee Says:

    Angie is so gorgeous and a beautiful soul. The kids are so cute. I love Zahara. She will be a beauty when she grows up and Angie proudly says she is a lady in all her interviews when she talks about the children. Zahara also Brad’s favorite. Ethiopians have lovely,classic features.

  194. 194
    ceemee Says:

    @busted: It’s not an obsession and I agree with you about kids having weaves which I don’t do. I;m just saying you never see her hair DONE. I’m sure you don’t send your kids to school like that and you know it!!!!

  195. 195
    fun at the aquarium Says:

    Not all fish can change sex, but many can. In fact, the majority of reef fish will change gender at some point in their lives. Some fish are simultaneous hermaphrodites meaning they are both genders at the same time and could potentially mate with any other individual in their species. Other fish are sequential hermaphrodites and these fish change sex at some point in their lives. Protandry is when a male becomes a female and protogyny is when a female becomes a male. Some fish can change their gender more than once, going back and forth between genders

  196. 196
    bdj Says:

    It’s one of London’s top tourist attractions, pulling in £1 million visitors a year, and when Angelina needed somewhere to entertain her six-strong brood while Brad was working, it was the Sea Life London Aquarium she chose.

    The A-list family were pictured at the marine world, based on London’s South Bank, while Brad was busy filming his new movie World War Z.

    The London attraction is the perfect place to take the kids for a trip during the summer holidays.

    It’s home to one of Europe’s largest collections of global marine life, including 500 species from around the world and more than 40 sharks from 12 different species, all spread over 14 themed zones on three floors.

    With plenty of fun interaction – from feeding the stingrays to watching diving displays, to touch pools and discovery zones – it’ll keep the kids entertained for hours.

    And new for summer 2011 is the Penguins: Ice Adventure, where you can visit the Kingdom of the Gentoo Penguins and learn the secrets of their survival in the coldest place on earth.

    Tickets cost from £12.66, and summer (23 July to 4 September) opening times are 9am to 8pm daily, with the last entry at 7pm.

    Make like Angelina – and go to for more information.

  197. 197
    angierocks Says:

    awwww the Jolie Pitt crew,so effing adorable.Angie looking awesome.Viv is as cute as a button.shi,z and knox presh!

  198. 198
    bdj Says:

    Ole girl ceeme troll got her talking points for the day. At 15 cents a post, it won’t be long before ole girl eyes glaze over.

  199. 199
    sop Says:

    @ceemee: As she growing her hair style is fitting her more well and she looks fab(zee). She is a beautiful baby with very cute eyes. I agree she is blacik but You need to stop the race card. If they combed her hair or not it is not a big deal. I like to see her hair down but she looks more orgnaized and has a striking look even as 6years old like that.. They have black nannies to help that is THEIR kid and you just need to stay out of it Unless you see her wearing not approprate cloth or looking starved looking or something..she is not your baby.

  200. 200
    Susan Says:

    @ceemee: It is racist when the only fcking thing you can talk about is hair. She is NOT your child, when she was in an ORPHANGE close to death, where were you? She needed food and medicine not hair grease and braids. When you adopt a child come back.

  201. 201
    bdj Says:,,20512273,00.html#20992629

    Star Tracks

    Angelina Jolie holds on tight to her kids while stepping out in London.

  202. 202
    Susan Says:

    @ceemee: One more thing if you took care of more than the hair, so many would not be in PRISON unable to READ. Something to think about,

  203. 203
    MJ Says:

    @ceemee: If you’re black can please apply your comment to the First Lady Mrs. Obama because we don’t see them more often that she bread her hair and her kids hair. Good for Angie for not allowing Zahara to bread her hair. It’s not good for the kid because it’s painful, and the tendency is it could lose the hair from pulling it. There’s nothing wrong on Zahara’s hair as long as they comb it and tie it neatly, it’s great already. Breading can take a lot of time. They don’t want to spend their time for that, they have a lot of things to do unlike you, you don’t work and you’re just waiting for your welfare check, so you have time to bread your dozens of kids. Don’t worry about Zahara’s hair, it will be gorgeous when she become teenager that she can do whatever she wants. Now, stop wasting your time breading your kids hair and go find a job, it’s good for you and your kids.

  204. 204
    reeven Says:



  205. 205
    arrival Says:

    Few more nice pictures.
    They are so beautiful.

  206. 206
    Lucky Charm Says:


    Susan, I think that’s reaching just a tad too far. Take a deep breath, ceemee isn’t worth getting upset over. Some people have nothing better to do than worry about a hairstyle (gee, who does that remind you of?) but there’s no need to lower yourself down to that level. :)

    (Sorry for the lecture. That’s just the mom in me coming out, I can’t help it, lol!)

  207. 207
    MJ Says:

    Oops! sorry I meant BRAID not BREAD. I was hungry you know.

  208. 208
    Orchid Says:

    191 gracie @ 07/25/2011 at 5:51 pm 0

    Hi Orchid, hope all is okay with you. You’ve been mia for a while, it’s nice to see you.
    Hi! Been away. Love all the new threads! So many meddlesome people. I see hairgate is about to start again. So funny!
    Isn’t Vivi gorgeous? I think she’s my focus now.

  209. 209
    Whatevah Says:

    Oh wow kids getting big now, simply beautiful. There’s no denying that Shiloh and Knox are siblings, they look exactly the same here from the eyes to that cleft chins of theirs.

  210. 210
    Susan Says:

    @Lucky Charm: She just pis*ed me off.

