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Angelina Jolie: London Aquarium with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie: London Aquarium with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie and her little ones visit the London Aquarium on Monday (July 25) in London, England.

The 36-year-old actress brought 6-year-old Zahara, 5-year-old Shiloh, and 3-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne with her for a fun day out.

Over the weekend, Angelina and partner Brad Pitt were spotted heading into The Dorchester after she and Vivienne went flower shopping at a local florist.

Angelina, Shiloh, and Zahara left LAX airport to head to London on Wednesday of last week.

The Jolie-Pitt clan is in London while papa Brad shoots scenes for his latest movie, World War Z, in the UK.

FYI: Angelina is wearing Stuart Weitzman black calf 50/50 boots and Dolce&Gabbana sunglasses. Vivienne is wearing Crocs “Carlie” flats.

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  • Angie + brad @ Museum
  • A Lurker

    JJB is down at the moment. Angie was holding Brad’s arm, very sweet.

  • Jennifer MANASTEALIN

    @ ;)

    The only miserable was your idole and her midget of a stolen boyfriend.
    Not one single smile at the airport or anywhere else like he did when he was with lovely heidi..
    They only smile when they are with Terry Richradson. Bet those parties at three is what makes them happy.
    Plus Manastealin will have to pay for everything after stealing a dwarf like boyfriend who is worth 1/10 of her own house. oucchhh…no wonder she looks miserable and no wonder that he looks miserable, obliged to fake some kind of attraction with that old bimbo, dumping hois lovelmy fresgher musch more beautiful gal.

  • sadie

    #101 great pick of brad but they werent at the museum

  • lurker

    @A Lurker:
    thanks will check it when jjb is back,they love and support each other

  •!/natalie226653 natalya

    Brad looks amazing. He`s great in these sunglasses. He`s smart and sexy and he adores his angel…They are happy being with 6 kids and having romantic time with each other

  • A Lurker

    Try this link, scroll down for picture of Brad and Angelina at Churchill War Museum.

  • lurker

    the stupid troll thinks thats a bad picture of brad,trolls are lame

  • busted

    @Angie + brad @ Museum:

    I love that picture of Brad.. he looks great.. so happy.

    Why you think it is anything other than a fineass man is beyond me.. THUMB UP ON THAT PICTURE> ONE OF MY FAVORITES during that promotion. His smile is like sunshine.

  • Passing Through

    # 50 sillyme @ 07/25/2011 at 10:12 am
    Another troll who’s misnamed herself. It should be “Stupid Me”.

  • sadie

    #108, lurker, they think that is bad pic? he looks GOOD. crazy people.

  •!/natalie226653 natalya

    I`ve noticed that Angie has other hairdo than she was at the dorchester hotel…maybe they were really having hot night in hotel. Brad is stylish gentleman…It`s great for him to be wih his loving lady and it `s big pleasure 4 fans to take photos with this graceful couple

  • AngieLoving

    SheKnows dropped by the set of E! News to get the scoop from celebrity guru Giuliana Rancic on interviewing A-listers, season four of her reality show and the chances that she’ll give children another go.
    Over the last few seasons of her show Giuliana & Bill, we watched E! News host Giuliana Rancic go through many highs and lows in her attempts to get pregnant. After her devastating miscarriage last year, Giuliana tells us she’s just focusing on having fun this year.
    “We had kind of a tough season last year,” Giuliana tells SheKnows. “We were trying to have a kid and it didn’t go the way we wanted, so now we’re like, ‘Let’s do everything we couldn’t do if we had a kid.’ So we’re just having fun and letting go.”

    Despite rampant rumors that she is currently pursuing adoption, G tells us she hasn’t discarded the idea of natural birth.

    “At some point we’re going to try IVF again and definitely try to have a baby naturally,” says Giuliana. “Whether or not that works, we’ve always been open to the idea of adoption and even surrogacy.”

    If she does choose to adopt, Giuliana already knows where she’ll look.

    “When I went to Italy this last trip I felt such a connection to Naples and there are so many kids who need a good home and don’t have a home,” says Giuliana. “That’s where I’m from. I would love to give a kid like me an opportunity like I had. By no means has any step been taken and no papers have been done.”

    The “Year of Fun”
    In addition to Bill moving to L.A. this season after years of a long-distance relationship, the couple is now also playing with the idea of opening a restaurant together.

