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Angelina Jolie Dreams of Crossing the Sahara

Angelina Jolie Dreams of Crossing the Sahara

Angelina Jolie sat down with the Financial Times on a recent trip to Los Angeles and revealed one of her ultimate dreams – to cross the Sahara!

Here is what the 36-year-old actress had to share:

On dreaming of crossing the Sahara: “It takes 28 days …it would have to be on a camel. I wonder if I could do it in pieces and station the kids along the way.”

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On her recent “girls trip” to Los Angeles: “It’s been hard – I’ve been [in Los Angeles] for a week and it’s very unusual to separate for this long. I brought the girls so we’re having a special girl trip. All the boys are hanging out with Brad … he’s filming a zombie movie [World War Z].”

On her children embracing each others cultures: “They are all learning about each others cultures as well as being proud of their own. So it’s not like just the boys get to do the Asian thing. They all have their flags over their beds and their individual pride. We owe Vietnam a visit, because Pax is due. Z wants to get back to Africa, and Shiloh too. So everyone takes their turns in their country.”

For more from Angelina, visit the Financial Times!

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165 Responses to “Angelina Jolie Dreams of Crossing the Sahara”

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  1. 1
    miho Says:

    i love her

  2. 2
    A Says:


  3. 3
    Skill Says:

    Beautiful interview. It would be cool if they went back to Ethiopia, considering what is going on right now. I don’t doubt the Jolie-Pitts would help.

  4. 4
    Skill Says:

    Just wanted to mention it would be cool too for Shiloh to get back to Namibia, South Africa. Does she have a dual citizenship?

  5. 5
    Jasmine Says:

    Vietnam and Cambodia are two different countries with two different cultures; lumping them up under “Asian” doesn’t sound very smart coming from what’s supposed to be a very cultured person. Also, Africa is not a country.

    Sometimes, I wonder about this woman…

  6. 6
    Awa du Cameroun Says:

    Love Her…I am so Happy, she has African Children and she is biggest female star in Hollywood !
    God Bless u Angie !
    It seems you are the most intelligent woman than women in your generation in Hollywood !
    Sorry for my bad english, i came from french side of Cameroon !

  7. 7
    A Says:

    @Jasmine: She said Asia and Africa because she has TWO boys from Asia, and TWO girls from Africa…the latter coming from two different countries in Africa so it was just easier for her to say that instead of each countries name.

  8. 8
    Brad luvr Says:

    Woohoo! First page! Love the Jolie-Pitts!

  9. 9
    hmm Says:

    she never said Africa was a country, idiot!

  10. 10
    creed Says:

    It is a good thing to expose your children to different cultures.
    It is so cool that she wants to cross the Shahara!

  11. 11
    hmm Says:

    thank you, A, some people try so hard to be critical over NOTHING!

  12. 12
    A Says:

    @Jasmine: She said Asia and Africa because she has TWO boys from Asia, and TWO girls from Africa so it was just easier for her to say the name of the continents.
    Maddox is from Cambodia and Pax from Vietnam.
    Shiloh is from Namibia and Zahara from Ethiopia.

  13. 13
    MOXIE Says:

    I really enjoyed this article!

  14. 14
    Orchid Says:

    Don’t be silly, Jasmine. Of course she knows Vietnam and Cambodia are different countries, but both countries are in Asia, so they ARE Asian!
    I could say, “Were going to Germany and France and do the European thing.” It doesn NOT mean I don’t know that Germany and France are different countries, different cultures!
    As for Africa, I’m absolutely certain that she knows that Africa consists of many different countries. It was a slip of the tongue.
    Doesn’t that ever happen to you? It has to me.
    Angelina is most definitely a citizen of the world, curious about other countries, better informed and absolutely cultured, especially compared to the shallow people of Hollywood.

  15. 15
    dromeda Says:

    Sahara : a very healthy and convenient environment for little kids. what an amazing mother.
    unless of course she is willing to pay 3 million dollars for crossing the Sahara. Then the kids would be comfortable with the nannies, video games, sushi etc

  16. 16
    kà simply amazing! Says:

    she sweet but about what?

