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Angelina Jolie Dreams of Crossing the Sahara

Angelina Jolie Dreams of Crossing the Sahara

Angelina Jolie sat down with the Financial Times on a recent trip to Los Angeles and revealed one of her ultimate dreams – to cross the Sahara!

Here is what the 36-year-old actress had to share:

On dreaming of crossing the Sahara: “It takes 28 days …it would have to be on a camel. I wonder if I could do it in pieces and station the kids along the way.”

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On her recent “girls trip” to Los Angeles: “It’s been hard – I’ve been [in Los Angeles] for a week and it’s very unusual to separate for this long. I brought the girls so we’re having a special girl trip. All the boys are hanging out with Brad … he’s filming a zombie movie [World War Z].”

On her children embracing each others cultures: “They are all learning about each others cultures as well as being proud of their own. So it’s not like just the boys get to do the Asian thing. They all have their flags over their beds and their individual pride. We owe Vietnam a visit, because Pax is due. Z wants to get back to Africa, and Shiloh too. So everyone takes their turns in their country.”

For more from Angelina, visit the Financial Times!

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165 Responses to “Angelina Jolie Dreams of Crossing the Sahara”

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  1. 26
    gracie Says:

    PT, I’m sure she bought her own fake engagement ring, will pay for house, wedding and honeymoon if they last before any of it happens. It all looks like a woman desperate and trying hard to hold unto mr. mcstumpy. Brad and Angie must be laughing their asses off watching. Lol

  2. 27
    kà simply amazing! Says:

    why thumb down my comment?

  3. 28
    kà simply amazing! Says:

    where is katy pitt lookalike russel brand :D?

  4. 29
    WoofWoofGoesAniston Says:

    I can tell ya’all exactly what the bracelet copying and ring flashing thing is lately. she wants people to take notice so she can create a jewelry line and copy angie. another thing to promote to keep her fug mug in the headlines. just like her nasty, too-soapy smelling perfume. when she pushes jewelry on qvc- dont say i didnt call it out first.
    and while i love coming here to admire the jp family and rag on ticky- please folks….be sure to vent on these links and avoid all ticky links all together. dont click on any news stories about her on all the sites you visit. that way, she will disappear. all publicity is good publicity- so if we ignore her then the mags/blog sites wont post stuff cuz it isnt generating enough traffic (clicks mean $). ignore ticky and learn/vent about her pathetic ways on jp fan forums.
    we need that biytch gone already.
    lets do this.

  5. 30
    Anna Says:

    Beautiful just like old

  6. 31
    Q Says:

    I don’t care

  7. 32
    WoofWoofGoesAniston Says:

    boycott all ticky news. let her disappear already.
    lets spread the word and just vent about her pathetic ways on jp fan sites.
    her fan base is dwindling. lets start the trend of all media’s disinterest in her cuz we are all indifferent to her.

  8. 33
    Anna Says:

    where is Alexander skarsgard?:(

  9. 34
    Lara Says:

    Life is for living and this family are doing just that. Happy and fulfilled and having adventures, god bless them for never forgetting those suffering.

  10. 35
    Whatevah Says: looks like Manny got an extra vajayjay on her armpit ROFL.

  11. 36
    Life or Something Like It Says:

    @ Passing Through, I didn’t even notice the bracelet at the premiere. Everyone is very well aware of Brad and Angie’s famous Snake Asprey design jewelry collection inspired by a snake ring she received during her pregnancy. What’s scary is seeing his X wearing an identical bracelet to the one Angie designed and wore to red carpets to promote it. That is just way to much st@lkerish for me. We are used to his X st@lking for so long, but it’s getting just too weird. Especially that her friend CH is still obsessing over him due to his X still obsessing over him and st@lking his new woman ( I linked that article for you in the post below.)
    “Hollywood Power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are well known for their relentless pursuit of charity, and the duo are now venturing into another new dimension, all for the sake of charity, with their jewelry line for Asprey titled “The Protector.” Angelina found her inspiration from a snake ring gifted to her in her pregnancy days and the couple then dedicated their jewelry line to the serpent. The collection features limited edition gold jewelry and silver accessories including rings, cuff links, bracelets, spoons and cups, all with the snake motif. Reportedly, Angelina even wore one of the bracelets to the BAFTA awards.” “And the proceeds will benefit one of Angelina’s charity organizations, the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict. The snake-motif pieces would go well with your Cobra Vertu, just in case you are contemplating buying one.”

