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Eddie Cibrian: Shirtless for 'Charisma'!

Eddie Cibrian: Shirtless for 'Charisma'!

Eddie Cibrian goes shirtless in a new ad campaign for Charisma.

The 38-year-old Playboy Club actor will have his campaign featured in the October issues of lifestyle magazines including Elle Decor and House Beautiful.

Charisma bedding is so comfortable and luxurious, the only problem is that you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning, it feels so good. The products have an understated elegance to them and an attention to detail that I really appreciate,” Eddie said in a statement.

Eddie Cibrian for Charisma

15+ pictures inside of Eddie Cibrian going shirtless for Charisma

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eddie cibrian shirtless charisma 01
eddie cibrian shirtless charisma 02
eddie cibrian shirtless charisma 03
eddie cibrian shirtless charisma 04
eddie cibrian shirtless charisma 05
eddie cibrian shirtless charisma 06
eddie cibrian shirtless charisma 07
eddie cibrian shirtless charisma 08
eddie cibrian shirtless charisma 09
eddie cibrian shirtless charisma 10
eddie cibrian shirtless charisma 11
eddie cibrian shirtless charisma 12
eddie cibrian shirtless charisma 13
eddie cibrian shirtless charisma 14
eddie cibrian shirtless charisma 15
eddie cibrian shirtless charisma 16
eddie cibrian shirtless charisma 17

Photos: Steven Lippman
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  • http://bettyj2u betty

    Who cares the fact is you’re just proving he is a skirt chaser and marriage to Leann won’t stop him. Who cares about him anyway.Brandi tweeted she is in love with her life and happy. Eddie and his trollops are past tense.Brandi kids are the light of her life and she moving on to a brighter future. Let Leann worry about who will be Eddies next conquest.

  • gwen

    @why? aka gwen got CB closed:

    Hi GINGER/3horses(aka RACY/CBME/irena)

    Wow, why does your post sound so famaliar? Because you did the very same thing when you were posting as frannie plate?

    1) “down because she went berserk over there. Kaiser closed threads on the subject of LR/BG/EC. And yes gwennie uses aliases. Entertaining!”

    Why are you rewriting history?

    Let’s recap what happened on CB.

    After I posted the comment about Playboy Club being boycotted, GINGER shows up on CB posting as KRISSI and HEAVENBOUND. So now she is posting under 4 different names and she having conversations with herself just like she does here.

    CBME/RACY(aka ginger/3horses/irena) is upset because CB didn’t delete my responses to the posts that she made.

    What were my responses? Well I reposted the articles about Playboy Club being boycotted. I stated that I always thought that KRISSI was Heavenbound. I asked KRISSI/heavenbound how she managed to bypass the system and post under all those different names without being caught because after what she pulled on that site, it was very clear that she was posting under different names.

    What has GINGER so upset is the fact that I tested how easy it was for her to post under a different name by using the name of “testing” and making a post stating that I was making that post to show just how easy it was for someone like GINGER to post under different names.

    2) “Face it betty, Brandi is a dim bimbo”

    So now Eddie Cibrian is calling WEWE a dim bimbo? Why does WEWE stay with EC when he so verbally abusive to her?

    3)” AKS and pot/righton claimed you were Brandi or working for her. ”

    How do you know about AKS? Because YOUR name is REALLY CBME/RACY? So why are you hiding under all these different names instead of using the one that you normally use when you make posts in these threads?

    Of course you want everyone to believe that all the backlash is caused by BG;afterall, WEWE fanbase is low and well Playboy Club isn’t doing as well as you and NBC want everyone to believe.

    4)”Others said same. ”

    What others? Like Witchy, michela, cbme, racy, marie, merc, kaylyn, kathy, lydia, validate, cat, ashleeD, mer? We all know that it’s posting under all these different names. The only way for you to know about AKS is if you were posting back then, and that would mean that you are CBME/RACY.

    5)”Obvious you’re working for her but not her.”

