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Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio: Stevie Wonder Performance!

Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio: Stevie Wonder Performance!

Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio check out a Stevie Wonder performance at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday (July 24) in Hollywood.

The 23-year-old Gossip Girl actress and her rumored beau left in a friend’s car and kept their heads buried in their laps as they sat in the back seat.

Earlier in the week, Blake was on the east coast shooting scenes for Gossip Girl.

Blake and Leo were also recently spotted sunglasses shopping at a mall in L.A.

FYI: Blake is wearing Cocobelle Safari Ankle Strap sandals.

15+ pictures inside of Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio heading to a Stevie Wonder performance…

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278 Responses to “Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio: Stevie Wonder Performance!”

  1. 1
    Domino Says:

    Since when is this b*** paparazzi unfriendly. Trying to copy Leo? Famewh*hore.

  2. 2
    Domino Says:

    Since when is this b*** paparazzi unfriendly. Trying to copy Leo? Famewh*re.

  3. 3
    tami Says:

    Leo is so handsome. No comment on Blake. I am guessing this post is going to garner a lot of posts! lol

  4. 4
    Kà simply amazing! Says:

    Leo is handsome

  5. 5
    linz Says:

    Blake looks annoyed. Maybe its the fact that Leo is not giving her enough attention. Gawd when is this showmance going to end?!

  6. 6
    ariana Says:

    I seriously doubt Blake lively knows a single Stevie wonder song.
    And why is she dressed like a hobo..

  7. 7
    kristina@beancakes ❤ Says:

    Blake looks cute and stylish as ever! They make a cute couple!

  8. 8
    Elle Says:

    Yes!!!! Theyre still together.!!! Hahahaha on the haters!! Lol

  9. 9
    bs Says:

    their a cute couple…

  10. 10
    rose Says:

    Finally some pics of Leo and he looks great.

  11. 11
    yuck Says:

    Huh, his ex sizzles in a bikini and he is out with his horse faced new girlfriend who looks like a homeless vagabond. Style icon? Give me a break! Another photo op. Leo is embarrassing himself with her! What a joke he has become!

  12. 12
    nina Says:

    LEO IS HAWWWWWWT……amd ridiculously tanned and muscled lately, mmmmmmm

  13. 13
    Ella Says:

    she called the paps again but this time she doesn’t want it to look obvious

  14. 14
    sweetness Says:

    Why would Leo who can get any woman he wants choose to hang out with Blake or spend any time with her if her weren’t into her? He’s famous, he’s rich, he’s a mega star….he has a choice in who he decides to date!

  15. 15
    iheartchristiancpbale Says:

    not sure how this is gonna work out. Leo is older, fickle, and a huge film star. very different from p-badge. she fits his m.o. tho – tall and blonde.

  16. 16
    Cant fit? Says:

    I wonder why Leo isnt beside his lady love. Why so far away?!?!? Break up this year!! And Bar is winning!!

  17. 17
    Hats? Says:

    Whats up with all these ridiculous hats all the time. Style icon she is not!!

  18. 18
    Keeley Says:

    @iheartchristiancpbale: Tall, blonde and younger. We’ll know he’s serious about the girl when she’s over 26 and brunette.

  19. 19
    slig o lambert^_______^ cute Says:

    leonardo best and cute

  20. 20
    lizzie Says:

    leo is one of the most popular guys in hollywood people always talk about how much they like him and how hes a cool down to earth guy, blake i know nothing about really…she seems….nice

  21. 21
    mike Says:

    Bar definitely winning.

  22. 22
    utube Says: my god his laugh is HILARIOUS here….just thought id share

  23. 23
    crazy8 Says:

    why is she considered a fashion icon? can anyone else see what she is wearing? she’s mixing too many trends together. anyway i’m sick of this girl… green lantern was a flop so she really doesn’t deserve the fame she’s getting.

  24. 24
    BLEO Says:

    They are sooo cute! Blake is deff better then that fatty mc fat barfie!!!

  25. 25
    mike Says:

    Leo is so fortunate to be with a girl like Blake !!!

  26. 26
    Domino Says:

    @mike: LMFAO

  27. 27
    Lioness Says:

    I’m not a fan of either but Bar is not winning. she is currently unemployed for um…all of 2011,lost her famous beau and has gained more than 20 lbs. Leo is winning it all, like always. The career,fame,money,power,women,etc…

  28. 28
    ARI GOLD!!!!!!!!! Says:

    apparently vinny chase in entourages character is based on leo and the guy who plays vinny even said he hung around leo for awhle to get into chatacter….interesting!

  29. 29
    BLEO Says:

    But of course I get paid to leave comments like this. I also think Leo is an idiot for getting involved with the PR Princess but I don`t get paid to say that… So I have to push the `how cute they are together` and `Leo is so into her` stuff. Meanwhile I just wanna throw up from my own comments!

  30. 30
    Nora Says:

    @yuck: OH really GIVE ME A BREAK. making himself embarrassing ? come on.. he’s not doing anything to be ashamed of, it’s his personal life and he can date even a *****, so… they seem weird together,yes, but what can we do with our comments,, if they have fun than let them be together,, young people,,, though he reminds me of G. Clooney … it seems to me that he’s never going to settle down and have a family.. HIS CHOICE anyway

  31. 31
    Mason Says:

    @Lioness: If that’s how Bar looks 20 pounds heavier with no job hanging out in Italy someone needs to bottle that up and sell it.

  32. 32
    heartleo Says:

    haha nice vid, i love leos goofy side shame WE dont get to see that ofen… this quote from daddy dicaprio…..George says his greatest gift to his son, aside from the “DiCaprio power brows,” was the gift of fearlessness. “Leo is on a quest to find out how many things he can do in life and not do them straight,” he says, bemused. “He would walk to the guillotine and act goofy. We think he’s actually an alien, wired a different way than us. There’s something going on in him that we don’t understand.”

  33. 33
    Kate Says:


    She’s his rebound.

  34. 34
    yuck Says:

    @Nora: I have my opinion and I`ll post it. Yes, I think Leo is embarrassing himself with her. This is nothing but a joke and it is embarrassing for him! It is his choice and I obviously can`t do anything about it but I still have an opinion. Deal with it!

  35. 35
    Bar is winning Says:

    @Mason: Bar is definitely winning here!! At least she doest play hide the boyfriend like how Leo plays hide the girlfriend.

  36. 36
    shhhhh Says:

    unless anyone here knows leo or blake please stfu its not your place to say anything about their relationship especialy if u have no clue whats going on. sorry but its true.

  37. 37
    @Kate Says:

    just like Bar was for how many years? 5 or 6? I never liked Bar but she is still a bit better than Flakey. I agree she is winning this one. I never thought I was gonna say this. Bar likes the paps? Now she can have her fun she doesn`t need to hide it and behave the way she was told to. Let`s see how far she`ll get with her new boyfriend. But she seems happier and more relaxed now than she was with Leo. Just like Gisele back then and Flake? Already worn out and uglier than ever. Leo must be such a blast in his girlfriends` life…

  38. 38
    laura Says:

    leonardo dicaprio….my god u are one fine speciman of a man!!!

  39. 39
    justine Says:

    @shhhhh:nee didn’t have to know george clooney personally to know he’d eventually dump canalis. get a clue.

  40. 40
    Nora Says:

    @yuck: well, WE ALL HAVE OUR point of views and i’m not saying that u should not say what you’re thinking, i just don’t why it is embarrassing. i think what you are saying is not adequate

  41. 41
    more pics Says:

    i love his hair….is so like….fluffy or something at the back, most be geat rubing ur hands through it….a girl can only dream!: D

  42. 42
    greenlee Says:

    @Nora: What are u not getting? Let’s say.. Charlize Theron dates Chord Overstreet. Or even Chace Crawford. He is beautiful, but that would be a downgrade for Charlize and therefore embarrassing.

  43. 43
    Lela Says:


    You need your head check, if Bar is fat .then I guess J.Lo, Rihanna, Beyonce and a bunch of women are Fat..then.. cause she is smaller then them..

    Also put Bar and Blake in a bikini, I know Bar would look better, that skinny fake *** look isn’t cute.

    Yep … he is dating a plastic, brown nosing, liar who slept her way to the top…He FAILED..

    And Bar didn’t release nude pics of herself then lie about it..

    Bar looks happy at aleast she doesn’t have to duck and hide anymore for the camears..

    Fake Lively will be gone this time next yr.. then what

  44. 44
    triva Says:

    can anyone answer me this….did leo help write the script for bad santa?? i read somewhere that he did….plus that movie is HILARIOUS and full of black comedy which is apparently what leo likes but ihave no idea….fyi that guy is alex mace the one who dis orphan with leo and his wife emiy is really good ffriends with bar, slighty awkward u would thnk….

  45. 45
    Tina Says:


    She is a liar and plastic girl.. who has to suck her way to the top…Lucky Guy! Maybe she will do his friends, so he can take her to Disney again

  46. 46
    BAM Says:

    blake lively should be dead not amy winehouse, GO DIE BLAKE!!!

  47. 47
    Tina Says:


    Is that he is probably dating that Polish model on the side…

  48. 48
    Becksy Says:

    Isn`t it ironic that Bar and her non-celeb boyfriend have the upper hand in this? Look at Leo and his latest downgrade. Like they were put at the same place for PR reasons. Wait? Were they or weren`t they? Nobody can write anything about Bar`s work, only about her tweets and her bikini photos but she is still winning this. Her new boyfriend is cute, they look cute together even though I was never a fan of hers. Look at Leo. Aging actor going after younger and dumber ones every single time. They look miserable already, Blake is a mess and bad news for Leo. It`s sad to see Leo like this. I thought more of him but I was wrong!

  49. 49
    huh.. Says:

    interesting how when bar was dating leo people HAAAAATED her, now that shes not on here are actualy DEFENDING her and hating on blake now that shes with leo….interesting.

  50. 50
    Orly Says:


    Bar is dating a guy richer then Leo , really she doesn’ need to work and if she did gain 20 lbs,that is good, because she fits and healthy, and thinner the average woman…If Bar is fat, then I guess most women celebs are Fat, except Leanne Rimes…Do you want her to look like Leanne Rimes…

    She is WINNING…

  51. 51
    yes Says:

    i agree blake doesnt deserve to be living….GO DIIIIE!!!!!!!!

