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Angelina Jolie: London Aquarium with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie: London Aquarium with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie and her little ones visit the London Aquarium on Monday (July 25) in London, England.

The 36-year-old actress brought 6-year-old Zahara, 5-year-old Shiloh, and 3-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne with her for a fun day out.

Over the weekend, Angelina and partner Brad Pitt were spotted heading into The Dorchester after she and Vivienne went flower shopping at a local florist.

Angelina, Shiloh, and Zahara left LAX airport to head to London on Wednesday of last week.

The Jolie-Pitt clan is in London while papa Brad shoots scenes for his latest movie, World War Z, in the UK.

FYI: Angelina is wearing Stuart Weitzman black calf 50/50 boots and Dolce&Gabbana sunglasses. Vivienne is wearing Crocs “Carlie” flats.

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    Star Tracks

    Angelina Jolie holds on tight to her kids while stepping out in London.

  • http://computer Susan

    @ceemee: One more thing if you took care of more than the hair, so many would not be in PRISON unable to READ. Something to think about,

  • MJ

    @ceemee: If you’re black can please apply your comment to the First Lady Mrs. Obama because we don’t see them more often that she bread her hair and her kids hair. Good for Angie for not allowing Zahara to bread her hair. It’s not good for the kid because it’s painful, and the tendency is it could lose the hair from pulling it. There’s nothing wrong on Zahara’s hair as long as they comb it and tie it neatly, it’s great already. Breading can take a lot of time. They don’t want to spend their time for that, they have a lot of things to do unlike you, you don’t work and you’re just waiting for your welfare check, so you have time to bread your dozens of kids. Don’t worry about Zahara’s hair, it will be gorgeous when she become teenager that she can do whatever she wants. Now, stop wasting your time breading your kids hair and go find a job, it’s good for you and your kids.

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  • arrival
  • Lucky Charm


    Susan, I think that’s reaching just a tad too far. Take a deep breath, ceemee isn’t worth getting upset over. Some people have nothing better to do than worry about a hairstyle (gee, who does that remind you of?) but there’s no need to lower yourself down to that level. :)

    (Sorry for the lecture. That’s just the mom in me coming out, I can’t help it, lol!)

  • MJ

    Oops! sorry I meant BRAID not BREAD. I was hungry you know.

  • Orchid

    191 gracie @ 07/25/2011 at 5:51 pm 0

    Hi Orchid, hope all is okay with you. You’ve been mia for a while, it’s nice to see you.
    Hi! Been away. Love all the new threads! So many meddlesome people. I see hairgate is about to start again. So funny!
    Isn’t Vivi gorgeous? I think she’s my focus now.

  • Whatevah

    Oh wow kids getting big now, simply beautiful. There’s no denying that Shiloh and Knox are siblings, they look exactly the same here from the eyes to that cleft chins of theirs.

  • http://computer Susan

    @Lucky Charm: She just pis*ed me off.

  • Lucky Charm


    LOL, I was getting hungry just reading your post, too! Now I’m going to have to stop by Safeway on my home from work tonight and pick up a loaf of French bread, thanks a lot!!! :)

  • Lucky Charm


    LOL, I was getting hungry just reading your post, too! Now I’m going to have to stop by Safeway on my way home from work tonight and pick up a loaf of French bread, thanks a lot!!! :)

  • Jen

    @Passing Through:
    I kept trying to post the picture of Knox with his tongue out and looking like a ringer for Brad but it kept going into moderation.
    I agree. All three bio children have Brad’s mannerisms.
    There was a picture on JJB of Knox walking and you could clearly see he has Brad’s build and Brad’s bum but JJB is acting up and I cannot grab the picture.
    It is so cute. Here is the little man walking around with Brad’s build. So adorable. He is going to be as handsome as, if not more handsome than his daddy. Brad must pinch himself every time he holds Knox in his arms. Must be like looking in the mirror when he looks at his beautiful little boy. And that is not to say he does not love his older boys just as much. What strikes me so clearly about all the children is that they are all very well behaved. Yes, Pax stuck his tongue out at the paps, but who can blame him for that. They are all up in their faces at times.
    I have to commend the British paps so far though, I think they have tried to be respectful of the family’s space. Especially these Aquarium pictures. The paps seem to be keeping a respectable distance and I am happy to see that.
    Wonder what is on the JoliePitt agenda for tomorrow? Angelina has been doing a great job of taking the little people out. She is a great mom. On one of the videos you can hear her saying “stay together” Soooo cute. Love this family.

