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Chris Brown: 'Excited' to Perform at the VMAs!

Chris Brown: 'Excited' to Perform at the VMAs!

Chris Brown enjoys a night out at the clubs on Thursday (July 28) in Hollywood.

The 22-year-old singer will be performing at the 2011 MTV VMAs on Sunday, Aug. 28.

Lil Wayne and Adele will also be hitting the stage at L.A.’s Nokia Theatre, MTV recently announced.

“I am excited about my nominations and to be back on the VMA stage,” Chris said in a statement. “I have a special performance planned for my wonderful fans.”

In case you missed it, check out the full list of this year’s nominees!

FYI: Chris is wearing a Levi’s Trucker Jacket.

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  • http://ja slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    i dont like

  • W.o.w

    I don’t get it. Why does his badly behavior always getting rewarded?? There are artists who act exemplary and have huge hits around the world and not even get a nomination.

    He will never stop his bad behavior, when he’s getting so much approval. Not to mention that the songs he is nominated for, are not even top 20 hits!

    50 cent even acts better but always goes without awards home…

  • sean

    Lmao chris let go of that thing before you hurt someone with it.

  • diana

    Look at me know was a top ten hit and is the 8th highest selling song of the year so know your facts before you post lies.

  • blah

    fans? Does he still has any?

  • diana

    Chris gave dwts their biggest ratings in history, then he had the largest crowd in today show history and he also brought BET huge ratings so its clear that people want to see him so all you complainers can go jump off a cliff! Oh and did I mention that chris completely dominates the Hiphop/ r&b charts on billboard? Like it or not chris brown is here to stay

  • diana


  • Riley

    Excited For Breezy its about to Live up in the VMA’s 2011.

  • Riley

    @blah: Hell ya and by the looks of it he still gots haters who dont know **** about breezy!

  • Annie

    Ugly thug. Nasty. He must have his pr working around the clock getting paid for being “team breezy”.

  • kody3

    who ever said chris brown doesnt even have a top 20 hits um have you ever heard of look at me now and whoever said he doesnt have fans did you hear about the today show record and dancing with the stars mtv know what thier doing theyre hopping back on the chris brown bandwagan plus he is a great performer dancer has talent most artists today doesnt have talent like chris brown its obvious that chris brown is here to stay he one of those artist that alot of people hate and alot of people love

  • you “Breezy” fans…

    Not only stand behind a woman-beater, you are illiterate to boot!

  • lo

    @annie you know your just a hater when you call him ugly im not a chris brown fan but kid is handsome and your only calling him a thug because hes black is charlie sheen a thug also

  • trace

    Oh, #11, quit your babbling. Your comment isn’t readable.

  • kody3

    @you breezy fans why are you mad at the fans be mad at snl gma dwts today show and now mtv and have you ever heard of forgiving somebody white people have a hard time doing that

  • Alice

    Eiwww, why is this kid walking around holding his peen? Class act, lol!

  • cindy

    wow that much people really hate a 22 year old kid that much pathetic
    its bigger things in the world than to hate chris brown who made a mistake at 19 you guys act like you never make big mistakes young

  • racism sucks!

    kody3, take your racist garbage elsewhere. Disgusting.

  • kody3

    @rasism sucks im white and im telling the truth white pople cant forgive chris brown but can forgive charlie sheen and your say take my rasism some where else but thats all thier is all this site rasist people hating on chris brown

  • cindy

    @rasism sucks im white and im telling the truth about how white people can forgive charlie sheen hes like a 40 year man who been messing up all his life and chris brown makes a mistake at 19 and people say his career should be over dont make no sense

  • kody3

    @cindy what the hell are you doing

  • Alaia

    It’s not as if this guy has any talent. He’s a douche and he’s completely void of any talent.

  • blah

    he has no talent,,, he is just a cheap Michael Jackson copy! How much did these people get paid for praising this douche?

