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Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio: Stevie Wonder Performance!

Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio: Stevie Wonder Performance!

Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio check out a Stevie Wonder performance at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday (July 24) in Hollywood.

The 23-year-old Gossip Girl actress and her rumored beau left in a friend’s car and kept their heads buried in their laps as they sat in the back seat.

Earlier in the week, Blake was on the east coast shooting scenes for Gossip Girl.

Blake and Leo were also recently spotted sunglasses shopping at a mall in L.A.

FYI: Blake is wearing Cocobelle Safari Ankle Strap sandals.

15+ pictures inside of Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio heading to a Stevie Wonder performance…

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blake lively leonardo dicaprio hollywood bowl 02
blake lively leonardo dicaprio hollywood bowl 03
blake lively leonardo dicaprio hollywood bowl 04
blake lively leonardo dicaprio hollywood bowl 05
blake lively leonardo dicaprio hollywood bowl 06
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  • Domino

    Since when is this b*** paparazzi unfriendly. Trying to copy Leo? Famewh*hore.

  • Domino

    Since when is this b*** paparazzi unfriendly. Trying to copy Leo? Famewh*re.

  • tami

    Leo is so handsome. No comment on Blake. I am guessing this post is going to garner a lot of posts! lol

  • Kà simply amazing!

    Leo is handsome

  • linz

    Blake looks annoyed. Maybe its the fact that Leo is not giving her enough attention. Gawd when is this showmance going to end?!

  • ariana

    I seriously doubt Blake lively knows a single Stevie wonder song.
    And why is she dressed like a hobo..

  • kristina@beancakes ❤

    Blake looks cute and stylish as ever! They make a cute couple!

  • Elle

    Yes!!!! Theyre still together.!!! Hahahaha on the haters!! Lol

  • bs

    their a cute couple…

  • rose

    Finally some pics of Leo and he looks great.

  • yuck

    Huh, his ex sizzles in a bikini and he is out with his horse faced new girlfriend who looks like a homeless vagabond. Style icon? Give me a break! Another photo op. Leo is embarrassing himself with her! What a joke he has become!

  • nina

    LEO IS HAWWWWWWT……amd ridiculously tanned and muscled lately, mmmmmmm

  • Ella

    she called the paps again but this time she doesn’t want it to look obvious

  • sweetness

    Why would Leo who can get any woman he wants choose to hang out with Blake or spend any time with her if her weren’t into her? He’s famous, he’s rich, he’s a mega star….he has a choice in who he decides to date!

  • iheartchristiancpbale

    not sure how this is gonna work out. Leo is older, fickle, and a huge film star. very different from p-badge. she fits his m.o. tho – tall and blonde.

  • Cant fit?

    I wonder why Leo isnt beside his lady love. Why so far away?!?!? Break up this year!! And Bar is winning!!

  • Hats?

    Whats up with all these ridiculous hats all the time. Style icon she is not!!

  • Keeley

    @iheartchristiancpbale: Tall, blonde and younger. We’ll know he’s serious about the girl when she’s over 26 and brunette.

  • http://ja slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    leonardo best and cute

  • lizzie

    leo is one of the most popular guys in hollywood people always talk about how much they like him and how hes a cool down to earth guy, blake i know nothing about really…she seems….nice

  • mike

    Bar definitely winning.

  • utube my god his laugh is HILARIOUS here….just thought id share

  • crazy8

    why is she considered a fashion icon? can anyone else see what she is wearing? she’s mixing too many trends together. anyway i’m sick of this girl… green lantern was a flop so she really doesn’t deserve the fame she’s getting.

  • BLEO

    They are sooo cute! Blake is deff better then that fatty mc fat barfie!!!

  • http://mikehla mike

    Leo is so fortunate to be with a girl like Blake !!!

  • Domino

    @mike: LMFAO

  • Lioness

    I’m not a fan of either but Bar is not winning. she is currently unemployed for um…all of 2011,lost her famous beau and has gained more than 20 lbs. Leo is winning it all, like always. The career,fame,money,power,women,etc…

  • ARI GOLD!!!!!!!!!

    apparently vinny chase in entourages character is based on leo and the guy who plays vinny even said he hung around leo for awhle to get into chatacter….interesting!

  • BLEO

    But of course I get paid to leave comments like this. I also think Leo is an idiot for getting involved with the PR Princess but I don`t get paid to say that… So I have to push the `how cute they are together` and `Leo is so into her` stuff. Meanwhile I just wanna throw up from my own comments!

  • Nora

    @yuck: OH really GIVE ME A BREAK. making himself embarrassing ? come on.. he’s not doing anything to be ashamed of, it’s his personal life and he can date even a whore, so… they seem weird together,yes, but what can we do with our comments,, if they have fun than let them be together,, young people,,, though he reminds me of G. Clooney … it seems to me that he’s never going to settle down and have a family.. HIS CHOICE anyway

  • Mason

    @Lioness: If that’s how Bar looks 20 pounds heavier with no job hanging out in Italy someone needs to bottle that up and sell it.