  52. 52
    Orly Says:


    After the breakup rumors, and Bar with her new Guy…everybody KNEW their would be new photos of them…HATERS are winning, they can predict what this obvious PR couple is going to do…

  53. 53
    bear Says:

    ‘alright Blakey, here arethe rules if u wanna date me. No holding hands. You must stand or walk at least 5 feet away from me. When the cameras are out, duck and hold ur hand in front of ur face like this (demonstrates). And no PDA. Ever. I’m serious about that one, got it? Alright, we’re good’.

  54. 54
    Lioness Says:

    @Mason: thats all that chick does it twitter,vacation,pose for some random no name brand,twitter,vacation..etc..she is not a real model. that is all I was saying. She was no better than Blake.

  55. 55
    Mason Says:

    @Lioness: I get it. But making a specific crack that she’s 20 pounds heavier just doesn’t hold up, that’s why ur getting alot of responses about that bec even if it were remotely true, her body is still bangin so it wouldn’t matter.

  56. 56
    fml Says:

    they apparently spent all last week together in some romantic getaway, then leo went to vegas for the weekend and now their back here….boy has a good life!

  57. 57
    Cammie Says:

    How long is Blake and her PR team going to deal with his rules of dating.. She wanted Leo so badly, worked for mths to get with him, now that she is with him, she can’t handle it. He calls her up when he wants to prove to the press that he isn’t single, like at Cannes, then breakup rumors he calls her back again.

    Her career is based on PR, brown nosing, fakeness…I know she is upset that she can’t do that sugary smile for the cameras..or Leo might get mad.

    On to the next foreign Model Leo.

    Blake needs to give up trying to date a poplar A-List actor..

    It didn’t work with Ben Affleck or Ryan Gosling…

    Eventually it won’t work with Leo either…

  58. 58
    coco Says:

    atleast the sex is probably top notch….

  59. 59
    Cammie Says:


    That fact that she doesn’t have a plastic body and isn’t a liar about nude pics…So what if she wants to have a long vacation that’s her business. Leo is on a long vacation….

    And I think she will Model again, mad that she got it like that.

  60. 60
    hit Says:

    The truth is he always dates young d-listers because they have to accept his crappy ways, and start to act like idiots such as hiding under hats, madly running from papz, entering a mall pretending not to be noticed an then act like pissed off divas when people look at them, waiting at home while he is partying with his friends and random hoo.ers, and so on…
    No way a star like Charlize or a real woman with an actual job and life could accept his BS.
    This chick is not acting like this when she is alone. She is normally welcoming candids and photo opp, and she is usually all smiles. It’s the very first time she looks like this. Bar, on the contrary, immediately changed her ways when he dumped her.
    I find all this situation humiliating and degrading for these girls. He’s a great actor but a self-absorbed person. If his GFs are cheap and vapid emptyshells, I don’t think he’s any better.

  61. 61
    teal Says:

    Leonardo dicaprio is such a great name. It just flows and its so renaissance-sounding. His parents are geniuses.

  62. 62
    teal Says:

    Leonardo dicaprio is such a great name. It just flows and its so renaissance-sounding. His parents are geniuses.

  63. 63
    MaisyRL Says:

    i find it hilarious that we had no pics of them together since before the Green Lantern. Once the *breakup* rumors started last week, more pics. damage control anyone? Lively’s PR team decided it was time to get pics of them together. Leo is doing what he always does. Go out, party, hang w/ a girl…paps or no paps. I’m starting to think Lively may actually last until she’s in her mid-twenties like the others. She’s the type that would turn a blind eye to other women just to stay with him. In a few days I know I’ll see an article from a ‘source’ saying Leo is going to propose any day.

  64. 64
    SashaT Says:

    What exactly is she dressed as…? A CLOWN!

  65. 65
    Nicki Says:

    Bar must be so happy since she does not have to hide her face any longer dating him!

  66. 66
    Linda fan Says:

    She looks like a scacrow. What’s that?

  67. 67
    Linda fan Says:

    She looks like a scacrow. What’s that?

  68. 68
    zelda Says:

    Bar’s gonna get a crawl-back call not too far from now. But she needs to resist that and just-say-no!!

  69. 69
    Rubba Says:

    @Lela: J.Lo, Rihanna, Beyonce are singers. they can have all the curves they want (and yes many people call them fat all the time). Bar is not fat by any means but has an average woman’s weight. Not a model’s. Standing next to a model like Candice Swanepoel she would look short,stalky and beyond average. see the point?

  70. 70
    Cammie Says:

    Especially when He gets tired of Blake’s PR team calling US weekly with Exclusive info.

  71. 71
    Daisy Says:

    ugh Bleo is fake and ugh why do I sense so many Barflies laying maggots here? Go away! Bar is history!

  72. 72
    icecream Says:

    Lol, I think it may be part of the deal of dating Leo, in order to date him you MUST wear a hat at all times & cover your face from paps etc.

    I know some hate him for it but I honestly don’t mind, I suppose he kind of wants his cake & eat it too as he obviously doesn’t want to make it easy for paparazzi etc but still wants to go to certain shows, bars, clubs etc. At least he genuinely does not like the pap attention & has always acted this way & never said anything different about it. He’s upfront about his feelings there & fair play too, not sure when it became a fact that in order to be an actor, you automatically signed over any & all privacy you had.

  73. 73
    LLCL Says:

    @Daisy: Ladies love Leo so they hate any chick he’s with, but I guess they’re seeing Bar as the lesser of two evils right now. I personally think Bar is hotter -shrug-

  74. 74
    Cammie Says:


    I sense Fakey Fans here,..soon Fake will be history…

  75. 75
    Beurk Says:

    Hide, Blaky, hide…. that’s the game you have to play if you wanna be qualified as DiCaprio’s date. Are you ready?

    BTW, what’s that she’s wearing? She looks like an unmade bed.

  76. 76
    Becksy Says:

    @huh: No, I don`t think it`s about defending her. I never liked her because of several things and none of which was her dating Leo. Those haven`t changed. Bar hasn`t changed but clearly in this situation she looks better than Leo. You don`t have to be a Bar fan or defend her.

  77. 77
    @icecream Says:

    I like the hat part of the deal. At least we don`t have to see her ugly man face all the time. It`s enough when she is on the red carpet showing off everything the plastic surgeon gave her. Creepy enough then so at least we are not tortured with her face. Man, how can Leo look at that several times a day?
    Whole last week a romantic getaway? While she was in NYC working? The delusional bellafreaks are here working hard. LOL!

  78. 78
    RIP Bar 2006-2011 Says:

    Bar is fat girl for a model That is why she doesn’t get a runway job let alone high fashion cover magazine. Gisele (man face) is supermodel, Naomi (scary) is supermodel, Candice (pretty) is supermodel. Blake who is not a model has already grace Vogue cover twice, she is a top design favorite girl. You can hater all you want but if a girl who is not a professional model can get all the job that Bar could dream to get, at least she have done something right. LOL.
    Bar is supermodel of Fat people. I will definitely give her a medal for that but of course there is no medal award for being fat. LOL.

  79. 79
    Bar is winning Says:

    @RIP Bar 2006-2011: Bar is way prettier than Fake! You CANNOT be serious!!! lol And Bar is going to last longer than Fake!!! Break up this year!

  80. 80
    RIP Bar 2006-2011 Says:

    @Becksy: Yeah i know bar is wining right, what is her primary job? Giving rich people ******** to stay healthy. LOL. I wonder why her face look greasy and fugly! LOL

  81. 81
    rose Says:

    This is so stupid, whats with all the downgrade crap? Bar is winning crap!!
    You people are so dam childish!! GROW UP!! Leo is human just like Blake, if he likes Blake so be it. He isn’t bothering anybody, its HIS LIFE!! For heaven sakes NOT YOUR LIFE!!
    He is happy with Blake but he doesn’t like all the paparazzi swirling around him like bees. LET HIM BE!!!! Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh!!

  82. 82
    RIP Bar 2006-2011 Says:

    @Bar is winning:I don’t Leo is looking for mama boobies of bar. He has already have a 65 year mother, he doesn’t need another one. LOL
    Bar job is only giving bloww job to rich people. Don’t you think that is very degrading even for a women like you? No hate but that is fact. Gisele worth 170 +million dollar and bar worth____ if you include tips, it got to be somewhere in between her saggy boobies. LOL

  83. 83
    sos Says:

    @Orly: @bear: @MaisyRL: Exactly!!!One of the reasons I changed my name to sos same old sh*!I know some on here were thinking she might change him and all that when this first started.He seemed different bla…bla and then back to the same…I think he seems less affectionate with her than some of his other gfs.All that flirting with the model,the girls at the wedding,brunette at the burlesque show,and Vegas alone gets sweep under the rug,for this stuff.Some one said on the last thread that he was drunk at the wedding,as an excuse to his flirty behavior.He didn’t look drunk with that polish model.Which really makes me lol when the crap about how smitten he is comes out.I’m sure will be getting some more news about their great love affair this week with this new sighting.
    Don’t hate but i have a feeling that we’ll be getting the same when he starts filming in Australia.Probably from Us Weekly,he’s going to insist she visit and whisk her around down under spending a boat load of cash on her.

  84. 84
    Cammie Says:

    @RIP Bar 2006-2011:

    Mommies wish they had her boobies, she should get a boob job like Fake

  85. 85
    Delphic Says:

    And people call her stylish. Oh dear.

  86. 86
    Right On Says:


    A voice of sanity amid the freaks. Why is Leo’s ex part of this discussion? Let her live her life and him live his.

  87. 87
    Right On Says:

    Keep on posting haters. You’re making Jared money!

  88. 88
    Go Away Bar stalker Says:

    @RIP Bar 2006-2011:

    You go to every Bar post talking about sagging boobs, that she fat..whatever, she looks good and the majority of women like her body…Just because you don’t like her she has.. sagging boobs and is fat..go take your meds..

    Would you like her to a implants like Fake Lively and Fake looks 40 yrs in the face…

    When you see Leo back with Bar don’t hurt yourself..cause you are Crazy, she should hire security against you stalker.