  • http://n/a angierocks

    you know when the hens are scraping the bottom of the barrel is when they attack the kids and say nasty ridiculous ra cist stuff.STFU fools.jelous because these kids are loved,having a blast living their lives and can do and can go whatever, wherever they want.

  • Lucky Charm

    Ooops, didn’t mean to double post – what’s going on?

    @ Susan – I know. There are many times I literally have to walk away from my computer, because I know that I’ll reply to some stupid comment with something that I’ll regret later when I’ve had a chance to calm down. You don’t want to let her, or anyone else, make you as miserable as they obviously are. :-) :-) :-)

  • http://n/a angierocks

    just saw the pics and ITAWY guys they have the same brad ticks LOL and z’s rocking those boots:)

  • Jen

    Here is the Link, Passing Through.
    I hope it goes through. Please scroll down and see Mr. Knox with his cute little bum shaped just like Brad’s. Too adorable.

  • sop

    @Susan: I think you are reaching out to far too.You shouldn’t be worked up because of one troll.
    You know there are all kind of people with all kind of different race who are in prision.Hair is just a black thing but the trolls made it so annoying by constantly talking about a beauitful kid with a beautiful hair. I think they jealous of zee’s hair. Most blacks doesn’t have smooth hair like zee. Let see for example Maddona daughter hair is not like zee’s hair she can’t do what zee is doing because the texture is different. Zee has a smoother hair texture. Not every black girl should or must braid her hair to have a good looking hair.
    @MJ not every breading take long time Most hair styles takes about two hrs if you go to salon to do them with out breading. Not everyone who braid their hair is jobless either or has too much time in hands. There are many braids stylys that don’t take more than 2 hrs.
    You both are going to far just because on troll say some shitt.

  • t.m.delafonda

    OT: WTF is up with Affleck’s wig? The trolls come here criticizing a child’s hairdo and are not out in force attacking Ben for that wildlife he assassinated to put on his bald pate? What kind of logic is that? My bad, I forget that trolls have no logic.

  • anustin

    thank you miss bdj. for all the news and links.

  • anustin

    thanks dulci for the mail.beautiful….hiya foreveranjie,laraD.

  • Dee

    Do you really know how to take care of black children’s hair? Black hair is a result of the proper caring of it. You simply have to do extra effort to maintain the loveliness of it.

    You should shampoo the black hair with the specific shampoo that will suit your children’s flowing hair. As they will grow older, you can use conditioners that will help keep their hair moist and will act as a hydrating agent. Conditioners should not be done everyday because this will then cause falling of hair.

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  • mindy

    Love em! Just can’t get enough!

  • Paris

    I am pretty sure Angie is not channeling for Ze to do Wipe my hair in the futur more like WHO RUN THE WORLD ;) lol.

  • XIII

    Lil Ms. Viv is out with her pink purse! Wonder if it contains lipgloss and toys?

  • A

    I love that Angelina let’s her daughter wear her hair natural, the way it was supposed to be and not like African Americans who relax their daughters hair when they are as young as 6 years old :(
    Zahara has very typical Horn of African hair which is smooth and not like African American hair that is very nappy and kinky/harsh.
    You can tell she has healthy smooth curly hair so i really don’t know why anyone is complaining but like someone else said, i think it’s jealousy because African Americans have very rough hair.


    Is there no VIP entrance?

  • Dina

    The bio kids look so much alike! So Cute =)

  • Orchid

    XIII @ 07/25/2011 at 8:18 pm +1

    Lil Ms. Viv is out with her pink purse! Wonder if it contains lipgloss and toys?
    Maybe a few cookies and pretzels too.

  • Orchid

    I just noticed, Knox has a dimple in his chin! He’ll be better looking than his father.

  • Dina

    Gorgeous family! I think it’d be nice if they adopted another kid who looks like Zahara =)

  • Appletini

    Re Zee’s hair- no one complains about Heidi Klum and her three youngest kids’ hair. Or even Jada Smith with Willow. But I guess only Angelina is worth a comment, huh?

