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Miley Cyrus: Equality Tattoo!

Miley Cyrus: Equality Tattoo!

Miley Cyrus shows off a new tattoo on her finger that she got to support equal rights for all!

“All LOVE is equal,” the 18-year-old singer wrote on her Twitter account.

After posting the photo of her new tattoo, one of her fans criticized her stance on gay rights.

“Where does it say in the bible to judge others? Oh right. It doesn’t. GOD is the only judge honey. ‘GOD is love,’” Miley answered back.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Miley Cyrus’ new equality tattoo?

Bigger pic inside…

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miley cyrus equality tattoo

Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • Nate

    I think she’s trying too hard.

  • heyo

    Flawless diva, legend, goddess.

  • nyc summer

    she means equality for all whites, right? is she no longer a racist?

  • suze

    why does this tattoo make me giggle? I must tell ya, the artistic capabilities of this tattoo artist are out of this world.

  • shatha

    wow how many tattoos that miley have now ?!
    she’s only 18 i think she should slow down a little bit and get a tattoo that have a meaning to HER … i feel like when ever she’s bored she goes to the tattoo shop i love her

  • haters begone

    Miley is a sweetie!

  • sowhat284

    Is this a tattoo or two little marks she made on her finger using a permanent marker? What an idiot she is.

  • Lalalove

    Just an excuse to hold up her damn middle finger.

  • ace11

    a tatoo first

    a kid next

    preggers by the end of the year

  • meliss

    You guys still don’t have gay marriage in the US? Geez, get on board people! The rest of the world did years ago! You shouldn’t need Miley Cyrus giving you the middle finger to draw attention to gay rights. In my opinion her gay marriage support is one of her only redeeming qualities in that innapropriate mess she calls a career. Though her point could be made without needing to flip off many of her young fans on twitter.

  • Yasmin

    She’s right. There is nothing worse than when an intolerant indiviudual uses religion as an excuse for their own ignorance. All religions are based on LOVE, preachers and fundamentalists seem to have forgotten that.

  • Jason

    @meliss: I agree.

  • hmmm

    It’s actually great that she’s using Twitter as a platform for spreading LOVE and ACCEPTANCE.

  • Mary

    I think that’s her ring finger.

  • wow

    I’m glad she told the bigots where they can go.

  • minka

    You don t need to be gay to be fighting for equality.With saying she should get a tatoo with a meaning to her you re just showing that you re still discriminating as equality is supposed to be universal.

  • Susan

    Glad to see the younger generation spreading love and equality.

  • Mandy

    If I were gay I’d much rather get married in a state that has always or at least for a while excepted the decision to marry who I wanted. One minute there okay with the other minute there not. Its complete bull**** Lets worry about the debt ceiling were about to reach. If theres some natural disaster there wouldn’t be a place for anyone in cali get married because we couldn’t pay for the damage. MOVING ON!

  • Rach

    Is that an equals sign or number 11? Worst tattoo on a celeb I’ve seen in a while. Way to rebel against daddy Miley, you sure showed him

  • cat7471

    @Lalalove: you idiot, it’s her ring finger

  • lidi

    FIRST OF ALL EVERYONE. THAT IS NOT HER MIDDLE FINGER. Okay? it is her ring finger. because miley has a tattoo on her pinky (the heart) and the finger she got her latest tat was her ring finger. people need to stop being so judgmental. plus. i have never seen a photo of miley holding up her middle finger. NEVER.

  • amy

    wow…check out my perspective and join the discussion

  • Amanda

    Putting it on her middle finger REALLY goes to show what she thinks about equality….

  • Victoria

    Well, you’ll may hate me but I will take this as an opportunity to tell you all that, even though you’re right and God loves all of us equally, just because we are His creation, He actually does not like homosexuality and in the Bible it says that he punishes it. It’s in the Bible, and fyi I am not a religion person or any of that but if you read Bible you’ll find it. It is in Genesis 12-19, Lev. 18:22, Lev. 20.13, and Romans 1:26-32. Please read it.

  • chillyournuts.

    @Lalalove: that’s her ring finger, genius…

  • m

    God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve!

  • http://LoveMileyAlot PleaseStop

    @Lalalove: It isn’t her “middle finger”. It is her RING FINGER! You are stupid if you can’t see that! Get off her back! So much hate! TOO MUCH! I am crying so much for Miley. =( Why do you all have to hate her?? She was just expressing an opinion! Just because she is a celebrity doesn’t mean you have to hate her!! =*( Please…stop…just please stop!!! =(

  • Missy fimmery

    It’s so crazy think make tattoo on her finger..

