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Lady Gaga: Pre Performance Plunging Neckline!

Lady Gaga: Pre Performance Plunging Neckline!

Lady Gaga waves goodbye to her fans outside Chateau Marmont on Thursday (July 28) in Los Angeles.

The 25-year-old superstar wore a black dress with a plunging neckline and a pair of high heeled shoes before heading over to perform at the Jimmy Kimmel Live!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Lady Gaga

Gaga performed her hit song “You and I” to the packed Jimmy Kimmel crowd!

The day before, Lady Gaga was moved to tears by dancers Marko and Allison on So You Think You Can Dance!

Check out Gaga‘s performance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Lady Gaga – Jimmy Kimmel Live

10+ pictures inside of Lady Gaga outside of Chateau Marmont…

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lady gaga waves goodbye 01
lady gaga waves goodbye 02
lady gaga waves goodbye 03
lady gaga waves goodbye 04
lady gaga waves goodbye 05
lady gaga waves goodbye 06
lady gaga waves goodbye 07
lady gaga waves goodbye 08
lady gaga waves goodbye 09
lady gaga waves goodbye 10
lady gaga waves goodbye 11
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Photos: GSI Media
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  • James

    X tina new looking

  • MrNiceGuy

    Another moment of unoriginality from the most unoriginal performer EVER.

  • lola


  • killjoy

    cant believe i actually like this nutcase’s music at one time

  • linker nippel

    it is just me or is gaga now coping xtina???
    she has the same style now like xtina having for years…
    but xtina loooks better with it…
    gaga keep your look as a monster not as a diva ;) hahah

  • ClassiC

    Why on earth Xtina looking different?!?!
    oh wait, it’s Stefani the Copycat….



    GAGA The GREAT !!! Bow down to the unstoppable GAGA. She sings live, dances, wears great outfits, plays instruments…. Love, Love, Love

  • Liz

    Gaga or christina both normaly women

  • Brandon

    She one of those ugly girls who thinks if she dresses sleazy men will like them, it doesn’t change the face

  • Jane Doe

    Gaga looking like Christina Aguilera… sorry girl, but Christina does it better! She has done every look better than you!

  • Love

    Is that Christina Aguilera?

  • Luis


    no gurl! Thats Tranny Aguilera.

    Christina’s uglier sister.

  • Chris

    Oh, Lady Butterface, smh. And what’s with raiding Christina’s closet and hiring her stylist? Originality isn’t this woman’s strong suit, is it?

  • Red

    Why is she trying to look like Christina? Gaga’s not beautiful so she should wear her mask or her crazy make-up again to cover up that face.. or her bangs and shades will do too. please… just cover that damn face.

  • Lisa

    Why has she been jocking Christina so much?

  • Truth Teller

    Gaga looks and sounded amazing. Poor Xtina stans.

  • Corey

    Nothing new. She’s been rippin off Xtina, among others for years.

  • Jynx

    @Truth Teller

    Gaga looked just like Xtina, so obviously she looked amazing. A bit bootleg, but amazing. However, I am not here for Gaga’s nasal voice, monkey dancing and boring-ass piano ballads.

  • Putino

    she is copying to Christina Aguilegend

  • Lady Newbie Wannabe Germ Caca

    Lady Wannabe is a huge troll that keeps copying many different artists, but she specially likes to copy Madonna and CHRISTINA AGUILERA.


    Lady Caca ignited her career in the first place by using Aguilera’s full name in paid advertisements on the Internet, to promote her idiotic debut about.

    I will never have any respect for this stupid, derivative, redundant, clown-@ss, f*ckery of an “artist”. This stupid, ugly, deformed Lady Newbie sounds like a terrible male singer with no vocal range, her piano is boring and her lyrics are horrific and she and her team are plagiarists and trolls.

    Lady Caca f*cking sucks terribly and I can’t wait for the day when most of the world population realize and wake up to this FACT. F*cking clown-@ss alien. I wish she’d get the f*ck out of my TV + radio + posters on the streets. A f*cking mess.