  • lina


    Halle berry’s kid hair is always frizzy all over but because the kid is light skinned and has “good hair” black women fawn over her. As long as you’re mixed and have “good hair” black women don’t care how the hair looks. Same for heidi klum’s daughter.

  • XIII

    Is just me or Zee is strutting like dad brad with that biker boots?

  • Orchid

    143 svetlana @ 07/25/2011 at 2:04 pm -30
    If “different” means ugly, then anyone with a different opinion doesn’t belong here and, I agree, should be sent directly to the Gulag.

  • ceemee

    @A: African Americans have rough hair? Where did u get that from lol. Our hair varies in textures just like the next persons. Jealous of what? Everybody Black doesn’t perm their hair, many of us don’t need to. You must not be around many Black people and BTW people know they wouldn’t let their kids go out like that so that’s bull.

  • sop

    @XIII: It probably does she is just miss little lady. lol I love her cloths. I like little girl cloths her dress with out the top thing and the leggings are so cute.

  • ceemee

    @Appletini: Oh please, Jada’s kids wear different styles. Halle’s just rocks a pony and Heidi probably doesn’t know how to comb their hair. I’m just saying Angelina doesn’t go out with her hair all over her head There’s not a pic around of Zahara’s hair done. She is a BEAUTIFUL little girl so take the time to comb her hair or get someone who knows how!

  • sop

    @ceemee: You just need to quit it. Zee has a beautiful hair and that is that and her style is cute on her, her curls has definetion her hair is not dry . You more likley are jealous may because you can’t do like her.

  • a zimbo

    im southern african and our hair is coarse and thick and full and kinky and lovely! i love her ponytail hairdo so i dont understand what ceemee is talking abt when she says blk pple dont let their kids go out with hair like that. im black and im african and my daughter happily goes out like taht sometimes we put ribbons and an alice band when we are feeling fancy!!gtfoh and leave the poor woman alone

  • Orchid

    241 ceemee @ 07/25/2011 at 9:01 pm 0
    Good grief, ceemee! It’s not your daughter, so it’s not your business. Concentrate on you own daughter’s hair, and if you don’t have one yet, wait till you do have one.

  • A

    @ceemee: You’re the one who said all black people have the same hair texture.
    And if African Americans do not have rough hair then why do they relax their hair as much as they do? And why do they relax their daughters hair and put weave in it? I’m sorry but the evidence is there and Ethiopians and other Horn of Africans obviously do not feel the need to put relaxers in their hair because it’s already soft.
    I have also seen Madonna’s daughters hair which is very different from Zahara’s hair, by different i mean kinkier and rougher, this is NOT to say her hair is ugly, not at all, just stating that they have very different hair textures as an example since you said all black people have the same type of hair….hair, like facial features and skin color varies even among black people.

  • I agree

    Zee looks neglected

  • bdj

    I think the troll is neglected in her basement.

  • dianad1968



    Are you tryng to get your lies for this week’s tabloids? LOL. You and your ilk keep bashing Angie and her kids, and they just go on living their fabulous lives. Isn’t life a b*tch, and yours suck….BIG TIME. LOL

  • Paris

    Who want to stay still for hours of painfull braid anyway. I think Ze is gorgeous braid or no braid.

  • busted

    Could we please stop letting ceemee dominate the conversation.. it is just an invitation to the trolls that are looking for the tabloid story for this week.

    why keep it going. LET it go before it becomes more than what it is. I should not have commented because I knew this would be round 3 or 4 or whatever regarding Hair gate.

    This is just another slam at Angie. they need to find something and ceemee has opened the door.

    Lets close it..

    Just curious.. .How long is Brad suppose to film in London.. does anyone know??

  • Appletini

    Wow, ceemee, why are you so obsessed with how one little girls hair looks? Are you mad at your mom because she never “let you go out of the house looking like that” and now you’re taking it out on Angelina & other posters?

    If you bothered to really look at the pictures, you’d see that her hair is pulled back into a ponytail at the back of her head, it’s not all over the place. You need to find a new hobby, preferably one that doesn’t include seeing pictures of little girls in hairstyles you don’t agree with, your life will be much happier. Peace out.

  • Really

    All of Angie’s children’s hair is a mess.

  • anonymous

    Knox and Shiloh seem to look like Angie, but Vivian have looks more like Brad Pitt.