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Rachel Bilson: 'Hart of Dixie' Poster!

Rachel Bilson: 'Hart of Dixie' Poster!

Rachel Bilson holds a stethoscope while sitting on two suitcases in the poster for her new show, Hart of Dixie, via THR.

The 29-year-old stars as Zoe Hart in the CW show, opposite Jaime King and Scott Porter.

Rachel recently told AOL TV Zoe won’t be similar to her O.C. character, Summer Roberts, even though both shows were created by Josh Schwartz.

“Summer was definitely her own entity. You know, you’re yourself, so some of her mannerisms might match up,” she said. “I tried to stay away from the ‘ew’,’ that was sort of Summer’s trademark. I decided to do it with a different inflection on the word.”

Josh and I are kind of like brother and sister, so it’s basically working with your family again,” she added. “Everyone else on the show, we’re an instant family.”

Check out a preview of Hart of Dixie below, and be sure to tune in for the series premiere, Monday, Sept. 26!

FYI: Rachel is wearing nude suede “Marlo” pumps by Brian Atwood.

Hart of Dixie Preview

Bigger pic inside

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rachel bilson hart of dixie poster

Photos: The Hollywood Reporter
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  • ff

    finally, 1st!!!!! and well done RB. Where’s HC?

  • ReneeLyssa


  • Andrea

    Wow. This show looks…. special.

  • Jasmine

    Stunning! However, I have a strong feeling this show isn’t going to last long lol….

  • john

    what.the.eff.was.that…. i seriously wish all well but that looked errrrr…

  • Speak Now

    RB has a job, I bet some of her haters don’t. Hating isn’t a full-time job, kiddies.

  • Ella

    I’m not a hater but she finally got a job! because she hasn’t been in anything for ages

  • drewlard

    A job due to her BFF’s husband – that is all there is!

  • marko

    She can’t act.

  • aberfitch

    RaTchel’s SWOLLEN saddlebags from the last time…
    … is now “”photoshopped”", ladies & gentlemen!

  • trisgrey

    Pippa PIMP MIddleton – is that you again?!

  • annie

    HC is running away if only he was that smart but he likes being told what to do notice the ring in his nose,easy to lead him.yes rb cannot act but she does smell.

  • lexy hates bilson

    At least Pippa isn’t paying for the media attention. JJ isn’t this the same quote you used the day for your Rachel “story” – guess there’s not a lot to say about this show or Rachel.
    Actually the show is kind of insulting to people in the South. Apparently there are no good doctors in South – only rejects who can’t get jobs in New York. Great premise for a show – if a doctor isn’t qualified to work in NY – send them to the backwoods of the South – where they don’t deserve decent medical care!

  • fitzroy

    Seeing this Little Mutt dressed & play up like a doctor in that so -called F-a-r-t Of Dixie is like seeing… Parisite Hilton, Lindsay Blohan or Kim Kartrashian on a NUN’s outfit.

  • rb

    Love the poster!!!!

  • HAH

    Funny how in the interview she said no more “EW” and on the preview the first thing she says is that. Doctors don’t say that. This looks like crap TBH.

  • hhumh

    i’m not a hater, but this trailer is seriously horrible. rachel really can’t act, none of her tries to act up there really work out, so it’s no wonder she couldn’t get herself an acting job in years. she’s pretty and quite cute, but good looks only don’t make you a decent actress. so watching this hart of dixie show seems like a complete waste of time and nerves.

  • well

    @ ff

    As of last Friday July 22, Hayden was seen in Los Feliz at a hardware store buying paint supplies, link to photos on in comment section. In Rachel’s last thread, she was buying more paint on Sunday, its the Home Depot thread. Looks like he is painting for her.

    NIce poster. Whether you like her or not, she is working, that is what everyone on here was complaining about her not doing. Even when she is working, you complain about her work, lol!

  • Sue Denim

    Oh my god…it’s actually even worse than I thought it be and my expectations were that it would be boring. It’s embarassing and awkward and that’s just from the trailer. Yikes.
    Well whatever, at least she’s working I guess. Good for her. I’m just not watching this and I’m sure lots of other people won’t be either.

  • amaranth

    She just goes back to TV coz simply her ultimate dream of being a movie actress is tragically an “epic fail”. But if there’s even a bit of chance that she would become a “TV (lead) actress”, it should peaked out already when OC’s female lead, Mischa Barton left the show and she became officially now its lead actress but it didn’t happened at all coz said show got an abrupt cancellation due to poor ratings.

