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Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio: Stevie Wonder Performance!

Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio: Stevie Wonder Performance!

Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio check out a Stevie Wonder performance at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday (July 24) in Hollywood.

The 23-year-old Gossip Girl actress and her rumored beau left in a friend’s car and kept their heads buried in their laps as they sat in the back seat.

Earlier in the week, Blake was on the east coast shooting scenes for Gossip Girl.

Blake and Leo were also recently spotted sunglasses shopping at a mall in L.A.

FYI: Blake is wearing Cocobelle Safari Ankle Strap sandals.

15+ pictures inside of Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio heading to a Stevie Wonder performance…

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blake lively leonardo dicaprio hollywood bowl 02
blake lively leonardo dicaprio hollywood bowl 03
blake lively leonardo dicaprio hollywood bowl 04
blake lively leonardo dicaprio hollywood bowl 05
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  • @rporc

    Hooking up with an ACTRESS? Well, as if Fake Blake was an actress. But with her talent it`s an insult for the other actresses to call her that.

  • Please

    @I’m so damn BORED: and boring Tinkerbelle, isn’t there something else you should be doing?

  • CJLOVE23

    God Leo is soooo hot!!!!

  • Killy

    Leo is a great actor… one of the best of all time and will remain so. Talk all you want of his personal life, but the talent is unquestionable. Case closed.

  • I’m still BORED


    what’s this obsession with Tinkerbelle? she doesn’t even post here anymore. And no, I’m not Tinkerbelle, there are many different people who post here idiot.
    Yes, I do need to be doing something else, like getting my eyes checked for retinal damage after looking at Blake and her Enrique Iglesias Mole! and I suggest you do the same, dummy!!

  • Lina

    Hahaha she is hiding just like Bar. Leo can’t dress to save his life.


    and i was shocked to find that NO ONE other than LEO gets posts over 8 pages and they go upto 20+…… he is HUGE! that’s why all his ACT in real life.

  • Argh!

    I hate when I type Leo’s name in on this site and Blake’s name comes up with stories about her. Really?! I could give two craps about Blake freaking Lively! She better enjoy it while it lasts because before long, she’ll be out of the picture and so will her publicity. I mean just look at what happened to Bar. Now the only thing shes famous for is pictures with her nobody boyfriend and her twitter posts. Won’t be long before Miss Fake Lively will have the same fate. Because lets face it she can’t act to save your life!

  • Argh!

    Meant to say “her”

  • Pauly

    @Argh!: @Argh:
    I agree completely. Everytime you go to any search engine and type in Leo’s name and try to see what he is working on or whatever………Blake’s name is all over the place……what is with that?

  • larson

    @POSTS: Not true, Gerard Butler gets A LOT of posts. His latest got almost 2000 posts.

  • Pauly

    Here’s the problem I have with this Blake thing….I want to know some info about what DiCaprio is working on…….for example – how do you feel about working with Carey Mulligan? When will The Great Gatsby start shooting? What can we expect from J Edgar? What future projects are you interested in? I don’t begrudge his relationship??? with Blake…….it’s his life…..but it seems like she’s all consuming and DiCaprio is playing second fiddle to her professionally. He has EARNED his position in the movie field……what he does is interesting……..but go on his website and you get——”Blake reunited with Leo”, “Pictures of Blake with her boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio”………I don’t understand it.

  • Pauly

    I should say – type his name in any search engine and you get the Blake links…..

  • Elena

    I just have to say, I thought maybe I wasn’t giving Blake enough of a chance, I haven’t gone out of my way to pay attention to her, and while I always found her kind of irritating I just figured maybe I was missing something since so many people say how amazing and incredible and glittering disco bally she is. So I went on youtube and watched some interviews of her on Letterman and Regis and Kelly and stuff. And. Oh. My. Lord. Now I understand that you’re in front of an audience and you know this is going to be on TV, and you don’t get multiple tries like in a movie or TV show, so maybe she was just nervous, buuuuttt like wow that is a whole lot of energy to have without doing methamphetamines. And I get that there are people who are legitimately bubbly and bright and just like that all the time, but I’m kind of the opposite way all of the time, so someone that non-mellow would drive me insane in about 47 minutes. Oh and I totally can believe that story about Leo’s mom disliking her, because in most of the interviews she was acting exactly as was described ie “I was in the south of France for a Chanel photo shoot running down the street in a John Galliano dress looking for Karl Lagerfeld to give him the quiche Lorraine I cooked for him and 1900 other people at the French Culinary Institute on the 6 minutes I had off and oh I love France and French Food and French Fashion and French people and did you know I’m actually Belle from Beauty and the Beast and I also love sparkles and puppies and rainbows and unicorns and cupcakes and by the way I’m really humble which is why everyone within the radius of my sunlight instantaneously falls in love with me and my fabulous honey blonde hair!!!! So yeah long story short everything that everyone has been saying about her appears to be true.

