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Orlando Bloom: 'Flynn Smells Amazing!'

Orlando Bloom: 'Flynn Smells Amazing!'

Orlando Bloom rolls his suitcase as he makes his way through Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport on Friday (July 29) in Sydney, Australia.

The 34-year-old actor was on his way to meet up with his wife Miranda Kerr and their adorable son Flynn, who arrived in Sydney a few days before.

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Orlando recently talked about how much he loves being a father.

“My baby is amazing, even his head smells amazing. His breath, the whole thing, you could eat him! He’s a big, beautiful boy. He’s great,” Orly said.

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  • Mike

    And we’re off! Let the constant papfest begin! More set up resaurant pics! More set up balcony pics! Shopping as a family in that crappy DJ store! Pap set up with the whole Curr brood! Pap set ups with Poostain! Pap set ups with Nan Curr! will the shippers condem Amanda the way they condemed Kate for setting him up? NO! because they are blind idiots! Pap set ups 24/7 till the obnoxious little family leaves and it’s all okay! Hypocrisy rules in the Kerr-Bloom fandom! He does a pap set up with Kate and it’s all Kate’s fault even though he agreed to it. Amanda sets him up and the shippers eat it up with a spoon! Freaks the lot of them! Blind idiot freaks.

  • yay!!


  • jacqueline

    hahahahahahaha that’s ADORABLE! Orlando seems like such a good dad… and he’s right, babies smell amazing and Flynn is a cuteness overload, I feel like I could eat him! Lovely bald baby whose head smells good <3

  • Get Real Orlando

    All babies Smell like vomit and s**t. Of course, his wife doesn’t use deoderant so she smells like BO, vomit, stale breast milk and s**t so apparently that’s what he likes.

  • LOL!

    Oh Bealze….
    If you are going to keep pretending that you aren’t a delph-IDIOT sock, then you shouldn’t copy/paste your posts from that cesspool of a site.
    SUCH a pathetic loser!
    And gee, since Miranda is a big star in OZ, and Orlando is a big star everywhere, do you REALLY think that they have to call the paps?
    Do you REALLY believe that paps aren’t sitting outside their hotel?
    Just as they sat out in front of Miranda’s apartment?
    Do you REALLY believe any of the garbage that you post?
    I know.
    You don’t REALLY believe it.
    You just trying to tear her down in a DESPERATE attempt to convince yourself that your own life is not as PATHETIC as it seems?
    You can stop trying.
    Because you ARE as PATHETIC as you seem.

  • kyle

    His kid looks nothing like him. Maybe he ought to invest in one of those mouth swab dna tests before he invest too much more time and energy and money into someone else’s b@$t@red.

  • @4

    Actually, to a parent, there is nothing better than the scent of your own child.
    It’s amazing.

  • Diana

    He is looking old and haggared and nasty. I remember when he was pretty.

  • ick


    I wouldn’t know. I don’t see the point in having those things.

  • @6

    I don’t know what you are smoking, but that beautiful baby looks exactly like him.
    Saying something so obviously false just to insult him just makes you look stupid.

  • sara

    He’s so handsome!
    I can’t wait to see him on set!

  • LOL!

    Oh LOL!
    do you really not
    know how to write a
    did you really not
    finish school and learn
    how to
    do you really
    believe in
    glittery vampires and fairy
    are you really that
    as to think
    that orlando
    will bang you??

  • @1

    Why would he do a set up with Kate? How would that benefit him at all?
    Like the rest of your comment, that doesn’t make any sense at all.

  • duh


    I’m sure friends and family of Harry Bloom thought that Orlando and Sam looked just like him, too and would ahve thought anyone crazy for thinking otherwise. Take off the rose colored glasses and see the world as it really is. B@$t@rds happen. All the time. Even to celebrities you like. Bloom was cuckhold before he even bought that bird.

  • @12

    Wow. Looks like the real LOL! has certainly gotten under someone’s skin.
    They must have relly hit a nerve, eh?

  • LOL!


