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Eddie Cibrian: Shirtless for 'Charisma'!

Eddie Cibrian: Shirtless for 'Charisma'!

Eddie Cibrian goes shirtless in a new ad campaign for Charisma.

The 38-year-old Playboy Club actor will have his campaign featured in the October issues of lifestyle magazines including Elle Decor and House Beautiful.

Charisma bedding is so comfortable and luxurious, the only problem is that you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning, it feels so good. The products have an understated elegance to them and an attention to detail that I really appreciate,” Eddie said in a statement.

Eddie Cibrian for Charisma

15+ pictures inside of Eddie Cibrian going shirtless for Charisma

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160 Responses to “Eddie Cibrian: Shirtless for 'Charisma'!”

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  1. 101
    Megan Says:

    Charity tweeted the SAME thing about Eddie. How extroadinary!

  2. 102
    gwen Says:


    EC is trending #1 on Yahoo? I see Kate B in the #1 spot and EC is no where on the list.

  3. 103
    gwen Says:


    Well Ginger/3 horses has made the same post in this thread using 6 different names. The fact that she would come back and do that since we busted her in the last thread for doing the same thing is what is extraordinary.

    So did you make the post about how EC is trending on Yahoo?

  4. 104
    jessica Says:

    @gwen i love u and all ur comments. so true!!!!!!

  5. 105
    betty Says:

    @95 Jerry Springers trashy show is still on the air I bet Eddie trashy show won’t. be. This bedroom sheet scene becomes Eddie right in his element. Jumping from one set of sheets to another. Brandi beautiful face will light up the screen on RHOBH I also like her character. Haters don’t forget to tune in. I will also watch Eddie trashy show hope is a better actor in that then he was on CSI . .

  6. 106
    gwen Says:

    It looks like EC shirtless campaign was a VERY bad idea .

    From E News

    “Playboy Club Gets Spanking From Parents Television Council”(July 27, 2011)

    Sorry, Eddie Cibrian, that smile won’t work for everybody.

    The actor’s new series The Playboy Club is getting scolded by the Parents Television Council, which argues that the NBC series is just too racy to air on broadcast TV.

    Actually, too racy is an understatement for how the PTC feels about the show. Glamorizing porn is more like it…

    Council president Timothy Winter sent a letter to the network that begins with a good number of pornography statistics and its repercussions.

    “About 200,000 Americans are ‘porn addicts”‘—meaning they spend 11 hours or more per week looking at pornography.”

    After detailing the damage that porn can bring onto a family, individual or community, Winter mentions the main point of his address: The Playboy Club.

    “Putting a veneer of sophistication on an industry that exploits women and destroys families is not laudable, it is disgraceful. In what manner does such the airing of such material reconcile with your public interest obligations as a broadcast licensee?” he writes.

    “Whatever positive spin you may wish to put on the series, it is undeniably a betrayal of the trust you have built over the years with America’s families—the owners of the broadcast airwaves that you will be using to force this content into the living rooms of every family in your community.”

    The PTC also accuses the show of breaking the law by not meeting FCC standards, which will be their target of attack should the show continue to air.

    “Be assured that the Parents Television Council will be carefully reviewing every episode and will urge its members to file complaints with the Federal Communications Commission about any content that may be in violation of broadcast decency laws.”

    PTC is urging viewers to take preemptive action by telling their local NBC affiliates they’ll boycott the show. The watchdog group notes that financial donations to PTC are welcome to their cause, too.

    A Utah affiliate has already cut the show from their programming, saying its subject matter doesn’t coincide with their socially conservative community, so will Los Angeles be next?

    Granted L.A.’s not the most—if at all—conservative city, but if the PTC gets enough uproar and spreads their fury, LeAnn Rimes might have to pack up (again) and head home with her too-hot-for-TV hubby.

  7. 107
    gwen Says:

    Eddie is ranked as 7 on the Yahoo top list. Which is odd, does anyone else find it odd that EC is trending on Yahoo when as we saw his stories where being overshadowed by all the rest of the news story for the day?

    His story wasn’t even the top story on People mag, so how odd that it’s now a top story on Yahoo. Even E News and Showbiz tonight didn’t mention EC ad campaign(but they did mention the RHOBH), so something strange is going on.

    EC and LR moving to Chicago articles received more coverage by the media, yet it didn’t trend on Yahoo. So what is going on?

    Wow, EC is just adding more fuel to the fire. Yeap the PTC is going after Playboy/NBC and EC makes it much worse by drawing attention to his shirtless campaign.

  8. 108
    Katie Says:

    He has a nice smile.

  9. 109
    ? Says:

    @Naomi R.: your last name wouldn’t happen to be rogers would it? i once knew a naomi rogers.

  10. 110
    Hope Says:


    Thanks Gwen for the information. I just love reading your posts. They are well written and very factual. Keep them coming.

    As for Eddie the cheater, well his own character is right in line with this type of show. An actor with skill and class wouldn’t even consider this show. Trash like his horsefaced wife.

  11. 111
    Hope Says:

    @Call me please:

    Make babies are you kidding? That mutt face would create dogs.

