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Leonardo DiCaprio: Soho Shopping with Lukas Haas!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Soho Shopping with Lukas Haas!

Leonardo DiCaprio checks out a t-shirt at a street vendor while shopping with his pal Lukas Haas on Sunday (July 31) in the Soho neighborhood of New York City.

The 36-year-old actor is eager to play the lead in the upcoming film The Creed of Violence, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The film is the “1910-era story of a criminal named Rawbone who tries to take a cache of weapons into Mexico as part of the country’s revolution but is caught and then accompanied by a government agent who, it turns out, shares a secret past with him.”

No word yet on which role Leo is in talks for.

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  • At least his socks are not white this time but he still looks pretty dorky. Another +? No ugly girlfriend around. Time to get rid of her!!!!

  • Mike

    The real rason he needs Blake around…so he can go out with his bf Lukas and everyone will refer to him as a “pal.” You’re not fooling anyone, Leo.

  • lion

    Is it love?

  • sourpatch575

    LEO! <3
    Free from Bar and Blake! Living life with his bestie!

  • Sue

    Thanks JARED…. I’m quite surprised that Blake Lively’s rep didn’t write to you to put her name linked to these photo captions. Are you sure she didn’t tweet or email you, yet?

  • SashaT

    Creed of Violence sounds great. But I guess he’s in NY to start the rehearsals for Great Gatsby. Carey Mulligan mentioned that they’re beginning to rehearse for a month and then they’re heading ton Australia for the filming.

  • Daniel

    Fugly old man

  • Nancy

    Bar is better without him

  • @Daniel

    Leo or Blake? I can`t decide based on your description since Blake looks old and like a man… Thank God she is not pictured! Leo – Fake Blake = YAY!

  • creeed

    i sorta lost respect for him after he hooked up with Blake.

  • Daniel

    Bar’s boyfriend >old gross Leonardo

  • Daniel

    any girl is too good for this old man

  • YAYA

    It seems that Leo spends most of his time as a character than as himself. He is always working and love it cause I get to watch him. I like Lukas Haas too.

  • paton

    holy sh*t you guys complain about Blake 24/7 and now she isn’t in the pics we have to see her name all over?!! just shut it! and wtf still seeing Bar’s name too? lol she is LONGGGG gone.

    Now back to Leo.

  • RIP Bar

    @Daniel: I am guessing bar refaeli fan is disappointed to be dumped. LoL
    Who is bar boyfriend ? No one care. LOL
    FAT bar is in trash cane eating cheese. lol

  • dreamweaver

    @Nancy: LMAO yeah thats why she’s just gotten SOOOO much work and publicity post Leo right? LOL!

  • k

    i have this thing for his legs YUM

  • @RIP….

    Like his current downgrade is so much better. He went even lower…
    @creeed: You are not alone. It`s embarrassing for him. He cheapened himself with Fake Blake.
    Good to see him with his old buddy but he still dresses like a kid.

  • joran

    Leo has it all. fame,women,money,success,prestige,power why should he settle because age and people online who wish they had even half of his life say so? He is Entourage come to life, lol. Every man’s dream life.

  • lani

    Who is bar? I am confuse. Did leo dated someone name bar? I know i heard he is dating blake lately and before i use to remember he dated Gisele now tom brady wife.

  • ron

    @joran:I am 100% agree with you. I am a man, i wish i had half of his life Entourage. lol Blake is hot pusssy so does Gisele and every other girl he dated. Now, back to my life. Fucck My Life. lol

  • Abiramis

    LOL, LOL! Does he feel the need to look so neglected? Frankly. The guy has no woman around him to tell him how to dress? He needs someone who cares.

  • i see

    a bitter barf fan who can’t stand that she lost her main claim to fame

    a bitter aging leo fan who can’t stand that she will never have him, and he will never be with a nasty shrew like her

  • Gisele Fan

    Don’t tell me he’s able to put a foot in front of the other without having to drag Miss Plastic Surgery? What’s the matter? She agreed to leave him alone in NY? Isn’t she afraid he might be seen at 2am with Anna Maria, smoking her cigarette and flirting like hell? I wouldn’t leave this modelizer by himself for a sec.

  • Duh


    Like he cares what you think

  • Newsflash

    @Gisele Fan:

    Gisele doesn’t approve of obsessed haters like you

  • FAKE Lively

    Why is it that my precious name is not mentioned in this article/thread huh Jared?!

  • jim

    I saw them there today! They both bought the same BP oil spill shirt. (i actually have one from the same stand, it’s dangerous and no, I didn’t buy mine after they did. ;-)

  • FAKE Fan

    @FAKE Lively:

    I must bring up Leo’s girlfriend every time

    She’s not there but I can’t stop thinking about her 24/7

  • BP


    I have that shirt it’s awesome

  • larson

    Yay! Buying new clothes! Oh, but it’s probably thrifted clothes. Oh well. You know, I noticed he’s always in Soho. There is like nothing in that area. Nothing. The village and the LES is much more interesting and there’s more to do.

