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Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio: Stevie Wonder Performance!

Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio: Stevie Wonder Performance!

Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio check out a Stevie Wonder performance at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday (July 24) in Hollywood.

The 23-year-old Gossip Girl actress and her rumored beau left in a friend’s car and kept their heads buried in their laps as they sat in the back seat.

Earlier in the week, Blake was on the east coast shooting scenes for Gossip Girl.

Blake and Leo were also recently spotted sunglasses shopping at a mall in L.A.

FYI: Blake is wearing Cocobelle Safari Ankle Strap sandals.

15+ pictures inside of Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio heading to a Stevie Wonder performance…

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278 Responses to “Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio: Stevie Wonder Performance!”

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  1. 76
    Becksy Says:

    @huh: No, I don`t think it`s about defending her. I never liked her because of several things and none of which was her dating Leo. Those haven`t changed. Bar hasn`t changed but clearly in this situation she looks better than Leo. You don`t have to be a Bar fan or defend her.

  2. 77
    @icecream Says:

    I like the hat part of the deal. At least we don`t have to see her ugly man face all the time. It`s enough when she is on the red carpet showing off everything the plastic surgeon gave her. Creepy enough then so at least we are not tortured with her face. Man, how can Leo look at that several times a day?
    Whole last week a romantic getaway? While she was in NYC working? The delusional bellafreaks are here working hard. LOL!

  3. 78
    RIP Bar 2006-2011 Says:

    Bar is fat girl for a model That is why she doesn’t get a runway job let alone high fashion cover magazine. Gisele (man face) is supermodel, Naomi (scary) is supermodel, Candice (pretty) is supermodel. Blake who is not a model has already grace Vogue cover twice, she is a top design favorite girl. You can hater all you want but if a girl who is not a professional model can get all the job that Bar could dream to get, at least she have done something right. LOL.
    Bar is supermodel of Fat people. I will definitely give her a medal for that but of course there is no medal award for being fat. LOL.

  4. 79
    Bar is winning Says:

    @RIP Bar 2006-2011: Bar is way prettier than Fake! You CANNOT be serious!!! lol And Bar is going to last longer than Fake!!! Break up this year!

  5. 80
    RIP Bar 2006-2011 Says:

    @Becksy: Yeah i know bar is wining right, what is her primary job? Giving rich people ******** to stay healthy. LOL. I wonder why her face look greasy and fugly! LOL

  6. 81
    rose Says:

    This is so stupid, whats with all the downgrade crap? Bar is winning crap!!
    You people are so dam childish!! GROW UP!! Leo is human just like Blake, if he likes Blake so be it. He isn’t bothering anybody, its HIS LIFE!! For heaven sakes NOT YOUR LIFE!!
    He is happy with Blake but he doesn’t like all the paparazzi swirling around him like bees. LET HIM BE!!!! Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh!!

  7. 82
    RIP Bar 2006-2011 Says:

    @Bar is winning:I don’t Leo is looking for mama boobies of bar. He has already have a 65 year mother, he doesn’t need another one. LOL
    Bar job is only giving bloww job to rich people. Don’t you think that is very degrading even for a women like you? No hate but that is fact. Gisele worth 170 +million dollar and bar worth____ if you include tips, it got to be somewhere in between her saggy boobies. LOL

  8. 83
    sos Says:

    @Orly: @bear: @MaisyRL: Exactly!!!One of the reasons I changed my name to sos same old sh*!I know some on here were thinking she might change him and all that when this first started.He seemed different bla…bla and then back to the same…I think he seems less affectionate with her than some of his other gfs.All that flirting with the model,the girls at the wedding,brunette at the burlesque show,and Vegas alone gets sweep under the rug,for this stuff.Some one said on the last thread that he was drunk at the wedding,as an excuse to his flirty behavior.He didn’t look drunk with that polish model.Which really makes me lol when the crap about how smitten he is comes out.I’m sure will be getting some more news about their great love affair this week with this new sighting.
    Don’t hate but i have a feeling that we’ll be getting the same when he starts filming in Australia.Probably from Us Weekly,he’s going to insist she visit and whisk her around down under spending a boat load of cash on her.

  9. 84
    Cammie Says:

    @RIP Bar 2006-2011:

    Mommies wish they had her boobies, she should get a boob job like Fake

  10. 85
    Delphic Says:

    And people call her stylish. Oh dear.

  11. 86
    Right On Says:


    A voice of sanity amid the freaks. Why is Leo’s ex part of this discussion? Let her live her life and him live his.

  12. 87
    Right On Says:

    Keep on posting haters. You’re making Jared money!

  13. 88
    Go Away Bar stalker Says:

    @RIP Bar 2006-2011:

    You go to every Bar post talking about sagging boobs, that she fat..whatever, she looks good and the majority of women like her body…Just because you don’t like her she has.. sagging boobs and is fat..go take your meds..

    Would you like her to a implants like Fake Lively and Fake looks 40 yrs in the face…

    When you see Leo back with Bar don’t hurt yourself..cause you are Crazy, she should hire security against you stalker.

  14. 89
    Go Away Bar stalker Says:

    @RIP Bar 2006-2011:

    Get security Bar this nut is obess

  15. 90
    Orly Says:


    Lainey claimed he was SOOO taken with her because of his Europe PDA performance, but NOPE, she has follow his rules. I expect her to bail soon

  16. 91
    Krytal Says:

    Leo is cute but i think he is a hustler.He always hangs out with ‘perfect gurlz’ but there isnt love.It’s OK when someone is teen but now?Sorry Leo but you’re a loser.Money cant buy happines only ***** & fakefriends. Or maybe he is GAY. It’s impossible that he date with only 1 prototype…#weird Sorry fans.

  17. 92
    RIP Bar 2006-2011 Says:

    @Cammie: You know saggy boobies look like when it gives birth, it will reach her stomach and get flat. Then, you will look like octomom. LOL I am sure Leo will entertain that. LOL

  18. 93
    Go Away Bar stalker Says:

    @Right On:

    You hate the truth don’t you…LOL!

  19. 94
    barrrrrbarrrrbarr Says:

    we love Bar yes we do Leo fans! Leo suck! Bar not! Bar great,rich,happy.Leo old poor fat loser!

  20. 95
    Go Away Blake stalker Says:

    and Bar stalker.

    Blake stalker, your death threats have been reported. If you think you’re not traceable sitting around in your jammies in mom’s basement, you’re in for a surprise.

  21. 96
    Krytal Says:

    And BTW Ok Leo is talented but without fans he never be who now is.So why so hard to keep contact with fans?-.- Sorry for my english.

  22. 97
    slimy Says:

    Leo fan love bar!

  23. 98
    RIP Bar 2006-2011 Says:

    @Go Away Bar stalker: You were ripping bar when he was with her cause Gisele (man face) was apparently were good for him. Now, leo date the same feature of gisele, all of a sudden saggy boobies is better to you. LOL. Why don’t you check yourself before you write yourself. lol Yes i like blake cause she gave me a great kiss, but mommy boobies decline me for a bloww job cause i didn’t have a credit card.

  24. 99
    ash Says:


    I don’t know why youre so happy bout that…
    BL will be the one who gets hurt.

  25. 100
    mrcina Says:

    He is ugly and she’ is a atalentless d-lister (oh, but she has implants working for her!).

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