    No dear, what is obvious is that EC is working for WEWE. So how much money does WEWE have to give EC to play the devoted husband?

    6)”She’s too stupid to put a sentence together. ”

    Is that what EC said to WEWE Rimes? So EC thinks that WEWE is too stupid to put a sentences together? Why is EC so abusive to WEWE if he loves her?

    7)”Lady can’t even spell simple words!”

    Are you serious? Eddie Cibrian can’t even spell simple words. What was that thing he wrote? How he ROAD his bike? BTW, didn’t you make this very same post about how BG can’t spell when you were going by the name of JUVENILE ex?

    8) “@rachel….Eddie left Brandi. ”

    Did he? Because according to court documents, EC didn’t want to leave the house.

  • gwen

    @why? aka gwen got CB closed:

    Hi GINGER/3horses(aka RACY/CBME/irena)

    PS. A week ago the LR/EC thread was shut down by other posters, so how come you weren’t concerned with that and writing posts about it being shutdown? What, are you upset because you didn’t get the last word in?

    9)”He filed for the divorce, she wanted Eddie still after all he had done. ”

    Only because WEWE took him to Cabo. EC was bribed into filing for a divorce, just like WEWE bribes him into allowing her to pimp out his kids faces and names to promote her album.

    10) That guy has something women want.

    That can’t be true. If EC had what women wanted, then CSI and Chase and EC Hallmark movie wouldn’t have done so poorly in the ratings department.

    WEWE was on twitter arguing with people on her honeymoon and the day after her wedding, so that tells us that EC isn’t a prize like WEWE wants us to believe. Why would WEWE be arguing with people if EC has something that women want? Either he was with another woman at the time WEWE was tweeting or EC has some serious issues that even WEWE can’t stand.

    11) “Eddie wanted out for years.”

    Really? So how come he didn’t get out then? Even after being caught he kept lying about the affair and saying that he was working things out with BG.

    12)”That’s why he had a mistress. ”

    Well EC has several mistresses now that he is married to WEWE, right? So then that means that he wants out of his marriage with WEWE right?

    13)”After sticking foot in mouth we now understand why Eddie couldn’t stand to be home very often. ”

    HAHAHAH So that is why WEWE is always on twitter, EC just can’t stand to be home with her because she suffers from foot in mouth disease?

    14)”Eddie left Brandi! Period!”

    So then how come WEWE is always SWF BG? How come EC referred to WEWE as a speedbump in his marriage? If EC left BG, WEWE wouldn’t keep acting like she was in competition with

    15) “Brandi is a poor example of a mother. ”

    Why? Didn’t EC state that it wasn’t child focused to allow his kids to be exposed to the med

    16)” The trash that flows from that mouth smells like raw sewage!”

    Wow, no wonder WEWE is always tweeting. EC is verbally abusive. So EC thinks that what flows from WEWE mouth smells like raw sewage?

    17)” Her mother needs to sit her down and straighten her out.”

    WEWE mother does need to straighten WEWE out. How can WEWE keep claiming that she loves those kids when she keeps using them to promote herself?

    18)” Is it any wonder EC had no respect for her! Honestly!!!”

    Well we know that EC doesn’t have any respect for WEWE, hence why WEWE has to be on set with EC while he is working on Playboy Club and doing his photoshoots. EC doesn’t even respect his own kids, so why would WEWE expect him to respect her?

  • gwen

    @Eddie chased Leann’s skirts: @WHOA-Kaylyn: @Megan:

    Hi GINGER/3horses

    So you are still posting under different names? Why would any of this be necessary if things were working out for WEWE and EC like you seem to want us to believe?

    1) “Looking good Eddie! Glad to see your smiling face!”

    So how exactly will NBC over up the fact that they are experiencing problems with EC because their viewers don’t want to see his smiling face?

    2) “Yo Brandi has no expressions botoxd to HILT”

    So basically you are projecting. What you really meant to say is that EC looks so bored in this photoshoot because he has being using botox.

