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Chord Overstreet Rejects Role on 'Glee' Season 3

Chord Overstreet Rejects Role on 'Glee' Season 3

Chord Overstreet and his girlfriend Emma Roberts hold hands as they take a stroll along the beach on Sunday (July 24) in Malibu, Calif.

The 22-year-old actor’s fate on the hit show Glee was revealed by executive producer Brad Falchuk that afternoon at the Comic-Con panel.

While Chord was offered a recurring guest starring role on the third season of the show, Brad said “he decided he would have opportunities elsewhere that he would like to pursue, and we can’t force him to work. We told him to go with god.”

Chord recently hinted on his Twitter account that he is working on his debut album. We can’t wait to hear it!

DO YOU THINK Chord Overstreet made the right decision with Glee?

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44 Responses to “Chord Overstreet Rejects Role on 'Glee' Season 3”

  1. 1
    Ismail Says:

    So stupid!

    It was the only descent role he could ever get!
    Does he really think that aunt Julia’s gonna cast him is one of her upcoming films? She didn’t help her niece, she’s certainly not gonna help her “boyfriend” (if that’s what he is) ..

  2. 2
    Ava Says:

    It is clear to see that Ryan Murphy is simply using Glee to relive his high school years and make them into what he thought they should of been; the self-centered pity Kurt show, I don’t doubt for a second that Chord got sick of fake promises and really no story lines. The Rachel-FInn, Kurt-my life is so terrible-blaine triangle have all gotten old. Finn can’t sing, and the show has become redundant and lacking serious continuity in the last season so I just don’t care for it anymore. Chord was a welcome changed when they actually let them have lines or a solo. Brad and Ryan are going to be the end of this show, not the lack of Lea, Cory and Chris.

  3. 3
    susan Says:

    They look cute.

  4. 4
    Rachel Says:

    big mistake. he’ll soon regret it when everyone forgets about him.

  5. 5
    Holly Says:

    Lol more lies. They fired him, got bad feedback and asked him back. He let his pride get in the way and rejected. He should know that HW success is all about kissing ass. You can’t be a prat so quick into your career.

  6. 6
    Amanda Says:

    I think that he made a good choice with not going back to glee.
    The show is just going to all about blaine probably next season anyway. Nothing against Darren, but BLAINE sucks and his character is nothing good, just bland. Sam was a better much character, but they made Darren a season regular before even thinking about Chord. Screw the show. Hopefully something good will come for Chord.

  7. 7
    lira Says:

    Does anybody think that it’s hilarious that they told him to go with god?!?!?

  8. 8
    steph Says:

    i wished him well and it sucks how this adorable character from glee was taken out,,,
    i hate fox and hate how they make us fall in love with a character then suddenly boom they take it all away from us, they keep writing characters that the audience will love and the next minute they cut it off without further notice,,, i mean is that even good writing>?…i respect chord’s decision he is still human and his ego and pride has been trapped by the rib producers so he has no other option but to get out of it…
    did the glee producers did think trought what’s next after highschool? comeon it’s not forever remember the o.c. they killed marissa and the audience was gone an dit got cancelled,,,and another house they cut off lisa adelstein in house? i mean what were they thinking and last prison break they kill sarah …if american idol wasn’t in that station it would probably suck and they would not have the highest ratings or if friends were still on air so boo t0 FOX!!!

  9. 9
    TinyDancer Says:

    I’m guessing with Glee in his rear view mirror, we can expect more photographed walks on the beach to keep him relevent.

  10. 10
    Jon-Pl Says:

    @steph: Lisa was killed off House because she refused to accept the salary. She was asking for more and more money. She pulled a Paula Abdul and thought they’d beg her to come back but they didn’t.

  11. 11
    steph Says:

    it was a trapped or reverse psychology mechanism that the producers are doing, they make this stuff they tell us things that the actors want and what they want and it’s for us to beleive?,,,,i mean can we truly know what really happened…

  12. 12
    steph Says:

    it’s the producers it’s their reverse psychology? i mean who knows what really happened behind all this?>..they trapped each others out,,,

  13. 13
    cynthia ridgeway Says:

    Good for him! He should’nt waste his time waiting for an occational Glee appearance. Life is short. Get on with it. I will miss you on Glee but I wish you better horizons.

  14. 14
    Sara Says:

    Im so sad chord is leaving glee. Chord you will truly be missed. Cant wait to hear your album. Big fan love u chord <3

  15. 15
    dud Says:

    i like emma and i like chord, still cant believe they’re a couple, cute!

  16. 16
    steph Says:

    I do not believe that Chord declined the offer. The writers are turning what really happened upside down.

  17. 17
    Jon-Pl Says:

    @steph: He declined to come back as a guest star but that was only after they dropped him. He didn’t ask to leave from the get go like they are trying to tell us.

  18. 18
    steph Says:

    @jon-pi bec they left him with no choice it’s like ” hey chord, you’ll come back but your still demoted,,,he has no other options, i mean he had to let go even if it sucked bec they couldn’t just promote him…

  19. 19
    steph Says:

    because he was trapped!

  20. 20
    alex Says:

    emma can talk to aunt jolia she can finde a job 4 both of them,that how u made it in hollywood if you dont have talent.,

  21. 21
    Jon-Pl Says:

    Regardless he should have taken the opportunity to come back. It would have opened up more doors for him. He should be gracious, getting a gig on Glee after only appearing on a webseries is a big deal. The hype got to his head.

  22. 22
    mike Says:

    the only reason i knew about this kid was because of glee. does he really think that going solo, hes going to be more successful?? i highly doubt it….

  23. 23
    Cheery Says:

    @lira: My thoughts too! What a funny, though strange, thing to say; like the “nice” version of telling someone to go to hell.
    Oh well, maybe his girlfriend can help him land better/movie roles.