  89. 89
    Go Away Bar stalker Says:

    @RIP Bar 2006-2011:

    Get security Bar this nut is obess

  90. 90
    Orly Says:


    Lainey claimed he was SOOO taken with her because of his Europe PDA performance, but NOPE, she has follow his rules. I expect her to bail soon

  91. 91
    Krytal Says:

    Leo is cute but i think he is a hustler.He always hangs out with ‘perfect gurlz’ but there isnt love.It’s OK when someone is teen but now?Sorry Leo but you’re a loser.Money cant buy happines only ***** & fakefriends. Or maybe he is GAY. It’s impossible that he date with only 1 prototype…#weird Sorry fans.

  92. 92
    RIP Bar 2006-2011 Says:

    @Cammie: You know saggy boobies look like when it gives birth, it will reach her stomach and get flat. Then, you will look like octomom. LOL I am sure Leo will entertain that. LOL

  93. 93
    Go Away Bar stalker Says:

    @Right On:

    You hate the truth don’t you…LOL!

  94. 94
    barrrrrbarrrrbarr Says:

    we love Bar yes we do Leo fans! Leo suck! Bar not! Bar great,rich,happy.Leo old poor fat loser!

  95. 95
    Go Away Blake stalker Says:

    and Bar stalker.

    Blake stalker, your death threats have been reported. If you think you’re not traceable sitting around in your jammies in mom’s basement, you’re in for a surprise.

  96. 96
    Krytal Says:

    And BTW Ok Leo is talented but without fans he never be who now is.So why so hard to keep contact with fans?-.- Sorry for my english.

  97. 97
    slimy Says:

    Leo fan love bar!

  98. 98
    RIP Bar 2006-2011 Says:

    @Go Away Bar stalker: You were ripping bar when he was with her cause Gisele (man face) was apparently were good for him. Now, leo date the same feature of gisele, all of a sudden saggy boobies is better to you. LOL. Why don’t you check yourself before you write yourself. lol Yes i like blake cause she gave me a great kiss, but mommy boobies decline me for a bloww job cause i didn’t have a credit card.

  99. 99
    ash Says:


    I don’t know why youre so happy bout that…
    BL will be the one who gets hurt.

  100. 100
    mrcina Says:

    He is ugly and she’ is a atalentless d-lister (oh, but she has implants working for her!).

  101. 101
    RIP Bar 2006-2011 Says:

    Look at her super model feet. She could kill someone if she step on it by accident. It looks like farm feet. No offense for farmers but they can user her well in the farm than she could be used for camera. I wonder why victoria secret decided not to give her run way. She could hurt the real models for a better or worse, she could leave a foot print on the runway. LOL.

  102. 102
    Wow Says:

    RIP Bar 2006-2011 has a crazy and unhealthy obsession with Bar. She is out of the picture, the break up is final but she/he keeps going on every thread bashing her. Obsessed much? Most Leo fans who couldn`t stand her are just happy that she is finally out of the picture and won`t bother about her anymore. But this person just can`t let it go and keeps on talking about her giving her attention. You should go and see a doctor because it`s not normal. If you hate her so much go to her threads and bash her there. Just be happy that Leo is done with her. Your screen name and your weird obsession are just creepy.

  103. 103
    RIP Bar 2006-2011 Says:

    @Wow: I love you more. LOL

  104. 104
    Fame Says:

    wow Blake/Leo posts seem to be one hot commodity! Hate them or love them its only going to make them more rich and powerful in the long run, lol. You know all those Forbe’s/Time magazine lists they are always on? they also count media impact,web relevancy,etc…and Blake and Leo both have all that. If you didn’t consume so much interest in Blake maybe she won’t be on another Time magazine list! People wake up you are making her more relevant just by clicking on a Blake post! no publicity is the only bad publicity. Show me a Blake post that only gets 2 clicks and 5 comments LOL. exactly.

  105. 105
    RIP Bar 2006-2011 Says:

    @Fame: Blake did not become in time magazine list because of Leo connection. She was on the list for fashion related and Ana Wiltor connection. Bar has been dating Leo for 5 years and still could not even get Vogue cover. LOL
    The saddest model ever. At least her plan B bloww job is working. lol

  106. 106
    its only Leo Says:

    @Fame: Oh please its only Leo, when Leo was with Bar his post always gets a lot of comments. It has always been ONLY Leo. Now hardly anyone post on Bar’s threads! Same will happen to Moley when Leo dumps her a**

  107. 107
    RIP Bar 2006-2011 Says:

    @its only Leo: You got that one right.

  108. 108
    Leo+Bar 2.0 Says:

    @its only Leo: Don`t hold your breath until then. This will going to be on for a while. Look how well trained she is already… Hiding and stuff. The last couple of seconds are just beyond pathetic and stupid. Including Leo. Grow the fcuk up already and if you don`t want to be photographed so much don`t date famewh*res!

  109. 109
    winner Says:

    Judging from the number of posts, Blake and Leo are “winning” by a mile. His ex is “winning” only in the Charlie Sheen sense.

  110. 110
    winner Says:


    It only serves to balance out your crazy obsession with Blake. You both are losers.

  111. 111
    Wow Says:

    @winner: Sure, whatever you say! LOL!
    If you stick to the numbers yeah, Leo and Fakster get more because people can`t stand them. Other than that Bar is winning. :)

  112. 112
    winner Says:


    It’s true, the haters only make her more famous. I have to see more of her work to decide on her talent, but I give her cred for doing more than running around in a bikini trying to get her picture taken.

  113. 113
    RIP Bar 2006-2011 Says:

    @winner: Wow. You hit the nail. LoL
    You have A-list Group vs Nobody would care if it wasn’t for ex.
    I feel bad for the new guy cause he is going to have Leo’s last name forever. LOL

  114. 114
    winner Says:


    If a tv series, movie roles, working with major fashion houses, et.. is “losing” sign me up. It’s a more interesting life than running around in a bikini trying to get the attention of the papz.

  115. 115
    Elena Says:

    It’s too bad Leo gets so much paparazzi attention when he clearly hates it, because any like minded woman wouldn’t get within ten feet of him, ergo it’s only desperate, attention seeking women that end up with him.

  116. 116
    RIP Bar 2006-2011 Says:

    @winner: Actually i feel bad for every guy who Leo ex girl friend. Event hough tom brady is famous, Gisele always known for long time as the former flame girl of Leonardo dicaprio. Now, Tom brady is pretty much known as a toy boy for Gisele. it is like the reverse of Leo life style. LoL. i Guess Gisele learn a lot how to man handle a person. Bar can’t do that. No rich guy, no money for her. LOL. It sad case scenario bar is leaning with in her life. If she get kicked by the curb, no more Yachting for her. Imao.

  117. 117
    winner Says:


    There are many like minded women who would want to be with him in spite of the attention. I see two people trying to avoid the papz here.

  118. 118
    Joan Says:


    All she or he does is talk about her supposed sagging boobs or how fat she is…Clearly delusional..and obess..Jared should ban this person, cause they are a annoying parrot.

  119. 119
    Wow Says:

    Sure, being considered a famewh*re casting couch actress with no talent and the face of of a horse is such an upgrade. TV show? You mean crappy Gossip Girl! Wow! Now I`m impressed! LOL! Keep trying to convince the world that Leo upgraded. Eventually you`ll find an idiot who will share your opinion. Oh, you already did!
    I never said Bar was the jackpot. But for sure Fake Lively is no better than her. Leo knows how to catch the last pick of the litter. He did it with Refaeli and again with Fakey.

  120. 120
    Yuck Says:

    Poor Dicaprio, when will he grow up and stop being ashamed of the girl he is dating. It must be quite humiliating for a chick to feel like she has to hide constantly. Pathetic.

    But I guess, is she wants her name linked to his, that’s the price to pay. Please someone, give Lively a favor and call a stylist to help her out. She looks like a character coming out of a cartoon.

  121. 121
    OK! DUMB Says:

    OK! What is up with Blake she is now hiding from the cameras she never did that before. When she was with her ex-boyfriend she never did that now all of a sudden. I’m telling you she is going to get sick of it. Blake needs the media for her career. Well she is a dumb blonde.

  122. 122
    Elena Says:

    @winner: Yeah, but bl has been very friendly towards paps before, so it seems like she is only changing her behavior cause Leo wants her to. And I’m not trying to dog Leo or anything, I’m just saying that he gets a ton of media attention, so any girl who is camera shy is going to think twice about dating him. Seriously, I can’t imagine how much it would suck to not even be able to walk down the street with your boyfriend without people taking pictures of you.

  123. 123
    what sucks even more is Says:

    @Elena: your boyfriend refusing to walk down the street with you and show you affection because people are taking pictures of you both. Its like he’s sayin “screw blake” I’m doing things my way… Its Leo’s way or the Highway!!!

  124. 124
    Bar is past... Says:

    Leo loser?! Really? Are you serious? Loser is his ex girlfriend because don’t work anymore, has a new-dog-boyfriend that is sooo ugly and loves appear in gossip magazines and websites as much as her (looks like he’s always forcing his ugly smile) … ok, the guy is rich (and just … just the kind she wants … took the first jackass to pay her bills). She doesn’t make great campaigns, just shopping, sightseeing, entertainment. When these holiday will finish? Answer: as long as this guy continue to pay her bills. Everyone knew she wouldn’t be single for a long time … she needs guys who sustain this lifestyle so empty. She doesn’t parade (that’s obvious!), not makes more campaigns of major brands (because she doesn’t date one A-list actor), no longer goes out in fashion magazines (only gossip magazines) … that is, she definitely has no career. Her fans have to understand that! It’s hard, I know, but it’s true… she’s already old to begin to grow in the fashion world … she has what? 26? Past, past and past. She’s past! She wants a rich guy for married and live how a socialite. Leo is right in broke up from this fat-soon-ex-model. Leo will find a women that make he happy… he deserve this.

  125. 125
    Good Grief...the feet Says:

    What is Miss Plastic Surgery’s shoe size? It’s scary.

  126. 126
    @124 Says:

    So get over it already! If she is the past why are you bothering posting long comments about her? You said she is the past so MOVE ON! Or go to her thread and share your opinion there. Bar is the past and we are all thankful for that. Now move on like the ones did who can`t stand her.

  127. 127
    Good Grief...the feet Says:

    Not only is her face much longer than DiCaprio’s but her feet are longer as well. Not very feminine.

  128. 128
    Why? Says:

    leo! you have just downgraded yourself to a D actor. I will not watch any of your new movie as long as you are with this famewhore!

  129. 129
    good Says:

    @Why?: I agree she is a D actor but Bar was a D list model. LOL all she can get is cheap catalog shoots in Israel. Leo seriously needs him a fellow A lister.