  211. 211
    Lucky Charm Says:


    LOL, I was getting hungry just reading your post, too! Now I’m going to have to stop by Safeway on my home from work tonight and pick up a loaf of French bread, thanks a lot!!! :)

  212. 212
    Lucky Charm Says:


    LOL, I was getting hungry just reading your post, too! Now I’m going to have to stop by Safeway on my way home from work tonight and pick up a loaf of French bread, thanks a lot!!! :)

  213. 213
    Jen Says:

    @Passing Through:
    I kept trying to post the picture of Knox with his tongue out and looking like a ringer for Brad but it kept going into moderation.
    I agree. All three bio children have Brad’s mannerisms.
    There was a picture on JJB of Knox walking and you could clearly see he has Brad’s build and Brad’s bum but JJB is acting up and I cannot grab the picture.
    It is so cute. Here is the little man walking around with Brad’s build. So adorable. He is going to be as handsome as, if not more handsome than his daddy. Brad must pinch himself every time he holds Knox in his arms. Must be like looking in the mirror when he looks at his beautiful little boy. And that is not to say he does not love his older boys just as much. What strikes me so clearly about all the children is that they are all very well behaved. Yes, Pax stuck his tongue out at the paps, but who can blame him for that. They are all up in their faces at times.
    I have to commend the British paps so far though, I think they have tried to be respectful of the family’s space. Especially these Aquarium pictures. The paps seem to be keeping a respectable distance and I am happy to see that.
    Wonder what is on the JoliePitt agenda for tomorrow? Angelina has been doing a great job of taking the little people out. She is a great mom. On one of the videos you can hear her saying “stay together” Soooo cute. Love this family.

  214. 214
    angierocks Says:

    you know when the hens are scraping the bottom of the barrel is when they attack the kids and say nasty ridiculous ra cist stuff.STFU fools.jelous because these kids are loved,having a blast living their lives and can do and can go whatever, wherever they want.

  215. 215
    Lucky Charm Says:

    Ooops, didn’t mean to double post – what’s going on?

    @ Susan – I know. There are many times I literally have to walk away from my computer, because I know that I’ll reply to some stupid comment with something that I’ll regret later when I’ve had a chance to calm down. You don’t want to let her, or anyone else, make you as miserable as they obviously are. :-) :-) :-)

  216. 216
    angierocks Says:

    just saw the pics and ITAWY guys they have the same brad ticks LOL and z’s rocking those boots:)

  217. 217
    Jen Says:

    Here is the Link, Passing Through.
    I hope it goes through. Please scroll down and see Mr. Knox with his cute little bum shaped just like Brad’s. Too adorable.

  218. 218
    sop Says:

    @Susan: I think you are reaching out to far too.You shouldn’t be worked up because of one troll.
    You know there are all kind of people with all kind of different race who are in prision.Hair is just a black thing but the trolls made it so annoying by constantly talking about a beauitful kid with a beautiful hair. I think they jealous of zee’s hair. Most blacks doesn’t have smooth hair like zee. Let see for example Maddona daughter hair is not like zee’s hair she can’t do what zee is doing because the texture is different. Zee has a smoother hair texture. Not every black girl should or must braid her hair to have a good looking hair.
    @MJ not every breading take long time Most hair styles takes about two hrs if you go to salon to do them with out breading. Not everyone who braid their hair is jobless either or has too much time in hands. There are many braids stylys that don’t take more than 2 hrs.
    You both are going to far just because on troll say some shitt.

  219. 219
    t.m.delafonda Says:

    OT: WTF is up with Affleck’s wig? The trolls come here criticizing a child’s hairdo and are not out in force attacking Ben for that wildlife he assassinated to put on his bald pate? What kind of logic is that? My bad, I forget that trolls have no logic.

  220. 220
    anustin Says:

    thank you miss bdj. for all the news and links.

  221. 221
    anustin Says:

    thanks dulci for the mail.beautiful….hiya foreveranjie,laraD.

  222. 222
    Dee Says:

    Do you really know how to take care of black children’s hair? Black hair is a result of the proper caring of it. You simply have to do extra effort to maintain the loveliness of it.

    You should shampoo the black hair with the specific shampoo that will suit your children’s flowing hair. As they will grow older, you can use conditioners that will help keep their hair moist and will act as a hydrating agent. Conditioners should not be done everyday because this will then cause falling of hair.

    Conditioners you will buy should contain the natural oils so that the black hair of your children will nourish further and will not get so dry. You should comb your children’s hair lightly and gently starting at the base of the hair. Avoid using fine tooth combs but instead use combs that have wide tooth.

    Put your hand above the spot you are combing so that the children would not experience pain. Do not super tight the braids and or pigtails because this can damage the hair and can cause breakage. Another tip on how to take care of black children’s hair is by limiting the use of beads since this can cause trauma because some of the beads are heavy so one should use appropriate accessories at the right time to avoid any problem. When the hair is kinky then it is better to use a good detangling spray.

  223. 223
    mindy Says:

    Love em! Just can’t get enough!

  224. 224
    Paris Says:

    I am pretty sure Angie is not channeling for Ze to do Wipe my hair in the futur more like WHO RUN THE WORLD ;) lol.

  225. 225
    XIII Says:

    Lil Ms. Viv is out with her pink purse! Wonder if it contains lipgloss and toys?

  226. 226
    A Says:

    I love that Angelina let’s her daughter wear her hair natural, the way it was supposed to be and not like African Americans who relax their daughters hair when they are as young as 6 years old :(
    Zahara has very typical Horn of African hair which is smooth and not like African American hair that is very nappy and kinky/harsh.
    You can tell she has healthy smooth curly hair so i really don’t know why anyone is complaining but like someone else said, i think it’s jealousy because African Americans have very rough hair.