    Why NOT do a set up with Kate? He agreed to them all the time when they were dating, he does them all the time with his “wife” so there is no good reason to NOT do one with Kate when she called and asked if he would do her a favor. He’s become a f@mewhore of his “wife’s” calibur so if he can get his picture taken, he’s going for it!

  • ew

    when was the last time he showered? i’m thinking it was sometime last year. soap, orlando, think soap. you look like hell. and wash that disgusting hair while you’re at it.

  • @14

    But Orlando DOES look like his real father. Just a Flynn looks like HIS real father. He has Orlando’s eyes, and Orlando’s smile. Even Lainey, a blogger with no love for Orlando, said that he has Orlando’s face on an infant body.
    You say that we fans should take off our rose colored glasses. well, how about you haters taking off your p*ss colored ones.

  • @16

    Again… would that benefit HIM?
    I can understand how it benefits Kate. But name one thing that it did for him.

  • yay!

    Can’t wait to see “set up balcony pretend love secne version 2.0!” I wonder how many takes they will have to do this time. I’m sure they will pay the photog to stay until they get it right! Just like the first go round!

  • @20

    Yep, you’re a delphite.
    What’s the matter? No one comes to your site anymore, so you have to spread your idiocy here to feel validated?
    Wow. You’re life must really stink.

  • urdum


    It got him blog posts. It keeps people talking about him. He is irrelevant and he has to do stunts like that and stunts with his “wife” to keep the world aware of him because he’s not an actor any more. There, there is one thing that benefits him. People talk about him. PR. That’s why he calls the paps everytime he goes to the gym or out for a meal with his “wife” and her kid. Blog posts. Tabloid articles. he is not an actor, he is a celebrity, just like Paris. If people like that don’t get papped a few times a week, the cease to exist all together. He agreed to get press.

  • oi


    Lainey makes shite up as she goes along. If you believe a word out of her mouth or put any stock whatsoever in her opinions you are a fool. Go read about sparkley vampires and stay off the internets before you hurt yourself.

  • @4

    Uh-oh. You just broke the delphi code. In using the “stale breast milk” insult, you just acknowledged that you believe that Miranda DOES breast feed Flynn. Now how will you back up the delphi claim that she doesn’t feed him, she just pretends she does so she can hide the fact that she had implants?
    You’in in trouble!

  • Get Real Orlando


    What the hell are you even talking about?

  • Abby

    thats so cute! Im not a fan of either Miranda or Orlando but they look/seem so cute and their baby has just won my heart, haha he is precious and what Orlando said was so cute he just seems so in love with being a daddy. Its endearing. How cute he went to Aus to be with them! awwww!

  • @22

    I guess that you guys want to ignore the fact that he is still one of the most popular actors on the planet. All he has to do to get photographed is to walk down the street. Also, press for 3M is gearing up, and since he seems to be the main focus for the promotion, he will begetting PLENTY of press.

  • @5

    Um…Orlando is a big star…where? Everywhere? On your home planet maybe but here on Earth…not so much.

  • @23

    And I guess that you are now treating Lainey like you do Ted C.
    If they say something you like, they are oracles of truth. If they say something that you DON’T like, they are liars/out of touch/paid hacks.

  • @28

    Please explain then, why HE is the one that is the centerpiece for 3M promotion over the likes of an Oscar winner?

  • @29

    It’s best not to believe ANYTHING lainey or Ted C posts. They are GOSSIP blogs. They don’t have real sourses and most of the time they make up “facts” the same way the tabs do. It doesn’t matter if you agree with what they say or if you don’t agree with waht they say. 99.9% of it is bunk. If you believe anything on ANY gossip site you are fool. Exactly the kid of fool those sites are written for.

  • commonsense

    @Mike: Is that you Kate Bosworth?

  • commonsense

    @@29: Stop trolling Kate, it’s pretty pathetic. Using different names doesn’t help either.

  • @31

    29 here. And I agree 100%. I was just reminding the delphites of their own hypocrisy.