  130. 130
    LOL Says:

    Paris Hilton feet! Huge! Just like her nose! Real `beauty` Leo has there! Let`s be thankful for the hat and that we don`t have to see her face!

  131. 131
    green Says:

    She deserves better

  132. 132
    Comment of the day Says:

    Keeley: `We’ll know he’s serious about the girl when she’s over 26 and brunette.`
    Funny and true!

  133. 133
    back off! Says:

    geez, give the girl a break! why so many hate?

  134. 134
    Candycotts Back Says:

    Bar flies cant accept Leo movin on Barf is a loser… one cares about her or her or her fake aS$ ambie crombie finch boyfriend….he supposedly is a photgrapher figures…jj posting about that useless Bit+ch… David is no Leo with his cheap a$$ 1$ flip flops lol!….Blake is no Meryl strep but she actually has existing career…unlike Barfy!!! i..then she denies on her twitter that she didt say anything bad about Cairo… what a Fake BIT$CHHH!! Leo is better off !!

  135. 135
    @134 Says:

    Why are you back? You missed the thread. Go to the Bar thread with your post. Yeah, Leo is so much better off with horse face lively who slept around for her career. So impressive! She gives people the creeps with her hideous face, fake boobs and no talent.
    The fact is none of his past two girlfriends are any better than the other.

  136. 136
    Gayle The Big White Lady Says:


  137. 137
    @135 Says:

    STFU you dont like blake ok???and i dont likeBarf soooo Leo moved on….so please go back to Bellazon with your lame A$$opinions YAWN!

  138. 138
    Salt Says:

    Hasn´t anyone noticed in the photos, who is the couple that went to the concert with them? Well, that´s Emily and her husband. Aka Bar´s best friend. That´s quite a slap in the face to Blake. That´s how deep Leo´s commitment is to Blake. And for the new readers: I was never a Bar´s fan, nor I´m Blakes.
    And, I don´t care if her husband works for Leo. It´s just rude to the new girlfriend. That says it all.

  139. 139
    drewlard Says:

    It seems that Flakey is only Leo’s gf “only” when he’s in Cali huh?!

  140. 140
    larson Says:

    Are people still flipping out over this? Leo is grown and so is she. And we all know that this is a fake relationship. As someone already said the flirty pics with the model, the burlesque with brad cooper, the drunkeness and flirting with the women at the reception shows that this isn’t. This will be over pretty soon. You guys just have to ride it out.

  141. 141
    RIP Bar 2006-2011 Says:

    @Salt: shut the hell up, that is leo friend not bar. Bar try to conceal with leo using his friend but did not work idiot. So tobey and his wife knows bar and gisele through leo, so is that mean that is slap on leo’s face too? LOL If you don’t care alex work for leo and that how bar knows them then why you mention you idiot comment. Are you retarded or something. LOL

  142. 142
    Riley Says:

    I cant wait for this little romance to fizzle out i give it a week or two!

  143. 143
    Salt Says:

    @ RIP Bar 2006-2011

    wowww hit a nerve much???? LOL
    just because you insult me doesn´t make it less true..
    FYI they did meet through Leo, and they became best friends. Emily was even in Paris with Bar after the break up, while he was trying to woo Blake. Emily, Bar and Alex went to Roland Garros together.
    Tobey and his wife are Leo´s friends, You are right on that one. LOL
    Next time get your facts straight before you insult people.

  144. 144
    gertrude Says:

    oh lord!

    I cannot believe her!

    She allways has her big smile on for the cameras..
    All of a sudan the woman is dating Leo and she starts wearing hats and turning her head down for the camera..

    Trying to be the perfect leo girlfriend..

    blahblah.. thats just sad!

  145. 145
    marinés Says:


  146. 146
    lili Says:

    blake should dump leo, he doesn’t seem to treat her right!! plus he’s not that hot anymore, she’ll find someone better, maybe not a a-lister but better looking. & come on all your a list/d list comments are so material and fake! grow up people!

  147. 147
    dr brown Says:

    Hi there. I hope all are well. (C/G and other Leo fans, if you are checking in here occasionally, I hope life is treating you well).

    And so it continues … there is no escaping this. Having said that, if he does move on to someone else, it could be someone not unlike his previous girlfriends. Please God let him develop some taste in women before it’s too late and please don’t let Blake last as long as Barf. Daily media saturation for that long would be ridiculous. Although we should prepare ourselves for more gush fests from US Weekly etc because I saw pictures taken on 22 July in Malibu (tried to post but was moderated) of Leo lunching with Jennifer Meyer (Tobey’s wife and known jewellery designer). I can hear the rags now – gushing about some special piece of jewellery Leo has brought for Blake it being her birthday in August etc
    Why no J Edgar promo materials yet? Hope we see something soon. Anything to break the coverage of this ‘relationship.’

    Take care :-)

  148. 148
    Moyra Says:

    Now that’s called living!!! NOT!

  149. 149
    anna Says:

    it’s lame how they try to be secretive.

  150. 150
    linz Says:

    What a fake! First shes all showy for the cameras like look who i’ve got with me. Now she doesn’t want to be seen? What a hypocrite. This picture is hilarious! Looks to me like she can’t hack it with the DiCaprio crew anymore. Sorry sweetheart if you date Leo you have to deal with the paprazzi. Oh wait a sec I thought this is what you wanted honey? lol What a dummy! Leo can do so much better than this girl! From the looks of this picture shes not even driving with Leo. She with Alex and Emily, his friends. I can’t even see Leo in the back seat? Did he leave her stranded at Stevie? God lets hope so!

  151. 151
    Trammel Says:

    I get the feeling that Blake is annoyingly needy as a girlfriend. She always used to be kissing P-Badge, but Leo doesn’t put up with that ****. Soon, he will catch a glimpse of the annoying, overbearing, man-faced oversized mumbly-mumbly troll that she really is.

    Until then, I wait.

  152. 152
    linz Says:

    @Trammel: I totally agree with you Leo is not going to put up with a needy girlfriend. I got that from the very start. She seems very needy, and materialistic like she would only expect high end presents. At least Bar knew how to dress down once and a while. Blake always looks like shes ready to walk down a runway.

  153. 153
    @146 Says:

    Blake should dump Leo? Really? Hahahaha… I never laughed so much in my life. It’ a joke? Leo should dump Blake… this is a correct line. Leo isn’t hot anymore? Are you drunk? Shut up, crazy! Leo is the hottest guy and talented Hollywood has long… and will remain for much longer, because I don’t see other coming at least close to everything he did and still do for the movies. The new “big stars” today are so untalented. Leo is the king… heavy is the burden of who bears the crown. Attracts envious like you. So… MOVE ON!

  154. 154
    r Says:

    dicaprio looks like a douche but then again he always does!

  155. 155
    yajaira Says:

    they wont last too long, like his other relationships, he nees to grow up and behave like A REAL MAN.

  156. 156
    RIP Bar 2006-2011 Says:

    @yajaira:Your Real man mean famehore. LOL

  157. 157
    sos Says:

    @dr brown: Hey long time no see.Thanks for the heads up on the sighting,and your probably right,especially if it’s a Interestingly enough,on an US Weekly’s article on Bar,they called Blake,Leo’s newest fling?I guess they don’t read their own stuff.Ted C. mentioned in one of his gossip bits that Bl didn’t mind the paps and was trying to get Leo to be more pap friendly.Hmm how’s that working??
    Maybe,we will get some Great Gatsby news soon.Someone posted that it’s suppose to start filming either mid August or September.I was reading an article about Carey M. and how nervous about GG she was and the research Baz had given them to study.

  158. 158
    larson Says:

    @sos: When did Ted say this? Anyway I seriously need the rolling stone article. He was telling on himself pretty bad it in. One quote I remember was that he said everything he does is planned. This probably includes relationships. IMO he probably hasn’t sincerely liked any of his gfs when he first met them. There probably is a set of criteria that he goes for when he scouts out new women. I mean except with Giselle, just to see the progression of the relationships, in the beginning all hot and heavy, then after miserable, non-touching and distant. He’s already in that phrase with Blake. If you wanna believe Ted C and king shlong he says that shlong’s type is busty and brunette. I think he is very careful about who he lets us see him with. Again with everything being planned. I think even with that polish model. Does anybody really think that Leo would stand there and argue with a razzi when he could just paid them off to keep pics off of the internet? Razzies are like everyone else who wants to get paid. I’m sure he could have offered them 1,5, or even 10,000 thousand dollars and we would have never seen those pics. Shite I would have given him the film for 500 bucks, it’s a recession, lol. I think he slips up every now and again. I think a lot of us have read lipstick alley and the various rumblings about him flirting with brunettes, but for some reason his “type” being tall, blonde and thin prevails. IDK why. What I truly think happens is he is so into his gfs in the beginning because he thinks if he throws it all in that eventually he will feel something for them or he will get into and it just doesn’t happen and he just ends up depressed because he settles for something he doesn’t like or is into. This probably happened in the fairytale relationship that he had with Giselle too. I heard the cheating rumors on his part. Who knows if they were true, but I heard them.

  159. 159
    LMAO Says:

    I don`t think the Jennifer Meyer sighting is going to be interpreted as ring shopping. She is a very long time friend of Leo`s. VERY long. Tobey also knew her way before they started dating and it`s well known that she is Tobey`s wife. I just don`t think it will be a big deal. But who knows? Since Lively`s PR team is involved they might just make another story out of it with the help of the Official Sponsor of this ridiculous romance, Us Weekly.

  160. 160
    Elena Says:

    Yeah, it’s definitely weird that there is persistent rumors of him being into brunettes when he is usually seen with blondes. I mean, what kind of PR game would that be though? Leo seems to like to be thought of as a very serious actor, and no offense to any blondes here but for whatever reason people tend to take brunettes more seriously. And the fact that it’s mostly blonde models makes him appear even more shallow. I really like your point about how he could have paid the paparazzi off for those Anna Maria Jagawhatever pictures, maybe it was intentional to make it clear that Blake is just a rebound fling. Ugh it just seems like all of his girlfriends must be painfully dull, I’m not surprised there are rumors of his wandering eye.

  161. 161
    TheTruthIs Says:

    Urgh, Leonardo DiCaprio ALWAYS makes the women he dates to hide their faces and walk five feet apart from him. Welcome to your new relationship, Blake!