  • Lady Troll

    Lady Troll grew up listening to Britney and Christina Aguilera. Lady Gaga is 25 years old, is she not?

    She wishes she could sing like Christina Voicelera and dance like the old Britney.

    Lady Caca enjoys stealing from others, it’s annoying. I can’t comprehend why people remain impressed by Lady Lunatic.

  • Christina Aguilera

    Anyone with two eyes can see the resemblance. But I’m really flattered to inspire a NEWBIE. There’s room for legends, like me and wannabe NEWBIES, like Lady Caca.

    http: // . jpg

  • let gag know

    Facebook like page- GOD if you give us back Amy Winehouse you can have Lady Gaga

  • Xtina
  • let gag know

    @Xtina: Gag said it an interview she spends hours on the computer researching and she studied all the biggest stars. the lil morons are spending all their money on the biggest impersonator ever

  • Lady Lunatic indeed

    Lady Lunatic always looks and sounds demented in any of her interviews that I’ve watched.

    I could never related to her and her non-sense and her lame music in a million year…. NEVER EVER could be a fan. Why is she soooo popular these days? LOL?????????? It’s baffling to me.

    Christina Aguilera on the other hand is an amazing VOCALIST. In fact, she’s THE BEST today. (Recently, Bono of U2 said he wished to be the Christina Aguilera of his band. Hahaha.)

    Christina’s music is actually good, too. No room for any “ra-ra-ra-ga-ga-oh-lala-papa-pa-razzi-juda-juda-ah- juda” shenanigans like Lady Caca.

  • Impersonator

    Lady gaga is just a tribute artist. All she does is tribute older legends and copy them and steal from them. She is only an impersonator.

    She is incredibly lame.

    Christina OWNS white hair, by the way. Lady Germ Anotta looks wack, as usual.

  • Truth Teller

    Jynx, sorry darling but Christina hasn’t looked amazing since ‘Back To Basics’ and even then she was boring. If anything Gaga looks more like Gwyneth Paltrow than Xtina. Sorry! I know you Aguilera Stans want to have something on Gaga but of all the people in the world why would she want to copy Christina especially in her current state? Rotfl!

    It’s okay though, I’ll let you and the other afterlders live in fantasy land. When others need a laugh they just go and visit that forum, you guys have really become quite the joke.

  • Impersonator

    If Lady Poop and her deranged, delusional best friends Perez Hiltton and Akon are allowed to talk about how much they think Christina copied Lady Poop….. then people can also talk about how they can CLEARLY actually see that Lady Poop is a TROLL and an ACTUAL plagiarist.

    Lady Poop wishes she was Christina Aguilera. She is the one who is inspired by Aguilera. Since 2008. NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND, like the insane, monstrous “monsters” say.

  • alice

    Christina that you?? You like like a primark version of yourself. oh wait….

  • Sam

    Damn she’s ugly as hell, and wants to be the legend Xtina AGuilera so bad!!!

    Britney rules btw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • samn

    Xtina Aguilera wannabe. This ugly thing can never be that legend!!!!

  • Jynx

    @Truth Teller:

    Well, seeing as this story is all over the web, us aLDers obviously aren’t the only ones to see the similarities between Christina’s and Gaga’s looks in these pics… it’s just that Christina did them first. Lady Copycat strikes again.

    Also, how sad is it that you know who I am and that you obviously lurk on Christina’s fan boards despite hating her? It’s funny because the people who are the most obsessed with Christina aren’t her fans, it’s her haters, like you.

  • Truth Teller

    Aww looks like I hurt your little feelings. So sad too bad.

