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Eddie Cibrian: Shirtless for 'Charisma'!

Eddie Cibrian: Shirtless for 'Charisma'!

Eddie Cibrian goes shirtless in a new ad campaign for Charisma.

The 38-year-old Playboy Club actor will have his campaign featured in the October issues of lifestyle magazines including Elle Decor and House Beautiful.

Charisma bedding is so comfortable and luxurious, the only problem is that you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning, it feels so good. The products have an understated elegance to them and an attention to detail that I really appreciate,” Eddie said in a statement.

Eddie Cibrian for Charisma

15+ pictures inside of Eddie Cibrian going shirtless for Charisma

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eddie cibrian shirtless charisma 01
eddie cibrian shirtless charisma 02
eddie cibrian shirtless charisma 03
eddie cibrian shirtless charisma 04
eddie cibrian shirtless charisma 05
eddie cibrian shirtless charisma 06
eddie cibrian shirtless charisma 07
eddie cibrian shirtless charisma 08
eddie cibrian shirtless charisma 09
eddie cibrian shirtless charisma 10
eddie cibrian shirtless charisma 11
eddie cibrian shirtless charisma 12
eddie cibrian shirtless charisma 13
eddie cibrian shirtless charisma 14
eddie cibrian shirtless charisma 15
eddie cibrian shirtless charisma 16
eddie cibrian shirtless charisma 17

Photos: Steven Lippman
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Wow, just wow. Did anyone check out the RHOBH thread on CB today?

LeannInc went berserk on CB today. Why?

I posted the article from E News yesterday about Playboy being boycotted and asked what LR was going to do to fix it. Can you guess what happened?

1) Leann Inc shows up on CB as 2 more “different” posters who haven’t posted in a while. Yeap, after being MIA for several months, KRISSI and heavenbound come out of the woodwork.

I always suspected that KRISSI was heavenbound. So KRISSI lied when she said that she hadn’t posted on CB. She was posting on CB, just at the time she was doing it her name was HEAVENBOUND.

2) KRISSI is obsessing over me just like she does here on JUST JARED.

3) And as usual, KRISSI tries to convince LR handlers that the backlash against EC and LR is all caused by Brandi. So now she is on CB trying to convince everyone that I am BG just like she did when she was posting as CBME/RACY/micheala.

I must be onto something because LeannInc reaction to that article I posted on CB about the boycott was CLASSIC. HAHAHAHAHAH

I can’t wait to see how they react tonight and tomorrow.

Leann is going beserk on twitter Eddie is working late..LOL For a person with such a busy life this chick tweets every hour on the hour. This is just the beginning of the long nights for Leann.


Well you heard EC, the Charisma sheets are SO “comfortable and luxurious” that he just can’t get out of his mistresses bed and go home to his wife.

Be sure N get your Eddie Cibrian sushi **** candles. leann sells them at xmas time they are just her fav sushi yum yum maybe the sheet company will give one away with every sheet order. we can only hope anyway

why? aka gwen got CB closed @ 07/29/2011 at 5:04 pm

down because she went berserk over there. Kaiser closed threads on the subject of LR/BG/EC

And yes gwennie uses aliases. Entertaining!

why? aka gwen got CB closed @ 07/29/2011 at 5:16 pm

AKS and pot/righton claimed you were Brandi or working for her. Others said same. Obvious you’re working for her but not her. She’s too stupid to put a sentence together. Lady can’t even spell simple words!

@#131 How many degrees do you have or your idol? You are using an alias now. So don’t call the kettle black POT. LOL

why? aka gwen got CB closed @ 07/29/2011 at 5:44 pm

Face it betty, Brandi is a dim bimbo

just went to CB N posted comment so don’t know why you say the site has been closed down

#133 Brandi was never dim enough to stalk or cling too Eddie like Leann,because that won’t stop him from cheating. Plus that dumb bimbo will be making her TV debut on RHOBH. Since she left Eddie things are looking upward.

guess cb did close the thread ,Eddie is so nasty to brandi because he is still mad at her for kicking him out and telling about his cheating with the waitressto the public. he doesn’t stop to think that if he hadn’t done those things, there would be nothing to tell. He was an absolute control freak with her, he wanted her at home to take care of kids n not out where someone else might look at her. true Latin jealousy like Marc Anthony. don’t think he is jealous of Leann, tho. he probably wishes she would remove the GPS from his A.S.S.U keep that up there, LEANN, he needs tracking at all times. he does walk kind of weird now N his voice is getting higher pitched

Yo Brandi has no expressions botoxd to HILT

@Megan So What!! She and her botox will debuting in September.

WHOA-Kaylyn @ 07/29/2011 at 10:20 pm

Looking good Eddie! Glad to see your smiling face!

why? aka gwen got CB closed @ 07/30/2011 at 9:42 am

@rachel….Eddie left Brandi. He filed for the divorce, she wanted Eddie still after all he had done. That guy has something women want.

Eddie still has something Brandi wants that support check she has had everything else. So whats to want.

Eddie still has something Brandi wants that support check she has had everything else. So whats to want.

wrong wrong wrong Brandi kicked his B.u.t.t out when the pictures of him in the boat with the waitress came out. Leann made sure those were made public otherwise EC had no intention of leaving so there smartie pants As Eddie said he was just friends with Leann n the press made every thing up guess they made up those pics with Scheana N the one in the restaurant where Leann was sucking on his finger for all she was worth

why? aka gwen got CB closed @ 07/30/2011 at 2:51 pm

Eddie wanted out for years. That’s why he had a mistress. After sticking foot in mouth we now understand why Eddie couldn’t stand to be home very often. Eddie left Brandi! Period!

@Rachel you got that right.Most women would not pursue a married man with children but we wait for him to finalize his relationship with his wife. That’s why Mrs so insecure in her relationship because she knows Eddie can be lured away. He is her problem now so let her lose weight and sleep dealing with the cheater.

If Eddie wanted out the door was not locked inside he could have walked out, He probably still have a mistress thats why Leann follows him.Brandi gave Eddie a free rein and Leann won’t let him out of her sight so who is the insecure one. Eddie has met his fatal attraction. LOL

Just show what type of father he is regardless of the relationship with a husband and wife a father will be home for his children. He is no role model for his sons. Brandi has moved on to bigger and better things,Eddie is not the only game in town it probably the best thing she never had. Eddie has met his fatal attraction.

why? aka gwen got CB closed @ 07/31/2011 at 9:17 pm

Brandi is a poor example of a mother. The trash that flows from that mouth smells like raw sewage! Her mother needs to sit her down and straighten her out. Is it any wonder EC had no respect for her! Honestly!!!

Is the the best you can come up with . We know Leann mother didn’t teach her anything or else she would not have been chasing and supporting a married man and who cares what a cheater and a liar like Eddie thinks he’s the one that gets no respect.

Eddie chased Leann's skirts @ 08/01/2011 at 5:38 pm

EC does the seducing/chasing betty! Deal with it! LR didn’t seek out EC, he pursued her. Just like Scheana and who knows who else.

Did Brandi break up Eddie and Julianne Morris’ engagement? Did BG cheat w/ EC on Julianne Morris?

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