  17. 17
    James Says:

    Her eye like beauty ****

  18. 18
    James Says:

    S l u t beauty eye

  19. 19
    Passing Through Says:

    I want to apologize in advance for the assault I’m about to make upon your eyeballs at the end of this post. I’ll get to that in a second, but don’t say you weren’t warned in advance…
    Soooooooo…I was at Walmart earlier reading the tabloids and came across a couple of gems that made me LOL. First was the OuttaTouch story about Shiloh being jealous of the twins because they get more attention at home than she does because they’re so darned cute. Z treats Viv like her own personal doll and is playing with her more than Shiloh and that pisses Shiloh off. She’s also mad because everybody in the family loves Knox to bits because he’s a mini-Brad right down to rockin’ the long hair just like Brad is now. As we all know Shiloh looks NOTHING like Brad so the jealousy of Knox makes total sense, right? The whole story is beyond ridiculous but the funniest thing of all is that right beside all of this drivel is a huge picture of Shiloh holding Knox’s hand, both of them smiling, as they walked to the aquarium with Viv, Z and Angie. If you’re going to tell such a bold-faced lie – don’t you think you should find a photo of Shiloh scowling at the twins?
    Back to the OuttaTouch in a second – Star didn’t have anything on Angie for a change, but their story about Ticky and Stumpy Munster getting engaged is a riot. I predict that on Wednesday morning after the Star hit the streets Stumpy found himself with 1 fewer friend than he had on Tuesday night. That’s because Ticky surely has forbade him talking with his supposed friend who spoke to Star on the record. Some chick who claimed to be a friend of his and Heidi Bivens named Melissa Felton (or something like that) was asked by Star why, after 14 years together, Stumpy and Heidi hadn’t gotten married and had kids. This chick said, “It was in the cards, but they procrastinated.” In other words – they were as good as engaged and now the hens have lost their, “But they weren’t married!” argument to plain old laziness. Stumpy’s chatty pal says that he’s a great guy and a real gentleman and had defended Heidi’s honor when some goober was mean to her…but funniest of all, “He’s the kind of guy that as soon as you meet him you know he’s got a girlfriend.” BBBBBBWWWWWWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Basically she said – Ticky knew he had a girlfriend and she didn’t give a shite.
    More Ticky hilarity – according to US’s story on Ticky taking Stumpy house-hunting with her, his friends think – see if this sounds familiar – because he’s about to turn 40 that he’s having a midlife crisis and that’s why he dumped Heidi for Ticky. The implication was that he’d come to his senses eventually and then it’d be too late. Which is essentially what the hens said about Brad. The difference is – Brad never looked back…but will Stumpy be able to say the same thing?
    Okay…back to assaulting your eyeballs…If this story had been about Angie OuttaTouch would have slapped this shite on the cover as “Her Twisted Double Life” like US did to Angie in 2007. Instead it’s a little dinky sidebar on the cover with a caption about Ticky buying a $60MIL house and taking Stumpy house-hunting with her. They said Ticky was going to move back into her old house but realized it was too small for the two of them. Uh…how’s that possible when it’s the house she and Brad lived in 5 years before their Beverly Hills house was finished? I think it’s more likely that Stumpy said, “Look, it’s bad enough that I’m getting Brad Pitt’s sloppy seconds. I refused to sleep on the mattress where you’ve preserved his 10 year old petrified ***** stains. Buy another house or I’m giving Heidi a call…”
    BTW – Huvsy made sure EVERY tabloid reported that tidbit this week – from Peeps to Star…they all reported it. The rest of the OuttaTouch story was basically that Ticky’s moving too fast, is using words like “we” and “us” and is going to scare Stumpy off just like she has every other man since Brad dumped her. BUT…the sidebars are hilarious. One of them I posted on Wednesday afternoon from Jezebel about Shiloh’s bob haircut being The Rachel. It’s too bad that Jezebel used that one because right below that was a hilarious sidebar about Ticky working overtime at the premiere and afterwards making sure eveyone noticed the big solitaire diamond she was wearing on her engagement ring finger. They had a series of pictures of Ticky on the RC doing things like brushing the hair back from her face – with the diamond positioned so the camera couldn’t miss it; shaking hands with someone and bending her wrist so the diamond was pointed upwards toward the camera; and my personal fave – she was waving to the 15 people in the “crowed” – her palm was forward toward the camera…and she’d turned the ring so that the diamond was on the inside of her palm instead of the back of her hand…pointed directly at the camera so it couldn’t be missed. It’s the exact same shite she did at the TBU premiere in Berlin in 2006 and pissed VV off. She had had her stylist borrow a huge ass canary yellow, square-cut diamond engagement ring and she stood on the RC flashing the ring at the camera, making sure the dozens of photogs snapped her wearing it and started a wave of engagement stories – which is exactly what Star’s story on Ticky & Stumpy this week claims. This is why this ho can’t keep a man – because she never learns from her mistakes. That should be her epitat – “New man, same shite.”
    Now…go grab some sunglasses to protect your retinas – One of the other sidebars in OuttaTOuch pointed out that for the London photo call for Horrible MOvie Ticky totally stole Angie’s style. We already ragged on her leather dress stalkery, but check this one out – I’m not even going to tell you what it was. I’m just going to post the picture and let you discover it for yourselves. I can’t believe none of us caught it last week. I guess we were just too busy laughing at her nipples poking through the leather dress (hence the warning about protecting your eyes)…
    PS – WTF is going on with her underarm? Is that a scar from her boob job? They usually hide them a bit better than that…
    PPS – If you didn’t figure out what the circled object on Ticky’s wrist is here’s your clue: What did Angie and Brad design for Asprey in 2009 and that she wore to the 2010 Salt premiere and all the kids have been seen wearing? If you get the answer wrong, then you have to go over to Mr. IUC’s hell hole for 15 minutes or until you can’t stand the stench any longer…