  • XenuCommandsYou

    get over yourself doesn’t sound very intelligent. Millions of people have babies, you’re not the only parents. Guess what else? everyone thinks their baby is the cutest, smells the best, and is the smartest. Grow the f up! Honestly, your baby isn’t that cute anyway. It’s not his fault, but he isn’t what you and Miranda think. He’s only that cute in your eyes because he’s yours, obviously.

  • anon

    He looks gorgeous!

  • kà simply amazing!

    flynn has his face

  • He’s so hot!

    Hahahahaha! And there they go! I knew when they went back to Oz the haters would explode and so it happens! So predictable! Maybe you guys need to invest in some valium. You’re gonna need it.

    He looks great and I can’t wait to see him as Legolas again. Oh, I hope we get pics of the whole family in Middle Earth lol! That response will be priceless hahahaha!

  • @35

    ” He’s only that cute in your eyes because he’s yours, obviously.”
    Every parent feels this way. As they should. But where EXACTLY did he say that they were special in any way? Please point out the exact quote, or admit that you are embellishing their statements again.
    And while you’re at it, take your own advice and “grow the f up!”.
    BTW, since every media outlet that has published a picture of Flynn remarkes on how beautiful he is, I think that your opinion of his beauty, or lack thereof, is in the minority. In fact, it is part of a very tiny minority limited to one perticular website.
    Most people with unblemished vision, me included, think that Flynn is absolutely gorgeous.

  • @35

    “everyone thinks their baby is the cutest, smells the best, and is the smartest”
    Of course they do.
    I bet even YOUR parents had these same thoughts. And that says a lot.

  • rebe

    honestly I have seen a baby picture of orlando, and then look at flynn he looks just like him. They have even shown the pictures side by side with one of flynn don’t believe me than look it up. Even if you don’t see it here, I can tell you that there is no way to deny it when you see those pics.

  • Bee

    I love hearing him dote over Flynn. It’s the most precious thing!

  • @23

    In your usual display of ignorance, it seems that you don’t know the definition of the word “lie” even if it’s your favourite hobby.
    If Lainey says that she thinks Flynn looks like him, she is stating an OPINION. Coming from someone who doesn’t like Orlando Bloom, it would be logical that she would say the same BS as you.
    Face it, the baby looks just like him and everybody, fans and non fans, see it except for you.

  • There are a lot of people here who seem to think that any pap pics of Orlando and Miranda in Australia must be set up but why do they think that?
    Australia may not have as many paparazzi as LA or New York but they definitely have their fair share, especially in Sydney and Melbourne, and shots of Miranda and Orlando are the biggest ones they could score right now. Footage of Miranda/Flynn and Orlando arriving at Sydney airport was on the evening news on every major channel so you can’t say there isn’t demand for the pics.
    Is this just another way for haters to think everything they do is set up or do people seriously think that the only way they could get their pics taken in Aus is to tip off the paps?

  • http://justjared Mjkingforlife

    Orlando is perfection …love him since Troy and it hasn’t died down LOL.

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    Orlando is just wow hes hot, fit, good looking lovely, nice, great, amazing. Everythik i can think of AND MORE and Flynn is sooooooo sweet just like hes dad.

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    I also love it when Orlando has Flynn it makes me :-))

  • Isabella

    Flynn is such a cute baby, really really pretty and big one *.* a healthy baby :)

  • XenuCommandsYou

    They’re all staged because neither of them is as popular as losers who frequent JJ’s website think. This place is exeption. Most people don’t even know who Miranda is. Orlando is barely a C+, (B at most) list actor. He isn’t that popular either. The combo or their offspring isn’t nearly as fascinating as that of A list actors such as the Jolie Pitts.

    My point here is that you are in the minority, and the Kerr Bloom coupling and their baby doesn’t produce as much interest worldwide as some of you think. They were barely popular before, and they are barely popular now. However, you can tell they expected their offspring to produce much more fascination and revenue than it has, which is why they are constantly talking about the same topic–in hopes of cashing in on it.

  • @XenuCommandsYou

    So what part of “Footage of Miranda/Flynn and Orlando arriving at Sydney airport was on the evening news on every major channel” didn’t you read?