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Alexander Skarsgard: It Gets Better!

Alexander Skarsgard: It Gets Better!

Alexander Skarsgard is the latest celeb lending his support to the It Gets Better project.

“I believe it gets better when parents start to lead by example,” the 34-year-old True Blood star said in a new video.

“We have to teach our children that, not only through our words but also through our actions, that every single human being has equal value,” he added. “And to bully someone or for society to discriminate against someone because they have a different sexual orientation, it’s unacceptable.”

“I don’t have any children yet but the day I do, I will make sure that before they walk, before they can even crawl, know how important that is and I hope you do the same,” he said before reiterating, “It gets better.”

Alexander Skarsgard – It Gets Better
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  • Cheryl

    Ah, “The Vampire Viking” of True Blood.

  • ib8

    Oh yea, you blue eyed beauty? Then why don’t you come make it better, hop in my bed and make me a happier man?!

    But seriously. This is great.

  • danielik25

    It´s so good and Alex is beautiful here.


    Mmmm, good looking on the outside AND the inside.

  • chelle

    Makes me admire him that much more. Not just another pretty face but a good, caring heart.

  • tami

    He is such a wonderful guy. So full of love and thoughtfulness.

  • please

    how is he going to do that before they can crawl? what a load of drivel

  • About Face


  • Holic

    I think I’m in love.

  • megan


  • Seriously

    @please I think he was just saying that he wants to instill values in them at a very young age. Gosh don’t be so harsh.

  • Jessie

    “I have no children..yet” haha I can help him in that matter for sure!

  • Lakas

    how does he know it gets better or not when hes not gay

  • melina

    Everything that Skarsgard says is right, but he is in Hollywood bussiness, where “perfection” and “superiority” is a way of life through “image – making”. Where is equality’s place there?
    When you want to pass a value to other people you have to be a living example of it. The last place I would look for values would be Hollywood.

  • melina


    Exactly me point.
    Gay vs straight, fat vs thin, ugly vs handsome.
    It will never get any better, and Hollywood and media made sure of it.

  • FFer

    Bring in the clowns…

  • http://none texas swede

    @Lakas: I am straight but because of my living situation have been accused of being lesbian for years. People have assumed because I share my home with another woman we are sexual partners and not just lifelong friends. I was investigated by an overly zealous religous supervisor and hasseled until I gave up the best job I ever had. At another job was actually ask by other workers NOT to attend family company functions so they would not feel uncomfortable bringing their kids. So do not tell me someone who is not gay cannot understand!

    And yes I can pledge it does get better. I brought my daughter up to accept others for who they are. The only exception is if they try to harm her or anyone else. And my daughter was a friend to many types of kids in school. And she had no problem at 14 asking me to talk one afternoon and telling me she thought she was bi-sexual. Now at 20 she counsels girls at the university she attends about coming out and has actually helped quite a few. So yes by setting and living an example for our children IT DOES GET BETTER.

    That also means setting an example in all things.

  • http://none texas swede

    @melina: Before you spread negative vibes about the project please, please read up on it. It is not just about sexual orientation. It is about teaching tolerance of difference and living an example of your teachings. If you dont have kids then teach your nieces and nephews, your godchildren, or your younger siblings. We cant change peoples minds today but with enough of us teaching and practicing It Does Get Better.

  • Cafélady

    True words…and an important message.
    He is right, I believe too that it is important HOW a child will be raised up. And that this is the deciding factor for -may be- the whole following life of his/her. Parents are and must be the first model/example for a young human, and yes, long before they can walk or talk. But in that sense, that the parents show respect for the very own personality of their child and the rights of the child as early as possible, and not use them for anything in any sort of way what the parents need for themself. And not only to show how one should behave to other people, that’s important too, of course. But only this isn’t enough.
    A child which has experienced this true love with respect for his/her true personality and for his/her whole person, will never have the wish to bully anyone for anything in the future. This is it what I really believe.
    I believe the best way to teach children to have respect for other people and their rights, is to respect -as parents- the child and his/her personality rights too. And -of course- to be a example for the child with the own actions and words in general.

    Thanks Alex, like I said your words are so what of true!

  • Ria

    @About Face:
    why does he need a makeover?

  • Camille

    Um, the project is called It Gets Better. Jesus, people will rag on him for anything. He’s SUPPOSED to use that tag line, everyone who filmed a PSA for this did. Good grief. Some people will bust on him no matter what.

    On another note. Check out this video of Alex and Keith leaving a party with a couple hotties. Yeah, he’s so totally single now.

  • JennyCraig

    Ofcourse he doesn’t have any children lol He’s gay as DAY..that’s why he made this video! It gets better Alex…after you get some dick in your mouth right? Seeexuuuaallll Oriiientation lol He would know!

  • gina

    @Camille: Who is Keith? Looks to me like they are going to a party not leaving one. Yeah and I agree, he’s definitely single. Thank god!

  • a 35 d*uchebag

    he will never have children if he continues in this way! a serious girl never want marry or have a relationship with a d*uchebag like that…from party to party…from bitches to bitches! GROWN UP ALEX!

  • Camille

    You do realize that a lot of the TB cast made the same PSA right? It has nothing to do with being gay. Kristen Bauer made one as well.

    The video stated they were leaving a party but who knows. Keith is the black guy, he’s one of Alex’s good friends. He and Bjorne were both with Alex in San Diego.

  • Zola24

    What is it with some of you people – the guy is only trying to make a point and lend his support. After the horrific event on Friday, (which is not the first and unlikely to be the last), it is more important than ever to have, and instil, tolerance of others regardless of sexual orientation, political views, religious beliefs and ethnicity. Yes, Alexander is hot but I really don’t think he was trying to extend his fan base by making this PSA; so take time out and actually listen to what he is saying.

