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Bar Refaeli: Having A Blast in Sardinia!

Bar Refaeli: Having A Blast in Sardinia!

Bar Refaeli enjoys another sunny day aboard a boat with rumored beau David Fisher on Monday (July 25) in Porto Cervo, Italy.

The 26-year-old Israeli model, wearing a different bikini from the day before, snapped photos with some pals and also took a walk along the coast.

“With @ValemiCChetti in Sardinia!! having a blast-in case u r wondering ;) love you Val! Follow her!” Bar tweeted about her friend.

The night before, Bar also shared with her Twitter followers what she was planning to eat for dinner: “Gonna down a massive steak- just thought u should know,” she wrote.

10+ pictures inside of Bar Refaeli and David Fisher in Porto Cervo…

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bar refaeli bikini boat 01
bar refaeli bikini boat 02
bar refaeli bikini boat 03
bar refaeli bikini boat 04
bar refaeli bikini boat 05
bar refaeli bikini boat 06
bar refaeli bikini boat 07
bar refaeli bikini boat 08
bar refaeli bikini boat 09
bar refaeli bikini boat 10

Photos: INFdaily
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  • likeduh

    of course she’s having a blast, all play no work. :)

  • Mama

    stubs again? really?

  • LLCL

    this guy is much more affectionate with her. She looks really happy. Good for her.

  • jessa

    I don’t understand the not working comments intended as insults as if u all wouldn’t take the same opportunity yourselves if u could.

  • Sly

    Hey dude (Jared) I love you! Can’t get enough of Miss Refaeli’s pictures in a bikini. Her new boyfriend is one fortunate male.

    And please, do not hesitate to share more photos.

  • riri

    To the American readers:
    How do you pronounce “beau”?
    As for Bar, how can she sleep with one man and then within 2 seconds after they break up- have no problem sleeping with a different man.

  • Regan

    @riri: ‘Bo’.

  • Fiona

    @riri: The same way Leo can do it with another woman just as fast :)
    Please please, it is 2011. Let’s not get into sexism here.

  • boston61

    Enjoy the endless vacation Barr. You will be shriveled up like a prune in a few short years.

  • allplaynowork

    “Gonna down a massive steak- just thought u should know,”

    why we should know?!!!! chubby idiot!

  • popeye

    I really love her tummy but hate her arms and legs, lol too stubby.


    And how about her ex boyfriend, who was dating Bar and at the same time was sleeping with a queen of Plastic Surgeries (nose, boobs) for at least 6 months? What’s your answer?

  • Mia

    I still can’t believe that she is a model. I’m not telling she is not pretty or anything like this. She just doesn’t fit the standards of the model.

  • Kerr

    no work no play thought process, is evident in her “isn’t it better to live in new york” comment.

  • Sagface

    @Mia: she’s not a model! she is a socialite drifter.

  • Bar Fan

    What a nice change! When she was dating DiCaprio, she used to have her head covered, bent, hidden and refused to smile in public. As if she was a criminal feeling the need to be ashamed.

    Now, I guess DiCaprio is ordering the same behavior to his 23 year-old naive C-lister actress/girlfriend.

    Bar must be sooooo relieved and happy! Nice to see her with David.

  • riri

    1. Just because a guy can be a male- wh-re doesn’t mean I understand how she has no problem moving from one guy to another.

    2. Leo broke up with her, not the other way around, so it’s obvious he wanted out/ wantes another woman.
    So it makes more sense he moved on quickly.
    Plus, he was never exclusive with her.

    Still don’t understand how can she move from one to another so fast without being disgusted.
    She must be a pro.

  • hasbeen

    @Bar Fan: you’re calling Blake a C lister and your username is Bar fan? lol contradictory much?

  • To RIRI

    No you’re right…. he was never exclusive to her as he is not exclusive with the ugly new one. Did you see him at 2am in NY with Anna Maria or dancing and flirting and kissing Italian girls at his friend’s wedding in Italy. So he is a wh*re himself and he likes it that way. As long as he has a naive chick following him everywhere, he’s happy.

    I guess he did Bar a favor by cheating on her with the retouched long face: She is now free and HAPPY!!!!

  • SashaT

    Thanks JJared……. you made my day. What is this David doing to make her look great, smiling and so sexy? She seems to be one radiant lady.

  • commonsense

    @riri: @riri: Please, Leo didn’t even take the time to wash the sheets on his before his was nailing Blake!

  • Cammie

    I bet it feels good to smile and not have your Boyfriend get upset,she seems to be enjoying her new rich boyfriend…

    Now we will probably see more pics of Blake and Leo in a few days.

  • Cammie


    How do you know Leo broke up with her..were you there, Look like She broke up with Leo, because he pulled that obvious…PR stunt in Cannes of all places with Fake Blake..I think the make Bar jealous..

  • lala

    Just now I realized how much Bar and Leo have the same taste in mates: They both like blonds with blue eyes (many people’s tats, me included).

    But Bar replaced the somewhat-chubby blue eyed-blond in a healthy and ripped blue eyed-blond.

  • Joan


    Yeah Blake is C-listed…C stand for Casting Couch..