    “We are thinking of opening a restaurant called Mama DePandi’s, which is my mom’s recipes,” Giuliana tells SheKnows. “The big debate is: Do we open it in Chicago or L.A.? Bill thinks no one eats in L.A. Unless we’re serving lettuce cups with air, we probably won’t do well!”

    And that’s not Bill’s only gripe about the Hollywood lifestyle — Giuliana tells us he also isn’t very fond of the attitudes in L.A.

    “Bill is not a fan,” says Giuliana. “The problem with L.A. is when you go to dinner, people just want to know what you do for a living and what can you do for them. In Chicago, all they want to know is, ‘Are you a Cubs fan or a Sox fan?’ It’s more about your hobbies and who you are as a person.”

    Lucky for Rancic, as she affectionately calls her hubby, Giuliana says one day she would like to return to their former home.

    “It’s really hard to leave Chicago,” says Giuliana. “It’s a really authentic city. Down the road, much later, I’d love to live in Chicago.”

    Q & A with G
    Between her positions on E! News and E!’s Fashion Police, Giuliana has had her hands full dealing with Hollywood’s rich and famous. We grilled her on some behind the scenes scoop on your favorite celebs:

    SheKnows: You’ve interviewed everyone. Do you ever still get star struck?

    G: When I see Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt I get star struck. I’m such a loser I know. I love them. I love that they have all these kids, they’ve done a really good job. Say what you want about Brad and Angie, but they have done a tremendous amount of giving back with their fame.

    SheKnows: Who is the worst celebrity you’ve interviewed?

    G: Russell Crowe when he did Beautiful Mind and was getting famous, he was a tough interview. But when he got married and had kids, he lightened up a bit.

    SheKnows: What celebrity story is captivating you right now?

    G: Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s divorce. I think it was something abrupt. Because it’s like, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And there was no smoke. No one saw the signs. No tabloids picked it up. And trust me, someone would have reported on them. I feel like everything was fine and then something happened. One of them did something and it was like, ‘That was a deal breaker.’ It was totally out of the blue.

  • Passing Through

    # 54 busted @ 07/25/2011 at 10:25 am
    Busted -
    I’m surprised you gave that idiot troll a polite answer because she didn’t deserve one. Brad’s sister has 2 adopted Ethiopian sons and her SIL (her husband’s sister) has also adopted 1 or 2 Ethiopian children – and the two of them also do a lot of charity work in Ethiopia. So the troll needs to STFU and STFD. Z is fine. It’s the troll who has problems.

  • AngieLoving

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie enjoy a posh hotel rendezvous without the kids

    With the entire family living in a rented house in London while Brad works there on his new film, World War Z, various members of the Jolie-Pitt clan have been sighted in the British capital in recent weeks. However, this weekend Brad and Angelina stepped out as a couple for the first time since being sighted together last month.

    Arriving at the uber posh Dorchester hotel for lunch they looked utterly relaxed in their casual, chic outfits, which were almost perfectly matched in beige and white (eat your hearts out, Posh and Becks!).

    Angelina wore a slim-fitting beige skirt and white long-sleeved top, accessorised with nude patent wedges, while Brad teamed beige trousers with a crisp white shirt and carried an off-white trench coat as a precaution against London’s unpredictable summer weather. If you’re wondering how to dress on your London summer city break, this is it.

  • AngieLoving

    MUMBAI: UTV Action will be premiering the Angelina Jolie starrer Salt in Hindi.

    The movie, which has been dubbed in Hindi, will be aired on 30 July at 8.45 pm.

    UTV Action programming head Manasi Sapre said, “Angelina Jolie has reportedly said when she was asked about a role of Bond-girl “why should I play Bond Girl when I can play the role of Bond? The protagonist she plays in the 2010 blockbuster Salt, is reported to have been written for a man. It was Jolie’s superstar status and her action credentials which turned SALT from being a man to a woman. And in this box office winner filled with twists, turns, mind-blowing stunts- you will see why Angelina Jolie is one of the best action stars to have graced Hollywood.”
    As you can see SALT is still making money way to go Angelina.

  • Justi

    The kids are cute.Vivienne is Brad’s mini me. Knox and Shiloh look like Angelina.