  24. 24
    ozzie Says:

    he’s a sweet guy and i wish him well … as long as he doesn’t make country music … which is the road i think he is going to take.

  25. 25
    Alaia Says:

    He seems like a private person. I wonder if he’ll get used to her pap-calling.

  26. 26
    netizen Says:

    Glee has already jumped the shark and I think Chord definitely made the right decision.

  27. 27
    LD Says:

    Private people don’t usually have open Twitter accounts where they Tweet plans and comments to Robert Kardashian, Katy Perry, Mark Sanchez, etc. Private people have private accounts or text instead. Nothing wrong with any of those Tweets btw; just saying that his public actions don’t paint the picture of a private person at all. If there is pap-calling going on, he’s probably in on those calls himself.

  28. 28
    A Jen Says:

    Who knows if he’ll get more work. The fact is, they didn’t pick up his option and therefore Chord was not under contract. Having him back as a guest star probably means he would get less money and if the fans liked him, maybe he would become a regular mid-season. It’s a bit of an insult after all the effort they went through to introduce him to the show.

  29. 29
    Oye Vey Says:

    Last season, he was the injection of new blood to keep the show going. Now, he is out. Something happened behind the scenes that has not leaked out (salary dispute? flack from haircut?) The “go with God” comment is a very telling kiss-off.

  30. 30
    SarahC Says:

    We told him to go with God? Uh…okay. Whatever. Personally, I’m going to miss Chord on Glee. Sam was the fresh breathe of air that Glee needed. He was the most relatable character by far, with his dad getting laid off and his family going completely broke. His voice alone, is enough for me to miss him. The second he sang ‘Billionaire’ he was an instant favorite of mine. Obviously we don’t know what happens behind the scenes but I hope that Chord will be able to move in a positive direction and get new roles and offere. As well, as success with his upcoming album. I love you Chord, and I’ll continue following you even after Glee.

  31. 31
    BEE Says:

    If you are a person with talent why would you be afraid to go out of what’s popular? Popular doesn’t mean talented.

  32. 32
    greenlee Says:

    The higher ups associated with that show seem to be really immature and vindictive when u don’t do exactly what they want, whether it’s getting turned down by artists or with their own cast. I wouldn’t want to be on a show like that, they sound psycho. Good decision for Chord.

  33. 33
    Mason Says:

    It’s really weird to tell an employee to ‘go with god’. They really need to settle down over there at Glee. Their show is on the way down and I think they know it.

  34. 34
    Dean Says:

    Do u really have to kiss-ass in HW?
    I dunno how it works over there, but I’d choose pride and manhood and if that’s what this kid did thengood for him.

  35. 35
    Obviously Says:

    btw Chord sucks its a blessing.
    His impressions suck too

  36. 36
    cady Says:

    “Go with God”

    Could Ryan Murphy have a larger chip on his shoulder? As if his decision to stay on Glee or not was the most important decision in his lifetime. How embarrassing. What a pity, I used to be a big fan of his.

  37. 37
    From the show Says:

    to all the folks saying this is a lie. It isn’t. I work on the show. The writers were not ready to bump him up story wise just yet and Fox was leaning on them to keep costs down so we couldn’t bump him to a regular just cause since that would mean paying him for episodes he wouldn’t be in. That’s the way the contracts work. When they had developed the story enough that it was time to have him there at the front all the time for all episodes they were going to upgrade him.
    Chord did choose not to go with this plan. It wasn’t a very cool thing since the writers were relying on him agreeing and he had acted as though he was in no matter what when they started it. But what can you do. As Brad said, we can’t force him since he wasn’t on that kind of locked in contract. So we’ll deal.

  38. 38
    Charlie Says:


    How about you get some proof they are lying before you assume that Chord is this awesome guy and was 100% a victim. Say proof that he was ever led to believe he would be a regular at this time or they just fired him out right and then decided to lie and blame it on him. I’m sure there’s an email or a text message telling the whole evil plot. Shouldn’t be that hard for you to find

  39. 39
    thetruthhurts Says:

    Most actors his age with the little experience he has would jump on the chance to be on a hit show like Glee and he walked away. The show was a hit before he joined the cast. It will survive without him. But will his career? He walked away from a HIT show. He is not that great a singer, dancer or actor but they still wanted him and were writing for him. And he still walked away from a hit show. I guess he has rich parents.
    Look how long it took David Caruso to come back from walking away from N.Y.P.D. Blue.
    Maybe he can play in his brothers’s band.

  40. 40
    Natalie Says:

    What annoys me about all of this is that we haven’t heard anything from Chord himself?!? So we’re all judging him on what the producers have said which of course isn’t going to make him look too good!! Personally, I love him and I hope that for his own sake, he has made the right decision :)

  41. 41
    alex Says:

    If Chord has been offered to be regular in the mid-season of S3? Do you think he is going to leave? i don’t think so.. it wasn’t offered to him. Ryan and his Cos are telling everyone that we offered him “this and that”, they offered him to be regular after 7-8 episodes last year but it never happen. The regular promotion for Chord that Ryan/Brad told to the media was a complete bullshit

  42. 42
    alex Says:

    From the show,

    If Chord has been offered to be regular in the mid-season of S3? Do you think he is going to leave? i don’t think so.. it wasn’t offered to him. Ryan and his Cos are telling everyone that we offered him “this and that”, they offered him to be regular after 7-8 episodes last year but it never happen. The regular promotion for Chord that Ryan/Brad told to the media was a complete bullshit

  43. 43
    Melissa Says:

    God should be capitalized in the article. It appears to be lower case.

  44. 44
    Brittany Says:

    Leaveing a hit show did wonders for mischa bartons carrer. Why do all these actors do the same thing…..

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