  227. 227
    MEDIA HO Says:

    Is there no VIP entrance?

  228. 228
    Dina Says:

    The bio kids look so much alike! So Cute =)

  229. 229
    Orchid Says:

    XIII @ 07/25/2011 at 8:18 pm +1

    Lil Ms. Viv is out with her pink purse! Wonder if it contains lipgloss and toys?
    Maybe a few cookies and pretzels too.

  230. 230
    Orchid Says:

    I just noticed, Knox has a dimple in his chin! He’ll be better looking than his father.

  231. 231
    Dina Says:

    Gorgeous family! I think it’d be nice if they adopted another kid who looks like Zahara =)

  232. 232
    Appletini Says:

    Re Zee’s hair- no one complains about Heidi Klum and her three youngest kids’ hair. Or even Jada Smith with Willow. But I guess only Angelina is worth a comment, huh?

  233. 233
    lina Says:


    Halle berry’s kid hair is always frizzy all over but because the kid is light skinned and has “good hair” black women fawn over her. As long as you’re mixed and have “good hair” black women don’t care how the hair looks. Same for heidi klum’s daughter.

  234. 234
    XIII Says:

    Is just me or Zee is strutting like dad brad with that biker boots?

  235. 235
    Orchid Says:

    143 svetlana @ 07/25/2011 at 2:04 pm -30
    If “different” means ugly, then anyone with a different opinion doesn’t belong here and, I agree, should be sent directly to the Gulag.

  236. 236
    ceemee Says:

    @A: African Americans have rough hair? Where did u get that from lol. Our hair varies in textures just like the next persons. Jealous of what? Everybody Black doesn’t perm their hair, many of us don’t need to. You must not be around many Black people and BTW people know they wouldn’t let their kids go out like that so that’s bull.

  237. 237
    sop Says:

    @XIII: It probably does she is just miss little lady. lol I love her cloths. I like little girl cloths her dress with out the top thing and the leggings are so cute.

  238. 238
    ceemee Says:

    @Appletini: Oh please, Jada’s kids wear different styles. Halle’s just rocks a pony and Heidi probably doesn’t know how to comb their hair. I’m just saying Angelina doesn’t go out with her hair all over her head There’s not a pic around of Zahara’s hair done. She is a BEAUTIFUL little girl so take the time to comb her hair or get someone who knows how!

  239. 239
    sop Says:

    @ceemee: You just need to quit it. Zee has a beautiful hair and that is that and her style is cute on her, her curls has definetion her hair is not dry . You more likley are jealous may because you can’t do like her.

  240. 240
    a zimbo Says:

    im southern african and our hair is coarse and thick and full and kinky and lovely! i love her ponytail hairdo so i dont understand what ceemee is talking abt when she says blk pple dont let their kids go out with hair like that. im black and im african and my daughter happily goes out like taht sometimes we put ribbons and an alice band when we are feeling fancy!!gtfoh and leave the poor woman alone

  241. 241
    Orchid Says:

    241 ceemee @ 07/25/2011 at 9:01 pm 0
    Good grief, ceemee! It’s not your daughter, so it’s not your business. Concentrate on you own daughter’s hair, and if you don’t have one yet, wait till you do have one.

  242. 242
    A Says:

    @ceemee: You’re the one who said all black people have the same hair texture.
    And if African Americans do not have rough hair then why do they relax their hair as much as they do? And why do they relax their daughters hair and put weave in it? I’m sorry but the evidence is there and Ethiopians and other Horn of Africans obviously do not feel the need to put relaxers in their hair because it’s already soft.
    I have also seen Madonna’s daughters hair which is very different from Zahara’s hair, by different i mean kinkier and rougher, this is NOT to say her hair is ugly, not at all, just stating that they have very different hair textures as an example since you said all black people have the same type of hair….hair, like facial features and skin color varies even among black people.

  243. 243
    I agree Says:

    Zee looks neglected

  244. 244
    bdj Says:

    I think the troll is neglected in her basement.

  245. 245
    dianad1968 Says:



    Are you tryng to get your lies for this week’s tabloids? LOL. You and your ilk keep bashing Angie and her kids, and they just go on living their fabulous lives. Isn’t life a b*tch, and yours suck….BIG TIME. LOL

  246. 246
    Paris Says:

    Who want to stay still for hours of painfull braid anyway. I think Ze is gorgeous braid or no braid.

  247. 247
    busted Says:

    Could we please stop letting ceemee dominate the conversation.. it is just an invitation to the trolls that are looking for the tabloid story for this week.

    why keep it going. LET it go before it becomes more than what it is. I should not have commented because I knew this would be round 3 or 4 or whatever regarding Hair gate.

    This is just another slam at Angie. they need to find something and ceemee has opened the door.

    Lets close it..

    Just curious.. .How long is Brad suppose to film in London.. does anyone know??

  248. 248
    Appletini Says:

    Wow, ceemee, why are you so obsessed with how one little girls hair looks? Are you mad at your mom because she never “let you go out of the house looking like that” and now you’re taking it out on Angelina & other posters?

    If you bothered to really look at the pictures, you’d see that her hair is pulled back into a ponytail at the back of her head, it’s not all over the place. You need to find a new hobby, preferably one that doesn’t include seeing pictures of little girls in hairstyles you don’t agree with, your life will be much happier. Peace out.

  249. 249
    Really Says:

    All of Angie’s children’s hair is a mess.

  250. 250
    anonymous Says:

    Knox and Shiloh seem to look like Angie, but Vivian have looks more like Brad Pitt.

