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Bar Refaeli & David Fisher: Goodbye, Sardinia!

Bar Refaeli & David Fisher: Goodbye, Sardinia!

Bar Refaeli and her rumored beau, David Fisher, arrive at the airport on Tuesday (July 26) in Sardinia, Italy after vacationing together.

The 26-year-old Israeli model and David were spotted relaxing on a boat together on Monday.

Bar showed off her fabulous bikini body as she and David sunbathed over the weekend.

The rumored couple also recently spent time together in St. Tropez on the French Riviera, where they were spotted shopping at a few boutiques.

Follow Bar on Twitter @BarRefaeli to see where she’s going next!

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  • wtf

    Hes ugly average, just like Bar. Shes not cute or fresh looking anymore, Leo knows why he dumped her.

  • Dasha

    Is it a contest or something, Leo vs Bar in Just Jared; who’s gonna have more posts? We don’t care about her!!!

  • http://ja slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    new couple

  • dizzy

    Wow her face has gotten HUGE! wtf happened to her?

  • Mlef

    That sound to me like cultural holidays.
    What will be the next place, I bet on Las Vegas ! lol


    THIS IS THE 4TH ARTICLE ON HER IN 4 DAYS!!!! Seriously JustJared is sooooo obviously taking money from her mother Tzipi the manager. C;mon NO other website writes about her anymore, she is not a model, no campaigns and not Leo’s gf anymore…so seriously wtf!@!? why is she here again and again !@? she is a nobody. The guy is just sooooo happy to be photographed and playing it cool, its also obvious. He and his brother inherited $100M from their parents when they passed and he is sooooo into himself and being with her just cause she is bar. its like this time around he is the bar and she is the dicaprio..on a small parasite type scale.. BUT seriously why why is she here so much…Jared ur never gonna be a TMZ and ur never gonna be close to the amount of traffice Perez gets…

  • sourpatch575

    David Fischer = REBOUND
    Blake Lively = definite REBOUND
    Leo = HOT!
    Bar = NOT!

    Leo will one day find that perfect girl for him which is not his usual type and he will live happily ever after.

    Bar on the other hand, who knows which other rich older guy she’s going to find!

  • RIP Bar 2006-2011

    LOL, he looks like he is 45 at 35 and she looks like 36 at 26. Great much seriously bar has done something right in her life something that is more compatible to her. LOL. Well done bar well done. Finally, whewww.


    @JAREDISONTHETAKE: I completely agree with you! it makes no sense why she is on so many posts unless jared is taking money from her mother. i mean i have never seen her in ANY campaign in the US other than SI which was 2 or 3 years ago and that was ONLY because of Leo. I never seen her in any place. She is an obvious goldigger and the guy is soooooooo obviously loving being the ‘bf of..and being photographed’ …this is so fake of a relationship and justjared is so pathetic for making so many posts about her in the short time span,.,goes to show you how lame and small this website is

  • ehhh

    Seriously aren’t they rich? Can’t they buy another hat other then that hurley hat they’re both sharing

  • gerrard

    jared is on the take ! haha nice one might be true ahaha why does bar have more posts than any celebrity of the week ? btw who is bar other than leo’s ex = no one and who is this david fisher, her wallet for the time being..

  • Barsdoublechin

    don’t be surprised she even follows Jared on her twitter.

  • RIP Bar 2006-2011

    @Barsdoublechin: She does, she have posted JJ post on her twitter before about her pic and wardrobe. If you don’t believe me, check her twitter history around may 2011.

  • JJ is her buddy

    Jared and Bar started following each other on Twitter almost as soon as she re-opened her account.

    An account she re-opened almost as soon as Leo dumped her.


    Not any more than all the bikini and boyfriend shots.

    I understand why the paparazzi follow Leo around when he’s on vacay. He’s a huge international star.

    But her? There are a million more successful and famous models who look much better in a bikini.

    It’s obvious to me she’s a user and abuser who has been in cahoots with the paparazzi all along.

  • boston61

    You would think she would stay out of the sun? The folly of youth.

  • Nip slips, girl on girl action

    chasing rich men, calling the paparazzi to document her every move, Twitterreah. She’s whoring herself out because she has nothing to offer. I predict a sex tape is next.

  • @16

    Wait, are you talking about Leo`s ex or Leo`s current gf? Don`t they all do the same?

  • Italian girl

    THANKS JARED for more new pictures of Bar and David.

    I AM SO THRILLED TO SEE HER WITH A NEW MAN. She sure took a long vacation in the sun.

  • Sly

    I’m still scratching my head….. how could DiCaprio possibly chose that chick with multiple plastic surgeries over Bar Refaeli?

  • nellie

    They look quite tired. If that vacation was some sort of honeymoon, then I understand why David looks exhausted…, lol! I believe Bar is wearing David’s baseball cap.

  • RIP Bar 2006-2011

    @Sly: I am quite scratching my head how Leo date this fat cow for 5 years. I mean gisele, i understand, blake i understand but this cow? LOL I guess he wanted to know how it feel to have sex with pig for a change but now, he is back to his old days types of girl friend. Good for him.

  • Fox


    Hi Kerri! Still bitter I see

  • Barbutter

    18-20 multiple personalities. who the f screams out “thanks jj!” I swear same weirdo always thanking Jared for bar’s posts, lol weirdo.

  • Love her

    Bar is always beautiful wherever she goes or whatever she wears, and her beauty is natural. That’s cool.

  • MiraK

    You know you’re a D list model when your flies get so excited about boring pap pics. I guess that’s the only “work” she can get. Worthless model.