  • the man

    @blah what talent do you have instead of staying on the internet all day hating on chris brown you said chris brown has no talent WOW of course a person who hates chris brown would say that

  • calishine

    at the end of the day this is what haters have to do this is the only thing they can do post evil comments they are angry because they thought and wanted chris brown career to be over chris brown performing at the vmas is another thing that haters said chris brown would never do again

  • diana

    @calishine agreed these people can stay mad while chris continues to do everything they said he wouldnt be able to do again. Chris browns resurgence just goes to prove that you can overcome adversity if you work hard and never give up.

  • LMFAO!!!

    diana, cindy, kody3 and calishine-you are obviously the same pathetic person posting over and over again in your marginal, elementary school level English. You have made nearly ALL of the positive comments about CB.
    Why are you defending a grown man who is known for his violent outbursts and walks around holding his d*ck??????

  • LMFAO!!!

    Oh, I forgot to include “lo” in that list, diana. My bad.

  • dulce

    go chris! all your hating/negative comments isn’t going to stop him from performing so stay mad and bitter, but i bet most of you will be tuning in to check him out lmao!

  • gege

    @W.o.w: how is bad behavior getting rewarded! ommmmmmmmmmmmmmggggggggg! he was 18! it happened three years ago!!!!!!! if you listen to Eminem or like charlie sheen than your a hypocrite!!!its so ignorant to say thatt just beause you like his music you are rewarding bad behavior!

    this boy has been through ENOUGH! With evil people! What is he supposed to do crawl under a rock? NO he is supposed to learn from what he did keep his head held high [regardless of evil shitheads and continue to live his DREAM shit!]

  • gege

    @W.o.w: and 50 does not “act better than him and he was top 20 for a long time check your facts

  • gege

    @Annie: why is he a thug because he is black? …l… rihanna a thug?…

  • gege

    @you “Breezy” fans…: why is he illiterate?….-_____- if he was illiterate that means that he would not be able to read or write. i hate ignorant people! -__- he is not writting english essays for the public on twitter

  • obsession

    Chris brown is truly the bobby brown of this generation….why is he holding his crotch!!

  • diana

    @lmao chris browns toe fungus >> your existence

  • LMFAO!!!

    Um…Annie never said he is a thug because he is black. And being repeatedly violent, plus trouble with the law makes him a thug. That said, Rihanna is not a thug. So learn our language and quit pulling the race card as an excuse for everything.

  • to gege

    Please find out for yourself the full definitionof the word “illiterate” before you call someone ignorant. Especially when you are clearly illiterate and ignorant yourself!

  • gege

    @LMFAO!!!: what violent outbursts? and gee you must be the same person sucking his dick writting such evil comments about him on everyone of his post bc you hate him so much

  • SeeFSee

    Adele does not even belong in these peoples company.

  • khleb

    I’m black and to see other black Retards sticking up for this Loser is beyond embarrassing. This no talent, dick grabbing, bitch-ass nigga should not have blacks kissing his ass… I hope Kanye does not perform so I can skip the show all together. I saw the Bet awards just to see the Smith kids but “Brezzy” was a waist of time as always with his Auto-Tuned Garbage!!! I’m going to have to catch Adele on youtube I guess.

  • haterz

    sme of you hav nthin better to do than hate on this boy….he made a mistake ,rihanna has gotten over it infact incase u hvnt heard they are on talkin terms nw so i really dnt understand wat more is the problem…people love chris, his music is toppin charts(if you think this is a lie you can google it), and he is making his millions so get on with your lives….chris is talented and is a wonderful performer whether you like it or not so you can go to hell for all he cares

  • http://HelRah Helia

    Can’t believe that people still hating.
    Just fkn let it go.. If you don’t like him – FINE who cares.
    His fans love him, I know that I sure as hell do! There is no denying that Chris Brown has real talent, if you deny it, well that’s like saying Obama isn’t the president of USA.. which he is btw.

    Chris Brown’s talent is as real as it gets. Team Breezy all the way!