  • mike g

    @lexy hates bilson: Go watch the trailer again idiot

  • yep

    i am looking forward to watching!

  • Lina

    OMFG her EUW sounds exactly like in the OC. A doctor does not say euw like that and does not talk like this. She really can’t act or change into another character.

  • gilmorie

    I would really imagine how Josh S’ still keep on pushing his lost card/s in front of those CW executives tables just to make his wife’s bff star(less)dom happen. RB would be even more believable if she just plays a patient… for the mentally handicap, rather than being a doctor.

  • monreal

    As this is some Armageddon sh*t. But what can you expect when it came from a “generic looking & no talent” manufactured tart brought to you by the “Bilson Family Entertainment-less Production”.

  • get real

    @ 8-11,14,24&25

    Your posts make Rachel seem like a genious compared to you! You either do not speak English well, or never passed grammar in school! Perhaps you are still in middle school, but your constant multiple names and the fact you can’t spell simple words or make a simple sentence make you look like you are the one without a brain. Just say what you have to say in one post, half of these posts on this thread alone are almost all yours. It is obvious you are all the same person, you must be really bored to spend so much time bashing Rachel.

  • Eliza

    it just feels like summer roberts…as a doctor…in the south. thats all i keep thinking while watching that.

  • ATLQueen

    AWESOME! We got Rachel working! NOW, if Hayden could just do the same…. lol

    No matter what some people just cannot be please. That’s why they are best ignored.

  • RebelYell

    . “Summer was definitely her own entity. You know, you’re yourself, so some of her mannerisms might match up,” she said. “I tried to stay away from the ‘ew’,’ that was sort of Summer’s trademark. I decided to do it with a different inflection on the word.”
    Okay so she isn’t much an actress that is obvious. Actresses are suppose to be their characters, not themselves. That would explain I guess why everyone complains that she is always the same in every film or tv show,she is in. The OC,Jumper and Hart of Dixie She probably will never be a better actress than she is now but at least she is still trying.Sort of. This trailer was alot worse than the first one, if I remember correctly. Why they would even use to same catch phrase EW in another pilot for a television show ,seems foolish. I think the disturbing part about this show is that the creator is implying if a doctor is found to be not good enough to work in a large city like NYC,then they can always be a doctor in a small town? If a doctor was that bad at their job they would have their medical license pulled and not be allowed to practice medicine.@Eliza: Maybe they should have made it an OC spin off and had Summer become a doctor in the middle of no where. The show might have been more believable and would have brought in a larger viewing audience.

  • Matthew

    @hhumh: Dude if you’re gonne talk about her like that then you are a hater, duhhh

  • laughs@god

    You all go on about her working like everyone should be impressed. Hell, I’d be a darn sight more impressed if she was in something that didn’t have Josh Schwartz’ name attached to it. Merit, girls, merit, that is what is important, not who you suck up to!

  • ATLQueen


    There are tons of actors and actresses that work with the same producer more than once. What’s ur point?

  • screwed

    A perpetually talentless parasite that is!

  • Where is New Husband Hayden?

    I guess her husband Hayden Christensen is re-painting their home instead of working on his own projects. Well, good for him. She can support him while his career languishes. They are such a perfect couple. Hayden & Rachel 4-ever!!!

  • @34

    First of they are not married, and although you change username it’s obvious–you are the one person that always uses the name married–they are not–or are you so pathetic that to believe Rachel would not make a huge deal out of it, and for that matter Hayden would not have a huge smile on his face? Or are you so bored in life that you post numerous times under different names :Where is New Husband Hayden” get a life.

  • just me

    You all need to stop feeling sorry for hayden he will get a job when he get ready to. Rachel is the one that ned taking care.he begged her best friend husband for a job until he gave her one. Then she don’t want to do it far away because are family and friends. THe real reason that she don’t want to beaway from la and hayden. So she can use him for atttention and to hang with.She cant hang ith no one else. cause she can’t get along with no one else.i see she haven;t said anything about him bad lately in tabloid lately. wonder why. Hayden can’t keep back and forth seeing her like that.if rachel can’ get out thereand promote her show. She don’t need hayden to help her do it..RAchel will never get no where unless she have josh or hayden to help herout all the time.couldn’t she have her father to help her paint er house or the man that she was with in santa monica.? STill using hayden i see.why ca’t she get another boyfriend like everyone els. i guess she too lazy to do that.Hayden don’t need taking care are.

  • Tired of it

    Blatant rip-off of Northern Exposure, from the plot to the poster.×17/dp/B002S6SJT8