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Hugh Jackman: Shirtless in St. Tropez!

Hugh Jackman: Shirtless in St. Tropez!

Hugh Jackman goes shirtless as he goes on vacation with his family on Sunday (July 31) in St. Tropez on the French Riviera.

The 42-year-old Aussie actor played with bamboo sticks with his daughter, Ava, before jumping in the water with his 11-year-old son, Oscar.

Meanwhile, Hugh‘s wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, kept an eye on the family’s pet pooch.

Earlier in the month, Hugh spread the word about his upcoming film Real Steel at Comic-Con 2011 by meeting fans and signing merchandise from the film, which due out in theaters in October.

FYI: Hugh is wearing a pair of Orlebar Brown‘s Bulldog swim trunks.

10+ pictures inside of Hugh Jackman shirtless on the beach…

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hugh jackman shirtless st tropez 01
hugh jackman shirtless st tropez 02
hugh jackman shirtless st tropez 03
hugh jackman shirtless st tropez 04
hugh jackman shirtless st tropez 05
hugh jackman shirtless st tropez 06
hugh jackman shirtless st tropez 07
hugh jackman shirtless st tropez 08
hugh jackman shirtless st tropez 09
hugh jackman shirtless st tropez 10
hugh jackman shirtless st tropez 11
hugh jackman shirtless st tropez 12
hugh jackman shirtless st tropez 13
hugh jackman shirtless st tropez 14
hugh jackman shirtless st tropez 15
hugh jackman shirtless st tropez 16
hugh jackman shirtless st tropez 17
hugh jackman shirtless st tropez 18

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  • NYC

    So strange to call the paps when you are on vacation

  • Marina

    @NYC: St. Tropez is a place overflowing with useless paparazzis, they are sprouting like mushrooms without any need to call, because are like sand’s parasites… they’re everywhere. Obviously it’s impossible avoid ‘infections’ …
    Anyway, Jackman family is on holiday in France for more than 15 days, the last week they were in Beaune (Burgundy) where no one has bothered their privacy…

  • mary

    NYC@ 07/31/2011 at 12:26 pm

    why don’t you travel out of where you live once in awhile. if you did, then you wouldn’t make such a stupid comment. you would know that there are places, like St. Tropez, that are totally infested with Paps who are taking photos of everyone every 5 minutes.

  • sweetness

    whats the big deal with paps taking a picture of a star while on vacation…these stars love it no matter how much they protest. As for protecting their kids…these kids of major movie stars will forever be given royal first class treatment wherever they go….they will grow up as teens who can walk into any boutique, 4 star restaurant, bar or club and be treated like gold..because the paps followed them. The dissing of paps is amazing because it is the paps who keep these stars and the children living in the life of the rich and famous.

  • Marina

    @sweetness: This may be true for Tom Cruise, the Beckhams and Brad Pitt, but Jackman family has already amply demonstrated that don’t like this kind of ‘complacent vanity’. Jackman’s children go to public school and dress simply, their life takes place under the eyes of the world because paparazzis behave worse with them more than with other celebrities, taking advantage of Hugh Jackman’s kindness, he’s a man polite and well mannered. Russell Crowe, for example, takes less than a second to split the faces of any paps, Hugh doesn’t act like him and unfortunately his good education is poorly rewarded.

  • merve

    i genuinely believe that he is a very nice and funny guy and a very talented actor, too. i can die for his accent. however, he just should not be allowed to go half-naked. that body at that age can give me a heart attack! woaaw!

  • Hotlips

    @Marina: Say what? Sorry, Jackman ain’t special. There are MANY celebrities who have been harrassed by the paps and by the media (paid attention to what’s going on in Britain lately?)…Jackman hasn’t yet revealed he’s been violated like those people. Plenty have been more harrassed than he has and don’t like it. You make it sound like, in the wide world of celebrity, he’s the ONLY one that doesn’t want the attention but suffers it like the one true martyr….please, spare me.

  • sparrow

    I don’t think he looks awful, but he’s not particularly drool-worthy to me. His family looks nice. But, I will always contend that there’s another side to Jackman – you know, the show tunes side.

  • rocky


    I actually don’t know what you mean. lol. explain?

  • criss

    yes!!!!!!!!!! I love when he is half naked!!!!!

  • Janice

    @sparrow: @rocky: I explain to both: modern’ society is drowning in sick stupid clichĂ©s. Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. were both skillful actors and great entertainers, both enchanted audiences and critics around the world with memorable show tunes and no one, I repeat, NO ONE has ever found anything strange in this. Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, and Howard Keel were actors, singers and dancers and NO ONE has ever found anything strange in this. Hugh Jackman is an extraordinary professional multitalented, such as no longer existed for many years in Hollywood and I thank God for having given birth to Sinatra, Davis Jr., Astaire, Kelly, etc. in an age less stupid than this present, because today just an idiot can see how ‘strange’ have a multi-talented.