    So how come you are using so many different names?

    3) “EC does the seducing/chasing betty! ”

    So then by your logic, it’s EC who is seducing and chasing Liz?

    4)”Deal with it! ”

    We know that WEWE needs to deal with the fact that her fanbase is low.

    5) “LR didn’t seek out EC, he pursued her.”

    Really? Because it was WEWE who canceled her concert just to follow EC to a game, right?

    If EC was the one pursuing WEWE, then how come he told BG that WEWE was stalking him and even stood by and did nothing when BG called WEWE a stalker?

    6)”Just like Scheana and who knows who else.”

    So then wouldn’t the same be true. If EC was cheating on BG, then we know that he is cheating on WEWE.

    7)”Did Brandi break up Eddie and Julianne Morris’ engagement? Did BG cheat w/ EC on Julianne Morris?”

    Seriously, you made the same posts on CB when you were posting as gungho and irena, on JJ when you were posting as micheala/cbme/racy, and on E news when you were posting as merc.

    So the questions remains, why do you insist on hiding behind all these different names instead of using your regular name?

    So we can conclude that Eddie chased Leann’s skirts is why? aka gwen got CB closed .

    So how come you are using EVERY name but RACY/CBME/micheal?

  • gwen

    Wow TWO STAGED photo-ops in ONE DAY, both caught by JUST JARED. You know what that means:

    From Popsugar:

    LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Love the Cameras — Are They the New Heidi and Spencer?

    Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have been the reigning King and Queen of ridiculously staged photo ops for the past few years, though there may be some new competition on the scene. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian seem to share Heidi and Spencer’s flair for drama, posing for a serious engagement shoot and silly bikini beach strolls. Also like Heidi and Spencer, LeAnn and Eddie just love to share PDA in some of the most unusual places. Considering all of LeAnn and Eddie’s recent camera time, we’d like to know what you think — are LeAnn and Eddie the new Heidi and Spencer?

  • gwen

    This is what Amber Heard said:

    “@EddieCibrian is the guy every man wants to be, and every woman wants to be with.”

    On what planet? On what planet does every man want to be Eddie Cibrian and every woman want him? EC is a lowlife who pimps out his own kids for shopping trips. That is not something any man or woman would value. EC cheats. No man wants to be that and no woman wants that. EC allows WEWE to fight his battles, while he sits back and “sleeps” or “reads”. Now what man wants to be that and what woman wants that? Seriously promoting this show by selling EC as a some sort of prize is useless and dumb because we can see this man pimping out his kids, and that is not something anyone admires.

    If EVERY woman wanted to be with EC, then how come CSI, Chase, and EC Hallmark movie did so poorly? Why is Playboy Club being boycotted if EC is such a great prize?

    EC isn’t a sex symbol. He is overexposed because they stage DAILY photo-ops.

    So is this why EC and WEWE felt it was okay to pimp out those kids twice in one day because NBC is hyping him up as a sex symbol? Seriously NBC and Charisma, allowing EC to bombard the internet and tabloids with daily Happy family photo-ops isn’t going to make people like him. I get the feeling NBC is going to be spending a lot time trying to cover up their drop in ratings because they overinvested in EC.

    People don’t like EC. WEWE can pay her mouthpieces to write as much fluff as possible, what stands out to people is the fact that he shows little to no concern for those kids unless he can benefit it from it as we have seen in their latest staged photo-ops.

  • Racy

    Gee, gwen, was Eddie the one who slept on the son’s bed with an ex “friend” and published it on Twtr? OR was that BRANDI? Guess what, you haven’t talked to me on this site for a long time but you are always writing to me. Glad you appreciate me, gwen. What a jerk.

  • gwen


    Hi GINGER/3horses(athena/frannie plate/krissi/CO/kathy/gina)

    Wow, so now you are posting as RACY?