  • Abbie

    Don’t we see the same ol’ pathetic poster(s) writing under different names over and over on how Bar looks bad, ugly, etc… Girl(s) do yourself a favor again, AND GET A LIFE! You are not bothering anyone here especially not Bar. LOL!

  • blondie

    Anna Maria Jagodzinska trumps this plain jane cheap stubby looking thing. How did Bar become a model at 5’5/165-150 lbs/68?

  • RIP Bar 2006-2011

    @blondie: It is very insulting to Anna Maria Jagodzinska to even compare or write a sentence on the same line with bar. lol It is like putting jersey shore and mad man on the same category for an award. It will be great insult to mad man actors and fans. LOL.

  • ali

    To # 6 – you are absoulutely right .
    her fat ugly stage mother is working over time
    paying all the gossip sites to put photos of B
    now thats a Fame W*** in my book
    not to mention that she is the most hated woman in
    her country for dodging the army and saying really
    bad things in interviews about Israel .

    she is a lazy air head who dosnt even work out
    with this saggy body – who will hire her ?

  • blondie

    @RIP Bar 2006-2011: true, lol google Anna and nothing but amazing modeling photos show up. Google Bar and nothing but sloppy lounging bikini pics show up. or links to cheap scuzzy man sites.


    she looks like a bulldog with her saggy cheeks

  • lolo

    ah…… pity

  • cheeksmecgee

    @SnOOKIE: her frowning jowls always resemble a bull dog.

  • leave bar alone!

    have you heard Bar commenting /boasting about her relationship wd leo for mor4 than 5 years?NO! you all american haters shut up your mouth!!

  • Ana is ugly too


    Ana is even uglier than Bar. what are you, Ana’s agent trying to make her happen?? she is so ugly with those bug eyes. who are you kidding?

  • leave bar alone!

    @JAREDISONTHETAKE: have you heard Bar commenting, talking or boasting about her relationship wd leo for mor than 5 years? you all american haters shut up your mouth!! Leave her alone! Shame on you proud americans! leave her alone!

  • Dee

    Bar is not fat. Ask any guy in this world if he would give this “pig” a chance and he wouldn’t think twice. I agree Bar looks pretty plain in her regular clothes, with no make-up. But with a touch of make-up, her hair pulled back, in a dress – she is stunning. No one fills out a dress more beautifull than her! Seriously girls. Why do we turn on each other so easily? Why attack Bar just because she was Leo’s choice? She put up with a lot of crap from him and he dumped her. He’s a womanizer and he would do the same to any of you.

    Anyway I think the reason Leo dumped Bar is because she’s dumb. She really has nothing intelligent to say ever. He needs a woman with more intelligence, even Gisele had more. And Bar will end up with some old rich guy. Sad.

  • Please

    @Abbie: haha you are so right, notice how all the really nasty posters are always complaining about not being interested in Bar, but are always the first ones to take a look and comment, dont worry about them they are the unloved and lonely people.

  • @@@@@

    I thought this guy was a billionaire ,why aren’t they taking private jets ?

  • capitalA

    Epitome of average with or without makeup. Her bone structure (or lack there of) is insanely average, her features are nothing special. Her boobs are the only nice thing. She has short stumpy legs,wide/flat Every picture I have seen of her modeling, I can’t tell apart; hence they all look identical. No versatility, nothing. She is nothing more than a lad’s magazine model.

  • hit

    Other pics of her trying to board that case without paying the fees.
    Her Bf is only paying LOW COST FLIGHTS AND NO EXTRA LUGGAGE…ahahahahah

  • paola

    What a downgrade. From private flights to this low cost company? And no money to pay for the hold luggage?

  • pipo

    She’s old news

  • Zero

    I thought when she first got with Leo she was going to be the next big “thing” LOL that surely never happened and now with her dwindling looks/extra weight,age, it really won’t.

  • Marvin

    Why is everyone in here posting that they don’t want to read,hear or see Bar, while they cannot hold themselves of not reading the articles about her?!!

  • @Marvin

    This is already happening, my dear. You see? only 45 posts. In few weeks she will have only a couple of fans posting, and in few months she won’t have threads any more.
    like someone said, old news.

  • Sue

    I wonder why the paps are still after her? Many of you (me included) thought that she was interesting because of her romance with DiCaprio. But it looks like “her pictures” sell well, otherwise noboby would bother.

    At least, we know, thanks to the razzis, that she has got herself a guy who takes care of her and she doesn’t seem too depressed from having been treated like trash by her ex boyfriend. On the contrary, we’ve never seen her looking so good.

  • ???

    @Marvin: Because Marvin, there are a handful of bitter, twisted, lonely sad excuses for women who have nothing going on in their lives so they stalk attractive women on sites such as this and get pleasure putting them down, but sane people know it says more about them than it does their victims

  • truthhurts

    i too dont understand why she has so many posts on this website only, it is obvious that jared is in on it ($$)….BUT…i remember when bar was seeing dicaprio everyone would talk nasty about her here, but she would end up with 300-400 comments per post…now i see that i am number 49th..the other posts of her this past week also no more than 50 comments…its all going..her 15 min of fame are loooong gone…i am so happy…soon it will all be over and she can stay in her native israel and pretend like she is somebody…sleep with rich guys etc…i also doubt very highly that she has money of her own…c;’mon i never saw her in any real campaigns..SI doesnt pay as its promotion for the models,..i doubt she made any real money in her modelling career…she models for unknown underwear or bikini brands from turkey or spain…or she did some catalog work for gap that is not big deal stuff…i bet u she has been told by her mother that she has 2 years to get pregnant and land a rich guy only…