  12. 112
    charity Says:

    Yes indeedy I tweeted that about Ec on my twitter page. saw it here from Lola N thought it was spot on. do you think anyone would be so stupid {like you} to out themselves in such a way oh great genius. so U go Lola I think the same thing so went back N looked at his parents pictures which Leann loves to post N sure enough they R both short,N while his mom is very pretty, he looks NOTHING like either one. should have given Lola the credit on my twitter page but U only get so many letters. just love these people who think they are detectives, more like ferrets. I post here under my name CHARITY unlike Megan who has multiple names. I am not ashamed of my posts nor do I feel the need to post many times under multiple names so there Ms Megan and other assorted people boy, feels good to tell it like it is

  13. 113
    Prestine Says:

    Cute guy who would make good dad material for kids with new babe LeAnne.

  14. 114
    Annie's dog Blare Says:

    So Lola & charity are 1. Surprised? Nah, that’s the work of the BB. Major hypocrites.

    Eddie’s show is being singled out by the parent’s council…DUH gwen, its not for kids. Is that rotten garbage Brandi is going to be a guest on any better? NO! They both suck.

    So Brandi won’t be pulling in the big buck because she is not a housewife and not even a regular. Gwen, you lose AGAIN. Batting a 0-1000 now. Yeah I want you on my team NOT

  15. 115
    evan Says:

    he was the main character of the Elton John’s song Sacrifice !!

  16. 116
    Hope Says:

    @Prestine: in the movie Babe (pig face) yup Leann is a babe..hahaha

  17. 117
    betty Says:

    @Prestine He is not good dad material for his kids with Brandi. It takes more than good looks any man can be a sperm donor but it takes being a man of character and morals to be a good parent.

  18. 118
    betty Says:

    @Prestine He is not good dad material for his kids with Brandi. It takes more than good looks any man can be a sperm donor but it takes being a man of character and morals to be a good parent.

  19. 119
    lisa Says:

    Man, he really looks worked and old. Guess leAnn is rubbing off on him.

  20. 120
    AmberLiz Says:

    Who cares about these Q-Listers??

  21. 121
    gwen Says:

    @Annie’s dog Blare:

    Hi ginger

    So you STILL are not going to use your REAL name? Why are you messing with the votes?

    Does Leann know that you are here making all these hate posts about BG? Of course she does. Things must be really bad for WEWE and EC since you came back with a different name. So how many different names are you going to use today?

    1) “So Lola & charity are 1. Surprised? Nah, that’s the work of the BB. Major hypocrites.”

    Wow, seriously? Strange because wasn’t Meghan also stalking lola and charity? So why are you even making an issue of charity and lola being the same person when you wrote the post as Meghan? It appears that the work of Leann and her “fans” is stalking. The bad part is that you aren’t even brave enough to own up to your stalking seeing as how you used two different names to stalk lola and charity in this thread alone.

    2)”Eddie’s show is being singled out by the parent’s council…DUH gwen, its not for kids.”

    EC show wouldn’t have been singled out had Leann not set up this deal with Charisma to promote her marriage with EC.

    Seriously, thanks for once again demonstrating that reading comprehension isn’t your strong point.

    This is one of the sentences from the statement made by PTC:

    “After detailing the damage that porn can bring onto a family, individual or community, Winter mentions the main point of his address: The Playboy Club.”

    Now what is the operative word here: FAMILY.

    So the PTC is concerned about how the images promoted by Playboy will impact a family because many people struggle with what? Porn addiction. Which has destroyed many families.

    Think before you post because everytime you try to be clever, you just slap yourself in the face.

    3)” Is that rotten garbage Brandi is going to be a guest on any better? NO! They both suck.”


    Wow, another post about BG and how much you hate RHOBH

    Hi @OLD DUMPED WOMEN OF BH=@So tell me something new: @Loser = Brandi Cibrian= @A&W Root Beer= @laurie 4=@Ghetto, ClassLess Brandi:

    So why did you show up here with a different name AGAIN? Seriously, if you are brave enough to write all this stuff trashing BG, why do you hide under all these different names?

    4)”So Brandi won’t be pulling in the big buck because she is not a housewife and not even a regular. ”

    See I told you that all of the “BG is the villian posts because she is on the RHOBH” were made by the SAME person.

    So why do you think that you are fooling people or that no one notices that you are just repeating the same post over and over

    5)”Gwen, you lose AGAIN.”

    How do I lose? Seriously, you were the one who came back here with yet another different name. HAHAHAHA

    If you want to convince people that all is well for WEWE and EC stalking BG and the BBs under 15 different names isn’t the way to go.

    Obviously it’s EC and WEWE who are losing because the outcome of his shirtless Charisma campaign was met with tons of articles about how the PTC is boycotting his show, which probably wouldn’t have happened had they continued to lay low, but you know Leann, she just has to convince everyone that EC is in love with her because she picks which sheets they sleep on.

    6)” Batting a 0-1000 now. ”

    HAHAHAHA So why did you come back with a different name? Yeap, if that was the case, you would have used your REAL name.

