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Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard Split?

Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard Split?

Kate Bosworth leaves Chateau Marmont after meeting with a group of friends on Thursday (July 28) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old actress and Alexander Skarsgard have reportedly called it quits after dating for nearly two years.

The breakup “was very mutual and it happened a while ago,” a source told Us Weekly.

“He’s single,” another source told the mag about the 34-year-old True Blood star.

Kate and Alex were last spotted together at the Coachella Music Festival back in April.

The two will be hitting the big screen together in September for the thriller Straw Dogs.

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Credit: David Tonnessen; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • SisBoomBah!

    She doesn’t get a lot of acting jobs, and she is way to skinny. She looks really bad. She hooks up with guys who are famoujs and successful, so people will notice her. But She better focus on her jewelry making. And gain some weight. She looks very unhealthy.

  • kiki

    she seems to love the cameras. no way she is 28. she looks over 35

  • kitty

    mutual, my arse.

  • gigi

    wow. she’s so thin. that’s so sad.

  • evan


  • hi

    Is it just me or does she look scarily skinny in these pics?

  • Alaia

    Old news.

  • Ria

    why oh why do you hide, yuku cukoos!!!!

    ok i feel kind of bad for her…just a tiny bit..i don;t think it was mutual

  • Debbie

    No jewellery apart from a band on her ring finger. What’s that all about?

  • commonsense

    Why is there a question mark in your headline? It’s been made quite clear that they’re no longer together.

  • Bored of this chick

    Looks like the dude brought his mum to his date with Kate. And she is even siiting in the front seat. Bonesworth is looking f-ing unhealthy.

    Enjoy your time as a hot single actor Skars. I’m glad you finally got rid of this chick.

  • Greta

    So, jj, you don’t post anything until Kate is seen with another man? Now I know for sure who writes the checks.

  • His new gf

    Hes with swedish actress Alicia Vikander now.

  • Greta

    It also looks like she’s going back to her natural hair color, good for her~!

  • Bored of this chick

    Looks like the dude brought his mom to his date with Kate. And she’s even sitting in the front seat. Boneworth is looking f-ing unhealthy.

    Enjoy your time as a hot singe actor Skars. I’m so glad he finally got rid of this ridiculous chick!

  • Greta

    What the h*ll!!!! Are advertising links automatically put into the comments now?

  • Zola24

    This is news? Almost feel sorry for Kate but looking forward to seeing Happy Skars again. Alexander sure knows how to party!

  • Blondie

    @His new gf:

    Not really… She’s happy with her boyfriend, and just friends with the Skars-family… Thay would have been a beautiful couple, but she’s too young for him…

    But can I say FINALLY to the break up!!!

    (And I do feel a bit sorry for kate, who’s obviousely not feeling very well now…)

  • Lilla

    Mutual…right. She looks awful, she really needs to gain some weight…it’s scary.
    He’s not dating Alicia, she has a boyfriend and was at CC to promote her movie. She and Alex have been friends for a while. She did a movie with Bill too.

  • Camille

    Jeez Jared, it’s about time. So you finally got the ok to post this from KB because she is photographed out with another dude. Good timing. Pffff! You also don’t need a question mark in the title, it’s not a question.

    Also, if you look at the Popsugar story about this you can see what a conniving psycho this woman is. The guy is wearing a wedding band, and then in some of the pictures, she’s wearing the same ring and there is one picture that even shows her putting it ON. She planned this entire thing and JJ probably knows it because he waited longer than every single outlet on the planet to report this. God even sites in other countries (like India) reported this.

  • oh no

    She is dropping weight again.
    She did the same thing when Orlando dumped her.
    I hope that her family steps in to keep her from getting as skinny as she did back then.
    Wonder if her hugging all over Orlando was the final straw?

  • Camille
  • TheRealMe

    Why is there a question mark after the title? There’s no doubt they are done. It’s over. Bonesworth must move on to some other sap & hope to PR gods people still care. Because otherwise, she’s going to go broke paying folks to take her pics and put them on blogs.

  • Camille

    @oh no:
    Nope, it was done way before then. The OB thing was a ploy for attention.

  • kim

    Wow! You can tell the breakup is having an effect on her. She was already skinny, but it looks like she lost more weight since her last pics.