  • Elena

    Oh and also, again I understand you’re on a talk show so you’re trying to make a good impression and get along with the host, but holy balls, homegirl has one fake sounding laugh.

  • Amused Aussie

    bahaha- to elena above- your exasperation nails it.
    A very amusing segment on our morning show this morning- talking about Aus as new celebrity destination- guests for the segment were the entertainment reporter for The Telegraph (our version of page 6 NY Post) and the notorious pap Jamie Fawcett.
    The reporter was talking about being excited having Tobey, Carey and Leo coming to Sydney when the Pap pipe up and says “make sure he brings Blake Lively”. The reporter recoiled, screwed his nose up and half shook his head with “Really??” in a crescendo tone.
    Pap responds “Oh Yeah”
    Reporter (still sitting back shaking head) “thats very controversial”
    A seemingly perturbed/ disgusted TV host agreeing with reporter “ugh with those nude photos”
    Pap- “oh no, no bring her”.

    WELL thats interesting- WHAT do we take from that?- The Paparazzi are still gagging for her like b#*tches in heat, and the wider press (guessing alot of public as well) are very much over her?!

    Mmmhmmm……. again Blake- The ROLE of Hugh Hefner’s fiancee is open- apply at the mansion, Leo knows the address. At least that one’s interested in tying the knot!

  • Pauly

    @Elena: you forgot something……..she learned to speak perfect French in 6 minutes! ……. such pretentiousness…….

  • Elena

    @Amused Aussie: Lol that’s awesome about the reporter openly finding her repugnant, it’s like when Reese Witherspoon called her out at the MTV awards, it’s like dude you know you’re in trouble when people are dogging you out in the open!
    @Pauly: And oh my god thank you for reminding me about that!!! I was definitely doing an America Ferrera eye roll at that one, I mean seriously, I took French for 4 years in HS, 2 years in college, and I couldn’t speak it for 20 minutes off the top of my head. I mean I could probably say random French words for 20 minutes, but nothing that actually made sense, so either she is some kind of Rain Main idiot savant or full of more sh*t than a porta-potty.

  • Pauly

    @Elena: I am leaning towards “full of more sh*t than a porta-potty” to be honest with you……

  • ???

    @I’m still BORED: Well, Dummy, don’t look …easy

  • NYPost

    There`s a dinner sighting of Leo and Horse Face from LA from last night. Someone was quick to notify NYPost for sure. Of course the bellafreaks are having a blast drooling over this hideous couple. Well, they don`t have taste or common sense so what can you expect from them? Morons! They should enjoy it while it lasts.
    Seriously they are creepy following every step he takes. How obsessed are those people? Weird and creepy!

  • Leo rocks!

    Leo is one of the best actors of all time. And he’s hot, so hot… he’s 36? Your girlfriend has 23? He looks so younger than her. Leo rocks!

  • OK

    I get the feeling if Leo is not careful with his new fling. The relationship can turn to into Brangelina and that will not be good for him give it time it will happen and Leo will bail or be stupid and stay.

  • NYC?

    It seems like they are in NYC now ( tweets ). Gossip Girl for Lively? Wherever she has to work Leo is there. LA or NYC. Seems like he is pretty taken with her…

  • Who cares not me

    @NYC?: who cares about them anymore.