    If Bar is a C-list model,the Blake is a C-List model, no Oscar noms like Carey or Jennifer,…NO lead roles like Carey Or Jennifer..

    She may be able to kiss Anna Wintour butt and kiss Chanel butt but those directors don’t want her…

    She tried to get with alot different actors for PR and work..

    LeoHo is just desperate right now, but don’t think Fake Lively will gone on to be his wife..She will get dumped like with Ryan Gosling.

    Aleast Bar never pretend to be an actress, who lies about nudes, with fake tits.

  • Joan


    She seems to like men in their 30′s cause David is 35

  • lala

    @Joan: Age is too insignificant.
    It’s more about the periods in life, And both of them are in their adulthood.

  • Yummi

    WATY TO GO, BAR!!!!

    Thanks JARED!

  • @riri

    2 seconds later? How do you know when they started dating? If it took Bar 2 seconds to start sleeping with a new guy what can you say about her ex and his ridiculous showmance? 0 second?

  • @allplaynowork

    WE shouldn`t know since the tweet wasn`t for us, idiot!

  • Kelly

    I just saw a pic of Blake of with her head down in a car like a criminal @ this link..

    and now Bar smiling..seriously who is winning..

    All the lovey Dovely PR Blake wanted she isn’t getting…

  • torrance

    @Mia: there’s different types of models – print, runway etc. the runway models are the anorexics & bulimics with ‘unique’ faces. SI models are more athletic, curvier. you have to have boobs to be in SI. and then print models can be a little shorter. get a clue.

  • when bear grylls says ‘slippy’

    @Kelly: ‘like a criminal’ hahahaha :)

  • keeley

    she hit 26 so it was time for Bar to go.
    So Blake is good for an off-and-on with him for about 3 years before she’s retired. Live it up, Blakey.

  • Comment of the day

    No, Keeley, their expiration date is age 25. Lively is turning 24 this summer so she has a year top to soak it up. I doubt it`s gonna last that long. It`s the condensed version of Leo&Bar. She is already trained to hide, looks miserable. Leo started to wore her down already.
    Your comment on the other thread rocks! We know that Leo is serious about a girl when she is over 26 and a brunette! You nailed it!

  • jessa

    @Comment of the day: i agree. i think u see how much respect he has for kate winslet and it just doesnt seem like he has that level of respect for the women he dates.

  • @Barflies

    NO One cares about this Bit+ch seriously Barflies get a life she is a loser!!!posing to show how “happy” she is since Leo dumped her Dumb A$$ lol!!! david will dump her too since has no brain …..

  • @37

    But Leo is so awesome of course. After he `dumped her` he wh*red himself out in Europe for his latest sk*nk and her crappy movie. By now he trained her to hide from the paparazzi. They looked like two fools at the back of their car while leaving that concert last night. I bet Fake Blake is so smart. If she was she wouldn`t date Leo. This David guy is affectionate to Bar and they seem to have fun.
    It`s one thing you don`t like her but bringing Leo into this as the cool guy who finally dumped her is just laughable.

  • @Barflies


  • meh

    @torrance: yes runway and SI but the ones who should only ever be called Supermodels are the ones who can do both. ie; the beautiful Victorias Secret mdoels or 90s Supermodels who everyone male,female and fashion people love. Bar is just a catalog model get it?

  • @Barflies

    TRUTH HURTS>>>>lololoLol!!!

  • @@Barflies

    The truth according to you. Whatever makes you happy! LOL!

  • Abiramis

    I LOOOOOVE to see Bar so relaxed, happy, healthy and with a real man. At last!

    Her figure is to die for and her smile is simply contagious. Sooo good to know she got rid of that cheater. David acts like a prince and seems to protect and take care of her.


  • @38

    Oh please with the Barfs the victim BS… she is a bonified goldigging winch….now she can leech on to David to get her pics taken funny hows shes not hiding from the paps now…..Barf is a joke shes still a no body…Leo aint a saint but hes not a bit$chy annoying spoiled little ignorant Bi$tch like Barf!! she has to post her every move on twitter to keep her relevant…….are u Zipi her overbaring fat mother…pimping her to the highest bidder??Barf looks like he$ll aging beyond her years…with that ironing board body…hahaa model my A$$ Miranda Kerr just had a baby and loks twice as good as Barf….she claims to be healthy ok?SMOKING yeah thats good for u what an idiot…soBarflies defend her all u want….u would think she would be smart enough to open her own boutique or perfume or bikini line since she always prancing in her bra and pantys….SI doest want her back…she gonna be modeling FOX clothing till shes 50?? …lol

  • amy

    @meh: getting worked up over the definition of a ‘super’model as opposed to a ‘regular’ model has to be on a list of dumbest things ever. settle down.

  • @amy

    and your point is ??? Its a public blog ….posting commentsis is what this site is about dont like them then dont read FOOL!

  • ben

    @torrance: ‘she’s perky, she’s fun, and now she’s number 1, to-to-to-torrance..’

  • amy

    @@amy: my point is, settle down. breathe deeply, read it again, and relax. try it.

  • @ben

    FUN? U obviously have not seen one of her interviews torture!!! number 1? ok what ever u say dude!

  • mason

    @meh: take your crazy down a few notches.