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George Clooney: Oscar Campaign Made Me 'Feel Unclean'

George Clooney: Oscar Campaign Made Me 'Feel Unclean'

George Clooney makes his way through LAX Airport to catch a departing flight on Monday (July 25) in Los Angeles.

The 50-year-old actor recently told Marie Claire magazine why he was drawn to charity work in Sudan in 2005.

“I had just come out of Oscar season, and you really do campaign, like kissing babies,” he said (via L.A. Times). “By the time it’s over, you sort of feel unclean. You want to do something that makes you feel better.”

“There is more attention on celebrity than ever – and there is a use for that besides selling products,” he added. “We can’t make policy, but we can ‘encourage’ politicians more than ever before.”

FYI: George is wearing Levi’s 501 Jeans.

10+ pictures inside of George Clooney at LAX Airport…

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73 Responses to “George Clooney: Oscar Campaign Made Me 'Feel Unclean'”

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  1. 1
    boston61 Says:

    Aunt Rosemary made his last name famous for him. I know this jerk thinks he did it all on his own. JMHO

  2. 2
    Madhatter Says:

    His face has been pulled too tightly.
    I’m not against actors getting facelifts-
    but, they should be careful that they are done subtly.

  3. 3
    Saph Says:

    Clearly he has lost weight not had work done. I think he looks happy and relaxed. Not an accident that we are seeing pictures of him leaving LA when his new ex girlfriend Elisabetta shows up in LA. How come the paps never get pictures of her. Her legs must be getting tired walking up and down the street all the time waiting for them to arrive. Hear she has a big project in LA I’m just wondering who is stupid enough to hire her? Things must be bad if George has to get out of town.

  4. 4
    mary Says:

    boston61@ 07/26/2011 at 7:52 pm

    i would really love to know what your problem is with those who have successful careers as actors and actresses. if i didn’t know any better i would think that you are a would be actress or actor who has never made it in the business. and you are angry as a result.

    however, now pay attention here, George did not his Aunt Rosemary to make his name famous. George did it all by himself on his own merits. having a famous aunt would have only gotten George so far. if he didn’t have the ability to be actor no one would have hired the man in the first place. now please, stop with the jealous rants.

  5. 5
    silverscreen Says:

    That interview excerpt was originally published in Newsweek in February of this year:
    Clooney read Kristof’s Darfur columns in 2005. “I had just come out of Oscar season—I had two movies up—and you really do campaign, like kissing babies,” he says. “So by the time it’s over, you sort of feel unclean. You want to do something that makes you feel better.”
    He only had two movies up during that season, and campaigning left him feeling dirty then. If having two movies up and kissing babies to campaign for them left him feeling unclean, one can only imagine how unclean he must have felt after appearing with a publicity contract cokewhore at photo ops and red carpets to campaign for three movies he had out in 2009/10, not to mention allowing her presence to disgrace and dishonor various events including charity events. It’s obvious that he had this particular excerpt from the interview recirculated as a reference to the miserable time he spent with the publicity contract cokewhore who was supposed to help him with promoting his movies and campaigning for Oscars but instead had the opposite effect.

  6. 6
    silverscreen Says:

    Oh yeah, and George looks very handsome in these pics. :-D

  7. 7
    poo Says:

    sorry to read some idiots words here but i have to tell you that his words weren’t like what those gossip sites made them to be… George said his first visit to darfur was like compaining for his movies in 2006 so he felt bad about it… so he devoted himself to the case there to feel better and help the people who need the help. that’s all, read first people.

  8. 8
    poo Says:

    hhh if George looks gay then who is the man?? i think u are hoping he is..but every SANE person knows that George is one of the few manly celebs. maybe zack is your tybe??

  9. 9
    silverscreen Says:

    @poo: Yes, he wanted to do something to make him feel better, so he went to Darfur to purify his soul. I think he’s also decided to be more authentic when it comes to promoting his films.

  10. 10
    laverdadduele Says:

    Such an egomaniac, arrogant d o u c h e bag. He has bought into the persona that his fanatics has projected upon him. To see him mugging for the camera makes me want to throw up. He thinks the world doesn’t deserve him but i think we would be better off. The worst Batman in history, enough said.

  11. 11
    poo Says:

    why?? cuz you wants me to?? boyish means gay then?? cuz he is having fun and doesn’t care what people like you would say about him then he is boyish?? cuz he is the same guy from his start till now he is boyish? or cuz he is not married?? if he got married and failed would you help him?? ha?? would those people who never stop talking about him help??no, then he has the right to do what he think is right and he has to do what suits him.

