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Wentworth Miller: 'Stoker' Finds a Cast!

Wentworth Miller: 'Stoker' Finds a Cast!

Wentworth Miller arrives on a flight at LAX International Airport on Sunday (July 31) in Los Angeles.

The 39-year-old actor recently wrote a film called Stoker under the pseudonym Ted Foulke.

It was recently announced that X-Men: First Class actor Lucas Till and Academy Award-nominee Jacki Weaver will join Nicole Kidman, Mia Wasikowska, and Matthew Goode in the film.

Stoker is about a “teen who is mourning the death of her father at the same time her mysterious uncle appears in her life.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the cast of Wentworth Miller’s Stoker?

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210 Responses to “Wentworth Miller: 'Stoker' Finds a Cast!”

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  1. 126
    ZdollZ Says:

    @Bl*ncmange ;): We just do. We have known him long enough to know;) got the JPG ,yum.

  2. 127
    Wentworth Miller IS gay Says:

    Never forget, fangirls!

  3. 128
    ZdollZ Says:

    @Bl*ncmange ;): Clearly Mari is an idiot, yes. Plus she is, Daniela, Mariana, Betty and so on… Quiet here anyway. Are all his fangirls over at Excom with you papi? Lol.

  4. 129
    Ron Says:

    So what is his work now?

  5. 130
    Bl*ncmange ;) Says:

    @ZdollZ: Oh dear. Does she have a personality disorder? ;o Yes. Lol. The fangirls are very busy bees, posting sickly sweet comments just in case their queen drops in. Of course, I too have posted a few comments. They never pick up on the irony/sarcasm! ;p

  6. 131
    Bl*ncmange ;) Says:

    @Ron: Probably hoping for a 5 minute “see ya later, Alice” role in RE5! ;)

  7. 132
    Betty Says:

    Have you been missing me darlings? I have been saying this so long, what i can remember, i really dont care if he is a gay, but this is not the hole point in his actor life at all, he is good actor and so handsome. And i`d care of him, hope he is happy.

  8. 133
    Ron Says:

    He is a very limited actor with a huge nose and giant ears like hey have been put on him from another man;)

  9. 134
    Ron Says:

    @Betty: Takes one to know one.So- you don’t care!;) For how much you post you really don’t say much. Did we miss you? Hm, you are all over the place mary/Betty/Marianne and more, so no.;))))

  10. 135
    ZdollZ Says:

    Where is my hot papi big yummy bear?♥

  11. 136
    ZdollZ Says:

    @Bl*ncmange ;): Papi you spy, don’t tell me you at Excom debating why Sarah left when Mike was in his boxers. They been at it for days. LOL

  12. 137
    Ron Says:

    Lol.He’s got a really small sausage, like it’s been put on him from a tiny guy ;)

  13. 138
    Bl*ncmange ;) Says:

    @ZdollZ: I am always spying on them! The lolz that they bring are just priceless! ;D Sometimes I think that some of them must be taking the p***. I mean, they can’t be serious, can they? ;o

  14. 139
    Bl*ncmange ;) Says:

    @Ron: ROFLMFAO! *Dead* I am sure that a tiny guy has put his sausage on Wenty at some point! ;)

  15. 140
    Betty Says:

    To Ron
    Have you forgot your pills today, take two, maybe you can relax between those barks comments.

  16. 141
    Ron Says:

    @Betty: Take your own menopause hormones, woman.;)

  17. 142
    Betty Says:

    Your really not so nice guy, maybe you are a one who likes men and are really confusing of that case and thats make you angry?

  18. 143
    Ron Says:

    @Betty: One who likes men, you mean GAY? You think I’m gay because I’m not so nice or not so nice because I’m gay.Lol

  19. 144
    Betty Says:

    No, i mean you sound so bitter of those commets of Went, i dont understand what you have to against him, so maybe it`s something to do with your own personal life…

  20. 145
    Ron Says:

    @Betty: Why are you changing what you first said? You saw you sounded bigot and bitter?
    Betty, you need to shuddup before Jared gives you the boot.

  21. 146
    Betty Says:

    Hmmh, you was the one who first attack to against me, have you forget that.

  22. 147
    Ron Says:

    @Betty: O_o. Now, now Betty, you hate gays and need to shuddup about it.

  23. 148
    Betty Says:

    I dont hate gays, i living one of them country in the hole world there everything is possible (to be free), loves is good to all of us, dont care about who you loves, why you wrote those rude comments of him????

  24. 149
    Ron Says:

    @Betty: Rude? He has huge ears and nose and no visible bulge. So?

  25. 150
    Betty Says:

    And so much more about his personal parts….

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