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Blake Lively: Mini Cooper Scene for 'Savages'!

Blake Lively: Mini Cooper Scene for 'Savages'!

Blake Lively steps out in a blue robe as she prepares to shoot a scene for her new movie, Savages, on Tuesday (July 26) in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old Gossip Girl actress worked on a scene where she sat behind the wheel of a Chili Red Mini Cooper!

Yesterday, Blake wore a purple wrap dress as she worked on Savages in a local mall.

Over the weekend, Blake and her rumored beau, Leonardo DiCaprio, were spotted checking out a performance by Stevie Wonder at the Hollywood Bowl!

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# 1

`rumored beau`? LOL!
Ugly drag queen with no talent. Waste of time posting about this horse face! Get lost Fake Blake, nobody is interested in you!

# 2

Doesn’t she seem just like her character on gossip girl? The pretty it girl that lacks depth. I wish there was a reason to like her, Im sure she is a nice enough girl but she just seems rather vapid

# 3

Leo`s name has to be in the post to get some attention and make her even remotely interesting. De ja vu?

# 4

And are you guys happy with ANY girl Leonardo dates? I remember all the Bar hate now it’s changed, or at least is changing. Now it’s Blake. Leonardo picks these women so maybe you should direct your anger and bile towards him? Just a thought.

# 5

I am not a fan of Blake Lively at all Leo would have been better off with Bar Rafeli!!

# 6

hello hottie!

# 7

Spoiler alert? Her sunnies made me laugh.

# 8

@hahaha: well you seen to have some interest, you clicked this post and commented. everyone is entitled to see threads about their favourite actor/actress.

# 9

Well, she is all over the place even though she has no talent and she is ugly. Everyone is entitled to have an opinion. No, I`m not interested I just wanted to say what I think about her. I`m sick of her!

Sockittoem @ 07/26/2011 at 7:40 pm

she looks like a MAN and a TRANNY

Sockittoem @ 07/26/2011 at 7:40 pm


Sockittoem @ 07/26/2011 at 7:40 pm


Sockittoem @ 07/26/2011 at 7:40 pm


Sockittoem @ 07/26/2011 at 7:40 pm


Who is ‘Pipperr’?

Her hair looks very unhealthy. She should consider having a hair cut.

Honestly, I find Blake Lively to be one of the most unattractive and untalented girls around. I seriously do not understand what men/woman find so attractive about her, the only thing she has is her body… other than that she is just so blah. Obviously I don’t know this girl and she may be the nicest person alive but from what is shown of her and when I have seen her in interviews she just seems so dumb.

@J12003: Post your picture so we can debate on it. LOL

@danny: What does it matter how J12003 look like? She is not trying to be something that she isn`t. She isn`t all over the place in spite of the fact that she has absolutely no talent, she is b*tt ugly and as fake as she can be. Flakey is all over the place trying to break out of her very fitting D-list talent, showing off boobs and fake nose whenever she has the chance. So it doesn`t matter how J12003 looks like because she is not pushed into our faces all the time. She just has an opinion that you don`t like.

@hahaha: Well, blake is all over the place making money for living, while you are watching her behind your computer. LOL. Your accusation of trying to be something is the superficial code for saying I AM JELOUS. LOL
Denied it the fact as you want but blake will continue doing her things and you will be continuing doing what you care about the most. Hating Life. lol

Blake = the new Bar, LOL. I hope my favourite celeb NEVER dates Leo, lol.

I see Blake’s PR people here trying to diffuse the hate bombs being thrown at her. Hey, nothing against Blake since I don’t know her and I don’t find Leo attractive post Romeo & Juliet ….. but she really ain’t all that. And I made that conclusion after I saw her pre-plastic surgery pictures. Boy did she have a schnoz on her!

@danny: yes it does matter because haters are usually fat and ugly hating on the tall,thin pretty ones, lol. Just go to a bar. you’re either the hot chick getting free drinks all night with tons of guy flocking to you or you are the group of mediocre chubby chicks gossiping all night about the tall thin one because u have to buy your own drinks.. classic case of High school syndrome. ie: fug emo chicks hating on the popular blond cheerleaders as they sit in the back of the room drawing voo doo pictures.