  162. 162
    sos Says:

    @larson: I think it was a Dear Ted,and some one posted it on here,but I can’t find it.I looked on the E! site too,It was right when this I’m totally having a where did I park the car moment.

  163. 163
    sunnyk Says:


    blake walked with alex to the car. she got in the car first, then emily and leo got in last. leo and blake were both in the backseat with their heads down when they drove off . he’s not gonna help the razzi make a living.

  164. 164
    sunnyk Says:


    a slap in the face would be to not introduce your girlfriend to a long time friend and his wife cos they are friendly with your ex. more proof he has moved on afaik.

  165. 165
    sunnyk Says:

    @dr brown:

    what coverage? this is the first time i’ve seen them together since the razzi followed leo all over europe.

  166. 166
    sunnyk Says:

    @Good Grief…the feet:

    same size as kate winslet’s “big flappers”?

  167. 167
    boo Says:


    oh boo hoo, if he really cared so much about being private he wouldn’t be dating a media magnet like Blake LOL gimme a break with the Leo is so private bs!

  168. 168
    The same cat hat Says:

    the HAT is the key in this….. she is been wearing the same one since Italy. in NY, in California that tweet and now this………

  169. 169
    sunnyk Says:


    he lets the razzi determine who he dates? “oh sorry honey i like you but you attract too much attention”? i don’t think so.

  170. 170
    boo Says:


    he doesn’t like her, this is all for Publicity. Im glad shes wearing the hat and hiding that hideous face. the woman is ugly as sin!

  171. 171
    larson Says:

    @TheTruthIs: No he didn’t do that with Giselle, well not exactly. The few pics I have seen of them together, he would stand next to her, but this was quite a few years ago. Maybe he changed, everybody does it. It just to me seems that there was more respect in a way between them. You know Giselle had her own and didn’t dependent on him for anything. She wasn’t needy and desperate for attention. She wasn’t gonna let him do her dirty like he did Bar and is now doing Blake if they really are dating for the long run. It seems like maybe he resents these women for letting him walk all over them. Feeding his ego like he’s this super great person to the point where he can treat them anyway he wants and they still come crawling back. That’s sad and pathetic to me. I understand being private, but what the hell is the harm in holding hands with them, standing next to them, damn even taking a picture with them? There’s literally 5 ft bwt him and his women. I would never put up with that type of “relationship”.

  172. 172
    RIP Bar 2006-2011 Says:

    @boo: Ya sure, he is doing it for publicity because he has paris hilton movie coming out. LOL You never disappoint me to crack me up. You just can’t stand it can’t you?LOL. At least Leo will continue to entertain us with his so called knuckle head fans.
    Go to twilight tard thread for up your speed.

  173. 173
    RIP Bar 2006-2011 Says:

    @larson: Yes you would if you ever had a chance with him. LOL. Don’t be fresh.

  174. 174
    Diana Says:

    Awww she looks so gorge… I adore Blake!!!

  175. 175
    WHY? Says:

    The guy will tun 40 in a couple of years and he still needs to hide when he is with the girl he is rumoured to be dating. Not a very adult behavior. If she accepts that, she has to be really idiot… or craving for something that will help her career. For sure.

    When I look at the gang, they look like they’re coming from a funeral parlor. Not like they’re heading to a concert.

  176. 176
    @Salt Says:

    Yes Emily and Alex are Bar and Leo’s friends. They went to their wedding last year in Jamaica. Here is a photo of Bar with the couple in Paris in last May.
    They were also seen on many occasions all together.

  177. 177
    RIP Bar 2006-2011 Says:

    @@Salt: You don’t get do you? Who introduce Emily and Alex to bar. It is Leo. Who introduce bar to tobey and his wife. It is Leo. Bar called Emily and Alex to at french open while Leo was still in france in canne. She tried to use his friends to conceal with him but he didn’t give a dame. He has already set his mind on blake and took her to italy living bar in ronde island with his friends. lol. If you are fresh fan of Leo, i forgive you but don’t say things that you don’t know very clearly. So by your account bar was a friend of tobey, noami, cameron diaz, kevin connely, lucas hass before Leo? LOL Gisele is still a friend of his mom, is that mean that bar never was a friend of his mom because of gisele?LOL
    Don’t be stupi d.

  178. 178
    TheTruthIs Says:

    @larson” I understand being private, but what the hell is the harm in holding hands with them, standing next to them, damn even taking a picture with them?”: you said it yourself – he doesn’t respect them. I agree on him being different with Gisele. I believe he was genuinely in love AND she loved herself just as much as she loved him. VERY important. Since their split he just hasn’t grown up. Almost 40 and acting like a bothered superstar. Doesn’t he want to accept this is his life and actually have a wife, family? I feel pity for him. He seems such a smart, sexy and talented man, but went completely bonkers.

  179. 179
    TheTruthIs Says:

    Really, how long are you going to let paparazzi control your life? Because by fighting against giving them one good shot, he only makes the next one cost more. I don’t get it :) Why do this instead of actually living your life? :)))

  180. 180
    RIP Bar 2006-2011 Says:

    @TheTruthIs: The reason is tt will exploit his relationship. You think this is exploiting, well then you are living in different DNA age. Let say he is pictured holding hand 10 yard from pap. Just imagine the photo toss around cover in front of gossip magazine next to Jennifer anistion. LOL. By not standing together or walk together will make it hard for gossip line to write article about it. Just look at jj picture post and flip it around and imagine kissing scene. This blog will have 2 thousand comment before it finish printing. lol.

  181. 181
    RIP Bar 2006-2011 Says:

    @TheTruthIs: The reason is tt will exploit his relationship. You think this is exploiting, well then you are living in different DNA age. Let say he is pictured holding hand 10 yard from pap. Just imagine the photo toss around cover in front of gossip magazine next to Jennifer anistion. LOL. By not standing together or walk together will make it hard for gossip line to write article about it. Just look at jj picture post and flip it around and imagine kissing scene. This blog will have 2 thousand comment before it finish printing. lol.

  182. 182
    TheTruthIs Says:

    @RIP Bar 2006-2011: you’re missing the point – you can ourtsmart and outrun others forever, but you can never get the time of your life back.

  183. 183
    I'm so damn BORED Says:

    I swear to God, I would rather he slept around with different girls at least we would get some fun news and some damn VARIETY instead of being subjected to looking at Blake and her fugly Enrique Iglesias mole every time we turn around…I don’t understand why he insists on staying with these fugly, boring ass girls instead of enjoying his thirties and making the most of his bachelorhood…If i was him I would be squashing girls left and right. Sorry to sound crude, but it’s the truth. That’s why i don’t know whether to believe he is KS, because Leo seems to always be with just one person, and they are the last pick of the litter like someone here said LOL I love that expression :). I don’t know what to believe. If I were in his shoes I would be the biggest player ever, and I would love every minute of it too lol :) Blake dresses like the Mary Kate Olson twin, she’s got that same vagabond style to her which is annoying. And I agree that she should keep that hat on cos I seriously can’t even look at that face anymore, I think she’s very unattractive the more i look at her, the uglier she is getting for some reason. I know that is shallow, but i can’t help it dude, she is fugly as hell!!

  184. 184
    larson Says:

    @TheTruthIs: Ehh at least he isn’t beating them up like some actors. I agree, razzies are apart of being a star, he hasn’t accepted their presence and he’s been in the business over 20 years. It’s pretty ridiculous. If he truly wanted to be left alone, he would move permanently to NYC. He wouldn’t get bothered as much. I think living in L.A. and being a celebrity is like you can’t be normal and you can’t separate yourself from being the singer or actor. Out east or any place that’s not L.A. you could be yourself without being bothered.

  185. 185
    RIP Bar 2006-2011 Says:

    @TheTruthIs: I guarantee you that he has more than plenty of time. You are only judging by what you see and what you see when he is picture is constant hiding. I do understand if you felt that way but that is not always his life it. In fact it is not even small portion of his life. He always goes out un notice all the time and do his own thing. How many time that we heard he was there in this location and how many times we say we need a picture to prove it. That’s because he is only notice by few surveillance people instead of paps. By not being on the cover of mag all the time, it will give him a freedom to do his own things otherwise he knows that he will end up like brangelina constant car chasing, stock his home by pap etc.. With leo, the paps know that he doesn’t give them much, that is why they don’t follow him to supermarket or somewhere silly place. If he allow them in free care then his life is over. He will alway need 3 or 4 bodyguards whenever he goes. Just imagine leo having 3 bodyguards behind his laker sit with his date. That will be the worst date for his girl let alone for him. It is like dating the president daughter. LOL Trust me, even though it seems a lot that he cover because we only see that part when he goes to public event, but it is only small thing that he pays compare to his large part of his life. For ex. going to candy store without being harass like brangelina. Got it.

  186. 186
    my poor eyes Says:

    did anyone see the new pics of her at celebrit…I think I have permanent retinal damage after looking at those pics !!

  187. 187
    TheTruthIs Says:

    @larson: ” Ehh at least he isn’t beating them up like some actors. ” – wow, yeah, lets sing him praise for not being a wife beater :)))

  188. 188
    larson Says:

    @I’m so damn BORED: I think he does sleep around, but we won’t hear about it. I highly doubt that a man in his position is not getting it in with loads of women. It reminds me of that Chris Rock quote “a man is only as faithful as his options’. He should hang out with Gerard Butler more. He is such a ***** and he has TONS of female fans. He could give him some pointers. I for one would love to see him with a busty brunette or a curvy black girl or Latina, but that’s just my opinion.

  189. 189
    TheTruthIs Says:

    @RIP Bar 2006-2011: I don’t think you’ll get my point anyway, but it’s cool.

  190. 190
    larson Says:

    @TheTruthIs: No I mean beating up the razzies but interesting the actors who beat up razzies also have the rep of beating women.

  191. 191
    TheTruthIs Says:

    @larson: There’s just no lower point for a man than raising his hand on a woman.

  192. 192
    I'm so damn BORED Says:


    i’m with you Larson. I love me some Gerard. He is a dawg, but I love him cos he is who he is and he doesn’t make no apologies for it. I respect that!! I would love to see Leo being authentic and being comfortable in his own skin without having to hide behind these fake relationships. It would set him free and he would be a much happier person too imo, and would make him much SEXIER too;) I agree about the blacks and latinas. I’m not Black, but I love the fact that there are rumors that he’s into black girls and not just the same boring run of the mill MANLY looking blondes we always see him with!!