  251. 251
    Bella Says:

    Their children resemble both parents, a little more Brad than Angelina.

  252. 252
    dianad1968 Says:



    busted, I was thinking the same thing about Zee, her features have not changed in any way. She looks the same she was now as she was as a baby, well except she has grown up to be a lovely little girl. Brad and Angie must be so proud of their daughter, and we their fans can certainly understand why they dont sweat the small stuff, like the continuous hate and slander. When you are surrounded by your beautiful and healthy family, nothing else matters.

  253. 253
    Sherry Says:

    I don’t understand the hair issue re Zee. The child is beaufiful and her hair looks fabulous. All of the JP kids have gorgeous hair period. End of story.

    Maybe the trolls “logic” for picking on the “hair issue” is because Chimpmunk aka Her Hairness is the queen of “Rachel” hair. And somehow all this talk of natural hair is a poor reflection on the bloodsucker Ticky, because should she have kids (Gd forbid), you know they ain’t coming out with no blond hair, just her “natural” brown hair, and they will see even more of the fraud she is.

  254. 254
    Paris Says:

    Shi has the same visible line vein on her for head as her mom. I bet Shi is the talktive one, that little one alwys seem to point out something, she alway look fascinated by her surroundings.

  255. 255

    @ ceemee
    You should keep your african-american issues with hair, skintone or whatever to your troubled self.
    Zahara is Ethiopian with a dual natitionality. She wears her hair proudly like all Ethiopian her age, just like Liya Kebede’s daughter who is her age.
    Thank God, she has been adopted by an american mother who respect her heritage, her culture and whose primal concern is to make her feel that her natural hair is as beautiful in its natural state as any other natural hair of her asian and caucasian siblings.
    Thank god, Jolie didn’t cave in in to that hair dictatortoship, african-american self hatred BS and their love/hatred relation with hair, skintone that are considered too ‘afro’ to be exposed in their natural glorious selves.
    Thank God Zahara is not poisonned by this rampant self hatred, a real cancer within the african-american community.

  256. 256
    Bingo Says:

    The only thing Knox and Shiloh got from brad are his eyebrows… The rest of their faces = Angie. Vivienne is different. She’s all brad with only angie’s lips and maybe eye color.

  257. 257
    ... Says:

    I hope someone asks Angie why if she’s such a strong woman is she staying with brad after he cheats on her? The strong leave, the weak stay and use the kids as the excuse.

  258. 258
    wyatt Says:

    i am shocked with the adult bullying that i have read these years about jolie-pitt’s family.would someone please tell me why some much hate.

  259. 259
    Jess Says:

    I can’t make my mind. In some pictures, Shi, Knox and Vivi look like Brad. In other pictures they look like Angie. They are such chameleons.

  260. 260
    ... Says:

    @wyatt: three words cheater brad Pitt. His fans absolutely hate Angelina and her kids and they all called vivienne the r word until they realized how much she looks like Their favorite cheater brad Pitt.

  261. 261

    Because pissing you off and all the jenhens who stay hopefull of a reunion with the Chin like virgins on their first night, makes her even more stronger.

  262. 262
    Jen Says:

    JoliepItt Fans. PLEASE do not play the Troll’s games.

    These SAME Trolls come on with the SAME argument every time the JoliePitt children’s pictures appear on a JP Thread. It is the SAME stupid game they love to play ALL the time. We should be wise to their madness and stupidity by now and not get caught up in it by conversing with them on topics that are senseless and pointless.
    Please thumb them down swiftly and do not converse with them. They are here ONLY to disrupt the thread and attack Angelina.
    Let us not be duped by them any longer.
    This is a thread about the wonderful time Angelina’s and Brad’s children are having at the aquarium. Please do not let it degenerate into the madness of the Trolls.
    Thank you.

  263. 263
    NHT(now hear this) Says:

    All these ” hair brain” discussions are a bit much. Hair is like flowers and all creation. It is soft, kinky,curly, long, short , black, brown, red, blonde, and gray. It can be purple, blue, green, whatever. And it can all look good, and sometimes ridiculous.
    That’s the fun of it.
    I love that Zahara wears her hair like Marianne Pearl.
    I think Angelina is teaching her kids that it is what is IN the head that counts, not what is on it. I am sure her hope for her girls is that they are women of substance.

  264. 264
    Tia Says:

    Vivienne is wearing a traditional Hmong shirt! It is very exciting to see that.. I wonder where they picked it up from as the Hmong originates from the mountains of Laos.. perhaps Angelina got it from Cambodia or Vietnam??

  265. 265
    Jen Says:

    Why so many hateful comments?
    Because the JoliePitt Fan Base is a very STRONG fan base and the hateful, foolish trolls of the DEADEND X wife, Jenifer Aniston want more than anything to try and SPLIT the fans between Brad and Angelina and their children in hopes of destroying Brad and Angie’s fan base completely.
    They have been attacking both Brad and Angelina for almost 7 years trying their best to destroy both of them and turn their fans against each other, but they have not been successful and will continue to be unsuccessful.

  266. 266
    miho Says:

    They are so cute and lovely

  267. 267
    Felipe Says:


    I totally agree. How ridiculous dress his daughter Angelina always as a kid. But when it comes to Angelina Jolie, who is assumed bissesual, this behavior is not surprising. Poor girl.