  • Finally!!

    Finally! A post free of Mz. Platterpuss!!! Leo is in NY rehearsing for Gasty early with Carey Mulligan and others. Thank you Jared!

  • Lukas?!?!

    Isnt Lukas tired of following Leo around?!?!

  • DEE

    Q! Too bad Jared doesn’t know who Q-Tip is. Love him, Leo, Lukas, Blake, Carey! Everyone but the haters!

  • DEE


    BFF’s forever! Get some!

  • Lukas?!?!

    @DEE: Too bad Fake wont last!!! :) She will be the ONLY one that will be missing fron next years photos! Bye bye Platerpuss!!! A couple more months the most!!!

  • DEE


    Maybe, maybe not! That’s up to Leo, not you!

  • Lukas?!?!

    @DEE: oh she DEFINITELY isnt going to last past 2011!! No maybes about this shortcut. A couple more months the most!! Leo will get rid of her or natural selection as in natural selection will choose someone BETTER for Leo to be with!! Its going to happen one way or the other!! I bet you!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marieme

    I’m sorry I totally respect Leo for his environmental work. I truly do. However he’s too old to behave like this creepy, sexual predator – meaning he’s always on the hunt for someone new to, well, bang. Blake is way too young for him. Jeez! How about some celibate time in between? Asking too much, huh.

    And also he’s got to be the sloppiest rag in Hollywood. Those baggy clothes he’s always in! Oy.

  • ron

    @Marieme: So by your standard Brad pitt is predator as well because he has the same age difference with Angelina just as Leo has with Blake. LOL
    Please don’t tell me it is not the same kind of crap thing because if you talk about age differences then you judge everyone the same. Just because Angelina was 27 and brad was 40 when they start dating, doesn’t mean that Blake 23 and Leo 36 is different. Plus, those baggy is the same thing that he has been wearing for ages, so it not something he started wearing lately or doesn’t look stupid on him. God, you are too judgmental. I know you have your own opinion but G relax don’t see everything twisted. LOL.

  • c


  • http://deleted article

    i love u leo! u r so hot ! i’m so happy to see u just with lukas at the weekend! i love to see u with lukas and other ur friends and going to the parties rather than see u with the awful girls as ur gfs! please take urself a little break and free time and live with urself! what these girls u choose! u said before u dont want to date an actress but now u r with b! she is not a real actress but in the business she’s working on it so what we got to say?! u r just in hook up?! just please live freeeeeeeeeeeeeee with urself till u see the right girl as u want and till that time u can have sex with various girls ! dont bother urself,ur mom and ur family and ur fans by going with these trashies if u really dont care about poeple and want to live ur life so why u want to have an official gf in public and go to live as a playboy(ks) in the shadows?! i can’t undrestand u at this point!

  • mila

    I <3 leo ,he is great actor ,thx jared for his pics

  • yeah

    He’s always in NY shopping for art with Lukas. He has a really big year coming up soon starting with the release of Hoover and then The Great Gatsby. He may get the Oscar for Hoover.

    I heard that Leo is being paid 1 million to have Blake’s name “associated” with his. His name has value so you can’t just throw any nobody name to his wiithout a price. The goal is to raise her profile a bit as a legit actress. But too many people are on to this so that’s backfired but at least Leo is paid. No one likes the two names being associated together

  • Wow

    @yeah: Where did you hear that? This is such an unlikely couple that it’s not hard to believe it! But since it’s Blake Lively he should have asked for more than 1 million. It degrades his image so bad. Plus being linked to Leo is not going to make her a more established or legit actress. This is good for her publicity but not her credibility as an actress. She lacks talent and charisma so it’s impossible to help her to take her seriously! Being a gossip mag fixture won’t help her acting.

  • coco

    Q TIPS in the pics to….good raper

  • stfu

    @yeah….being paid 1m?? stop with the bulshit PLEASE…as if he needed the money e made like 80mil with inception last year, stop wit these ridiculus conspiracy theorys, theres a new 1 everytime i come on here!!

  • Elena

    @coco: lol i hope to god you meant rapper.

  • yup

    @stfu: its true, the same reason why he does commercial for cell phones. Does he need the money? No…but he does it anyway…Leo is getting paid of Fake. Business/sluuut arrangement. It happens all the time in hollyweird.. This way he has the appearance of a “steady gf” instead of fuuking down the place…Its all about image.

  • any moer dates?

    Any more dates, signs, symbols about Leo’s SM?????? that talk is more FUN to read. I m surprised about how there are only a fewer differences in all the predictions…….. is it the same person telling or are there different ones? Standing Ovation where are u? Crystal ball something where are u? and others where r u people?