  193. 193
    TheTruthIs Says:

    I love the picture where the gate lady is on her phone, smiling with Leo walking just behind. I know what she’s saying :)))

  194. 194
    RIP Bar 2006-2011 Says:

    @larson: He has accepted his celebrity long time ago for FYI. He also accepted for not allowing paps to ruin his life and his career like Lindsay Lohan at young age. LoL. You say can’t separate and being normal and celebrity, well he manage to do it for 20 years in this business since he was in. Not many actors can say that i have a 20 years high profile career at the age of only 36. And imagine when you add that another 25-30 years that he has on his years left, he will full fill his dream that he always dream to be. Few actors transition from child actor to become worldwide known establish actor. Because, many of them end up like lindsay, they fall in trap thinking that paps are glamourous. It is only when they found out that there life is written ink, then they start drinking and take dugs out of pressure. Like he said, he was smart enough that he decide early in his career to live his life under the radar to give him much more freedom when he is not working so then, he can able to go to places like museum.

  195. 195
    RIP Bar 2006-2011 Says:

    @I’m so damn BORED: Leo and Gerard do not have the same career path. I mean i like Gerard too but he doesn’t get role on his plate like Leo. Yes, he can get a movie with jennifer Anniston easily but that his limit. No offense for his fans but that is the fact. You can’t compare Anniston to brad can you? Remember, Robert downey jr. try to be a bad boy and be come establish actor in the same time. Instead, he ended up in jail and took him years to where he is today.

  196. 196
    @Leofans Says:

    IM sorry but Im still laughing my a$$ off that the fact that Barf is stuck in Israel trying to pretend that her life is perfect…..hahaha that idiot is pathetic…like said before she is nothing without Leo but let her pretend…..still wearing too tight bikinis looking a hot mess…. i know she s the past but this moron actually thought she had a future with Leo…lol NOT wonder what made him wake up? maybe her clingingor her one digit IQ…?? im guessing she probally brought up the marriage thing or living together and Leo bolted he dumped her …u can tell she has the slightly bitter jilted look in her eyes…or maybe Irmelin said her true opinion..? any hoo Barfs history ….hahah yep Im gloating I have no sypathy for her NONE… she a total fake conceited Bit*ch….Blake is bearable but I do remember her saying she always had a crush on him…so i think she s smitten with him…and the attension shes getting lately….but who knows…Back to Barf lol her and her amber crombie bf are just BORRRRRRRRRRRing!!

  197. 197
    sos Says:

    Damn three Blake post in one day,how about a Leo post???

  198. 198
    rporc Says:

    I really like this couple together. It’s about time that Leo hooks up with an actress. Models are too boring and not a challenge for him. He needs someone like Blakely to put him in line. Besides them being link together will up their popularity.

  199. 199
    hit with an ugly stick Says:


    who cares, leave her alone already! I can’t believe people are still going on about Bar. I’m more concerned about Leo’s vision. His poor eyes are going to need corrective surgery after the onslaught of ugliness he’s enduring atm. LOL

  200. 200
    question for the Psychics Says:

    Is Leo really King Schl*ng? what is your feeling about that, and also is he possibly bi-sexual? or experimented in the past? ;)

  201. 201
    @rporc Says:

    Hooking up with an ACTRESS? Well, as if Fake Blake was an actress. But with her talent it`s an insult for the other actresses to call her that.

  202. 202
    Please Says:

    @I’m so damn BORED: and boring Tinkerbelle, isn’t there something else you should be doing?

  203. 203
    CJLOVE23 Says:

    God Leo is soooo hot!!!!

  204. 204
    Killy Says:

    Leo is a great actor… one of the best of all time and will remain so. Talk all you want of his personal life, but the talent is unquestionable. Case closed.

  205. 205
    I'm still BORED Says:


    what’s this obsession with Tinkerbelle? she doesn’t even post here anymore. And no, I’m not Tinkerbelle, there are many different people who post here idiot.
    Yes, I do need to be doing something else, like getting my eyes checked for retinal damage after looking at Blake and her Enrique Iglesias Mole! and I suggest you do the same, dummy!!

  206. 206
    Lina Says:

    Hahaha she is hiding just like Bar. Leo can’t dress to save his life.

  207. 207
    POSTS Says:

    and i was shocked to find that NO ONE other than LEO gets posts over 8 pages and they go upto 20+…… he is HUGE! that’s why all his ACT in real life.

  208. 208
    Argh! Says:

    I hate when I type Leo’s name in on this site and Blake’s name comes up with stories about her. Really?! I could give two craps about Blake freaking Lively! She better enjoy it while it lasts because before long, she’ll be out of the picture and so will her publicity. I mean just look at what happened to Bar. Now the only thing shes famous for is pictures with her nobody boyfriend and her twitter posts. Won’t be long before Miss Fake Lively will have the same fate. Because lets face it she can’t act to save your life!

  209. 209
    Argh! Says:

    Meant to say “her”

  210. 210
    Pauly Says:

    @Argh!: @Argh:
    I agree completely. Everytime you go to any search engine and type in Leo’s name and try to see what he is working on or whatever………Blake’s name is all over the place……what is with that?

  211. 211
    larson Says:

    @POSTS: Not true, Gerard Butler gets A LOT of posts. His latest got almost 2000 posts.

  212. 212
    Pauly Says:

    Here’s the problem I have with this Blake thing….I want to know some info about what DiCaprio is working on…….for example – how do you feel about working with Carey Mulligan? When will The Great Gatsby start shooting? What can we expect from J Edgar? What future projects are you interested in? I don’t begrudge his relationship??? with Blake…….it’s his life…..but it seems like she’s all consuming and DiCaprio is playing second fiddle to her professionally. He has EARNED his position in the movie field……what he does is interesting……..but go on his website and you get——”Blake reunited with Leo”, “Pictures of Blake with her boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio”………I don’t understand it.

  213. 213
    Pauly Says:

    I should say – type his name in any search engine and you get the Blake links…..

  214. 214
    Elena Says:

    I just have to say, I thought maybe I wasn’t giving Blake enough of a chance, I haven’t gone out of my way to pay attention to her, and while I always found her kind of irritating I just figured maybe I was missing something since so many people say how amazing and incredible and glittering disco bally she is. So I went on youtube and watched some interviews of her on Letterman and Regis and Kelly and stuff. And. Oh. My. Lord. Now I understand that you’re in front of an audience and you know this is going to be on TV, and you don’t get multiple tries like in a movie or TV show, so maybe she was just nervous, buuuuttt like wow that is a whole lot of energy to have without doing methamphetamines. And I get that there are people who are legitimately bubbly and bright and just like that all the time, but I’m kind of the opposite way all of the time, so someone that non-mellow would drive me insane in about 47 minutes. Oh and I totally can believe that story about Leo’s mom disliking her, because in most of the interviews she was acting exactly as was described ie “I was in the south of France for a Chanel photo shoot running down the street in a John Galliano dress looking for Karl Lagerfeld to give him the quiche Lorraine I cooked for him and 1900 other people at the French Culinary Institute on the 6 minutes I had off and oh I love France and French Food and French Fashion and French people and did you know I’m actually Belle from Beauty and the Beast and I also love sparkles and puppies and rainbows and unicorns and cupcakes and by the way I’m really humble which is why everyone within the radius of my sunlight instantaneously falls in love with me and my fabulous honey blonde hair!!!! So yeah long story short everything that everyone has been saying about her appears to be true.

  215. 215
    Elena Says:

    Oh and also, again I understand you’re on a talk show so you’re trying to make a good impression and get along with the host, but holy balls, homegirl has one fake sounding laugh.

  216. 216
    Amused Aussie Says:

    bahaha- to elena above- your exasperation nails it.
    A very amusing segment on our morning show this morning- talking about Aus as new celebrity destination- guests for the segment were the entertainment reporter for The Telegraph (our version of page 6 NY Post) and the notorious pap Jamie Fawcett.
    The reporter was talking about being excited having Tobey, Carey and Leo coming to Sydney when the Pap pipe up and says “make sure he brings Blake Lively”. The reporter recoiled, screwed his nose up and half shook his head with “Really??” in a crescendo tone.
    Pap responds “Oh Yeah”
    Reporter (still sitting back shaking head) “thats very controversial”
    A seemingly perturbed/ disgusted TV host agreeing with reporter “ugh with those nude photos”
    Pap- “oh no, no bring her”.

    WELL thats interesting- WHAT do we take from that?- The Paparazzi are still gagging for her like b#*tches in heat, and the wider press (guessing alot of public as well) are very much over her?!

    Mmmhmmm……. again Blake- The ROLE of Hugh Hefner’s fiancee is open- apply at the mansion, Leo knows the address. At least that one’s interested in tying the knot!

  217. 217
    Pauly Says:

    @Elena: you forgot something……..she learned to speak perfect French in 6 minutes! ……. such pretentiousness…….

  218. 218
    Elena Says:

    @Amused Aussie: Lol that’s awesome about the reporter openly finding her repugnant, it’s like when Reese Witherspoon called her out at the MTV awards, it’s like dude you know you’re in trouble when people are dogging you out in the open!
    @Pauly: And oh my god thank you for reminding me about that!!! I was definitely doing an America Ferrera eye roll at that one, I mean seriously, I took French for 4 years in HS, 2 years in college, and I couldn’t speak it for 20 minutes off the top of my head. I mean I could probably say random French words for 20 minutes, but nothing that actually made sense, so either she is some kind of Rain Main idiot savant or full of more sh*t than a porta-potty.

  219. 219
    Pauly Says:

    @Elena: I am leaning towards “full of more sh*t than a porta-potty” to be honest with you……

  220. 220
    ??? Says:

    @I’m still BORED: Well, Dummy, don’t look …easy

  221. 221
    NYPost Says:

    There`s a dinner sighting of Leo and Horse Face from LA from last night. Someone was quick to notify NYPost for sure. Of course the bellafreaks are having a blast drooling over this hideous couple. Well, they don`t have taste or common sense so what can you expect from them? Morons! They should enjoy it while it lasts.
    Seriously they are creepy following every step he takes. How obsessed are those people? Weird and creepy!

  222. 222
    Leo rocks! Says:

    Leo is one of the best actors of all time. And he’s hot, so hot… he’s 36? Your girlfriend has 23? He looks so younger than her. Leo rocks!