    Why exactly did you decide to show up as RACY? Well great, so now when you post in the other threads, can you do us a favor and use your name instead of using 10 different ones?

    1) “Gee, gwen, was Eddie the one who slept on the son’s bed with an ex “friend” and published it on Twtr?”

    Didn’t WEWE and EC sleep in the same bed with those kids even implying that WEWE had sex with EC while the kids where in the bed with them?

    Didn’t WEWE hump on EC in front of his own kids?

    Didn’t WEWE feel on EC private parts while the kids were on the beach right in front of them?

    So what exactly is your point?

    I think that NBC/CMT are having some major problems, which they are too embarassed to admit, with EC and WEWE images, especially after everyone saw how EC and WEWE pimped those kids out on Monday. So WEWE and EC think that they can save their image by going after BG? It must have backfired because I see that you are in the other thread using even more different names.

    2)” OR was that BRANDI? ”

    Seriously do you REALLY want to go there?

    Now why was on beach in Mexico feeling EC private parts while his kids were right next to them?

    Who was sleeping in the same bed with EC and his kids having “tickling sessions”(ie-which according to WEWE own tweets was sex)?

    Who was humping on EC in a skimpi bikini while EC sons were near them?

    Who was sticking her tongue down EC throat on the sideline of his son’s soccer game?

    Who was bragging out eating out the kids bowls after she made several sexual references to what she does to EC in the bed?

    You see, you are just making things worse for EC and WEWE because now people are going to revisit all those times that EC and WEWE were sexually inappropriate in front to the kids.

    3)”Guess what, you haven’t talked to me on this site for a long time but you are always writing to me. ”

    That is a lie. Why would even lie like that. You are posting here and it’s not my fault you are dumb enough to keep recycling the posts that you made in the old threads.

    Seriously we know it’s you making these posts RACY. Just like we figured out that it was you posting as CBME because you used the same email address for both CBME and RACY on that Willie Nelson article. We saw you making posts as both CBME and RACY even though we kept calling you for doing it.

    4)”Glad you appreciate me, gwen. What a jerk.”

    So now EC is calling WEWE a jerk? Why is EC so verbally abusive towards WEWE.

    RACY shows up at the same time that ATHENA was posting in the other thread, yet RACY wants us to believe that it’s not her posting in these threads.

    So Playboy Club is getting slammed and NBC isn’t being truthful about it.

    Hey why did you go berserk on CB? I like how you kept showing up with a different name each and every time just like you do here on JJ.

    So what name should we expect in the other threads?

  • gwen

    And let the backlash begin.

    So now WEWE “EC lovE me…and EC isn’t cheating on me” campaign is going to be played out on HGTV. Apparently she and EC Chicago apartment will be featured on a newshow (Jonathan Pierce) on HGTV.

    Let me guess, does LR episode air the week of EC new show? Seriously, when is LR going to learn, LAY LOW ans SHUT UP. This is just another way to invite more backlash. NBC is going to have a good time cleaning up this mess.

    Once again, why does LR feel the need to constantly shove her relationship with EC down people’s throats by ANY means necessary? She uses charity, EC kids, EC Charisma ads(which LR used to annouce to everyone that EC is her husband), and now HGTV. If all is well in LR relationship with EC, she shouldn’t be looking for public ways to validate it. So now we are to believe that EC and LR have the greatest lovE story ever because they are going to be on HGTV? Is LR upset because Nick L and Kim K got specials for their wedding and now she is going to make her and EC lovE into a reality tv show by ANY means necessary, cue HGTV.

    Whose idea was this? No one wants to see EC and WEWE(Playboy Club/Charisma were favors from WEWE friends), didn’t Jonathan Pierce and HGTV take a look at the responses from EC press conference?

    Besides, do their viewers really want to see two lowlifes who pimp out innocent kids when they need to promote their careers?

  • Lutetios

    ¡Que estúpido! Metido en la bañera con boxer. ja ja ja.