  • sos

    He stayed in LA last time she went to NY to work,so he decided to go to NY this time.Isn’t that a part of his Mo though to be taken with them the first year or so?Anyway saw this coming i knew we would get a rash of sightings and probably pics.’sigh’ another five years?or does some one honestly think this is going to stick this time?@Who cares not me: It is starting to get boring isn’t it?Summer doldrums for sure.Sadly trying to think of things to talk about.Waiting for some more Leo alone time and for filming to start or something?

  • @sos

    Who knows? Maybe this will stick… Seems like he is pretty into her and follows her everywhere. Just like those sources from Us Weekly or Lainey said. Or it will be over just as quick as it started like a typical rebound relationship. But that’s not what Leo is well-known for!

  • Leo

    @@sos: If he followers her everywhere then he is whipped on her and that makes him to be be her little puppy she can do what ever she wants with him. Poor Leo NOT.

  • sos

    I don’t know how much i trust Us Weekly or Lainey,or any of the gossips I just have a hard time discounting what we’ve seen on the side though,you know what I mean?Even Lainey mentioned it in one of the Cannes articles.I’m not saying he is King Schlong but…No he isn’t know for that is he? Which i think is kind of unhealthy,I think you need some single time to see what’s out there.
    Would you be shocked if it did end suddenly?I would be because I think it’s going to go a year or two at least.I personally don’t think it’s going to last though,partly do to my belief in astrology.The other part thinking he is like George
    @question for the Psychics: Is Leo KS?That is a seriously good question to ask the psychics..I’m curious to know if the could see that.Then we could find out for sure.

  • The Great Eye

    Let’s just wait and see. I wonder will they split til the end of October like one of the psychics said, if so maybe I’ll start to believe in this kind of stuff…a little bit lol something tells that they will break much sooner than we think, but it’s just a feeling and nothing more ;) btw, all their relationships seem unbelievably ridiculous

  • Take the poll

    A or B?
    I really want to believe that this is `fire in a pan` and it will end just as quick as it started. Weird couple and his past two girlfriends are degrading for him. He needs to get rid of Lively asap. I don`t like to see him as a permanent tabloid fixture. We don`t need a new brangelina ( blanardo or dilively ). Ridiculous.

  • calling crystal ball
  • Xx

    @calling crystal ball: If Blake had a mind of her own she would not have mommy manager work for her okay!

  • Gosh

    The Sun? I didn’t know much about Now magazine but I do know that The Sun is crap. Famous on her own merit? Come on!
    Not a fan of Refaeli ( to say the least ) but it’s kind of a big slap on the face that Leo likes Fake Blake for her mind of her own. Not like I think more of Bar but again some Lively a** kissing from a completely unreliable source.

  • The Great Eye

    btw, we can 100 articles about their “strong love”, but pictures of them can tell much more truth. No one can always hide true feelings. We need to get more pics to understand *secretly hopes we won’t get them anymore* lol

  • The Great Eye

    *we can read

  • Us Weekly

    has an article ( of course ) of that Santa Barbara sighting. They added they she flew back to LA for this date conveniently forgetting that she is shooting a movie there… Us Weekly lost credibility with being the official sponsor of this nauseating romance. I really don`t know what to believe from them anymore…
    Pictures? Right! Like the ones from the wedding or with the Polish girl!

  • Haha!

    Seriously that Sun article is such a crock! This relationship is up and down more than a bouncy ball. I give it til the end of the summer as well. Blake is just a rebound for him right now. Shes just a bed warmer. If it lasts longer than September I’ll be very surprised. I hope he meets someone when he goes filming. He seriously needs to date some one out of the biz and whos not a famewhore like Fake Lively!

  • bellafreaks

    SOMETIMES do useful things. Like posting this photo… LOL!

  • TheTruthIs

    @bellafreaks: Fabulous :)))

  • http://deleted german article

    Leonardo DiCaprio’s forgotten ones
    Remember the faces – if you can
    LOS ANGELES – Leonardo DiCaprio’s flames have Astral Bodies – only the faces can not remember.
    Crunchy flip side, lush neckline and a long mane Walle – the “crème de la crème”-girlfriends of Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio (36) are blessed with beauty.

    One thinks. But Leo’s loved ones have a problem. For both ex-flame Bar Refaeli (26) and new girlfriend Blake Lively (23) do have a 1-a-body. Can remember her face but it is difficult.

