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Aaron Johnson & Sam Taylor-Wood Expecting Second Child!

Aaron Johnson & Sam Taylor-Wood Expecting Second Child!

Aaron Johnson and Sam Taylor-Wood are expecting their second child together, according to People.

The 21-year-old Kick-Ass actor and the 44-year-old director already have a 1-year-old daughter, Wylda Rae.

Sam has two older daughters from her marriage to art dealer Jay Jopling.

Last year, Aaron and Sam bared all in a photo spread for German Vogue while she was pregnant with Wylda.

The engaged couple met on the set of the film Nowhere Boy. Aaron played the role of John Lennon while Sam directed.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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Credit: Ian Gavan; Photos: Getty
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  • yummy

    thats so wrong!

  • stacy

    i know age is just a number but this is still just plain weird and wrong. the fact that she looks way older then 44 doesn’t help either. at one point or another, this guy will leave her. i honestly don’t see him staying with her 10-20plus yrs.

  • ck_always

    Oh God ..I can’t.

  • laureeen


  • James

    If she looked like Jennifer Aniston or Sofia vergara or something I would understand. But to each his own…………..

  • Reba

    To each their own. However, I find it odd that at 21 he thinks it’s the best decision to add another child to his already large family. His career is just starting off and he barely understands the added stress of a Hollywood life.

  • KimD

    The age difference aside, 2 kids at 21? WTF?
    I’m 21, and I can’t even take care of myself.

  • Olga

    Scaring! Just scaring.

  • R

    This is weird and gross. I know JJ is a pr board for publicists but come on! No morals? Just for the sake of publicity? A woman older-probably then his mother-no, no, I can’t.

    We live in a strange world.

    Anyway, who looks creepy as well.

  • nene

    Weird how he played a high schooler in Angus, Thongs, & Perfect Snogging not too long ago. He was adorable in it! I loved that movie, & went to go look him up afterwards and saw that he was married to her. So much for a teen heartthrob..a girl can’t even dream when he’s already poppin’ out kids at 21!

  • janie

    yea congrats to the happy and ODD couple

  • YAYA

    In the words of Aaliyah…”Age ain’t nothing but a number”

  • creed

    no matter how many times i look at it it is still the weirdiest relationship I have ever seen……. obviously they are in love though.
    so congrats.

  • Sarah

    so. disgusting.

  • Sarah

    aaron’s parents are probably the same age as her!!! eurgh…but…con…grats.

  • Jane

    Why oh Why? He’s too young to get tied down at this point in his career and life. Fast forward 3-5 years from now and I think they’ll be over.

  • A

    Here we go again…yet none of you say a thing when it’s a man with a younger woman.

  • Jen

    BRB while I go toss my cookies. She started dating him while he was a teenager. And I’m not playing into the double standard, men who do this are also disgusting.

  • Audio Delight

    @nene: Omg I remember that too. Oh Robbie..he was telling Georgia she was too young for him. Well clearly, he likes old women.

  • A

    If it was a 44 year old man with a 21 year old girl, you would say f*ck all! and you know it.
    At most you would say “oh she’s mature for her age so it’s ok” and you would cheer them on, but now since it’s an older woman with a younger man you find it’s “gross”.
    Spare me, you are all hypocrites.
    And i am saying this as a 21 year old girl myself.

  • kiss

    its even worse when I man does this!!
    dont throw stones.

  • 99

    He is too young. All those horribly insulting towards towards young mothers, lets not call it cute when a male does it.

  • stacy


    The reverse situation is just as weird and wrong. I think what grosses people out is that he’s super young and cute and she’s super old and ugly lol

  • Jessica

    I feel bad for their kids. When they reach their teens, their dad is only gonna be in his mid 30s, while mom is gonna be a freakin granny. it sucks cuz she already looks like one.

  • hobieluv83

    This just screams “Lavender”. Oh well, to each their own. (And I don’t condone 44 year old men with 21 year old women either.)

  • Jennica Panettiere

    Do Rosie Huntington-Whitley and Jason Statham get the same reaction? He is old enough to be her father as well.

  • triz

    Lol if he hooked up with a black 40 year old, they would look the same age.

  • Kate

    Aaron on explaining “How I Met Your Mother” to his kids 10 years from now… “Well, kids, when I was 18, your mother was 40 and cradle robbed me while I was doing a movie for her. And the reason your mom looks old enough to be your grandmother is because she is the same age as my mother.” Kids- “FML.That explains a lot.”

  • K

    He is too hot for her.

  • sigh

    This is sick on so many levels…

  • A

    People are so used to seeing old men with younger women so they don’t think about it and see it as perfectly normal when it’s not.
    So when they see an older woman with a younger man they think it’s “wrong”.
    It used to be the same reaction older men got when they had younger women.
    Double standards in this patriarchal world.

  • lizz

    Alright people relax! I mean he’s 21, not 13. I think he knows what he’s gotten himself into. He obviously must love her. If it doesn’t work out for them sometime in the future then oh well, it’s their issue.