  20. 20
    Passing Through Says:

    Goopy –
    I posted this on the last thread not realizing there was a new one, so I’ll bring it over here…
    # 547 Goopy @ 07/30/2011 at 3:48 am
    @Passing Through:

    ITAWY Passing but Jane wasn’t there to see Brad & Angie. The Jolie-Pitts went straight from NYC (premiere of AMH) back to Prague.
    Goopy -
    True, but the Pitts were in LA the week before Father’s Day for the O13 premiere (June 5). I guess technically I shouldn’t say they were there for Father’s Day since Brad and Angie were actually in Prague that day, but it was reported (by Peeps and US, too, but that’s not the best of sources) that they were there for an early Father’s Day the previous weekend. When Brad gave an interview on the O13 RC and he talked about getting peed on right before they left he said they’d left the kids with family or friends – something like that – and it was later said that he was referring to his parents watching the kids. Then his parents went on to NYC with Brad and Angie – Jane was seen taking pix of them at the AMH premiere – and met up with Doug’s family there. So technically Jane wasn’t in Cali to see Brad and Angie. She went back to LA after the AMH premiere in NYC on June 13 and saw Ticky on the real Father’s Day Sunday (June 17 – I looked it up).
    You know…now that it occurs to me that Jane must have made a separate trip back to Cali probably specifically to see Ticky…it makes what Ticky did to her even worse. Maybe Jane was going to see her to tell her to leave Brad and Angie alone or to stop calling her and pumping her for information on them, Ticky knew it and that’s why she set Jane up. HOwever you slice it and dice it – Ticky set Jane up because she wasn’t living in that Malibu house and deliberately set up a meeting there, the ratzi knew it, the media knew – hell, everyone on the internet knew it – and she called the paps and stabbed Jane in the back. For the second time in 2 years…almost to the date…

  21. 21
    gracie Says:

    Angie’s interviews are always great read. I love her responds to questions put to her, she is brilliant at interviews unlike the c-list actress who always slurs her speech and can’t articulate very well. Love Angie.

  22. 22
    wowow Says:

    F’ing love this woman… she needs to rule the world.
    keep killin it angie, we love you ;)

  23. 23
    AJP Says:

    Love and many blessings and many good things to Angie and her family!!!

  24. 24
    F CANNON Says:

    she looks a old wrinkled skinny *****

  25. 25
    Life or Something Like It Says:

    Just a beautiful woman inside and out. She has given so much and clearly she loves the special global family she has. Clearly Brad is proud of this amazing family he has with Angie!

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