  12. 12
    Shp Says:

    He did it to make himself feel better? Lame.

  13. 13
    boston61 Says:


    Mary honey. You must be very young. You will work your butt off for the next 20 years and not have what these people had after working for 1 year. They have it because they were born with family connections. Born with the doors already half open. Best of luck waiting on those tables. Sucker.

  14. 14
    Two men =jlo Says:

    When are we going to seeBen Affleck and George colony together. They are making a movie Argo together

  15. 15
    Two men =jlo Says:

    QQQQ guess you have poo breath from all the ass wiping you do?
    He is a great actor no he did not use his loser aunt to start his career
    His dad was a famous newscaster

  16. 16
    Two men =jlo Says:

    QQQQ guess you have poo breath from all the ass wiping you do?
    He is a great actor no he did not use his loser aunt to start his career
    His dad was a famous newscaster

  17. 17
    mary Says:

    boston61@ 07/26/2011 at 10:26 pm

    f you seem to think that “family connections” is all that’s necessary in order to get the acting parts. in that, you are really an idiot. yes, being related to some one famous can get you through the door. however, and here’s what you don’t seem to understand, that’s all a famous relation can do. being related to someone famous does not guarantee that you have the talent. or the acting ability needed.

    i don’t wait on tables; never have. here’s a hint; i cannot tell you the number of relatives of famous people who have come through our office door who have zero talent. if the person has no talent he or she is not considered for the part; end of story. now, i’m really sorry that you, or your family member, has not made it in the business but did you not stop to consider that maybe it’s because of a lack of acting ability?

  18. 18
    We R who we think Says:

    @Madhatter: Some should do brainlift, coz they pull too tightly the brains so they have their hat flies down. But there is a positive moment – hat doesn’t no get hard.
    And yeah, George made something but not what you saying – BrainExtensions. And this changes face very greatly, and as you have noticed, for the better :-))

  19. 19
    boston61 Says:


    Hollywood is the capital of unAmerican, unfair, in your face nepotism.

  20. 20
    Saxy Damn Says:

    @laverdadduele: Yeah for the gays probably he is the worst Batman, and I will tell you why.. vecause there is clearly seen his MANLY STRONG CHIN! Look at this, it will kill yaaaaa!!!

  21. 21
    Cleo Says:

    @mary: I thought he got his fame from the superb acting he did on the Golden Girls. Anyway, at least he doesn’t look like Justinia Bieber. Poor sole.

  22. 22
    Skuzzi Says:

    But you had to agree that at Clooney’s Family everybody is geniuses. And George is not the first!.. and definitely not the last!!

  23. 23
    TC Says:

    @boston61 – You make it sound like Clooney was guaranteed a show business career which is hardly the case. The man paid his dues just like any other working actor. His last name may be Clooney, but that didn’t guarantee him automatic success. The guy worked in TV on crap sh*tcoms like The Facts of Life in the 80s, so he certainly doesn’t have to answer to you. Talent is what has gotten him where he is today, and his industry recognition is proof of it.

  24. 24
    HotLink Says:

    @boston61: Aunt Rosemary? How so?! George has come a long way working hard before he became a star. He starred in all kinds of Tomatoes Murders, before he started to receive good roles. He acts, writes scenarios, directs movies…….. he is comprehensively talented person. And this is succession of generations, here I mean Nick Clooney. They have a family of all very talented people. I even saw Nina Clooney’s some works on design and really enjoyed it, she is also very talented and unique. I think all these people have invested a piece of themselves into the man who we know now as George Timothy Clooney!

  25. 25
    mary Says:

    boston61@ 07/27/2011 at 1:46 am

    it is not in your face nepotism. what part ” if you don’t have the talent you don’t get the part no matter who you are related to” do you not understand? look, do you honestly think that someone like Steven Spielberg, Clint Eastwood, David Fincher, Martin Scorcese, and so are going to cast a complete unknown in a major role in one of their films.

    out of curiosity, how long have you been trying to be an actor or actress. has it not entered your limited mind to get involved in local theatre where you live where you can make a name for yourself. this is assuming that you’re serious about being an actor. you would be surprised at who likes to go to local productions of plays in the cities and/or towns where they are making films. trust me, if you had talent you’d be noticed by one of them.

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