  268. 268
    Cousins Says:

    Hey is a pic of the jolie-pitt cousins

    credit: sandybr from jjb

  269. 269
    Jen Says:

    Both Angelina and Brad are doing an incredible job of teaching their children so many wonderful things.
    The experiences these children have had from BIRTH! And in Budapest, in Paris, In Venice, in Italy, at Miraval, in Cambodia, in New Orleans, in Los Angeles, now in London. What an incredible education these little people are receiving. And they are being educated with LOVE, which is worth more than anything.
    The way Brad was showing Maddox and Pax around the set in Malta and how they witnessed the filming of a critical scene in Malta. And I am certain he told them all that had to be done to make the scene/s possible. And the loving, personal attention each child receives. These are beautiful experiences these children will have stay with them for their entire lives. What a beautiful foundation Brad and Angelina are laying for their children to build on..
    Brad and Angelina have provided them with a LOVING home, first of all; with educators, with the love of their parents, and the personal attention of their parents. They show their children how much their parents love each other and each one of them so they can feel secure in their home. They are learning things thru first hand experience. Brad and Angie are teaching them to be caring and giving individuals.
    And to witness in these pictures how Angelina is teaching and encouraging the older girls to look out for the younger children just touches the heart and makes me appreciate her kind of “mothering.”
    She has one nanny/teacher there with her, but she is very much “hands on” with every one of her children. I applaud her for how she is showing each of her children so much love and making time for each one of them. Witness the tenderness with which she rubs Shiloh’s little neck because Shiloh looked a bit tired. She held on to Knox and Vivi while she massaged Shiloh’s neck. How sweet a mother is this.
    This woman deserves to be PRAISED and not hounded and constantly attacked by the idiot Trolls with their stupid, senseless, pointless complaints. It is incredible what these idiot trolls zero in on. Nothing that makes any sense.
    Thank you to all the fans who continue to thumb down the idiot trolls. What a pleasure it is to come to the board and not have to read their insane comments. I wish Jared would delete them completely once they have been thoroughly thumbed down.

  270. 270
    Bunny Says:

    Just watched tonight’s edition of “Entertainment Tonight” and they showed the video of JJ pic of Angie holding her kids’ hands. Wow, you notice so much more when it’s a video. Of, course, I had to go frame by frame and noticed a lot more than a picture can show. First off, Z is very, very protective of her siblings. A fan got a little too close for comfort and the BG blocked him, but Z’s face changed in a heartbeat, stepped in front of her siblings and started walking towards the fan as if to say, ‘”Back off Fool,” and then looked up at the a second BG with a look saying, “ya need help.” She’s such a little firecracker. If I was a kid, I certainly wouldn’t want to mess with her siblings, she’ll nail your azz and then go back for bigger nails. Also it was so endearing to hear Angie say to her babies “stay together” as they started putting a bit too much space between them for Ma Ma Angie’s comfort zone. Such a fantastic family with so much love for each other, it brings tears to your eyes.

  271. 271
    Jen Says:

    Doug Pitt is so cute and so is his family. I thought Dough had three sons. I did not know he had daughters too.

    So he has one son and two daughters. They are all beautiful!

  272. 272
    Orchid Says:

    263 … @ 07/25/2011 at 10:47 pm
    Are you stupid? Not her kids, but their kids.

  273. 273
    Felipe Says:

    Angelina will debut a new tape. It’s called “The actress corpse.” She is herself.

  274. 274
    Tigeress Says:

    WOW!! What a beautiful family and they are having a ball. Wish the hags would give sweet Zee a break , it’s just a bunch of crap all in the name of envy. Zee has soft pretty hair that is easy to manage. Obviously somebody is taking good care of it and that’s all that matters.
    What a little honey Knox is lol He is Brad Pitt Jr all the way!
    Shy and her sister Viv are too adorable for words just like their mommy ..and papa.
    Angie is smart nobody ever try to hold this beautiful lady down, she wastes no time on the small stuff and knows how to live like no other.
    No wonder they are as a family sensational headliners .
    How cute is that and well mannered to see 4 children age 6 , 5 and two 3 yr olds holding hands..awwwe…and keeping it all in tune for mama with hoards of ppl checking them out….
    that’s so sweet…Go JP Family !

  275. 275
    Dany Says:

    Sorry but Vivienne isn’t pretty or cute. I do not know who she looks like… She is weird. Knox is cute. Shiloh is the prettiest of the three biological kids.

  276. 276

    Beautiful kids and their mom.. so sweet.

  277. 277
    Jen Says:

    In case I forgot to say it, let me say it now -
    Little miss Zee is rocking her outfit. I am digging those very fashionable boots with the jeans and tee and I think her ponytail is BEAUTIFUL. She has the most gorgeous hair!
    Shiloh is an absolute stunning beauty. What a perfect profile, just like her mommy and her hair cut is perfect. Her hair looks so strong and thick and lustrous.
    Mr. Knox is BRAD personified. He is going to put his handsome daddy in the shade. He already has Brad’s natural swagger and that cute little face is only going to get even more beautiful.
    Ms Vivi is a living doll. She is the epitome of grace and class. I love how she protects her hair and has the concerned look, making certain everything is just right.
    And Mrs. Brad Pitt – the lovely Angelina Jolie…..Gorgeousness! She can wear a burlap sack and make it look sexy, but what is so attractive about her is the love she has for each one of her children. She is the perfect example of a Mother’s Love in Action.
    I am missing Poppa Pitt and hope to see him with the family along with Mad and Pax real soon. Poppa Pitt takes such good care of his family. I am so glad he insists his family travel with him to every location. I hope he and Angelina can work it out where they do everything together as he said. Blessings cover this beautiful family always.