  • dave

    Looks like her head is too big for her body. I’m pretty sure their break up was anything but mutual, he he. Good for you Skars!

  • Eresyn

    every time she breaks up with someone she gets super skinny…and what’s with the wedding ring she’s wearing???? she needs A LOT of help!

  • Jessi

    OMG Jared seriously? You waited almost an entire week after everyone else reported this? What the hell? Obviously this bonerack is totally paying you. Gross! Her chest bones are totally sticking out. I guess since Alex was photographed standing next to some hot girls that KB needs to one up him.

    BTW, Alicia Vikander is friends with Alex and the Swedish Posse. They all hung out together at CC all weekend, nothing more.

    OMG you’re totally right! It’s the same ring and she’s totally putting it on her damn finger!!! What a nutjob. What is she trying to prove? Why would they go along with her stupid plan to do that? Don’t those people know that those type of games are totally stupid and transparent?

  • sid

    i have a LOT of respect for both of them together and separately but i don’t believe anything US weekly reports EVER. i’ve heard this but until their reps or some OFFICIAL source confirms it, i’m seeing this as a publicity stunt for straw dogs

  • Skarsie

    She looks absolutely terrible. And pretty sure it wasn’t mutual. I hope she gets some much needed help, not being snarky here. She needs help.

  • addie

    I actually kind of feel bad. Kinda… But alex was to good for her

  • Eresyn


    the ring on her finger only proves how much she needs professional help, both for mind and body. I hope she gets it ASAP…

  • Jessie

    Why would they ever officially report it. There was never an official announcement that they were dating in the first place. You don’t think that story was planted by their publicist? It was, the “it was amicable and totally mutual” thing is used by nearly every PR person.

  • Skarsie

    The guy also has a ring on.

  • ann

    She definitely has some sort of eating disorder. She lost a lot of weight too when she broke up with orlando bloom.

  • Eresyn


    well, it’s well known she likes to date married men (cough * Chris Martin* cough) ;)

  • Camille

    People reported it as well, as did actual news outlets like CBS. Are those official enough?

    It’s the same ring. If you look at the pics in the link I posted for the popsugar story on it you can see that she’s putting it on. It’s a complete set up.

  • Eresyn


    yes, seems her whole life is a charade…it’s so pathetic and sad…wish she should focus her energy in getting healthy and getting a real life.

  • kim

    Kate’s eyes and her smiles say it all. She is not taking this breakup very well. This all points to the fact that the breakup was not mutal and she was caught off guard by Alex moving on in a public manner. I have to agree with Camille, this photo-op was a ploy by her to make the public think she wasn’t dumped. However, her plan backfired because these photos clearly show she was dumped and is desperate (look at her wearing the man’s wedding band). JJ couldn’t even annouce the breakup until Kate gave him the okay with photo op with another man (who is apparently married).

    In a small way, I feel sorry for her. She is becoming known as the crazy, untalented, anorexia, dumping ground of Hollywood. This is a cry for help.

  • Camille

    I find it funny that Jared is finally admitting they haven’t been seen together in 3.5 months. Everyone knew this but yet he kept inserting the girlfriend or boyfriend title in posts he made.

  • kim


    With rumors that Martin and Paltrow are about to divorce, Kate might get her chance at Martin again.

  • kà simply amazing!

    why? u and kate Split?

  • kà simply amazing!

    i mean u j why split with kate?

  • http://ta slig o lambert ^_______^ cute

    alexander and kate in love he say that

  • Jessie

    I wonder if KB didn’t bring two rings with her. I mean, would the guy’s ring fit on her finger? Surely it’d be too big right? LOL, what if they’re Crapmint rings? OMG!!

  • Tatanka

    Old news, but good anyway. He’s just 2 good for her. She’s boring, unpretty and boring again. Sometimes I wish Alex to be back with Evan Rachel Wood. She’s a perfect match for him.

  • Thaís

    Finally!!! Alex deserves a better girlfriend!

  • Holic


  • YouBetYa

    Going to laugh my head off reading the posts, when they are seen together later.

  • KK

    @Debbie: Geez- I hope that isn’t an engagement ring turned around backwards and the rumors are wrong about their breakup. :P