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Blake Lively: 'Savages' Set Shopping Spree!

Blake Lively: 'Savages' Set Shopping Spree!

Blake Lively struts her stuff in a purple dress and high heels as she makes her way through a mall on Monday (July 25) in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old Gossip Girl actress was on location filming a scene for her latest film, Savages, where she carried numerous high end shopping bags!

Savages centers around two men involved in an illegal drug ring, and also stars Salma Hayek, John Travolta, Uma Thurman, and Emile Hirsch.

The day before, Blake was seen out with rumored beau, Leonardo DiCaprio at a Stevie Wonder concert at the Hollywood Bowl!

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  • Stephanie

    Beautiful girl!

  • Allie

    She’s so stunning!

  • Vanessa

    Ugly girl!

  • Abiramis

    They really can not make her look elegant, do they? Whether she looks like a prostitute or a drug addict or both.

  • Blake fan

    Savages is mostly filmed in LA. I’m happy we can see some pictures from the shooting!

  • Ella

    @Abiramis:Yeah, she always looks like trash and definitely lacks the versatility of an actor.

  • itsmejean

    This girl is so beautiful!!
    Poor haters, they’re so jealous. lol

  • Stephanie


    I agree, it’s so sad people can judge others without knowing them.

  • nina

    she looks fabulous

  • Mayle

    Looks like a challenging role.


  • Duh

    I still can’t get over the shape of the breast implants they put on her. The look is so unnatural, I wonder if she had the job done by an unexperienced intern.

    And I still can’t get over the length of her face. Amazing for a chick.

  • Drag Queen

    That`s a man! And an ugly one! Actress? Yeah, based on her casting couch performances maybe… Ugly, fake, talentless. Leo knows how to choose the last pick of the litter!

  • Blake Fan

    I’m afraid her character won’t be too different from the one she played in The Town. I hope they’ll give her more than 10 lines.

  • Helen

    Gorgeous girl is gorgeous

  • @Drag queen

    You know she could have made a good-looking fellow. But sincerely, without the long bleached (very unhealthy hair), make-up, plastic surgeries (nose, boobs and chin) what would she look like? Au naturel, you have any idea? LOL, LOL!!!!

  • BD

    She can`t act to save her life. Yet another movie she is going to ruin with lack of talent and her b*tt ugly face. Where are her hideous hats when needed? At least we wouldn`t need to look at her face… It`s scary!

  • Drug

    @@Drag queen:
    this chick’s drop dead gorgeous in sisterhood movie

  • Nancy

    Leighton Meester is beter

  • Trence

    I hate Serena ,Dair FTW

  • Drag Queen

    @Helen: Beautiful and a lady? Are you on something? LOL! `you are always a ugly drag queen` Wow, what a comeback! LOL!
    @15: I don`t even want to imagine tbh. It`s enough to suffer when looking at this stage, a woman looking like a man even after plastic surgeries. Seriously what man finds her attractive? Something is off with Leo apparently.

  • abby

    blake will always be beautiful!!! poor haters!! full of jealousy and insecurity!!

  • Ariana

    @Connie: What a mean thing to say!! You are a nasty woman Conie!

  • Penelope

    She’s beautiful!! back off haters

  • @abby

    Jealous? Of her? Indeed I would like to have that honker, a man`s face, fake nose that`s still ugly even after the plastic surgery, fake boobs, the reputation of sleeping myself to the top and being beyond talentless. I`m indeed jealous of all that. Or the fact that even in her interviews she sounds fake and entitled, people don`t understand why is she everywhere without merit. I`m sooo jealous of all that!
    Ugly and talentless has a new name: Blake Lively.

  • French

    I also hope she die

  • Dina

    Beauty =)

  • Tania

    Lovely. Atleast she’s nice and she has a project unlike you guys who dont do anything but hate on someone you really dont know personally

  • @Tania

    Sure, she has a project, a movie to ruin. I so wanna do that! LOL! I`m so jealous of her! I really wanna have her useless and entitled life! Have you guys see that Leo already trained her how to behave in front of the paparazzi? She was hiding while leaving that concert with Leo. They looked stupid and laughable! I`m so jealous of her!

  • anna

    so she’s just playing herself?

  • Jack

    Beautiful ?Yes! Talentless ?Yes! Homewrecker? Yes!

  • Ella

    You don’t have to be jealous to hate someone. That’s a really petty defence to criticism. I’m insanely jealous of the beautiful and talented Angelina Jolie yet I love her!

  • Tara

    Looking stunning, this movie could be really cool, loved the book, and she is PERFECT for O!