  278. 278

    Aniston will debut her new movie called “This is how I do it with Norman”

  279. 279
    Jen Says:

    I don’t know if anyone has seen the O’Neals on the OWN network. The story of Tatum O’Neal and Ryan O’Neal.
    Well watching that show makes me truly appreciate how Brad and Angelina are raising their children.
    Tatum has so much pain in her because her parents abandoned her when she was so young. I had no idea.
    She said her mom was a drug addict and would not take care of her and virtually abandoned her while she was just a little girl. Her dad, Ryan came and got her and took her all over the world with her, but when Ryan fell in love with Farrah Fawcett, he abandoned Tatum and her brother Griffin at age 15……Fifteen years of age Tatum was abandoned and left to live by herself with her brother Griffin. NO PARENTAL SUPERVISION. This is so hard to even imagine. She sad Ryan left them to themselves to raise themselves while he moved in with Farrah Fawcett. Tatum said her dad had taken her to all kinds of parties where she got introduced to drugs and she became a drug addict and her life just spiraled downhill from there. Now 25 years later she is trying to find peace with her father.
    Her face is so filled with pain it is hard to watch their story. It is so sad. And Ryan has no clue the pain she has been through. It is a very sad story, but it makes me appreciate how Brad and Angelina are showing such care for each one of their children.
    I hope Tatum can finally find peace and closure, but she was abandoned by both mother and father and she is trying desperately to get healed now. My heart goes out to her and to her dad. I hope they can both come together in complete healing and love. You can see they love each other, but so much pain has passed between them in Tatum’s eyes she is having a very hard time of if.

  280. 280
    carolynlee Says:

    @A: Even tough I agree that Zee’s hair is curly and is of a texture that is curly and wavy . But I do not agree that African American hair is nappy and rough . Due to the mixing of the races of most African Americans their hair type and texture is varied . The texture can go from straight to nappy much like their skin color can go from very light to very dark .One’s hair style and treatment is as individual as they are .

  281. 281
    Tigeress Says:

    Ryan O’neal is a complete assswipe, should never have been a father
    as is too arrogant and selfish to include a family, as only thinks of himself. Wishing Tatum the best , God be with her.
    I did see her on Larry King yrs ago when Farrah was still alive and she had just came out of rehab at the time. She was nervous doing the show but was really hoping for support and saying how all she wanted was to head in the right direction. Asssswipe daddy made sure he sent in the nastiest letter for Larry King to read to his daughter while she was on the air…All was so nasty it was so sick.

    Tatum briefly told the story of how at age 8 or 11 she was on stage for the movie PaperMoon and being a kid did a Na Na ..Na Na Na to another kid and felt a smash in the face coming from the right of her , that was from her father . His way of saying straighten up becuz in a few mins you will have to go on stage with curtains up to accept your oscar.
    Poor Kid, as if something like that really mattered to her. She wanted love much more than fame. God bless her and her family she has been battleing this drug world for a number of yrs and is having a very difficult time with it. I hope this time around she grows stronger than ever and is able to pull herself around and do a 180 degreees….prayers for Tatum xo

    ITA Angie and Brad are doing a wonderful job raising their 6 little munchins. A Jolie Pitt kid doesn’t have to worry about not enough love coming from either parent and they all live the life that makes these crazy hags so MEGA-envious/jealous . Oh well i am also enjoying the red arrow down posts so i can whizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz right by the ugo nasty posts and get to read all the great posts from you fellow or gal posters where you get the best info first re the JP ‘s and Family . The pics of the children and Angie are out of this fast they are all growing and how beautiful they all are. Peace and Light…

  282. 282
    Ally Says:

    I agree the pic of happiness and a very good looking family..
    Congrats to the Brangealina Family.. Great job raising their cute kids.

  283. 283
    hag Says:

    the thumbs are a vast improvement. but unlike JJB dumbazz paid posters/haters can be blocked by fans. on JJ their filth is seen until enough thumb downs can be achieved. by then MANY have addressed the troll and the JP THREAD BECOMES THE HAG CONTROLLED THREAD. it is the SAME tactic the DLISTED hags use and others where they go back to their coven to BRAG it was a THREADKILLA!!!!!!!! meaning they controlled the JP FANS and took them OFF TOPIC!!!!! ESPECIALLY if it positive, fan thread, or fans are exposing the fraudiston.

  284. 284
    Gingerbread Says:

    What a beautiful family……god bless the jolly Pitt :)

  285. 285
    hag Says:

    we wanted the thumbs. we can take back the JP threads and make them what WE WANT. thumb down filthy HAGS and respond to and support each other. and fans can keep the thread what we want it to be.

  286. 286
    Appletini Says:


    You’re right, we shouldn’t allow them to steer us off course. We should take a page from Angie herself and just ignore the hateful comments and the people who make them.

    I can’t wait to read about whatever adventure this cute family goes on next!

  287. 287
    hag Says:

    oh, i am not saying don’t expose the lies with the TRUTH, but what the HAGS want is PERSONAL responses, their little “bragging right” to their delusional “power” to “get to” fans.

  288. 288
    gracie Says:

    Any trash talk about Z, her hair or whatever is just that, that girl is gonna be a stunner when she grows up. She has all the features, she is slim, slim long legs, beautiful dreamy eyes, beautiful hair texture and a beautiful face shape. Brad better have his gun ready to chase the lil boys away. All the other kids are also beautiful. Brad and Angie are blessed to have all these beautiful children. The thing I like most about their kids is their manners and how well behaved in public they are. Good parenting and congrats to Brad and Angiefor that.

