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Suri Cruise Pushes the Baby Carriage

Suri Cruise Pushes the Baby Carriage

Suri Cruise pushes her baby doll in a tiny carriage while shopping with her mom Katie Holmes at the Brentwood Country Mart on Sunday (July 24) in Los Angeles.

The 5-year-old cutie constantly stopped to make sure that her baby doll was doing alright. Aww!

Katie recently told InStyle what she thinks is in store for her daughter’s future.

“I think she’s going to do a lot of different things. She’s an amazing athlete, singer, and dancer, and I think she’ll probably be an actress,” Katie said.

FYI: Katie is wearing a Zimmermann Conversation Lady Cross Front Dress.

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Photos: Flynet Pictures
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  • creed

    dear GOD!!
    She is NOT gonna be a actress.
    Please the girl is 5 and Ive had her shoved down my throat since she was born.

  • http://ja slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    better take car

  • Liz

    A 5 year old is an “athlete”"?? A “singer”?? WTF is wrong with that woman?

  • WTF?


  • Dina

    what a Cute little girl! =)

  • Dina

    Katie’s dress is pretty.

  • A Chinese guy

    Suri’s very poplar in China.There are lots of her fans in our country.

  • annie

    both of them are such pretty girls

  • Bebe

    @Liz: So kids don’t sing or play sports? Suri is adorable and looks so sweet , checking up on her doll like that.

  • labala

    It’s interesting to see Sunday Rose have Faith in the carriage,and Suri just have a DOLL~~~~LOL

    Katie ,what are doing now??Trying to save your acting career??You have no talent doing that thing,just can show your photoshoped pics on the cover!!!
    After always thief nicole’s fashion ideal.Now you can learn nicole to have another baby,
    You should know Suri want a sister!!!

  • Larissa

    Why all the judging? Maybe they are unable to have any more children, you don’t know if they are trying to have another baby for maybe years?

  • Larissa

    Or maybe they just want one child. and if so, that’s entirely their choice. It’s not like they are absusing their child by not having a brother or sister for her.

  • Emma


  • ck

    I think if Katie was forced to utter a sentence without using the word “amazing,” she just sit there silently with her head tilted slightly – not unlike how a dog is perplexed when coming upon a screen door..

  • Suri Jackson
  • GiveItUp

    Holy cr*p Suri Jackson! The nose, brows, crease in the forehead!! Tom didn’t think this out all of the way. Either he was banking on Suri not looking just like Josh, or that Josh would have moved on from Hollywood. This is going to be HUGE when it all comes out.
    Now that ridiculous scientology “rent-a-belly” that Katie was wearing makes sense.

  • A Chinese guy

    Why you guys hate her?She’s only 5!Please tell me why.
    She’s popular in China even better than her dad.

  • Elle

    Singer, dancer, actresss. All the things Katie wanted to be but isn’t. Interesting that there’s no talk of doctor, engineer, architect teacher, writer, anthropologist…anything academic. Anything that takes real work. Katie is a lazy person who plays dress up. Doesn’t actually study acting, dancing, singing, design. Boring

  • question

    WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS KID? She is too old to be pushing around a doll and she should not be using a baby bottle at age 5!

  • eh hmm

    Mrs. Tom Cruise looks like she’s NOT on drugs again.

  • mya

    My girl of 5 do the same. She likes acting, dancing and dancing. If later my girl wants to have a career, she will have to battle to show up her talent even if she has a lot.
    Katie is just in adoration with her girl just like any mom when you see your child performing in their room or on a stage. But who knows what Suri will do when she’ll grown up? It’s too early to know, except if mom and dad open the doors right now.

  • Suri Jackson

    I was debating that myself. Suri would be heading into 1st grade if she lived in a real world. You generally see the baby dolls and strollers in daycare/preschool, and maybe Kindergarten.
    Tom and Katie have done an excellent job at keeping Suri developmentally delayed.

  • lena

    what? 5 is not too old to be playing dolls! come on! but i do worry about a child whose parents always brag about her being amazing at everything.

  • lena

    and she would be going into kindergarten, not first grade. my daughter played with dolls til she was 8. im just glad to see her doing something age appropriate, instead of wearing heels all the time.

  • hmm

    I got my first baby stroller at Suri’s age. The bottle though, should have been given up 4 years ago.

  • Sun

    Unfortunately, there is a cankle gene.

  • fug

    that outfit makes katie look massive!

  • LALA

    When you say that your daughter was playing with dolls until she was 8, I hope you mean that she was playing with Barbies and not “betsy wetsies”.
    Violet Affleck was born Dec 2005, yet she has been going to school for awhile now and is much more advanced than Suri. The older kids get, the harder it is to catch up academically and socially with their peers. Suri already has no friends. I hope Mr. and Mrs. Cruise are proud of themselves.

  • Joji

    “She’s an amazing athlete, singer, and dancer, and I think she’ll probably be an actress,”

    Well, someone in the family needs to be.

  • http://comcast Dee

    Every thing in Katies life is AMAZING, that’s quite a word Katie, give it a rest. Tom was Amazing when they were dating, when they got married , when she gave birth, etc. etc, etc. Tom still doesn’t look at Katie the way he used to look at Nicole.I still think he is in love with Nicole but would never ever admit it. I.m happy Nicole has Keith Urban, he just oozes with sex appeal and is such a humble person. By the way, Suri is an adorable little girl.

  • Penny

    Agreed, it would be cute if Suri were three. Hope they get her help.

  • FoxRox

    I’m sorry but this kid does not look like Tom or Katie. Everything about Tom and Katie seems so strange and orchestrated. Two weeks after they met, he’s jumping on couches confessing his love like some deranged lunatic. He had 2 previous marriages which resulted in no kids. Then Katie shows up pregnant weeks later. All the different sizes in her pregnant belly, we don’t see photos of the kids until she’s supposedly 4 months old. That’s some strange sh!T. I can’t wait for the truth to come out.