  • sno


    Bible also have:

    1 Timothy 2:12
    I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent.

    Deuteronomy 22:28 and Deuteronomy 22:29
    If a man happens to meet a virgin who is not pledged to be married and rapes her and they are discovered,he shall pay the girl’s father fifty shekels of silver. He must marry the girl, for he has violated her. He can never divorce her as long as he lives.

    Isaiah 14:21
    Prepare a place to slaughter his sons for the sins of their forefathers; they are not to rise to inherit the land and cover the earth with their cities.

    Exodus 21:20-21
    If a man beats his male or female slave with a rod and the slave dies as a direct result, he must be punished, but he is not to be punished if the slave gets up after a day or two, since the slave is his property.

    I could continue forever, but since you are a believer and a women, by the bible you should be silent. So if you are raped (I hope not!) and you don’t scream loud enough, you should be killed. And because you just sinned (by judging others) you and your sons/daughters should be killed.

    And god loves slavery.

    If you are a believer, read the bible, don’t pick just the verses you want! Because if you do read it, you will learn for yourself the god that you believe in and see how contradictory the bible itself is.

    Educate, don’t hate.

  • FFer

    We are commanded by God to exercise wise judgement. The final judgement is reserved for God. Everything else is the idiotic apostate Christianity of little Sunday school virgins.

  • Dannie


  • Warren

    I Love Miley, but does she have to get a tattoo for everything she believes in? Please Miley, actions speak louder than tattoos.

  • Rhode

    She said she’s a born again christian, she even came to visit our church one day with her mother… but I think like most of people that get rich and famous,… they don’t discern between right and wrong or… they’re afraid of career consequences if they don’t swim with da “flow

  • Esther

    @sno: All that stuff you quoted is from the old testament except 1 Timothy, we are Jews, you have to take the new testament into count and what Jesus said and that, is not black and white you know.

  • Esther

    All that stuff you quoted is from the old testament except 1 Timothy, Christians aren’t Jews, you have to take the new testament into count and what Jesus said and that, is not black and white you know.

  • Miranda

    It’s why I love her, she’s real! She’s not scared to tell out a twisted fan!ahaha

  • Annie

    Good cause but laaaaame tattoo. It looks like she’s giving equality the finger.

  • James Woods

    I could go down the list of things with her. She’s going to need do a bit more than get tattoos if she plans on getting anywhere with the lord.

  • sno


    All the stuff against homosexuality is in the old testament aswell. So if people want to use it against homosexuality then it can be used against other things aswell. ;)

  • sno


    All the thing in the bible against homosexuality are in the old testament aswell, so if people can use the old testament against homosexuality then it can be use against other things too. ;)

  • mila

    @shatha: Finally!someone who gets it! LOL! yeah shes pulling off too much just to be branded as hot or cool..come on girl! people will see it if you are..dont be a try hard.

  • Jason

    @PleaseStop: Because honey, Miley hasn’t done much recently to earn people’s respect. That’s why people don’t like her.

  • Munns

    getting wayyy too many tattoos.. going to be completely covered by the time she’s 40..

  • QueenOfTrashin

    Another photo shows her nasty, yellow nail! Yuck!

    And Yasmin, religions ARE NOT BASED on love. Religions are based on guilt and shame.

  • Edi

    That tattoo isn’t on her middle finger. Are you all blind?!

  • Samm

    @Mandy: it’s a lot more than just going to another state and getting married. I’m straight and I can go basicaly anywhere to get married but you should not have to leave your home town. And while the debt ceiling is important (actually, just stop bombing ppl and take some money out of the military) there are other important issues going on today. A huge one being gay rights

  • oy

    If there’s anything I less appealing than Miley Cyrus, it’s a story about her.

  • amanda

    @Lalalove: that isnt her middle finger. it is her ring finger.

  • Mandy

    @Samm: Your saying they shouldn’t have to leave.. they shouldn’t feel obligated to stay in a state, pay taxes, and contribute to the economy of a state that doesn’t support their choice of lifestyle or even allow them to get married. And that goes for any state that doesn’t allow it. Gay rights is a hard subject because a lot of people will go a long way to protect what they believe in and the things they feel is right. Equality will happen and it WILL be great.. when enough people think it is. And that will be some time from now so I took it upon myself to mention what will be happening NOW. Issues in America will each have their individual time to shine.

  • http://twitter nicole

    that’s tatto its for the love equal,gay marriage i love miley