  • JennyCraig


    His message is clear..he’s a pipe smoker and everyone knows it Now.


  • JennyCraig
  • Camille

    Some people only come on here to post about him being gay. They have nothing else to say, literally. It’s lame and immature. Even if he was, there is nothing wrong with that, and that’s the point of the PSA.

    Again he isn’t the only person who made one, and them asking him to do it has nothing to do with his sexual orientation. Like I said, Kristen Bauer made one, as did some of the other TB stars. It is just to help raise awareness. If some people can’t get that, then they aren’t very smart. Either that, or they are being purposefully obtuse just to get attention, in which case they are total losers.

  • chelle

    @JennyCraig: maybe you should go to the website and see all the non celebrity people who sare his views. I am not gay at all but I totally support this message. And even if he was who the crap cares except narrow minded idiots who enjoy spreading more hate in the world. Go bully somewhere else.

  • chelle

    @JennyCraig: wow is that your ammo? A drunk video…..I’ve done worse with my bff than that I guess I am gay now better tell hubby …….GET OVER YOURSELF!!!!!

  • Cafélady

    It’s just so lame, always they bring up the same old vid with him in which he is making a little fun with his pal and just partying with a few people. To “prove” their theories about his supposed sexual orientation.
    Like I said this vid is old, and to have fun and making jokes at a party makes no one to be gay yet or something nor is it a proof for it.
    But should it be like that, if he actually would have a different sexual orientation, I wouldn’t have any problem with it. It doesn’t matter for me what orientation he finally has – straight, bi or gay, I will ever be a fan of him and his work in any case.

    But it’s curious how many people apparently are so much interested on it what he possibly are doing or not doing in his bed…

  • ://

    after this video
    i’m not surprised about his relationship with KB…he likes b!tch!!!

  • Lakas

    it doesnt get better…you’ll get stronger. THATS it!

  • Cafélady

    @://: I can’t follow you exactly, with what exactly do you have a problem here in this vid??
    All I can see is an obviously happy alex, which possibly (hopefully) had a funny evening with a few other people/friends! And to go to a party with other people – together as a group, is nothing unusual. Yes, even then if are any (possible single) woman in this group too.
    And in which sort of way makes this a person to be a b*tch now?!?
    And anyhow, why shouldn’t he enjoy his life and to have an apparently funny evening with his friends and other people?

    I would say, not this what one can see in this vid is the problem – but obviously some people have a problem with that what they are apparently automatically suppose, if they can see alex in company with other woman.

  • Camille

    Just a note, the girl in the video seems more animated with Keith than with Alex. If you watch, she actually reaches out to Keith more than once and touches his back. She doesn’t do that to Alex though. Maybe they knew this person, or maybe they didn’t. Either way I don’t see it as a big deal to have some fun if you’re single. Someone on another thread suggested they were prostitutes. Just because someone wears a short dress doesn’t make them a h0oker. At least those girls have actual bodies, unlike the bones he was saddled with for almost a year and a half.

  • Lilla

    It’s sad that people twist what is supposed to be a good message and spew crap. There hasn’t been any gay rumors about him in Sweden. Nice try though.

  • Ginny

    I’m 98% sure he had a nosejob. He looks better.

  • hannah2

    that’s bjorn and michael macmillen as well

  • Camille

    So basically it was just a group of people probably heading to another party or somewhere. Like I said, I don’t see it as a big deal. If you’re young, and single then why not have fun as long as you’re safe.

  • Cheryl

    Dear God. I hope Alex doesn’t read the celeb blogs. Some of the comments are downright nasty.

  • ladybug

    @hannah2: I live Michael McMillian. Apparently this, my favorite ComicCon photo, was taken at the Maxim party:

  • Zola24

    @Camille: Thanks, yeah I noticed that, which is why I didn’t respond to the ‘lovely’ Jenny who obviously has no understanding of compassion, or tolerance. I appreciate your comments although I am sure someone will find a way to twist them before too long.

    @chelle: Thanks, but I do feel you may be wasting your time with someone with such entrenched pathetic views as Jenny whatevahernamewoz but hey remember Pandora’s Box – there’s always hope.

  • Mariani

    @texas swede:

    How can you teach someone to eat vegetables if you yourself don’t eat them? It’s so simple and obvious. Can’t you get it?

  • Mariani


    This was funny. Well, Alexander may be a lot of things, but he is not gay.
    I can tell.

  • Camille

    You’re probably right. It never ends it seems.

  • chelle

    @Camille: i have said it before….actually a couple of times….stupidity seems to be a dominant gene.

  • ://

    from tpf
    Dear Ted:
    We both share a love for the delicious Alexander Skarsgård. But you, my dear, know his Blind Vice, while I am still in the dark. It is killing me. Please, please, please, throw me a bone (or anything). I need some info.

    Dear SkarsVice:
    It’s not boring, that’s for sure, but it’s not really a Vice, either. Even though it’s technically against the law.

    Read more:…#ixzz1TGA8Q700

    PUBLIC SEX?? i think yes!!!

  • http://none texas swede

    @Mariani: Just what is it you think I dont get? I have been the victim of anti gay bullies and yet I am not gay. So I do GET the purpose of the organizations message to young people to reach out for help. Being bullied for any type of difference to the point of suicide is not right and I applaud the celebrities passing on different types of messages and tht It Does Get Better.

  • Lisa S

    Love it, and hope he does more of these. If you’ve ever been ostracized for being black, gay, female, skinny, fat, a different religion or anything beyond the status-quo, you’d know what he was talking about. It’s not just the parents, it’s also about time Hollywood realized that the Movies are also responsible for setting examples for values.