  • Passing Through

    # 58 Susan @ 07/25/2011 at 10:38 am
    Sadly, the troll didn’t lie. She did the same thing the tabs do – took a little bit of the truth and twisted it to suit her own foul purpose. Angie did say they were concerned about Z having a sibling who looked like her – just as she said about Maddox. However, I think after Brad’s sister and her SIL both adopted from Ethiopia Angie realized it wasn’t necessarily that important to adopt another African child because Z would have cousins from her birth country in the family.

  • Jennifer MANASTEALIN

    @ 101
    Maniston stolen midget : neck face all look busted. Not even 40 yet and already looking like he is 60 !
    Maniston ion her true glorious self at 35 between bitix sessions
    Welcome to Dracula and Vampirella !
    No wonder they both look mserable ! They both have to sleep with a monster and get up looking at the other real face…ewww

  • Frenchy

    Hellloo all!!!! These are wonderful pictures. Everyone looks healthy, strong and happy.

    Waving to everyone!!!!!!

  • lurker

    viv and zee are fashionistas

  • http://computer Susan

    @Passing Through: Ok I stand corrected, I missed that, I knew about Maddox.

  • ang

    OMG —-Angie and the kids just stroll around London. I’m soooooo jealous and wish I could be in London right now. Can you imagine, you just walk around minding your own business and suddenly you run into a beautiful woman with 4 georgous children? Sooooooo awesome.

  • Alice

    It seemed mum and dad had a great weekend. Angelina looks fresh, relax and happy, their children are happy. This is a happy family.

  • unisex


  • mwannirs
  • Just Saying

    Kung Fu Panda 2′s worldwide gross is almost $600M. Hooray!!! It hasn’t been shown in Japan and Italy yet. It will surely surpass the 1st Kung Fu Panda.

  • Mel

    Viv has the head of Tweety Bird

  • gracie

    Angie and Brad have beautiful kids. All their kids are cute. Papa Brad will need a gun to keep the boys away from his girls when they turn teenagers, they’re all freaking beautiful. Shi and Knox could pass as twins if Knox was as tall.

  • Lucky Charm

    It’s obvious that some posters here don’t have children, or are the type to “make” them wear something they don’t want to because the parents are so concerned with appearances and superficial things. As long as it’s age and weather appropriate, does it really matter what children wear? I have a sister who is straight, but hates wearing dresses, and even as a child it was a struggle for our mom to get her to wear one to church each Sunday. And the minute we came home her dress came off. My mom was so excited when she got married, because it meant she would finally wear a dress after so many years, lol. My mom bought us boys jeans because they held up better and were more durable than the girls jeans, because we liked to play with our cousins (who all happened to be boys, and definitely didn’t want to play dolls and tea parties.

    It’s great that they can take the kids to normal places and give them a real childhood.

  • Passing Through

    # 87 QQQQ @ 07/25/2011 at 11:34 am
    Don’t even get me started on the black women fake long ass white girl hair craze. It’s bad enough that that’s all you see all over the entertainment industry, but then half the black women on the streets are running around with these long busted ass fake ponytails and weaves. A lot of them don’t take care of it right and it looks like exactly what it is – some nasty ass busted-looking synthetic hair. 99% of it doesn’t even look real so I’m never quite sure exactly who they think they’re fooling – or why they think it looks good…cuz it don’t.

  • Richard P

    Gorgeous all of them.

    Angie is sexy ,wonderful and elegant.I love her

  • ebmo

    so cute, the haters are beside themselves with envy


    TO SH!!T-MOUTHED Mel :

  • ebmo

    # 15 Katie @ 07/25/2011 at 9:27 am
    Pay attention to your OWN kids idiot! Angelina knows that the more you give children choices over little things, the more prepared they are for big decisions later in life.

  • Viv

    I tawt I taw a puddy tat,
    yes i did

  • Sonia

    What is all the fuss about Z??
    Anybody says anything negative about Z must be totally trolling or stupid or blind or ignorant or heartless!

    Z is a survivor! Very blessed little girl to have Brad and Angie, who have done wonder, only wonder with her!

    Forget about the stupid, stupid azz hair talk, stupid to the extreme!!!
    Just look at how Z walks tall and straight, and think back how Z used to walk with crooked legs for malnutrition when she was a baby!!

    That along ought to STFU all the negative trolls!


    YAY! My favorite celeb family, out having fun and looking great!