  • heartleo

    haha nice vid, i love leos goofy side shame WE dont get to see that ofen… this quote from daddy dicaprio…..George says his greatest gift to his son, aside from the “DiCaprio power brows,” was the gift of fearlessness. “Leo is on a quest to find out how many things he can do in life and not do them straight,” he says, bemused. “He would walk to the guillotine and act goofy. We think he’s actually an alien, wired a different way than us. There’s something going on in him that we don’t understand.”

  • Kate


    She’s his rebound.

  • yuck

    @Nora: I have my opinion and I`ll post it. Yes, I think Leo is embarrassing himself with her. This is nothing but a joke and it is embarrassing for him! It is his choice and I obviously can`t do anything about it but I still have an opinion. Deal with it!

  • Bar is winning

    @Mason: Bar is definitely winning here!! At least she doest play hide the boyfriend like how Leo plays hide the girlfriend.

  • shhhhh

    unless anyone here knows leo or blake please stfu its not your place to say anything about their relationship especialy if u have no clue whats going on. sorry but its true.

  • @Kate

    just like Bar was for how many years? 5 or 6? I never liked Bar but she is still a bit better than Flakey. I agree she is winning this one. I never thought I was gonna say this. Bar likes the paps? Now she can have her fun she doesn`t need to hide it and behave the way she was told to. Let`s see how far she`ll get with her new boyfriend. But she seems happier and more relaxed now than she was with Leo. Just like Gisele back then and Flake? Already worn out and uglier than ever. Leo must be such a blast in his girlfriends` life…

  • laura

    leonardo dicaprio….my god u are one fine speciman of a man!!!

  • justine

    @shhhhh:nee didn’t have to know george clooney personally to know he’d eventually dump canalis. get a clue.

  • Nora

    @yuck: well, WE ALL HAVE OUR point of views and i’m not saying that u should not say what you’re thinking, i just don’t why it is embarrassing. i think what you are saying is not adequate

  • more pics

    i love his hair….is so like….fluffy or something at the back, most be geat rubing ur hands through it….a girl can only dream!: D

  • greenlee

    @Nora: What are u not getting? Let’s say.. Charlize Theron dates Chord Overstreet. Or even Chace Crawford. He is beautiful, but that would be a downgrade for Charlize and therefore embarrassing.

  • Lela


    You need your head check, if Bar is fat .then I guess J.Lo, Rihanna, Beyonce and a bunch of women are Fat..then.. cause she is smaller then them..

    Also put Bar and Blake in a bikini, I know Bar would look better, that skinny fake tit look isn’t cute.

    Yep … he is dating a plastic, brown nosing, liar who slept her way to the top…He FAILED..

    And Bar didn’t release nude pics of herself then lie about it..

    Bar looks happy at aleast she doesn’t have to duck and hide anymore for the camears..

    Fake Lively will be gone this time next yr.. then what

  • triva

    can anyone answer me this….did leo help write the script for bad santa?? i read somewhere that he did….plus that movie is HILARIOUS and full of black comedy which is apparently what leo likes but ihave no idea….fyi that guy is alex mace the one who dis orphan with leo and his wife emiy is really good ffriends with bar, slighty awkward u would thnk….

  • Tina


    She is a liar and plastic girl.. who has to suck her way to the top…Lucky Guy! Maybe she will do his friends, so he can take her to Disney again

  • BAM

    blake lively should be dead not amy winehouse, GO DIE BLAKE!!!

  • Tina


    Is that he is probably dating that Polish model on the side…

  • Becksy

    Isn`t it ironic that Bar and her non-celeb boyfriend have the upper hand in this? Look at Leo and his latest downgrade. Like they were put at the same place for PR reasons. Wait? Were they or weren`t they? Nobody can write anything about Bar`s work, only about her tweets and her bikini photos but she is still winning this. Her new boyfriend is cute, they look cute together even though I was never a fan of hers. Look at Leo. Aging actor going after younger and dumber ones every single time. They look miserable already, Blake is a mess and bad news for Leo. It`s sad to see Leo like this. I thought more of him but I was wrong!

  • huh..

    interesting how when bar was dating leo people HAAAAATED her, now that shes not on here are actualy DEFENDING her and hating on blake now that shes with leo….interesting.

  • Orly


    Bar is dating a guy richer then Leo , really she doesn’ need to work and if she did gain 20 lbs,that is good, because she fits and healthy, and thinner the average woman…If Bar is fat, then I guess most women celebs are Fat, except Leanne Rimes…Do you want her to look like Leanne Rimes…

    She is WINNING…