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Wentworth Miller: 'Stoker' Finds a Cast!

Wentworth Miller: 'Stoker' Finds a Cast!

Wentworth Miller arrives on a flight at LAX International Airport on Sunday (July 31) in Los Angeles.

The 39-year-old actor recently wrote a film called Stoker under the pseudonym Ted Foulke.

It was recently announced that X-Men: First Class actor Lucas Till and Academy Award-nominee Jacki Weaver will join Nicole Kidman, Mia Wasikowska, and Matthew Goode in the film.

Stoker is about a “teen who is mourning the death of her father at the same time her mysterious uncle appears in her life.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the cast of Wentworth Miller’s Stoker?

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210 Responses to “Wentworth Miller: 'Stoker' Finds a Cast!”

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  1. 76
    Bl*ncmange ;) Says:

    @mahone: Riiiiight. lmao. Stop waiting for Wenty and go get yourself a BF. Your “looks” won’t last for ever! ;) He doesn’t need to come out of the closet. It’s patently obvious that he is gay. :)

  2. 77
    Bl*ncmange ;) Says:

    @ZdollZ: Right? We are like minor celebrities. Now we know how Wenty must feel! ;) Don’t worry fangirls, we won’t leave ya!

  3. 78
    ZdollZ Says:

    @Bl*ncmange ;):Lol. Right! my gorjuss ;*@mahone: has a wonderful life where we are included until 2013.Lmao.Talking about having a wonderful life! ;))))

  4. 79
    Loft Says:

    @mahone: You seem to have some posts missing? Hm.

  5. 80
    Bl*ncmange ;) Says:

    @Loft: ROFL. Seems like Jared is sick of mahone’s nonsense! ;D

  6. 81
    Bl*ncmange ;) Says:

    So few comments. Have all of his fans gone the same way as his diet plan? ;D

  7. 82
    Loft Says:

    @mahone: @ “Soon it will be 2013″ :-/ Hm.Where I’m at it will be 2012 soon.
    You seem to be way ahead of yourself and hardly in any position to sit on a high horse. @Bl*ncmange ;): Lol. This@mahone: was talking other people’s comments going missing and then… vice versa Hilarious!Rofl.

  8. 83
    ZdollZ Says:

    What do I think of the cast? Only know Kidman and her voice is annoying.
    @Bl*ncmange ;): Lol , diet plan;D Wenty has a sweet tooth and hates to work out. Next timw we’ll see him he might be repeating his ” hiking with Tyron” look.;)

  9. 84
    ZdollZ Says:

    Dear Wentworth
    me and papi are gonna get you on the top of he jared popular list 2011
    even though you have almost no fans left.
    Endurance baby and loyalty
    love, Zdolly

  10. 85
    Bl*ncmange ;) Says:

    @ZdollZ: Lol. He was really content when dating Tyron. That’s why he let himself go. Wonder why they split? ;(

  11. 86
    Bl*ncmange ;) Says:

    @ZdollZ: Dead @ “almost no fans left.” ;P Perhaps we shouldn’t bother. The fangirls will only come on here and try to claim that it proves how successful Wentworth is!

  12. 87
    ZdollZ Says:

    @Bl*ncmange ;): Did they split?

  13. 88
    ZdollZ Says:

    @Bl*ncmange ;): Right. Papi you smell nice, like Wenty.

  14. 89
    Bl*ncmange ;) Says:

    @ZdollZ: I heard one of them nearly got split in two!! ;o

  15. 90
    Bl*ncmange ;) Says:

    @ZdollZ: Indeed. Well thanks! I am wearing JPG Le Male. ;)

  16. 91
    ZdollZ Says:

    @Bl*ncmange ;): mmm I’m gonna get me some of that and use it when I delude about my papi;);P♥

  17. 92
    PBA Says:

    Wentworth is NOT gay. He was dating Holly Valance for a while. I have pics if anyone is interested?

  18. 93
    volume Says:

    @PBA: Bring’em.

  19. 94
    volume Says:

    Seriously, anyone here that thinks Wenty is not gay?:)

  20. 95
    volume Says:

    What was it like working with Holly Vallance?

    I understand she’s something of a pop star here. All I know is that she was able to turn on this incredibly sexy eastern European accent which I found very impressive. Accents are not one of my strengths so I really admire that. She’s a very pretty girl.

  21. 96
    volume Says:

    @PBA: She was dating Alex O’Loughlin not Wentworth Miller. Bring the pics or keep on being a fangurl trying to make a dream come true. Lol.

  22. 97
    PBA Says:

    @volume: Okay. You got me. There are no pics. Wentworth didn’t date Holly. I have to try to convince myself that he is straight somehow. =( Michael and Sara were really a couple, weren’t they? I have to believe that!

  23. 98
    Bl*ncmange ;) Says:

    @PBA: Yes, yes they were! ;-/

  24. 99
    Bl*ncmange ;) Says:

    My goodness, this place is dead. Zdolly, you should come and post over at Excom. You have to pretend to be a fangirl but it’s fun. It’s like being an actor. Or a spy! ;P

  25. 100
    volume Says:

    @Bl*ncmange ;): How about some slightly better place my darling?

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