  223. 223
    OK Says:

    I get the feeling if Leo is not careful with his new fling. The relationship can turn to into Brangelina and that will not be good for him give it time it will happen and Leo will bail or be stupid and stay.

  224. 224
    NYC? Says:

    It seems like they are in NYC now ( tweets ). Gossip Girl for Lively? Wherever she has to work Leo is there. LA or NYC. Seems like he is pretty taken with her…

  225. 225
    Who cares not me Says:

    @NYC?: who cares about them anymore.

  226. 226
    sos Says:

    He stayed in LA last time she went to NY to work,so he decided to go to NY this time.Isn’t that a part of his Mo though to be taken with them the first year or so?Anyway saw this coming i knew we would get a rash of sightings and probably pics.’sigh’ another five years?or does some one honestly think this is going to stick this time?@Who cares not me: It is starting to get boring isn’t it?Summer doldrums for sure.Sadly trying to think of things to talk about.Waiting for some more Leo alone time and for filming to start or something?

  227. 227
    @sos Says:

    Who knows? Maybe this will stick… Seems like he is pretty into her and follows her everywhere. Just like those sources from Us Weekly or Lainey said. Or it will be over just as quick as it started like a typical rebound relationship. But that’s not what Leo is well-known for!

  228. 228
    Leo Says:

    @@sos: If he followers her everywhere then he is whipped on her and that makes him to be be her little puppy she can do what ever she wants with him. Poor Leo NOT.

  229. 229
    sos Says:

    I don’t know how much i trust Us Weekly or Lainey,or any of the gossips I just have a hard time discounting what we’ve seen on the side though,you know what I mean?Even Lainey mentioned it in one of the Cannes articles.I’m not saying he is King ******* but…No he isn’t know for that is he? Which i think is kind of unhealthy,I think you need some single time to see what’s out there.
    Would you be shocked if it did end suddenly?I would be because I think it’s going to go a year or two at least.I personally don’t think it’s going to last though,partly do to my belief in astrology.The other part thinking he is like George
    @question for the Psychics: Is Leo KS?That is a seriously good question to ask the psychics..I’m curious to know if the could see that.Then we could find out for sure.

  230. 230
    The Great Eye Says:

    Let’s just wait and see. I wonder will they split til the end of October like one of the psychics said, if so maybe I’ll start to believe in this kind of stuff…a little bit lol something tells that they will break much sooner than we think, but it’s just a feeling and nothing more ;) btw, all their relationships seem unbelievably ridiculous

  231. 231
    Take the poll Says:

    A or B?
    I really want to believe that this is `fire in a pan` and it will end just as quick as it started. Weird couple and his past two girlfriends are degrading for him. He needs to get rid of Lively asap. I don`t like to see him as a permanent tabloid fixture. We don`t need a new brangelina ( blanardo or dilively ). Ridiculous.

  232. 232
    calling crystal ball Says:

  233. 233
    Xx Says:

    @calling crystal ball: If Blake had a mind of her own she would not have mommy manager work for her okay!

  234. 234
    Gosh Says:

    The Sun? I didn’t know much about Now magazine but I do know that The Sun is crap. Famous on her own merit? Come on!
    Not a fan of Refaeli ( to say the least ) but it’s kind of a big slap on the face that Leo likes Fake Blake for her mind of her own. Not like I think more of Bar but again some Lively a** kissing from a completely unreliable source.

  235. 235
    The Great Eye Says:

    btw, we can 100 articles about their “strong love”, but pictures of them can tell much more truth. No one can always hide true feelings. We need to get more pics to understand *secretly hopes we won’t get them anymore* lol

  236. 236
    The Great Eye Says:

    *we can read

  237. 237
    Us Weekly Says:

    has an article ( of course ) of that Santa Barbara sighting. They added they she flew back to LA for this date conveniently forgetting that she is shooting a movie there… Us Weekly lost credibility with being the official sponsor of this nauseating romance. I really don`t know what to believe from them anymore…
    Pictures? Right! Like the ones from the wedding or with the Polish girl!

  238. 238
    Haha! Says:

    Seriously that Sun article is such a crock! This relationship is up and down more than a bouncy ball. I give it til the end of the summer as well. Blake is just a rebound for him right now. Shes just a bed warmer. If it lasts longer than September I’ll be very surprised. I hope he meets someone when he goes filming. He seriously needs to date some one out of the biz and whos not a famewhore like Fake Lively!

  239. 239
    bellafreaks Says:

    SOMETIMES do useful things. Like posting this photo… LOL!

  240. 240
    TheTruthIs Says:

    @bellafreaks: Fabulous :)))

  241. 241
    german article Says:

    Leonardo DiCaprio’s forgotten ones
    Remember the faces – if you can
    LOS ANGELES – Leonardo DiCaprio’s flames have Astral Bodies – only the faces can not remember.
    Crunchy flip side, lush neckline and a long mane Walle – the “crème de la crème”-girlfriends of Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio (36) are blessed with beauty.

    One thinks. But Leo’s loved ones have a problem. For both ex-flame Bar Refaeli (26) and new girlfriend Blake Lively (23) do have a 1-a-body. Can remember her face but it is difficult.

    The Swiss Beauty surgeon Professor Werner Mang (Mang Swiss clinic) knows why: “Blake and bar have Barbie doll faces that are poorly marked. They look up to moderate, being boring, and are inconspicuous. The people keep this kind of face is not in memory. ”

    In sharp contrast to that of Leo’s ex-girlfriend Gisele Bundchen (31). When you vote, the combination of vision and dream body. “Gisele’s face is not smooth. She has a strong nose and high cheekbones. These proportions remain in my memory, “says Mang. Bar disappears, however – not only for Leo. (Jut)

  242. 242
    ??? Says:

    @NYPost: Just a obsessed as you sweetheart

  243. 243
    NYPost Says:

    242= blah blah blah, sweetheart.

  244. 244
    Amused Aussie Says:

    Look on the brightside- Australia’s (Sydney) roughly 22hr flight (depending on stop overs).
    Commuting for sunglasses and taco’s dates is going to prove somewhat more difficult :) !!!

  245. 245
    sos Says:

    Another NY Post Pagesix sighting from Thursday.Cozy breakfast and they later took in a play.The usual they were into each other,holding hands & hugging.At least they mentioned that she was commuting back and forth to work unlike US Weekly.
    You know the sun article is crap,barely stepped foot out of his house?So who are these people we are getting sightings and pics of?
    @bellafreaks: LMAO,that made my day!
    @Amused Aussie: That’s true.Although from your post@216 sounds like the paps are dry humping the thought she might

  246. 246
    Hey Says:

    @sos: I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

  247. 247
    she wont be missed Says:

    Whenever Leo’s doing a movie there are hardly sightings of him and his bedwarmers for some strange reason. It doesnt matter if its in the USA or abroad. Ok, I’ll give, you might get one or two sightings of Fake and Leo while he’s over Australia for the 4 months but it won’t be every second like how we have now. So yes we will get a break!
    I know Leo fans are looking forward to him going to Australia!!! And I do believe that they will break up next month or while filming over there…When Leo is done filming he will be a single man! This isnt a 5-year-er thing. I have my sources.

    When Leo was in Morroco filming we got one sighting of Leo and Barf after months of not getting anything!! When he went to Africa it was the same thing. Even when he was in the USA for his last film and in LA with Barf we got virtually NO SIGHTINGS of them together until the end when they went to Paris for the commercial and that was in the USA!!!

    If you look at Leo’s history, sightings of his bedwarmers ALWAYS go way way down while filming a movie. Leo is kinda predictable that way…

    Thank god we won’t have to be hearing about this fcking btch every minute once he starts filming. So one way or the other this bedmanship will be over pretty soon.

    And don’t beleive the media reports about them holding hands and the in love crap! Yeah right… Believe the pictures!! Pictures don’t LIE and it clear that this relastionship is about to end!!! And this is how it will end… it will end suddenly. Like you’re not going to get months of not seeing pics of them which will get people wondering if they’re over. It will be more like a picture of them today, no picture of them tomorrow or ever!! And it will be reported in the media just as quickly as they came together. Easy come, easy go… I’m seeing August to September as the Era of The Break Up!

  248. 248
    Elena Says:

    @she wont be missed: right? not to sound all paranoid but it seems quite weird that there are all these twitter sightings but no pictures from bystanders or paparazzi? i know paps are less common in new york but seriously this is the first time i can remember leo dating someone who is remotely famous, so it seems like they’re dropping the ball on a serious money making opportunity. not that i think these twitter sightings aren’t real, but everything about this seems a bit off.

  249. 249
    really Says:

    @she wont be missed: i have to agree i cant wait till this thing is over btw Morocco is in Africa so i dont understand why you seperated the two

  250. 250
    Bike ride Says:

    There is a new tweet photo of them riding their bikes in NYC. No holding hands or cuddling. The photo is taken from a car, Leo is pretty recognizable followed by someone wearing a ridiculous a typical lively hat…
    Note: on these tweet photos ( Carmel, Santa Barbara, NYC ) Leo is always seen but lively is not only you see a woman in a hat. I’m not insinuating that it’s not her but ( thank god? ) you can never see her face and they are never look lovey-dovey. Only on paparazzi photos you can see her clearly. Just a note.
    @she won’t be missed: I loved your comment and optimism. I do hope that you are right. You have your source? Can you tell more about that part?

  251. 251
    E! Says:

    I like to read the comments on the Leo&lively posts.

  252. 252
    larson Says:

    @E!: Yeah people have been going in on Leo and Blake and I have to wonder; Is it worth it? I honestly don’t think these two are in a relationship, but that’s just me. I see no affection or anything of the like in pictures of the two of them. Eating out? He does that with lukas. Riding bikes in NYC? Also does that with lukas. I don’t understand why he can’t stay in one place. I have noticed with him is that he is in la one day, in nyc the next one. wtf? As I have also said before, one fuzzy ass photo holding hands at the dead of night does make relationship not. I will get with them being in a relationship if I see kissing photos before he leaves for sdyney. Another thing, why no promo of j.edgar? Everyone keeps talking about he might get an oscar for this, but nominations are in feb. We have no idea of who else might get nominated. Shite we don’t even know if he will get nominated.