  • Anne

    Angelina looks very young here. Knox looks exactly like Angelina. Viivenne looks more like her dad . Shiloh is a mini John Voight

  •!/natalie226653 natalya

    I think people who say negative comments often shud be blocked on this site. All the best to Jolie-Pitt strong loving family! Nothing can be better than sleeping in arms of your husband and watching how your kids smile and hold hand of each other

  • Jen

    What a great time the family is having in London. I love how Brad and Angelina take the kids to so many different kinds of adventures.
    Cute little Knox is the spitting image of Brad in some of the pictures I have seen. Down to the dimples in his little cute fat cheeks. Shiloh is an absolute stunner like her mom. Zee is so stylish and cute and Viv is a little doll in her dress and tights.
    I am admiring this picture of Angie and the children in a sea of people at the museum. What a wonderful experience for them to be at the museum with lots of other people and being able to walk about unaccosted. Of course Brad has his bodyguards around them, but still they are having the experience of sharing this trip to the museum with so many other people. Great!!! Bet they had a grand time. I wonder if Maddox and Pax are with dad at the studio.

  • Lucky Charm


    ITA, AND if you allow your kids the chance to make their own decision over the little things, they are more willing to listen when you put your foot down over the big things. It’s called, picking your battles. If you always force your kids to do everything that you want, including clothes, then they will resent your and your authority and do all they can to rebel and break free from a suffocating, restrictive environment. Give a little leeway when it doesn’t matter, and they will give in when it does. Not to mention it gives them the opportunity to learn to make decisions, and live with the consequences when those don’t turn out like they thought. Below is taken from a real conversation with a six year old (and used without her permission, lol!):

    Mommy: You want to wear a bathing suit and flip flops outside to play in? You won’t be able to climb the trees with the other kids, you know. Why don’t you put on your jeans and tennis shoes.

    Daughter: I don’t want to wear those.

    Mommy: Are you sure ?

    Daughter: Mommy, I WANT to wear my new bathing suit and flip flops!

    Mommy: Ok, but don’t cry and complain to me about it.

    About 15 minutes later:
    Daughter: Mommy, can I change my clothes? I want to wear my jeans and tennis shoes now.

  • svetlana

    I think anyone who has a different opinion from the “official” opinion should be reported to the authorities by their neighbors and sent directly to the Gulag.

  • http://computer Susan

    The next stop for the older children will be the London Eye, hope they go on a clear and sunny day, hard to come by in England even in summer.
    Six flags maybe more the boys speed.

  • gracie

    Mel, ain’t you old enough to be Viv’s great grandfather/mother? — shame on you idiot. Pick on someone your age you stupid braindead trailer trash. Lil Viv has got more sense and brain than you’ve got in your 50yrs on earth.
    I don’t know what kind of sewer you trolls crawl out from, you have to be the lowest of low to pick on babies and toddlers. You’re all sick and not fit to be parents or breath the same air as other sane human beings.

  • jenanistonfan

    lovely kids :)

  • Jen

    Glad to read Angie and Vivi enjoyed their trip to the florist on Saturday. The people allowed them to shop without intruding on their day. Nice write up.
    Angelina Jolie was spotted picking up flowers and birthday cards at Streets Florist in St Margarets

    Angelina Jolie and her three-year-old daughter Vivienne surprised shoppers in Twickenham at the weekend when they made a pit stop to buy some flowers.

    Jolie and her daughter visited Streets Florist,in St Margarets Road, at about 11.30am on Saturday, July 23, to pick up flowers and birthday cards.

    The Hollywood star kept a low profile while in the shop and according to Sandra Nunez, Streets’s joint business owner, “nobody even approached her” or asked for a photo or autograph.

    She said: “Everyone was looking but didn’t want to intrude.”

    Mrs Nunez said a car pulled up outside the shop and her son was worried they might get a parking ticket because it was a bus stop.

    She said Jolie bought calla lilies, thistles, red roses and some bouvardia, along with a gift bag and birthday cards during her visit to the shop.

    Jolie and husband Brad Pitt are thought to be in the area while he works on a film nearby. They have been spotted numerous times in recent weeks.

  • Etta

    Does anyone know why Diane Sawyer doesn’t interview Brad and Angie anymore? Just asking as I have just realised that its been a while she last did interviews with them.

  • http://computer Susan

    @Passing Through: I was in Kmart on Saturday, and it was so freaking hot, the cashier was rudding her head and the wig was sliding from side to side. It was too funny.

  • Tater Tot

    The adopted ones are so ugly.