  289. 289
    Life or Something Like It Says:


    Looking at that photo, Doug’s kids are much older than than Brad’s kids. Made me realize how behind he was with his brother in starting a family at the age of 42. So glad that Angelina finally gave him the children and awesome family he deserves. Why can’t JA fans see she is a self absorbed 42 year old and didn’t even adopt or want anything to do with kids. They need to just leave Brad and Angie alone after all these years too. He deserves all the happiness he has created now that HE CHOSE THE RIGHT WOMAN.

  290. 290
    gracie Says:

    Cousins thank you for the link. I didn’t know Doug has two grown up daughters. Seeing his daughters made me think what it would have been for Brad watching his younger brother with his children while heartless Anuston deprived him a family. He was so lucky to have met Angie when he did, if he had stayed with that ho, he will not be the proud father of six today. Family reunions must have been agony for him, Look at him now, he is blessed with more kids than he ever dreamed of – Thank God.

  291. 291

    @ ceemee
    Ethiopian Liya Kebde and her daughter :
    Those are typical ethiopian styles. They rarelly braid their hair, let alone children. They let them natural. And Liya when at home let her hair too who is naturally curly.
    Western and central africans are more into braiding and wig but young children are often left braidless and left with their proud natural hair, enjoying it, until they are old enough to be tortured with braids, let alone domestic kind burning perm that makes even children of 8 years old, crying and yelling for their life during that self hatred, perm/burning process..

  292. 292
    Annie Says:

    Amazing how such a stunning and famous woman can be so low key and unaffected at the same time. I wish more celebs were like Angelina. Instead most of them look bitchy and insecure.

    PS – I’d have *loved* to have Shiloh’s shirt when I was that age. Stegasaurus! Rock on!

  293. 293
    Caribbean Says:

    AJ looks very beautiful and sexy. The kids are lovely.
    I just have to say this:
    I bet you if this was a picture of “Rachel”, all the blogs would be all over it, calling her the sexiest thing and that she has a gorgeous figure….
    But about AJ, they try very hard not to even mention how beautiful she looks and is

  294. 294
    Kells Says:

    @ ceemee
    Ethiopian Liya Kebde and her daughter :
    Those are typical ethiopian styles. They rarelly braid their hair, let alone children. They let them natural. And Liya when at home let her hair too who is naturally curly.
    Western and central africans are more into braiding and wig but young children are often left braidless and left with their proud natural hair, enjoying it, until they are old enough to be tortured with braids, let alone domestic kind burning perm that makes even children of 8 years old, crying and yelling for their life during that self hatred, perm/burning process..

    Im srry but all this self-hating AA women and the relaxing of their hair and so forth crap your spewing and all these ppl who im sure are majority non-black are fanning …smh. please stop your broad generalizations of all AA women. Kay? All your going on and on about is AA self hate and so forth but guess what sweety this is america and any so called self hate derived from AA’s will be from direct cause of SLAVERY and centuries of brainwashing from generation to generation of AA’s being told they werent good enough, skin too dark, hair too nappy and pressure they felt to conform to the european standard of beauty. All of this starting from the good ‘ol plantation days. lol, i just love how your going on and on talking about AA’s are so self-hating this and that as if you know every AA woman out there and how they feel about themselves. If black woman want to perm their hair because they personally find it easier to maintain then thats their choice. It makes them self hating how? When white woman tan to get DARKER, a process dangerous in its own right putting themselves in higher risk to get skin cancer is that self hate?? smh, and some black woman do upkeep their relaxed hair but then again you like making sweeping generalizations. All im saying is before you go talking collosal crap about AA women please refer to american history and black history. Because last time i checked black ppl didnt get on a boat from africa on their own, come to america and suddently decide being a negro, having dark skin, and ‘nappy’ hair was bad and undesirable. They were indoctinated for centuries to think this. So save it.

  295. 295

    Sorry but I am black ! I know firsthand what slavery and colonisation has done to our brains. STIL i find it typical and hypocrital to always use that card to justify our own continuous self hatred., to hide behind that excuse to justify the ongoing of it.
    People who are complaining about Z hair are 99 % ADULT black people. How long will they use the excuse ‘but we were enslaved once ,so it’s not our fault if we still feel ashamed about ournatural hair if it’s not set right within what we perceived is acceptable in a western world…we black folks’
    Slavery ended 150 years ago, colonialism 50 to 30 years ago. We know what was done to us, we know the damages and we without any help continue to do it on ourselves. Again, stop making excuses. we are responsble NOW for the perpetuating of that self hatred campaign.
    No people are obsessed about hair and skintone like the AA and they know that for decades, hence some reversal movements of afrocentrism in the 60′s. they don’t need excuse and justification to keep on doing it to their own children. they are the one perpetrating the slave mentality more than 150 years after it ended and even transfer it to new americans of african heriuage dismissing their african/origin country culture in the process to americanize them with that mentality and hair obsession.

  296. 296
    deea Says:

    shi is soooo beautiful..she is a doll really

  297. 297
    teri Says:

    All around beautiful family, they’ve been very blessed.

  298. 298
    Deanie Says:

    Beautiful Woman & beautiful children; Love Angelina Jolie & her kids ! They look so happy & hold hand & so loving ! God bless them !

  299. 299
    anna Says:

    angie irreplaceable

  300. 300
    xyz Says:

    This is a model family. Hello Hollywood. This is the way to do it.
    Maybe Angie and Brad should publish a self-help guide on how to raise a family and still be gorgeous.

  301. 301
    Love the shoes Says:

    @Jen MANASTEALIN: PREACH!!!!! Excellent post. If this was on Huffington Post I would Fan and Fav this as I’m certain many AA’s like myself would. We worry more about “us” on the outside when we need to be taking care of “us” internally. I AM NOT MY HAIR!

