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Ian Somerhalder Testifies Before Congress

Ian Somerhalder Testifies Before Congress

Ian Somerhalder makes his way through Reagan National Airport on Thursday (July 28) in Washington, D.C.

The 32-year-old Vampire Diaries actor was on his way to Capitol Hill to testify before Congress to help save Leatherback turtles.

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“Looking around the world at these wildlife, it’s abundantly clear that humans have benefited from nature in so many ways but have also brought many species to the brink of extinction,” Ian said in his testimony.

To read Ian‘s full testimony, click here!

Ian Somerhalder Testifies Before Congress
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Credit: Young/Drummond; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Patry

    He’s just amazing! This man is perfect inside out!

  • hannah

    wow he is sooo sexy and he cares about animals he is so dreamy!!❤

  • Halli

    Also save the Diamond Back turtle! Every year they have to migrate to the beach to lay their eggs and on their way there, they have to cross JFK airport tarmac. They actually delayed planes just so these turtles can cross the tarmac and make their way to the beach, it was so cute!

  • eww

    Is it me or does he look like Michael Jackson? I don’t know smith about this guy is a real big turn off

  • kà simply amazing!

    i know Ian he has no telant. befor he in American Idol he dont know how to song. just inslut judge

  • kà simply amazing!

    no no not he

  • kà simply amazing!

    just like devil night

  • CTRY

    @kà simply amazing!: He’s not a singer… HE’S AN ACTOR!!!!!!!

  • http://ta slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    i hear he lose and yestarday cry >_> go look at he eyes

  • Lo

    It’s great to save animals and have charities, and by no means am I knocking him down, but I wish celebrities were more concerned with human lives than animals. Though it’s great to be concerned about animals that are going extinct. Hell, do both.

  • Vince

    in main pic he looks like Michael Keaton or Jackson!

  • lili

    ahaha come on Ian you’re hot but what’s that suit? it’s not a premiere

  • lili

    he’s got his vampire ring!!!! ahaha just kidding I love you ian

  • Kat

    this man is just so perfect.
    ♥ him

  • SJC

    This man is amazing! I wish more celebrities cared about the planet



    Some people have more affinity for animals and I say go for it. The Leatherback in one form or another has existed for over 110 million years. And in the last 30 or so years, man has decimated its populations.

    Leatherbacks eat jellyfish. Lots of jellyfish. Without leatherbacks, the jelly fish populations explode. And then there are more around to sting humans.

    Life is interconnected and scientists are only now, after humans have managed to drive so many species to extinctions, starting to learn all the ramifications of losing a species.

    So Ian YOU GO HONEY!!! I’m rooting for you!

  • mmm

    ian is helping turtles thats so great
    we all should protect animals so support me about over fishing just clicking that link
    this is not a spam, its a greenpeace project and sorry its not in english but its for the overfishing in Turkey

  • Daniel

    He’s AMAZING <3

  • TC

    @ lili – Most people who are smart (like Ian) where a suit when they testify before Congress. Washington, DC is a very conservative town. If you want to be taken seriously, you “dress the part.” Good for you Ian. Thanks for your commitment to protecting the planet.

  • dahlia

    Good for him! I live animal;s!

  • Yo-Landi

    I’m in college and when I have to make an oral presentation, most teachers would tell me NOT to read. And he’s clearly reading here. Actually he does what I do (and what many others do too I guess), he reads but looks at the audience trying to show that he’s not reading. HA. Good. Unfortunately it doesn’t really work with professors. And in the end of my presentation, they always point it out. (Thank God, if you were still good, you get a good grade nonetheless :p). That would be my one and only criticism I’d make here. Overall, it was good. The cause is great. Yes, we have to care for humans, but animals are more than important too. All our lives are interconnected. It’s the big circle of life, you haven’t seen the Lion King did you?!? Lol ;D

  • jessa

    wouldve been better if he cut his hair.

  • hannah

    @Lo: being concerned about animals is being concerned about humans.
    humans cannot survive if they do not protect the animals and plants around them because we thrive off of them as resources. yes, this includes random turtles because when you eff up one part of the food chain it all comes crashing down. we all live in the same world with other living organisms. that’s how it goes.

  • greenlee

    @Yo-Landi: your professors are weird as hell. i dunno why they’d say that to you. it’s perfectly fine to read off a page and look up to your audience during. that’s standard, everyone does it e.g. politicians who constantly make speeches read off a page or a teleprompter.

  • torrance

    @Lo: you could even argue that animals need more support than humans. a shark cant hire a lawyer or advocate for themselves.

  • TaxPayer

    I love animals and Vampire Diaries. We live on a small farm and accept animals from the Farm Sanctuary. However, it is not the US Government’s job to support and commit our tax money to these causes and organizations. Those who want to save the turtles, send your own money to the cause. Taxes are supposed to be used to maintain our infrastructure and defense. Actors should register as lobbyists, because it seems that that is what they are.

  • Michelle

    Someone mentioned why not care more about humans etc.. Well I agree humans can hire a lawyer while animals can not. They are vital in our ecosystem. Global warming does exist people. Everyone complains about the heat waves, snow. cold etc.

    We all know species balance out the environment so we need them. Natural resources are dwindling and our environment is becoming more populated and polluted.
    It’s great that Actors /Actresses like Ian S, Leo D, etc actually really care about preserving the environment and it’s species.

  • steph

    No hat this time? every time I see a photo of him he’s wearing one.

  • ?

    no hat?

  • Chloe

    The U.S. had a debt problem to deal with right now and they decide to listen to this issue now? Come on.

  • sno

    Stop being egocentric. There are more problems in the world that debt problem, so people should focus in those closer to their heart, if it’s animals, go and defend them, because they can’t defend themselves.

  • mkhay


  • Noli

    I value him for that so much !
    He honestly and wholeheartedly cares about where we live in.

    Many celebrities have charity funds for solely public relations. But Ian really truly cares. I love a man that loves animals! :)



    If we destroy the planet, then the debt problem ceases to exist, doesn’t it?

  • Marieme

    I’m so grateful for people like Ian who are determined to speak from their kind hearts to help stop the suffering of innocent creatures on this planet – two legged or otherwise. Thank you, Ian!!

  • BOJI

    I have an affinity for animals and creatures. Was born to love them. Humans have other humans to look out for them but animals are at the mercy of Humans. As Ian pointed out there is a chain reaction when one species becomes extinct. The increase in the population of jelly fish in the absence of turtles which is detrimental to the fish population, an essential food for us humans is just an example.

    I adore Ian not only for his looks but for his compassionate and caring nature that makes him a truly unique person. He walks the talk which I can’t say for many celebrities.

  • lili

    I totally agree that he had to wear a suit for that speech but this kind of suit, really????!!!!not professional! anyway he looks hot