  12. 37
    Life or Something Like It Says:

    @Passing Through, this is the article and video I was referring to about X’s constant obsession with Brad and Angie is CLEAR, given CH’s big mouth, even though it’s been like 7 years. Both X and CH still today obsessing about Brad and Hating on Angie. She’s just messed up, it’s just sick. See the quote from CH below:

    “She says that she normally doesn’t remember her dreams, but there’s this one. In it, Aniston is getting back together with Brad Pitt and Handler is shouting, “You can’t do it! Don’t so it!” Although Aniston is a recent friend, Handler has had that dream repeatedly – an indication, no doubt, of how deeply into her psyche the crud of celebrity culture has seeped.”

    It’s no secret that Chelsea Handler is Team Aniston. Chelsea has criticized Angelina Jolie time and time again over the past few years, even going so far as to mock Jolie’s children, and to call Angelina “evil” on the same night that Jennifer Aniston was appearing on Chelsea Lately.

  13. 38
    Matt Says:

    Just like Animal

  14. 39
    kkissddf Says:

    i hear she enjoys a nice camel peen…. in the butt.

  15. 40
    Orchid Says:

    15 dromeda @ 07/30/2011 at 4:09 am
    Crossing the Sahara on a camel, or by car, sounds like a very interesting thing to do. If you pick the right time of year, when it’s cool and there are no sandstorms, and you have all the necessary supplies, plus cameras, pen and paper to document the trip, plus security, why not. I can see her doing it. The desert is cleaner than the cities!
    In fact, if I remember correctly, she has said this before. I think it was when she was interviewed, together with Clint Eastwood. The interviewer asked her what else she’d like to do and she said cross the Sahara.
    Like Angie, I love “Lawrence of Arabia!”

  16. 41
    slig o lambert ^_______^ cute Says:

    she have more pic nice why this pic

  17. 42
    Flowergirl Says:

    @Skill: South Africa (Republic of South Africa) and Namibia are too different countries that are in the region of Southern Africa. I guess you meant to say Namibia, Southern Africa.

  18. 43
    marko Says:

    Her children are really really really lucky to have her.

  19. 44
    briseis Says:

    @levis: Saw your post to me on the last thread, but I already had gone to bed. Anyway, don’t worry about your English when posting, not everyone here speaks English as their first language, and we all understand. It isn’t mine either, I just got used to it having been here in the US of A for so long. No, I haven’t seen the JPs in person, they have their premieres either in NY or LA. The one time there was a chance was the premiere in Chicago for Oceans 13 in 2007, and Missouri Fan and I were so excited and planned to attend, but Brad did not go to the premiere. We were so bummed out. There was also a chance for me to see Angelina in the shooting of Wanted in Chicago also in 2007, they were filming the car chases in Lower Wacker Drive (when Angie was in the white dress and driving the red Viper) but even though it was in the middle of the night the security guard was there and basically told me and my officemate to beat it. Maybe in the future I can go to NY and see them at a premiere, but right now wala pang pera pang-travel so I have to content myself with oohing and aahing at their pictures and videos.

  20. 45
    marko Says:

    @kkissddf: You should know!

  21. 46
    blah Says:

    Beautiful woman.
    It is amazing how she and Brad raise their children, I admire them a lot because of that!

  22. 47
    anustin Says:

    crap! P.T. that must be who.reniston’s extra labiaz..u know…from humpin different men.

  23. 48
    Susan Says:

    Out of Touch is really is reaching about Shiloh, does this child looks like she have time to sulk. Notice even if B&A are carring the twins, there are holding Shiloh and Pax hands. Why? because these two kids are very, very adventurous. I remembered Brad, Maddox, Pax and Zahara at the fountian in Central Park, Pax soaked and shoes off, while Maddox and Zahara stood with their hands behind their backs. Some kids are just runners and if you don’t hold them they will take off in a blink of the eye. They’re trying to put Shiloh in a box like her Mother, since she does not wear frou frou dresses like Suri, they can’t compare the two, they said Zahara was jealous of Shiloh a couple of years ago. They’re so lazy, repeat the same story just with a change of the names.

  24. 49
    anonymous Says:

    She is great and raises her children well. I like her childrens names girls names all simply beautiful and boys really cool!

  25. 50
    PJ Says:

    bdj I think you are being stalked by JJ
    Thank you for bringing the interview to the last thead.

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