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Vanessa Hudgens Sports a Hair Piece!

Vanessa Hudgens Sports a Hair Piece!

Vanessa Hudgens preps for a night out on the town after leaving a liquor store on Saturday (July 30) in Studio City, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress wore a hair piece to cover up her shorter locks and bedazzled her face with jewels for an extra festive look! Vanessa finished her look with a linea pelle collection belt.

The day before, Vanessa went on a shopping trip to Party City in Los Angeles to stock up on some party supplies.

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Vanessa recently cut off her flowing locks to film the movie Gimme Shelter.

“I grabbed the scissors and started cutting my actual hair and then my director decided that he was going to grab the scissors, he grabs a chunk of my hair and just chops it,” she told Access Hollywood about the hair cutting process.

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  • kerri

    Stunning :)

  • Jimbo

    She resembles a camel.
    she also enjoys a nice_____________. (fill in the blank)

  • lol

    her style is so tryhard

  • Mrsvagabunda

    YEEEEEEES! Thank God! Yes yes yes

  • ?

    She looks very nice. Oh and JJ she’s 22 not 21

  • Mllllllef

    Don’t give a damn about her.
    I heard that Caleb Followill was sick…:(

    I’m worried, hope he’s ok.

  • john

    this is proof that womens HAIR is a scam… with short hair you really examine her face and shes a 5… with the hair though she bumps up to a 7 or 8… SCAM!!!

  • Scarrr

    @John. LOL, Your right though. Hair can make your or break you.

  • Alexandra

    This looks a little over the top. What’s on her face? Really though. And the weave is ridiculous. Is she that disgusted with her own short hair? The see through top is also tacky and classless. She used to be my style icon but lately… eh.

  • Selena

    OMG at first I thought this was like for a photoshoot or something. I thought she said she couldn’t get long hair for a while because her hair was SO short?

    NGL, the hair does it for me. Makes her 10x prettier.

  • Alexandra

    @john: LMAO couldn’t agree with you more, and I’m a girl myself. She’s really nothing special without her long wavy locks. Big nose, tiny chin, and misshapen teeth. She has lovely eyes and cheekbones though.

  • Mrsvagabunda

    Thank God her hair is back! BEAUTIFUL!

  • kami

    is vanessa throwing a b-day party for laura tonight? must be a theme party at vanessa’s house. moroccan?

  • Selena

    Jared she’s 22 not 21.

  • ariel

    she used to dress so much better, now she just looks like a try hard.

  • Selena

    @Alexandra: Exactly whats wrong with her not liking her short hair? If I had that hair I’d also be pretty damn upset with it also. She clearly isn’t a short hair kinda girl, nothing wrong with that. Just like there are girls who don’t like long hair.

  • VH

    she’s so ugly long hair or short

  • anna

    she’s brave for wearing that ,especially since she’s gained weight

  • Alaia

    No style whatsoever.

  • boston61

    I have never scene her look bad. She has fashion talent.

  • http://j ivanka

    ready for the theme party she is trowing to laura

  • http://j ivanka

    ready for the theme party she is trowing to laura

  • wig

    it’s a wig. her hair is too short for hair extensions and a weave wud prob be too tacky lookin or painful. remember britney’s weaved up days. a hot mess y’all

  • sophie

    lol she is wearing a wig… because today she is throwing her BFF birthday party in her house

  • breckin

    this wig is worse than the short hair.
    better with the short hair.
    and she definitely has gained a bunch of weight.

  • Amber

    Cute outift!

  • sophie

    lol you girl… Vanessa style is always the same.. its HER STYLE!

  • nkenk

    @Alexandra: how come when she first cut her hair you bitchesss kept complaining she needed a wig/extensions and now she has one u STILL complain?

  • hannah

    @nkenk: because it’s a really bad wig.

  • sophie

    who is Caleb Followill ?

  • sophie

    yup.. her style is never boring

  • Vanessa

    She really didn’t have to chop her off hair she could just wear a wig for the movie for her sake I hope the movie actually does good and her gaining weight and chop her hair off wasn’t for no reason

  • sophie

    It’s for a birthday party… and OF COURSE she gained some weight, she said so.. she was filming a movie… she need to gain some wheight for her role… she so easily could just wear big clothes and use a wig with short hair.. but she loves so much her job… <3

  • sophie

    if SHE is happy with her work… everything is ok… she doesn’t care what everyone thinks of her.. SHE IS A HAPPY PERSON, and doesn´t give a shiiit about haters
    in her words “love yourself”

  • jenn

    thanks god!!
    she looks amazin

  • Riley

    People need to get off her ass about her weight she looks perfectly fine, and she needs to embrace her short locks nobody told her to chop off her own damn hair anyway!

  • http://none Elle

    Her outfit is horrendous, to much going on! She needs to take that ugly belt off, those tacky necklaces and perhaps a few of those bracelets.

    By the way, the wig is pretty bad…

  • j

    She needs to stop dressing like she still weighs 100 pounds.

  • kà simply amazing!

    nice hair and she looks good now

  • Err

    She actually looks better with short hair

  • sophie

    she is going to a costume party… sooo WTF!!!

  • hello


    I knew this would happen. lol. People are just being hateful. That’s why she doesn’t live her life for people and she looks pretty. She has a petite, curvy shape. I hope she goes short again. The head piece is too much and looks too fake. I hope its just for the party.

  • Jr

    The people in charge of the movie in all likleyhood told her she needed to chop her hair off, so she did. Those people are like your boss. You do what your boss tells you or they’ll find someone else who will. Same thing here if Vanessa didn’t do it they wouldve found someone else so yes she had to. So seriously stop giving her grief.

  • Luisa

    She could cut all her hair and still being beautiful

  • Xox

    Looks like Laura’s birthday is a theme party. They look cute all dressed up

  • vanessa

    i miss the old vanessa

  • darla


    HATEFUL? Are you really that stupid? We did not seek her out to criticize her
    SHE PRESENTED HERSELF TO THE PUBLIC; ALMOST SCANTILY CLOTHED AND OVERLY ACCESSORIZED TO THE POINT OF BEING GAUDY. AND YOU WANT US TO STILL OFFER HER UNWARRANTED PRAISE.You and her other blind tasteless fans of hers can do that all you want but you can’t force us to keep our silent and excuse this travesty.
    By the way I have a feeling she’s gonna shoot another of nude pictures in time for the release of her new film wearing that hideous wig and claim that she shoot that herself when she’s young. (again)

  • BOJI

    Vanessa’s dressed up for a party with a theme is my guess. What’s with some of you posters? Your critiques sound catty ie. Cats with their claws all out to scratch her eyes out. Haven’t we all been there sometime or other, where we have done something and then regretted it? Chopping off your hair to make it look realistic is but part of acting, even putting on the weight. She misses her long hair, I do too. It was a change and now she’s growing it back. So what’s wrong with that?! It just goes to show the length she’s willing to go for the sake of her art. I admire her for that.
    She’s killing it here with her back to the sexy early seventies crochet look. I love it.

  • Vanessa

    @sophie: first I was stating my opinion about Vanessa my comment was not at all mean just said for her sake I hope her movie does good Because if her movie bombs she would chop her hair off and gain weIght for no reason that all I was saying and just because people give there honest opinion On a public forum doesn’t mean anyone is just jealous there just giving there opinion

  • peggy

    It Is supposedly is a costume party for Laura’s bday with a theme – notice Laura’s braids, poncho and face glitter