She’s very beautiful

Jealous? `superficial code`? The superficial code is that you are sheer stupid.
That`s all you`ve got? The usual `you are jealous`, `you don`t have a life` and `you are fat` stuff. BORING just like Fake and her acting. It does not matter how people look like. They are entitled to have an opinion no matter how they look like. Fake is a famewh*re, puts herself and her fake assets out there even though she has no talent and she is b*tt ugly. People have opinion about `actresses` like that regardless how they look like. So no, it does not matter how J12003 look like because she is not in the public eye unlike her Fakeness.

@zimbab: You say you don’t know blake very much and you said you don’t find leo attractive post romeo and juliet but you care enough to come here to post. LOL
Hypocrisy just never gets old. LOL

@hahaha: I am not the one hating, you are. lol superficial “I AM STILL JELOUS”
Life must really sucks for you now because of blake. lol Keep hating she is laughing at your asss…

So only expert Leo and Fake Blake fans can post here? Is it a fan site or is it a gossip blog where EVERYONE can post both positive or negative opinion regardless how much they know about celebs. But danny here clearly has a different opinion about this site and has issues handling negative comments about manly Fake Blake. LOL!

Yeah, I hate Fake Blake. So what? In your delusional head that means `Life must really sucks ( rather suck ) for you`. Really? No, my life doesn`t suck I`m just sick of Fake`s horse face and I can`t stand her. Deal with it!

@@danny: No i don’t have a problem with negative comment just like i don’t have a problem responding to haters. continue…

@hahaha: Ok, that the choice to choose too. LOL

She can't be @ 07/26/2011 at 8:56 pm

…only 23 years old. I thought she was at least 30-32. How come she looks that old? Maybe her character in SAVAGES is one of an older tired woman? I can’t believe she is younger than Kate Hudson or even Jennifer Lopez (both look younger than her).

@danny: Danny boy, you don`t make sense at all! LOL!

my eyes are on fire @ 07/26/2011 at 9:23 pm

she needs to put her hat back on and hide that butter face of hers. My f*ckin eyes are burning!!

She looks plain gorgeous, you trolls and haters should leave this world haha

You don`t make sense just like Danny. But what can we expect from someone who thinks this drag queen looking `woman` is `plain gorgeous` ? haha

blake seems to be a nice girl and all these hates are because ofcourse,.. she’s dating leonardo dicaprio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

she looks like that because she is shooting!! duh?! cant you understand??

but her face @ 07/26/2011 at 10:15 pm


nah dude, it’s not about Leo…it’s cos she is plain fugly. I also think she is nice, but that doesn’t change the fact, that her face is fugly. Her body is also nice, but homegirl got a butter face!!


she always looks like that, it’s not cos she’s shooting. She’s got a butter face that only a mother would love LMAO

Whoa! Blakey-Fakey is the new Kate BosWH0RE!!!

Fake? Barf? LOL u Leo stans R cuuu koooo.

boogey man @ 07/26/2011 at 10:53 pm

Leo’s going to need corrective eye surgery by the time he’s done with blake. that face is atrocious!!!!

why does everyone assume you have to be in love with leo to hate blake?
i love brad pitt… and i love his choice in women and i think angelina is awesome

wow you people are so tragically pitiful putting all your energy into hating this lovely girl! you should put that energy into something else, you’ll achieve huge things for sure!

Just like Flake Blake should put her energy into something else. Being an `actress` is clearly not her thing. Being a fashion icon is clearly not her thing. Maybe being a drag queen would be a good thing for her but definitely something out of the public eye. Her ugly face needs to be hidden and not publicized all the time.

Why is this girl considered “Lovely” when she is a liar and fake…

Why is this girl considered “Lovely” when she is a liar and fake…

Plastic surgeries can correct noses, add boobs or chin, dental problems, but they can not correct the size of the face, bone structure, the general posture and certainly not the foot size.

