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Blake Lively & Chloe Moretz in 'Hick' - FIRST LOOK!

Blake Lively & Chloe Moretz in 'Hick' - FIRST LOOK!

Check out this first look of Blake Lively and Chloe Moretz in their upcoming film, Hick!

The drama centers around Luli (Moretz), “a 13-year-old Nebraskan girl and her hard-going life on the road after she runs away from her neglectful parents and home. She’s taken in by Glenda (Lively), a hard-living grifter who takes her under her wing,” according to The Playlist.

Hick, based on Andrea Portes‘ novel of the same name, will be featured at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival.

Bigger pic inside

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blake lively chloe moretz hick first look

Photos: HitFix
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  • Reba

    Chloe Moretz looks too old for her age. I guess most girls do as well.

  • anna

    How does she keep getting movie roles?

  • sam


  • poo poo pee pee

    2 MANLY LOOKING CHICKS and short stubby too icky
    chloe looks 45 blake looks 46

  • munny

    I feel sorry for Blake…Chole will make her look like the worst actress ever

  • JJ

    How does she keep getting movie roles?

    Well maybe because she can actually act even though some of you guys keep insisting that she’s ugly, untalented, fake, sleeps with directors blablablabla whatever haters gonna hate.

  • ship

    I like her dress, but she doesn’t seem like she call pull off that motherly type of character. We’ll see I guess.

  • effy

    i LOVE chloe, i think she’s a great young actress and she’s smart with her movie choices, so i’ll give this one a chance

  • sourpatch575

    OH NO!! The agony of ANOTHER Blake Lively post!
    When will it these posts end?!?!? When will the showmance of Blake and Leo end?!?!? When will it all end!!?!?!?!?

  • MaisyRL

    @anna: she’s type cast in this movie role. junkie, grifter, lost, party girl, promiscuous…variation on the same theme here. OMG she’s doing an ‘indie’ movie that might get Oscar buzz and she’ll win a Golden Globe, SAG, and Oscar for this role. Mark my words. oh wait…she already tried getting critical acclaim with The Town and The Many Lives of Pippa Lee….but this year is totally her year bc she’s dating Leo Dicaprio. Go Blake!!! Show ‘em you’re in Natalie Portman, Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway’s league! lol.

  • lali


    oh no the agony of ANOTHER psycho shrew obsessed with leo dicaprio ranting like a two year old over blake lively! leo is awesome, but he’s not in this movie or this posting.

  • drewlard

    Blakey-Fakey could get roles not becoz of talent but what her features would fit into – “mother-looking role/s”.

  • hole

    she is well liked in the industy. she seems like a sweet girl. maybe she bakes them cakes?

  • Anna

    Chloe Moretz? Yeah, ok.
    Blake Lively? No thanks. NEXT PLEASE!!

  • j

    ew. can you replace blakes post with leighton meester? thanks.

  • Ella

    it’s sad how talented chloe is compared to blake and she’s 10 years younger than her

  • Lizz

    @j: What does Leighton have to do with this? They are two seperate people. They are friends too…so I don’t understand why their fans say silly things.

  • blue

    why blake lively always wearing the same colors pattern and sexy dress in every movie she made ? can anyone think she’s a serious actress or only a 2nd co-star seat ?

  • Marieme

    Chloe was sooo good in “Let Me In.” If she shows the same confidence and originality in her future roles I’ll become a huge fan.

  • dan

    I’m sure Chloe will be great in this. It’s about time she got a lead role and the chance to flex her acting muscles.

    I’m not sure about Blake Lively though. She never really left a mark on me. Maybe this movie will change that.

  • Oh Gosh

    Not another post with that long faced actress. Guys, seriously, have you ever seen someone qualified as a “female” with such a long face as Blake Lively?

  • Nellie

    I wonder if Blake Lively washes her hair sometimes. Her hair always look dirty and neglected.

  • No way

    If it was for Chloe and the story I would go and watch it. But since Lively is in it NO WAY I’m gonna spend a dime on the ticket or renting it. She ruined it already. Why would anyone wanna see a movie with Horse-face Lively in it who can’t act at all. It would be nothing short of torture.
    Yeah, we all heard the rumors why she is ‘well liked in the industry’. Too bad her talent is not acting…

  • The truth

    Can someone find a photo of Flake when she was younger, I mean as a child or a teen? I thought I saw a couple lately, and I can not find them any longer. I’m sure her and her rep/agent/PR team made sure no pictures of her before her plastic surgeries were posted anywhere. But I’d like to see them again, ’cause it should be interesting to see the “before and after” gallery.

  • @The Truth

    On the other thread ( about her ruining that other movie, Savages ) someone just posted photos of her before surgery. If you are up for nightmares go and check them out.

  • yep

    can’t wait to see! love blake!

  • helena

    Those leighton fans are s wired….

  • http://@behnamparsapur bbpk

    chloe grace moretz is a good actor i like the let me in… just

  • http://twitter ziyarahman

    chloe moretz is frikin awesome AWESOME AWESOME

  • Cammie

    I think she will wind up like Jessica Alba…

    Getting magazine covers, attention for everything except talent.

    Being at the Oscar only to present awards,never because of a nomination

  • Cammie


    She will probably get more acclaim then Blake

  • J

    LOL it looks like everyone here hates Blake Lively, i have never seen her in anything so i can’t judge. But i love Chloe Moretz and she was amazing in Kick-Ass and Let Me In, so i’m gonna watch this for sure.

  • aaron

    Looks good…always been a fan of chloë’s work. Can’t wait!

  • luckhwh

    I don’t know why so many people are so jealous at blake lively that they hate her so much, even they have no chance to watch this movie, but they already made so stupid comments.

    If you said she is ugly, why she ranks no.1 for the most desirable lady in the world? If she no talence, why so many move directors invites her in their movie?

    If you said so many vicious words about this beautiful and talented young actress, why don’t you take out a mirror and see how beautiful and how talented you are! Silly, little, narrow-minded people?

    Have you made even 1/10 of the complishments that blake lively has made in her 23 years old!

    Shut up! Jearous little people!

  • Bridget

    @luckhwh: Amen to that!!
    I just don’t understand all the hate towards blake. She’s a young actress trying to crack into the movie industry. Give her a break geez you havnt even seen this movie and you’re judging. Grow up.

  • Warren

    Chloe has a hot and sexy smokin’ body!

  • Jeff

    Throughout the book Hick, the 13 year old, (played by Chloe) is repeatily sexually assaulted by various pedophile men. Producers are calling this a comedy coming of age movie. Director’s last movie ,Lymwire, was boring and had lots of filler scenery shots; and I expect the same from this film. There will be a lot of controversy when this filmed is released. But Chloe will be praised once again for her great acting.

  • fuglyblake

    @Cammie: at least jessica alba has beauty, whereas blake does not!