  253. 253
    tut Says:

    @Bike ride:It’s so easy to hold hands and cuddle whilst bike riding LOL
    some of you are so obsessed with his every move, get over it and just enjoy his movies, his private life is just that…or should be, leave the guy and his friends alone .

  254. 254
    wow Says:

    @she wont be missed: What is wrong with you people, why do you worry so much about who he’s dating? it’s got nothing to do with you, keep your cynical,nasty noses out of it . He makes movies, just go watch them, he aint gonna marry any of you twats

  255. 255
    she wont be missed Says:

    @wow: hey dont be jealous because I’m just stating a simple fact of life. I don’t see you watching his movies on just jared so go fck yourself and your mother! Leo and Fake over before the year is OUT!!!! :)))) Who’s with me?!?!?

  256. 256
    Truth Says:

    @wow: The day people stop caring about L D, is when his fans stop talking about him and not caring. So he should care of what his fans think, that is why he is still famous that’s the truth. Do know how many actors are just has good has Leo. The reason that they are not as popular, is because Leo has a strong fan base that is the difference. Leo please, is not that bad is it. I’m sure when you meet the right women for you, your fans will except her.

  257. 257
    Bike ride Says:

    @tut: My point was ( clearly you missed it ) that you never see them holding hands or cuddling. When you have a photo with the tweets it’s usually from the back not touching each other, you can’t see their faces ( which is a blessing in Lively’s case ). We just have to believe the lovey-dovey sightings. I never said anything about holding hands while riding bikes. Putting words into my mouth that I never said. Pick on something valid next time!
    Obsessed with every move he takes? Are you sure you posted that sentence on the right site? I bet you wanted to say that on his bel axon thread, right? Oh, wait, it’s OK for them to do it because they like them together.
    @ wow: Maybe you haven’t noticed the majority of sites like JJ is about the private life of celebs. Ergo comments on these threads are about their personal lives whether it’s positive or negative. It seems like you missed that. And again I assume as long as you like his choices in his private life it’s all good but if you don’t you are of course jealous and you should keep your opinion to yourself. Yawn!

  258. 258
    @larson Says:

    Because two people who are NOT in a relationship follow eachother everywhere and across the globe, spend all their free time together, and hold hands with eachother. Yeah, your all right, sounds like their just friends. LOL

  259. 259
    @258 Says:

    It is a relationship but the question is what kind of relationship it is? Many, and I guess that includes Larson, it seems like a PR / fake one. Looks like a bellafreak has spoken again. It was pointless of course. LOL

  260. 260
    Angie Says:

    Yestarday, Blake and Leo was spotted ride a bicycle, around central park ny…
    i saw a twitpic! and anyone of paparazzi click them or saw they togheter so did’nt anyone write abou it. This PR too??
    Their relationship is true. AND THEY ARE CUTE. Get over it.

  261. 261
    @260 Says:

    ‘and anyone of paparazzi click them or saw they together so didn’t anyone write about it.’ Sorry but what does this sentence mean? I don’t get it. A bike ride proves that this is real?
    Real as in real PR. Cute? Rather hideous, ridiculous, pathetic, laughable and embarrassing. Still smells like PR. I mean it Dicaprio and lively we are talking about! It’s so surreal that it can’t be true!!!!

  262. 262
    incogneato from lsa is truth Says:

    If anyone has read LSA ,incog gave inside info about irmelin not liking fake even before it was in the media.
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    Award incogneato AlleyBux
    Old As Leonardo DiCaprio prepares for fall…
    I just wanted to update you all on his situation. First, yes this is the incog from those other threads. Also, just to be clear, I am NOT Lukas Haas. Sorry if that has caused any confusion/misfortune for anyone.

    Leo & Blake –Despite the detractors, everything I mentioned about Leo and Blake has eventually come out in the press. Expect this charade to go on until January. They’ll be “officially” over right before Oscar time. Speaking of Oscar, delusional Blake is on the hunt for an Oscar dress. If you don’t know, Leo has a lot of buzz regarding his film that will be out in the 4th quarter. I personally hope he finally wins. Since he is really depressed right now, I can honestly see him quietly leaving the film business within the next 2-3 years if he doesn’t take home the statue.You are seeing more and more pics of Leo and Blake out and about, because he’ll be on his way to Australia soon to shoot a movie. Please don’t take it seriously. He’s just performing his duty.

    Leo & Kate- Please let this DIE. They will never be together. Although he loves her, he does not see her as a romantic option, due to her marriages, children, and weight issues.

    Leo & Children –Leo really, really wants children at this point, he just can’t find the right woman. His mother is getting very old, and since that is her only son, she is constantly in his ear about the issue. My advice to any lady who wants to SERIOUSLY date Leo? Become friends with his mother. She loves to introduce women to him.

    Lastly, it’s obvious that some of Blake’s PR team have come to this site. Anyone care to guess who? They will be in this thread, just like they were in all of his other threads.

  263. 263
    incogneato from lsa is truth Says:

    More incogneato fron LSA –
    Old The Truth about Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake!
    Although folks may not realize it Leo has been caught up in shady business for many many years. I rather not get into that, since it would blow my cover. Of course this whole thing is a publicity stunt. Have you ever seen him parade Giselle around like this? Don’t think so. Much like Bar, he’s doing someone a favor no more no less. Lucky for him this nude pic scandal is going to give him an easy out. As soon as those pics leaked he quickly assembled his PR team to plan an escape route.

    Leo has been most hurt by all the industry folks who are really laughing at him regarding this whole situation. Leo is campaigning for an Oscar and didn’t realize this whole thing would blow up in his face. He takes his career very seriously, so look for him to hang low for these next two months before heading off to Australia.

    She wrote it on 06-03-2011, 10:49 PM

  264. 264
    incogneato from lsa is truth Says:

    More –

    Irmelin is not feeling Blake. She has never really stepped in before concerning his love affairs but his ‘out of character’ behavior has caused the whole family to step in. They let him know in so many words that she will never be embraced, and if he continues with her they won’t have much to do with him. Unfortunately, mom & the rest of the family are completely in the dark regarding her son’s business affairs. They really believe they are a couple. When his mom let him know his grandma would be so disappointed, Leo broke down.

    Also, Bar please STOP calling Irmelin’s phone!!!!!!!

    She wrote this on 06-08-2011, 05:26 AM
    Much before it was in the media

  265. 265
    Marie Says:

    LOT OF LAUGHTER. Why you people just don’t leave Blake and Leo relationship alone? This issue it only matters to them.

  266. 266
    larson Says:

    God some people who visit this board are denseeeeeeeee. Let me break it down for the slow ones. WHEN.YOU.ARE.A.CELEBRITY(ACTOR,MODEL,SINGER,WHATEVER) WHAT.YOU.DO.AT.WORK.WILL.NOT.BE.THE.ONLY.THING.PEOPLE.TALK.ABOUT.YOUR.PERSONAL.RELATIONSHIPS(REAL OR FAKE) WILL.BE.TOO. PEOPLE.TELLING.US.TO.GET.OVER.THIS.SHOULD.REMEMBER.THAT. IF.HE.DIDN’T.WANT.PEOPLE.IN.HIS.BUSINESS.HE. SHOULD. NOT. HAVE. BECOME. AN. ACTOR. And whoever responded to me, maybe it’s because I’m a girl, but I can hold hands with my FRIENDS. He does everything that he has done with her with Lukas. Now that I think about it, the only time those two have been alone is the trip to Verona and who knows if they were actually alone and how long they stayed.

  267. 267
    Elena Says:

    @incogneato from lsa is truth: was this tea posted before all of these tobey maguire poker shenanigans blew up? cause maybe that is the shady business referred to here. i could be wrong but that was the first thing that came to mind.

  268. 268
    larson Says:

    I post over on lsa. I don’t know if you guys know how incog works, but it is anonymous. So that means anyone can use the feature. You have to have 100 posts before you post incog though. The thing I was taken aback with was when incog said that Lukas has lurked through all his threads. And I wrote that myself that a lot of the info we are getting on blake and leo was on lsa weeks ago. I don’t know if any of it is true, but it sure is interesting. You guys should read through all of his threads and ignore all the race talk recently(Blake’s pr at work trying to derail threads). There’s tons of good info about him on those threads and also from legit posters.

  269. 269
    Oy Says:

    Marie=Angie: because this is a blog that posts about their private life. People post their opinion about it since it’s a blog. So if you have issues with others discussing it maybe you should’t read it. As it was said before I bet it bugs you only because most people don’t like them together unlike you. Deal with it already. I wonder if you go to sites where most people like this ‘couple’ and tell them the same thing ( leave them alone it’s their lives ). Do you?

  270. 270
    @ She won't be missed Says:

    I’m with you and I hope you are right about them and it’ll be over this year!
    Your comment about ‘wow’ not watching his movies on JJ is hilarious and so true!

  271. 271
    Another poll Says:

    Stupid site, stupid poll but there’s no way lively is winning this! Gisele is second no way lively is better than her!

  272. 272
    The Great Eye Says:

    funny thing about an Oscar dress, there is no way he will ever take on the red carpet :)))

  273. 273
    The Great Eye Says:

    *take her… again missed the word, sorry lol

  274. 274
    larson Says:

    @Elena: Yeah it was. Way before. Like a couple weeks. All of those threads about Leo were in late May, early June.

  275. 275
    Elena Says:

    @larson: hmmm, interesting. i wouldn’t be surprised if it somehow involved gambling, even if it isn’t specifically the tobey situation. unless it’s something really crazy like he beats up prostitutes or something. lol but i would imagine it has to involve one of his already well known vices, and gambling seems like an easy way to get into some shady business. well if that is the case, what a colossal waste of time this blake ridiculousness has been since it came out anyway.

  276. 276
    Pauly Says:

    There is no doubt Leo deserves an Oscar. If George Clooney has one…..he easily should have one. I am interested in what J Edgar is all about. I can’t wait for Leo to get back to work. He has some great stuff lined up…. I am tired of this Blake thing overwhelming everything he is doing professionally. Again. I have nothing against the couple…….if it is a real relationship fine. But there are SO many actresses out there with more talent……

  277. 277
    sara Says:

    Here we go again. Every girl Leo dates starts to pull the “please don’t look at me as I hide under my hat routine.” Then the two break up and the girl is out flashing her face and hatless again.

  278. 278
    such nonsense Says:

    And who was it said Tinkerbell doesn’t post any more lol!!!

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