    I really see nothing wrong with two people with a huge age difference dating if they truly love and care for each other you know. It’s happened before and will continue to happen.

  • A

    I never see you girls spew such venom when it’s an old man with a young girl.
    Very interesting.
    You claim that you find it just as “gross” when an older man is with a younger women but I NEVER see you comment about it, again, very interesting.
    And i’m not some old hag, i’m 21 years old, same age as Aaron but I can see you for what you are; Hypocrites.
    And you are shooting yourselves in the foot but you don’t even realize it and for the girl who says she fins a 20 year old young man too young for her when she herself is only 22: Congrats, you have been successfully brainwashed.
    We live in a patriarchal society ladies, full of double standards, and for men it’s OK and perfectly fine to get with younger women and it’s been normalized, in fact, it’s been so normalized that even YOU ladies defend it and gather around like a bunch of hyennas when it’s an older woman doing the same thing men have been doing for decades.
    So much hate and I wonder why? Are you scared? Deep down you are insecure and afraid because you wouldn’t dare go outside the square that you’re in for fear of people judging you the way you are judging right now.

  • Skill

    @Jennica Panettiere: What? I thought Rosie was in her late 20′s and Jason early 30′s…. :|

  • lizz

    I agree with you and I’m 20 years old.

  • A

    @Skill: Rosie is 24 and he’s like 46-48.
    Old enough to be her dad in other words.

  • Gilmore

    My heart literally sank. Ugh!

  • Sheigh

    As he’s running so fast, he will get 5 kids at 25 !

  • Sunshine

    Alright, A we get it!!! You see nothing wrong with it that’s your opinion now shut the hell up and let people state their own without you reprimanding us!!! By the way I would still find it weird if it was the guy that was significantly older too.

  • Skill

    @A: Yuck! I never knew Jason was a perv

  • Elena

    Yeah, but Jason and Rosie don’t have children or plans to get married, and as a 24 year old I can say I’m a hell of a lot more mature than I was when I was 21. But with that said, that is what makes the situation so icky with this! I think that the age difference is less of a problem than the fact that they’ve been dating SINCE HE WAS A TEENAGER. Like, just thinking about how much you change at that time in your life, and you think you know everything but you really don’t know squat. I just thank god that at the very least I knew that whoever I was dating when I was nineteen was probably not the person I was going to spend my life with. Ugh and I just feel bad for him, to have so many intense responsibilities when you’re so young must reaallly blow. And seriously like I said I’m 24, and even if I fell madly in love with someone tomorrow I wouldn’t want to have kids or get married for like at least another three years, because you have no idea how your life can change, or how your perspective can change, or the things that you want can change, when you’re in your early twenties! I don’t know, I get that people can be mature for their ages, but really you can only be so mature FOR YOUR AGE. Hell I used to be one of those kids who people thought were mature for their age, but what I think it really is is that I was responsible and could take care of myself, but in a lot of other ways I was less developed than my peers. I guess what I’m saying is I think if you are much more mature in one sense, you probably haven’t matured enough in other ways, which is probably what happened with this kid here. I know I’m rambling I just pity any person who has to take on challenges and responsibilities way before they’re ready.

  • rippo

    See, I like them because they freak people out with the age difference! If the genders were reversed & he was 44 & she was 21 barely anyone would bat a eyelid at it. Nothing wrong with them being a couple if they’re happy with it & they seem to be. Congrats to them all!

  • A

    @Elena: Yeah but he started dating Rosie when she was like 20 years old.
    They have been together for awhile and Jason is still older than Sam so does it really matter if Rosie is older than Aaron by a few years? It all still adds up and he is still old enough to be her father so I really don’t know why you are making a big deal out of it, 24 is still very young and like i said, they started dating when she was younger than that.
    And they live together.

  • Marie


    I’m a french girl and i’m horrified when i read all those comments ! Let them live their love !

  • kkissddf

    i bet she got pregnant in the azz. ……..
    maybe she is the only one who knows how to satisfy his desires and booty.

  • So wrong

    OMG ewwwwwwwwww this is so so so so wrong and disgusting as well.

  • A

    @So wrong: And when men your age ignores you and start dating younger women, guess who will be that old “disgusting” woman? That’s right, YOU.
    You will get older too, and believe me, you will want men to find you attractive, and with this trend of old men dating younger women I hope you change your beliefs very soon because it will be you next.

  • marko

    Sick. I mean, look at her – that’s not Demi Moore! That boy has some serious issues..

  • stacia

    You people are very scary in your conservative attitudes. Looks, age blah blah. Love is hard enough and most people break up some time or another. You lot are happy when ”normAL” people spit out babies. I have never read such judgement over Teen Moms and their useless baby daddies. This man is married and contributing. My fave couple. (And she is super talented, mabe, just maybe, because they have substance, they mifht last). Bah.

  • M

    Imagine you’re a 23 young, confident, independent woman and you fall in love with a fetus which is still growing in other woman’s womb.

    Haha…that’s how I felt. Anyway, congrats…love will stand against all the noise!