    The Swiss Beauty surgeon Professor Werner Mang (Mang Swiss clinic) knows why: “Blake and bar have Barbie doll faces that are poorly marked. They look up to moderate, being boring, and are inconspicuous. The people keep this kind of face is not in memory. ”

    In sharp contrast to that of Leo’s ex-girlfriend Gisele Bundchen (31). When you vote, the combination of vision and dream body. “Gisele’s face is not smooth. She has a strong nose and high cheekbones. These proportions remain in my memory, “says Mang. Bar disappears, however – not only for Leo. (Jut)

  • ???

    @NYPost: Just a obsessed as you sweetheart

  • NYPost

    242= blah blah blah, sweetheart.

  • Amused Aussie

    Look on the brightside- Australia’s (Sydney) roughly 22hr flight (depending on stop overs).
    Commuting for sunglasses and taco’s dates is going to prove somewhat more difficult :) !!!

  • sos

    Another NY Post Pagesix sighting from Thursday.Cozy breakfast and they later took in a play.The usual they were into each other,holding hands & hugging.At least they mentioned that she was commuting back and forth to work unlike US Weekly.
    You know the sun article is crap,barely stepped foot out of his house?So who are these people we are getting sightings and pics of?
    @bellafreaks: LMAO,that made my day!
    @Amused Aussie: That’s true.Although from your post@216 sounds like the paps are dry humping the thought she might

  • Hey

    @sos: I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

  • she wont be missed

    Whenever Leo’s doing a movie there are hardly sightings of him and his bedwarmers for some strange reason. It doesnt matter if its in the USA or abroad. Ok, I’ll give, you might get one or two sightings of Fake and Leo while he’s over Australia for the 4 months but it won’t be every second like how we have now. So yes we will get a break!
    I know Leo fans are looking forward to him going to Australia!!! And I do believe that they will break up next month or while filming over there…When Leo is done filming he will be a single man! This isnt a 5-year-er thing. I have my sources.

    When Leo was in Morroco filming we got one sighting of Leo and Barf after months of not getting anything!! When he went to Africa it was the same thing. Even when he was in the USA for his last film and in LA with Barf we got virtually NO SIGHTINGS of them together until the end when they went to Paris for the commercial and that was in the USA!!!

    If you look at Leo’s history, sightings of his bedwarmers ALWAYS go way way down while filming a movie. Leo is kinda predictable that way…

    Thank god we won’t have to be hearing about this fcking btch every minute once he starts filming. So one way or the other this bedmanship will be over pretty soon.

    And don’t beleive the media reports about them holding hands and the in love crap! Yeah right… Believe the pictures!! Pictures don’t LIE and it clear that this relastionship is about to end!!! And this is how it will end… it will end suddenly. Like you’re not going to get months of not seeing pics of them which will get people wondering if they’re over. It will be more like a picture of them today, no picture of them tomorrow or ever!! And it will be reported in the media just as quickly as they came together. Easy come, easy go… I’m seeing August to September as the Era of The Break Up!

  • Elena

    @she wont be missed: right? not to sound all paranoid but it seems quite weird that there are all these twitter sightings but no pictures from bystanders or paparazzi? i know paps are less common in new york but seriously this is the first time i can remember leo dating someone who is remotely famous, so it seems like they’re dropping the ball on a serious money making opportunity. not that i think these twitter sightings aren’t real, but everything about this seems a bit off.

  • really

    @she wont be missed: i have to agree i cant wait till this thing is over btw Morocco is in Africa so i dont understand why you seperated the two

  • Bike ride

    There is a new tweet photo of them riding their bikes in NYC. No holding hands or cuddling. The photo is taken from a car, Leo is pretty recognizable followed by someone wearing a ridiculous a typical lively hat…
    Note: on these tweet photos ( Carmel, Santa Barbara, NYC ) Leo is always seen but lively is not only you see a woman in a hat. I’m not insinuating that it’s not her but ( thank god? ) you can never see her face and they are never look lovey-dovey. Only on paparazzi photos you can see her clearly. Just a note.
    @she won’t be missed: I loved your comment and optimism. I do hope that you are right. You have your source? Can you tell more about that part?