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Vanessa Hudgens Talks About Her New Haircut

Vanessa Hudgens Talks About Her New Haircut

Vanessa Hudgens goes for a bike ride on Sunday afternoon (July 24) in Studio City, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress recently talked with MTV about how she’s been able to keep her haircut a secret for two months!

“I cut it off as soon as I started the film which was about two months ago,” Vanessa said. “We’ve been shooting in the middle of nowhere, in some pretty hood areas”abandoned hospitals”so it took a while for the paparazzi to figure out where I was, which I am very thankful about.”

Vanessa wasn’t photographed on set until the last few days of filming.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens going for a bike ride…

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vanessa hudgens talks about her new haircut 01
vanessa hudgens talks about her new haircut 02
vanessa hudgens talks about her new haircut 03
vanessa hudgens talks about her new haircut 04
vanessa hudgens talks about her new haircut 05
vanessa hudgens talks about her new haircut 06
vanessa hudgens talks about her new haircut 07
vanessa hudgens talks about her new haircut 08
vanessa hudgens talks about her new haircut 09
vanessa hudgens talks about her new haircut 10

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  • Ludmilla Sanda

    She looks gorgeous as usual, but she’s fatter than before.

  • Creed

    She seems like a likable person.
    I am not going to praise or bash her until her new movie/trailer come out. but I will say she is trying very hard.

  • Emma

    Love her hair!

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  • a

    Thats very fascinating

  • kerri

    Lol only Nessa would go and ride a bike with heels. Love the top very cute. Love you Nessa :)

  • kerri
  • blah

    she should go back to p0rn, she have amazing body for xXx movies…

  • amber

    I read a great interview with her on my favorite fashion blog. check it out. google fash boulevard

  • Jenny


  • http://ja slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    not nice with hair cut

  • Delphic

    Trying too hard. You’re not Kirsten Dunst, girl.

  • http://facebook love

    who the hell is kristen dunst?

  • http://facebook love

    who the hell is kristen dunst?

  • I’m the best

    mexican hooker on her way to work

  • http://iiiiiiiiiiloser iiiiiiiiiiiiiiloser

    i just dont get her

  • Manilla

    Now she looks even more Filipino although she is only half, but she doesn’t look Russian lime her father.

  • uPsIDEdown

    Geez, it’s just a haircut! She makes it sound like it’s some life changing event. I wish she would stop harping on about her ‘dramatic transformation’ and just let her work speak for itself. Because if she’s not any good or the movie sucks, it would all look very foolish indeed.

  • yets

    looking good vanessa.!!!

  • peggy

    @Ludmilla Sanda:

    She had to gain a few pounds for the role – isn’t it funny when Zac gained 20 lbs of weight for TLO people talked about him filling out but Vanessa with 10 gets called fat.

    Women need to stop complaining about the double standard cause its we ourselves that are keeping it alive

  • kerri
  • emily h

    @peggy: i agree with you completely, however i think there’s a little bit of a difference because zac gained all muscle.

  • Roadhouse

    People living on the street do not gain weight. She has a weight problem just like her mother. I can not believe that they are letting her judge a fashion show. She has lousy taste. Oh well, once a fashhoe always one.

  • boston61

    It always ruins films when women wear wigs. This is real.

  • LisaLipps

    Nothing special. Very plain looking girl. Her 15 mins are almost up.

  • http://facebook gio

    roadhouse you are stupid or what she plays a pregnant homeless teenager how old are? you dont know that when you are pregnant you gain weight i am just saying girl how old are you 5 years old bye bye looser. and lisalipps actually she is five years famous and are going 55 years believe me do something important in your life and go to school to learn moths thank you bye bye looser . uPsIDEdown actually she said that when she gave an interview at access hollywood like two weeks ago so dont worry about her you have to worry about your life atleast she takes millions and you are just some stupid girl who complain on how she looks and her movies and her hair all the haters are looser with no life what do you care if she is a whore hu ? you are not her mother bitches let her mother worry about that and and I’m the best i guesse you know it because its your job right ?she doe snt need to be a hooker she has the money bye bye hooker nice job by the way you make men happy haha

  • my2cents

    I honestly can’t wait for the day that her ex isn’t brought into her threads. It’s 8 months already. Quit comparing them they are different sexes. Why must you bring her family into this they just love her and support her. They are not in show business and the only reason people know who they are is because she is not ashamed of them and she actually spends time with them unlike many celebrities.
    Whether people like her or not Vanessa has a reputation for being cutting edge fashionista, so she is a very good person to judge this contest. Haters keep on hating but what goes around comes around to you.

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  • Danielle

    She is gorgeous!!!!

  • http://none Gigi

    Who the hell wears heels riding a bike? Let a lone dressing like that… Yeah, and she HATES the paparazzi.

  • Mayle

    @Gigi: It’s because these pictures are staged. This nobody gets papped everyday while relevant celebrities like Keira Knightley can go to LA for a few months to shoot a film and only be seen once or twice.

  • maria

    @Mayle: Well, it’s because no one here cares about Keira Knightley, and Vanessa IS relevant to more people in the states than her. Pics of her are worth money to the tabloids, and the paps know where she lives. WHat, is she supposed to hide in her house??? SHe’s been busy since last fall with work commitments, and she deserves time off like everyone else. Why can’t she ride a bike around HER neighborhood with her sister???? She can’t live her life worried about the damn paps all the time.

  • http://facebook forever

    Mayle and who the hell cares abou Keira Knightleyt bitch her life is all about being on the spotlight and being perfect, but mistakes are always there. She knows her work will make her do so many sacrifices. The pressure of always being the best at what she does can be so heavy, but she knows how to deal with it. She is always there, with a winning smile, feeling grateful for her lucky instead of feeling cursed for all the hard times she goes through. leave her to live her life as she want we have to understand that its not your life or mine its hers

  • maria

    @emily h: Sorry to argue with you but that is absolutely not true. If it was just “muscle” he gained, then where is it now?? He still works out, and therefore, would still have it. And his face was chubby……that is NOT muscle. In fact, he was chubby all over. That’s why he’s much slimmer now, cause that’s the weight he lost. Vanessa will lose it too. No worries.

  • Christaline

    Vanessa hudgens is Hollywoods new boho queen:)

  • Christaline

    @uPsIDEdown: lol you do know that it’s the press that keeps asking her over and over again about her new haircut! it’s them making it a big deal, not her!!

  • nassia

    Vanessaa is sooo amazing…. She is incredibly perfect! She is my lifeeee the reason I breatheee… Love her till my heart stops beating(and even then)!!!

  • http://twitter madisonyoutube.comrayyyp

    i hate the love she looks like a guy lol vanessa hudgenson

  • Chloe

    Just because you cut your hair dose not mean
    Your ugly you will always be pretty and you
    Will always be in my heart!!!!! I love u!!!
    Love Chloe