    Why do you hijack our names?

    Why are you on CB posting under all those different names?

    Why are you stalking BG on twitter under all those mutiple different names?

    HAHAHA Because you EC and WEWE are having problems and it just worse.

    7)”Yeah I want you on my team NOT”


    So is that why you keep making posts in my name and stalking people because you think that they are me, it’s because you want me on your team?

    That makes sense.

    So how many different names are you going to use today?

  22. 122
    gwen Says:

    Even more proof that WEWE Rimes is reading what we are posting here on these sites. Yes it’s another case of we point out the flaw in WEWE PR stunt and then LeannInc fixes it.

    So I pointed out how odd it was that EC was trending on Yahoo because EC ads for Charisma weren’t even featured on E News or Showbiz Tonight on Wed. So what does WEWE Rimes do because she DOESN’T READ what we are posting here on JUST JARED? The next day she has E News cover EC photoshoot with Charisma. I wonder how much she had to pay for that.

    Get this, guess what part of EC interview E News showed? Hint: What is WEWE #2 concern( because WEWE #1 concern is that EC affairs don’t get exposed by the media and press)? That everyone knows that EC is her hubby. So they played the part of the interview where EC says that his wife (they flash to a photo of EC and WEWE on the red carpet of the Grammy’s) is the one who makes the decisions on what sheets they sleep on.

    What we can conclude is that:

    a) The Charisma photoshoot was WEWE idea.

    WEWE was the one who set up the Charisma deal for EC(EC stated in the interview that WEWE does the shopping for them) , which means that this job was a favor from one of WEWE friends.
    So EC can only get jobs when they are favors from WEWE friends?

    b) The Charisma ad campaign was just another means for WEWE and EC to promote their relationship and draw attention to what they are doing in the bed. Gross. Why are the TACKY TWOSOME always using the media and press to validate their relationship?

    c) Why would it be necessary to use a bedding/linen company to draw attention to what they are doing in the bed or convince people that they are having sexy times because we know what sheets they are using? Because EC is cheating on WEWE. And LeannInc will try to fix this by staging pda photo-ops.

    Well one thing is for sure, EC Charisma campaign was met with tons of articles about how the PTC is boycotting the show. Instead of worrying about BG role on RHOBH, perhaps Ginger (who keeps coming back with a different name each and every sec)needs to focus on why when EC and LR do all of this famewhoring it’s met with news of boycotts. But perhaps trashing BG IS LeannInc strategy to deflect from the negative feedback EC and LR get from their pr stunts.

    So let’s see how many different names will LeannInc use because it’s not at all obvious that it’s the same person writing the same “BG is the villian for being on RHOBH and I’m nuetral” post over and over.

  23. 123
    gwen Says:


    Yeap because for people who think like WEWE babies will most certainly convince people that EC isn’t cheating on WEWE right?

  24. 124
    gwen Says:

    The outcome of EC Charisma ad campaign because WEWE just couldn’t resist the urge to let EVERYONE know that she and EC are in REEL lovE because she picks which sheets they sleep on, which her hubby then promotes by lying naked semi-naked on them.

    1. Entertainment Weekly:
    ” Parents Television Council urging NBC affiliates to drop ‘Playboy Club”(July 27)

    2. Reuters:
    “Parents Television Council Up-in-Arms Over NBC’s ‘The Playboy Club’(July 27)

    3. “TV watchdog says “Playboy Club” glamorizes porn”(July 27)

    4. Contactmusic:
    “Nbc – Parents Group Goes Bugs Over Bunnies”(July 28)

    5. Digital Spy/Zap2it:
    “Parents Television Council ‘hasn’t seen Playboy Club’(July 28)

    6. TimesWireService:
    “The Playboy Club: NBC show gets drubbing from Parents Television Council “(July 28)

    “The Parent’s Television Council vs. NBC (Again): ‘The Playboy Club’ (July 28)

    “PTC bans The Playboy Club”(July 27)

    9. TheCelebrity Cafe:
    “Parents Television Council takes aim at NBC’s ‘The Playboy Club’ (July 27)

    “PTC Urges More Stations To Preempt NBC’s ‘The Playboy Club’(July 27)

    11. There are more articles, but I just thought I would provide a few because this explains why Ginger is in full force. Deflect from what is going on with Playboy by going after BG and RHOBH.

    So the articles about the boycott started on July 26(how odd the DAY before EC ad campaign came out, did Charisma know that this was going to happen and for this reason urged EC and WEWE to lay low).There were about 7 articles written on July 26, but it looks like they didn’t get very much attention from the media until the day that EC released his Charisma ads and the number of media outlets taking notice of the ban by the PTC jumped to over 80 articles.

  25. 125
    Hope Says:

    Gwen..once again you hit it out of the ball park.. I just love reading your posts. Leann dogface must love them as well because she has her trailer park trash posting negative garbage about Brandi..Leann will never be as pretty, classy, a better mother than Brandi. I am Canadian and dog face was in Toronto not too long ago.I hope she stays away from our country she is trash.

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