    Keep on fighting the good fight, Jynx. No really please continue it amuses me and everyone else who visits that forum. Bwahaha

  • Jynx

    @Truth Teller:

    How could you possibly read that as if my feelings were hurt? Oh right, Gaga stans are all a bunch of illiterate losers who were too busy eating their feelings that they never learned reading comprehension. Christina lied, you’re not beautiful, no matter what they say, but it’s cute that Gaga thinks otherwise. If you want to keep talking to me, just join aLD because you already seem to hang there anyway. Monster begone!

  • EJ

    Has anyone else noticed that she got her overbite fixed a few months ago?

  • samn

    ^^ No that rabbit teeth are still there, and ugly as hell.

  • Truth Teller

    Uh huh your feelings are definitely bruised. Do not worry bitter one, you are not alone. This is after all a article about Lady Gaga and its cluttered by Xtina stans who are trying to get her some attention by comical comparisons. So funny how you all claim to hate Perez yet you continue to take page after page from his book.

    Jynx, I’m sure your ugly demeanor matches your face but its okay cause you were born that way, baby! :)

  • happinessisafish

    Wow, she really does look like Christina Aguilera! I actually thought it was her! Tsk, tsk Gaga. You should try to be more original.

  • FemmeFat

    lol Gagol is now stealing from Xtina. She will try to steal from Britney next. When will she stop?

  • seven

    I thought this was Xtina! What is she doing? Surely she knows that she looks like Christina. I also just saw a picture of her with crimped hair and she was looking just like Christina did on the cover of W magazine and on the voice. There’s no way it’s not on purpose. What gives?

  • MyMoonMyMan

    When HASN’T Gaga ripped off Xtina? She has since her career began, and was even constantly compared to her, but then Perez put it out there that Christina was ‘copying’ Gaga with her BANGS and the media ran wild with it. Gaga has blatantly ripped off Christina for years. Just do some googling and you’ll find proof. For me the most obvious one is the cover of her Remix album. It is almost exactly like a picture Christina did for a tour book years ago. She has that EXACT pink wig (same style and color) and has a hat on that covers her eye and has a peacock feather sticking out. It’s time for Gaga to get called out for her thievery.

  • Jennifer

    Gaga can look like Xtina all she wants, but no amount of shitty makeup can cover up that horse face. Why don’t she rock the paper bag over the head look for a while.

  • Kari

    The only reason any guy would find Gaga attractive is if they’re into beastiality.

  • Gigi

    when did Christina Aguilera start paying people to post nasty things about Gaga?? obviously the only person she ever really ripped off of was Madonna.

  • Lady Monstrous Troll

    Back in 1999, Lady Caca used to watch Christina’s videos and listen to Christina’s debut album thinking : “Wow! What a Legend! I wish I could SANG like Christina and look like her! Therefore, one day, I will steal from her and pretend that I was actually inspired by some obscure, unknown 1940’s actress.”

    Get a taste of your own medicine, you imbecile, ignorant, brain-washed, delusional monstrous Lady CACA fans. You poor f*cktards.

    Lady Caca knows what she’s doing. She’s a troll.

    First the Christina crimped hair and now the long straight white hair + red lips. Everyone knows these are basically Christina Aguilera trademarks. Don’t play stupid now, you idiotic Christina haters.

  • Lady Caca is a shameless troll


    Lady Caca is a Christina Aguilera wannabe.


    Lady Caca is a Christina Aguilera wannabe.


    Lady Caca is a Christina Aguilera wannabe.

  • Lady copycat

    Lady Caca wishes she could sing like Aguilera. But Christina’s insanely epic vocal abilities is one thing Lady Caca will NEVER in a million f*cking years be able to troll and steal and copy.

    Lady Shameless Troll can keep trying to look like Xtina.

    Xtina’s been making all the newbies, wannabes and haters mad and envious since 1998.

  • emilie

    the downfall of gaga is coming soon!

  • lafamepoma

    Ouh she doesn’t wear that lond red nail, I didn’t like them, I prefer her real ones. Gaga you should take a bit the sun cause you’re very white, and it’s healthy to take it.