  • London

    Angelina Jolie is freaking ugly,I never understand her beauty.

  • lollll

    @French: French I thought you hated Bar? not anymore? LOL…

  • blondyum

    I think she’s beautiful.

  • ???

    What does this thread have to do with Bar? She sizzles all over the place in her bikini while horse face lively looks like a vagabond with her manly face, fried hair and sour face. Fakey is the biggest downgrade and embarrassment for Leo!

  • hit

    Since she cannot act, and there must be someone pushing her career, they try to give her something she can do, i.e. circulating around pretending it’s a normal shopping spree. Not that difficult as a role, even for her. Let’s see if she makes it, this time.

  • Amused Aussie

    Hey- my horses are insulted! I’m complaining on their behalf :)

  • mrcina

    Plastic surgery does wondres…

  • Maria

    Leo is always in this thread. I know most of the haters here are bitter because leo isnt dating a carrey mulligan. but who cares?? people have their own choices who to date. Hello.

    Regarding her acting, if she doesnt acts well, i doubt she’ll get any role!!! So what if she has someone pusheing her carreer, who doesnt have anyway??

    Regarding leighton, why should she be brought up here?? This isnt her thread okay?? you guys always compare the two!! they are two different individuals!!!

  • mrcina

    @blondyum: You would be beautiful too if you had a nose job and her implants. ;-)

  • marko

    She’s beautiful, you’re not. Does that make you happy? – I guess so..

  • ???

    @Amused Aussie: Sorry for offending your horses. It`s really an insult to them to be compared to Lively`s face.
    @mrcina (#39) Clearly not in every case. Definitely not in hers. LOL!
    @:Maria: She gets roles ( 10 line roles and her performance carried by the actual and talented actors ) because of her reputation as a casting couch actress. Other than that she is just a Gossip Girl actress. She is trying hard to break out of her league but it keeps blowing up in her ugly face. Just like her leaked photos. If you are a D-list actress at least own up to it and don`t try to be more than that. That would require talent and charisma. Not a horse face ( sorry Amused Aussie ) and fake personality.

  • @39

    @mrcina: it’s not that miraclous fake lively still looks manly

  • Sue Denim

    Wow seems like such a challenging role! A vapid, useless, bottle blonde with more money than style or taste always shopping.
    So different to how she’s like in real life or on her ‘hit’ tv show ‘Gossip Girl’!
    Oh wait…

  • Leo4ever with Blake…

    I’m a huge fan of Leo. And I love him with Blake because she’s beautiful, but also ’cause she’s always so nice and sweet in interviews. Those people who come here just to talk bad things: MOVE ON! They’re turning this space for fans of this cute couple in an arena of MMA. Shut up and go to work, unemployed. They’re living their lives. While you’re here being evil, Blake “just” is dating Leonardo DiCaprio. And here you’re alone and bitter, talking bad of a person who doesn’t know. It’s called ENVY. Go, Blake :)

  • Cammie

    I wonder why this Chick can’t get any lead roles like Carey Muligan or Jennifer Lawrence..

    No matter how many A-list guys, Directors she kiss up to or date…

    She isn’t talented…

  • @46

    @46: Well, seems like you are on drugs and most definitely seems like you are like in 6th grade. Gossip Girl fan club is here. LOL! Unemployed? Really? Because people don`t work with computer these days and if they do they are not connected to the internet. And they don`t have smartphones and tablets. Good lord, how stupid are you? Alone and bitter! Sure, whatever you say! LOL!
    Leo forever with Blake… Sure, that would put Fake Blake on the map for something else other than her fake face, fake personality, sleeping around and stuff like that. Keep dreaming!

  • Jane

    Any with all the plastic surgery, she isn’t “beautiful” or ” gorgeous” looks like the average, tall , blonde, you would see in any mall.

  • Tina

    In a few yrs, she will fade,…

    She has done everything to become a star..except have talent…Nose/Tit Job…baking treats/flirting with Male Co-Stars or A-List actors, for PR or roles…

    Leaking Nude pics of herself, then lying about it…

    While the other top actresses in her age range are getting Oscar Nominations and major roles..

    She is still doing this side roles and pimping herself to Leonardo

    She is Leonardo Type, mainly because she isn’t that bright, nor will she ever be a bigger star then him.

    Why would he date Kate Winslett or Carey Mulligan, they wouldn’t be willing to pull His Ego Boost Pr Stunts.. or hide from the Paps.

    She is horrible example for young woman.. Leak nude pics, get plastic surgery, flirt with any A-List actor, put on a Fake sugary persona…

    I wish she just go away.