  302. 302
    Love the shoes Says:

    @Kells: thanx for these links. I love it. I wait on the day when Zahara lets her fro crown reign.

  303. 303
    Passing Through Says:

    # 284 Jen @ 07/26/2011 at 12:21 am
    Don’t cry too hard for Tatum O’Neal, Argentina. She’s a nitwit and she’s responsible for perpetuating her own misery and then foisting it on her children. I can only feel so much sympathy for her because she, like Hohan, has had a gazillion opportunities to clean her life up. Even worse she repeated the cycle of abandonment and mental abuse with her own children multiple times. I know a lot of people here can’t stand John McEnroe, but if you knew the shite he put up with from Tatum O’Neal you’d go a little easier on him. HE is the only reason their 2 kids have grown up in a stable, relatively normal, drama-free environment. For a long time she wasn’t even allowed to see the kids, had no visitation rights and a few times he had to get restraining orders to keep her away from them. That’s what drug addiction will do to you. She was also verbally and physically abusive to him and their children. The fact that she has a relationship with them at all is due mainly to Mac and his second wife Patty Smyth raising those kids out of the spotlight and away from her – and her family’s – bullshite and the Hollywood life style. Mac was no saint on the court but of the court he’s a good guy who stepped up and raised his kids when their mother was a drunken, coked up mess for most of their lives. Whatever Tatum is going through now to get her relationship with her father on track is a useless endeavor – and she should know that by now. He’s a selfish asshat. Always has been, always will be and she needs to stop looking to him for love, acceptance and validation. She’s never going to get something he’s incapable of giving. After nearly 50 years you’d think she’d have learned that by now. Instead she’s got their mess on TV so the whole world can gawk at it. Why can’t these people ever just be a hot mess in private? They always have to try to make a buck off it. Yet another reason why I don’t feel sorry for her…she’s getting paid to air her dirty laundry. I guess that kinda takes the sting out of daddy not loving her…

  304. 304
    anonymous Says:

    @Passing Through:
    I wish she had at least one with a different color hair, black or red hair or something else, they all seem so identical somebody in that duo have such powerful genes, my goodness! They all look like Brad Pitt.

  305. 305
    Passing Through Says:

    # 298 Caribbean @ 07/26/2011 at 6:35 am
    At a guess I’d say Star (or notOK since being meaner to Angie is their mandate from the new owners at AMI) will slap one of those pictures of Angie on the cover with a caption that stays, “ANGELINA – DOWN TO 95 POUNDS! WHY BRAD’S WORRIED!” Frankly I think she’s a tad too skinny myself but she certainly weighs more than 95 pounds and looks muy caliente on the skinny jeans and boots. After watching her heard 4 kids ages 6 and under – it’s easy to see how she stays so slim even though we constantly see stories about what she and Brad ate for dinner when they go out. I’ve yet to see the word “salad” in any of the descriptions of their dinners out. It’s always meat, fish or other seafood and veggies – and wine. So she’s not starving herself contrary to whatever crap the tabs claim. I was tired just looking at those pix yesterday. Can you just imagine what it’s like when she took them to the movie by herself – no Brad, no nannies? At 9 at least Maddox can watch himself…but I think Pax is probably a wanderer and if she didn’t keep him in her sights she’d be saying, “Pax? Where are you? Where’d Pax go?” immediately followed by, “Shiloh! Get back over here!” God…I need a nap just thinking about taking 6 kids out in public…

  306. 306
    Passing Through Says:

    # 300 Jen MANASTEALIN @ 07/26/2011 at 7:12 am
    Preach it, sistah!

  307. 307
    Passing Through Says:

    # 309 anonymous @ 07/26/2011 at 9:45 am
    Don’t tell Terd, though. Cuz…you know Angie “wears the pants” in their relationship. It wouldn’t do for Brad’s genes to overpower her’s. Terd will be apoplectic…
    Seriously though – I see a lot of Angie in all 3 of the bio kids. Sometimes they look just like her and I can’t see much Brad. Other times they look exactly like Brad and I can’t see any Angie. But most of the time I see a both of them in each child.

  308. 308
    Lara Says:

    ———————————New Thread———————————-

  309. 309
    Kells Says:

    @Jen I highly doubt your even black but mmkay. I can stand by everything i said. Slavery ended 150 years ago, true but the european standard of beauty is still alive and well, racism is still alive and well, and blacks to this day are still being indoctrinated to think they are inferior. You are still making sweeping generalizations about a whole race of women.

  310. 310
    FayeFaye Says:

    @Passing Through:

    PT: I applaud you. Your posts are always on point and very insightful. I learn so much from you about the Jolie-Pitts and I agree with OK. Never knew they were under new management. That explains why they’re being so mean to Angie. Evidently they must like Brad because they’re always bashing Angie. Guess they love Ticky too because there’s never a bad word printed about her either. Next will come the story of how Brad is jealous of Ticky’s happiness and wants to win her back, and is only taking the biological kids. Angie is an angel, and I know the people writing these silly stories about her will eventually get what’s coming to them. I wish Angie and Brad would sue these tabloids. If the robot, Katie Holmes, can get Star to issue an apology, I shudder to think what Brad and Angie could make them do. I’d like to see Brad and Angie take them to court just to learn who these so-called “sources” are.

  311. 311
    Aquarium thermometer Says:

    Though saltwater aquaria and also fish simply aquariums reveal numerous commonalities, you will find distinctive distinctions between your a pair of. This information discusses just what both of these types of …Aquarium

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