  • Marina

    @Hotlips: The level of stalking suffered by him, doesn’t have many equals in terms of comparison. His private life is under the magnifying glass because ‘someone’ always hope to find a ‘murky underworld’, but is still disappointed every time because there is nothing to see. That makes particularly odious the stalking, because it hides a execrable objective. Did you understand now, White Snow? And whoever indulges in certain comments must be deemed complicit in the same s.h.i.t.

  • Kathleen

    You know I am having a difficult time thinking Hugh Jackman is like Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise wants the attention because we all know he is sure not getting atttention due to his movies. Hugh Jackman on the other is very, very talented and more of a gentleman than Tom will ever be. I am sure he does not want all this pap attention is family. He is very aware that he is famous not his family and they deserve privacy. I do hope they enjoy their vacation and get some time by themselves .

  • winterwren

    This man is beautiful inside and out. Family life seems to be good and happy – if he has another side, why haven’t the paps photographed that? I really don’t care ~~ just keep the half naked photos coming.

  • Kelly J

    Yes, precisely: the paps haven’t photographed this, because THIS DOESN’T EXIST.

  • Hotlips

    @Marina: Sorry, has he had his phone hacked and private conversations broken into? If not, his experience is no more odious than anyone else’s, in fact, less. As for the rest of your post, “Did you understand now, White Snow? And whoever indulges in certain comments must be deemed complicit in the same s.h.i.t.”, I don’t know what kind of jibberish that’s supposed to be, who the hell is White Snow? And my comment wasn’t anymore complicit than yours, what the hell are you on about? Simmer down before you bust a vein.

  • Marina

    @Hotlips: Oh, I’m never been more relaxed, when you read my comments imagines hearing a low voice, so quiet and conversational… like that of Pinocchio’s Jiminy Cricket.
    Sordid innuendo have always been inappropriately expended against Mr. Jackman, that’s what I mean. Gossip magazines and blogs have built entire castles with draw bridge based on nowhere, is in place a sort of ‘witch hunt’ against this person, denying it is like saying that cancer doesn’t exist. You can destroy someone with much less of a phone hacked, don’t forget that the drop hollows out the stone, spreading innuendo through press and web, little by little, puts strange worms in people’s minds more easily influenced. The persecution of which I speak is: feed the worms with absurd innuendo based on nothing, using every possible means. This is the dirty game of who has placed Jackman’s life under a magnifying glass.

  • breepal

    Do you not see the irony of complaining about the paps while we’re all here ogling pictures they have taken and sold? And why rudely argue about who get hassled the most? All celebs get hassled because the fans are looking at the pictures of their private lives. Hugh Jackman, and probably many others, recognize the inevitability of this and know that it’s part of the job. He is reportedly very congenial to the paps and has civilly asked them to take their pictures and then leave his family alone. it has worked to a degree. He also has said that he’s so boring that eventually they leave him alone. It’s a stupid and intrusive and often disrespectful business, and we all support it.

  • Serissa

    He gave us what we all wanted so badly, because we didn’t have them for so long: shirtless beach pics… Now leave that family alone, especially the kids!

  • diane

    sooooo good to see that beauitful MANLY body again!!!! thanks paps– but be nice to the Jackman family because Hugh is never mean to you

  • LG

    I think he is gay. Something was said 2 years ago about him and one of his ex partners. I’m not judging, if he is gay, fine by me. I am only stating my opinion.

  • Hotlips

    @Marina: Yeah toots, I’m just saying Jackman ain’t the martyr you make him out to be…there are plenty of those alongside him. Got it? Good. Now get over it, huh?@LG: I agree with you, I don’t know why people are defensive about his sexuality, for pete’s sake.

  • breepal

    Not defensive about his sexuality as about his character; he’s been asked directly many times in many interviews for at least a decade and he says he’s straight. So to say he’s lying is to question his character. I suppose gossip is normal, though I don’t think a public forum is appropriate, but to base an opinion and spread a rumor because “something was said…” is ridiculous. “Something is said” about a lot of people about a lot of things. Doesn’t make it true.

  • fergie

    OMG!!! HE IS SOOOOOOOOO HOT!!! like really HE IS! i love him soo much! that body! yummi!

  • kristi

    His daughter’s bikini looks inappropriate…

  • British Latin American

    Hugh sets the bar of sexiness high for both dads and men past forty.

  • criss

    He is so hot all the time!! I envy his wife so much

  • Tina

    He is not gay. He is a old-school type of ENTERTAINER. In every sense of the word.