  • Bwaaaaahaaaaahaaaaahaa!

    from the Daily Mail:
    According to reports Suri has been signed up for singing lessons after becoming inspired by family friend Willow Smith, daughter of actor Will Smith.

    And she is said to be learning from the best – Ron Anderson who trained Tom, 48, for his new movie Rock Of Ages, about veteran rocker Stacee Jaxx.

    According to the Daily Star Sunday, a source said: ‘Tom was having sessions with Ron, and Suri came along one day.

    ‘After a bit of encouragement, she belted out a couple of songs and Ron’s been teaching her since.

    ‘Her voice will change but she has her heart set on becoming a pop star even at such a young age.’

  • Kelly

    Poor Suri. She’ll never compare to her mother’s masterpiece performance:

  • Lavito

    I’ll tell you why we (that do) can’t stand this little girl, there isn’t anything special about her other who her parents are. And, ‘creed’ is right, she has been and is shoved down our throats since she was born.

  • trini

    It is perfectly normal for kids Suris age to play with baby dolls,. Drinking from a bottle and using a pacifier, not normal.

  • another question

    kate is always mentioning how close she is with her sisters. why aren’t they ever with her. why doesn’t kate go visit ohio?

  • Dear Joshua

    Open Letter to Joshua Jackson:
    Dear Josh,
    We realize that your hands have been tied in this matter. After all, with all of the lies and media manipulation Tom orchestrated, how could you have even suggested that Suri could be yours when she was first born. Now, even though your physical traits are so prominent visible on Suri, Tom has raised her, which adds an extra layer of complexity to this mess.
    Look – as much as I like you as an actor(and you seem to be a good guy), your character on Fringe has essentially been written off. Why don’t you take a bit of time off with Diane in Paris and start that family. Taking a break from the stress of Hollywood may also give you time to sort through everything with Suri and maybe go ahead and get that court order for a dna test. You aren’t the bad guy in this, and in the end everyone will see what a patheic human being Tom is whether you address the issue now or wait until Suri decides to find the truth. As we watch the damage being inflicted on Suri, I believe that the temporary challenge to bring out the truth and allow you and Diane to properly parent Suri is better than leaving her in that cult.
    Just an Observer (and a former Fringe watcher)


    Well, my 6 year old niece still plays with her dolls and stroller and she isn’t delayed in any way, she just likes to pretend to be a mommy..Seems I did the same even after starting school, though by 7 or 8 I moved on to barbies..

    ANYWAY I do feel sorry for Suri. There seems to be so much pressure on her to grow up to be AMAZING.what if she is just average?

  • ariana

    odd outfit on holmes.

  • madmoni

    @labala: you’re so stupid! I’m definitely not her fan buy it’s not your business if she has one child. It’s nothing bad about people with one child. You see a little girl with a doll and you try to see sth more in this regular child’s behaviour

  • tina

    some people here are really embittered when it comes to tom, katie and suri. spewing hatred against a family they don’t really know. and yet, you see the same people everyday, clicking for any news on the cruise’s and apparently have made it a lifelong commitment to put them down. losers

  • arnie

    Now I know where my Grandmothers old curtains and lace tablecloth ended up.

  • Tulip

    Suri is simply amazing. Ha, ha, haters!

  • Susie#1

    OMG what the he!! is Katie wearing? Just awful. She really looks like a young bag lady. Suri is seriously underweight, and you can see it in the bikini pictures and these. She needs nourishing food, not barley water and ice cream.

  • yosra

    Suri is so Cute..

  • Frida

    Ok, I’m laughing now…. people (me included) are constantly complaining that they make her grow up too fast and now when she’s doing something age appropriate (pushing a doll in a stroller) you’re complaining about that?! I’m a pre school teacher and believe me, kids definitely do play with dolls at age 5. I say, let her play with dolls as long as she finds it fun. There is no age limit to playing preferences, that is just ridiculous. However what I also find ridiculous is Katie referring to her 5-yearold daughter as an athlete and a singer and a dancer… please, she’s having fun, doesn’t mean it will be her career when she’s older, it doesn’t even mean she’s any good at it.

  • riri

    Katie should let the sweet girl just be a normal girl.
    Stop pushing her to live YOUR dreams.

  • Romeo

    Exactly, #10. Critics are always willing to make things up to bash them.

    What’s so interesting about that, #11?

    Right, #13.

    Holmes is an actress and recently is now a dancer, #19.

    What baby bottle, #20? Why is she too young to be pushing around a toy stroller and doll?

    Kindergarten actually, #23. You don’t know her to say she’s developmentally delayed. There’s nothing to debate.

    You don’t how advanced or not any of these kids are, #29. And how do you knowhow many friends any of these kids have or not?

    That’s funny, #31. Many people say that Kidman is still in love with Cruise.

    You’re an idiot, #32.

    Don’t believe everything you read, #34.

    She’s just a baby and no one ever forced you to follow her, #36.

    And how do you know she doesn’t visit or is with her, #38?

    Joshua Jackson isn’t the father, #39.

    Pressure, #40? You’re reading too much into things. Every parent thinks their child is amazing.

    Don’t believe everything you read, #46.

    She’s not doing any such thing, #49.

  • Amory

    A sad commentary that she has no better dreams for her child than actress. Of course, since she won’t get an education, I guess there isn’t much open to her, and daddy can buy her roles just as he buys them for Katie. I see nothing “amazing” about this child. She’s just a child. If anything, she seems a bit behind. The bottle and pacifiers are signs of that.