I have the feeling this chick is planning to trap the naive DiCaprio into a long lasting relationship by getting pregnant. Don’t forget she is capable of lying regarding some nude pictures she took of herself. She’s got a solid PR team who can control what is said and not said to tabloids and other publications. If I was DiCaprio’s dad or good friend, I would certainly warn him.

So true. Plastic surgeries make difference but that doesn`t mean they will make you gorgeous. Lively is the clear example for that. Her nose is still ugly, her boobs looks absolutely fake. And most importantly plastic surgeries can`t give you personality or acting talent.
I bet Leo is careful not to get trapped. He had a desperate gf before ( Bar ) . Lively seems smarter and more calculating than Refaeli but Leo is an old time player in Hollywood and he seems smarter than Lively. Look how he trained her already to hide when around him in public. She might think about getting pregnant to trap him but don`t underestimate Leo. If he is not up for it for real ( to have kids ) I bet it won`t happen. His career is his life so I guess he is careful. He knows who he is dealing with… I certainly don`t think he is naive.

I always thought she had pretty hair. It looks so fried and dead in these pictures. and what are those shoes???? please tell me they are just set shoes that someone lent to her.

Flowerpower @ 07/27/2011 at 1:00 pm

Really disappointing to see these pictures

I was expecting a role with dignity after “The Town” and “Hick” why is she so attracted to the roles of troubled, trashy women? I hope she’s not type casting herself.

@Jada: You forgot her main role in Gossip Girl and honestly it seems like this is her real life character as well…

Meh. I don’t think she’s ugly, but I also don’t think she’s anything special. She’s one of those typical California blondes you can find on the street, pretty, but again nothing too special we haven’t seen before. I actually like the book Savages and I wasn’t expecting her to play O. I honestly wanted Jennifer Lawrence but whatever, I just hope she doesn’t mess it up.

I heard Jennifer Lawrence didn’t want it. And all the actresses that were approached didn’t really want it either. Don’t think for one second she neat out any of the actresses that her PR people are saying she did. From what i’ve heard O is a nasty girl

She looks stunning.

@Jada: That’s because she’s not a good actress and she is taking what she can get.. The *****, the gf, the best friend. Did you hear about her and the satc prequel playing samantha, THE *****? I would hate for her to be samantha, she was my favorite character on satc.

@larson If she was such a bad actress, why would top notch directors keep giving her roles? Is their some shady deal going on or something? Is she paying the directors to hire her for these movies? Or has a deal with Karl Laugerfeild and Anna wintor behind the scenes and their just pretending they like her? Another theroy you can come up with? you really are hilarious.

You talk like these roles are so important or serious. These are like 10 line roles and she has a fierce PR team to sell her. IF she was such a great actress she could have proved herself by now. But her reputation is casting couch actress not a serious one. She and her PR team sure tries hard to break her out of her Gossip Girl category but she can`t act her way out of a paper bag ( I don`t know who used that expression in a comment but it`s spot on ). I bet she met the right person in Hollywood who is pushing her career and helps her landing these roles.
Anna W. and Karl L. are in fashion. It`s their taste who they pick but it doesn`t mean the whole world agrees with them. Just because Anna W. gave her some Vogue covers that didn`t turn her into a fashion icon or made people like her.
She seems like the obedient puppy kind. Whoever picks her up she uses it for her advantage. A lap dog but that won`t give her talent or a new face.

@MG: Umm what are you talking about? Umm when was the last time Oliver Stone was a top notch director? He has been releasing crappy movies for quite some time now. No theories with me. She’s not a good actress and the fact that she can’t get good roles proves that. She has already been passed over by carey and jen lawrence who by the way is a much, much prettier and more talented actress. Don’t care about fashion. Anna is a world class ***** and Karl designs old lady clothes and hates fat people. When she can get roles with Speilberg, Howard, Scorcese, Nolan, Schumacher, and also not be the girlfriend, ***** or best friend, then you can talk.

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