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Wentworth Miller: 'Stoker' Finds a Cast!

Wentworth Miller: 'Stoker' Finds a Cast!

Wentworth Miller arrives on a flight at LAX International Airport on Sunday (July 31) in Los Angeles.

The 39-year-old actor recently wrote a film called Stoker under the pseudonym Ted Foulke.

It was recently announced that X-Men: First Class actor Lucas Till and Academy Award-nominee Jacki Weaver will join Nicole Kidman, Mia Wasikowska, and Matthew Goode in the film.

Stoker is about a “teen who is mourning the death of her father at the same time her mysterious uncle appears in her life.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the cast of Wentworth Miller’s Stoker?

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210 Responses to “Wentworth Miller: 'Stoker' Finds a Cast!”

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  1. 151
    Ron Says:

    @Betty: Yes. no visible bulge. So?

  2. 152
    girl Says:

    @Betty: Don’t act all innocent you asked if they missed you, you like to have some action. Please stop!

  3. 153
    Betty Says:

    What action? To stop what?

  4. 154
    girl Says:

    @Betty: You keep feeding them and you know it! It is no good for this board. So please stop if you are not one of them.

  5. 155
    Betty Says:

    And they have all rights to say what ever they want, but i must go to corner and shut my mouth? Ok i can do that, so long.

  6. 156
    Ron Says:

    @Betty: Your English just became flawless all of a sudden. Bravo Betty!

  7. 157
    Dip and Thrust Says:

    He is such a sassy gay!

  8. 158
    Dip and Thrust Says:

  9. 159
    Dutchie Says:

    He’s a gentlemen, friendly, handsome, beautiful and a good actor.
    I like him and look forwards to see The Loft and Stoker!!

  10. 160
    ZdollZ Says:

    So he’s not in Analog and not in RE5?

  11. 161
    Dip and Thrust Says:

    @ZdollZ: He’s not in the closet either, what’s new?

  12. 162
    ZdollZ Says:

    @Dip and Thrust: Nothing new, but that band he wears on the cord around his neck interests me, might be a wedding band or at least it might have some meaning. He’s not the kinda guy to wear something like that if it’s for nothing, imo. He wears it on these pics and he wore it in Belgium. If he had a ring it would be too obvious? so ….

  13. 163
    Dip and Thrust Says:

    @ZdollZ: OH, interesting! So you think Wentworth might be gay married?

  14. 164
    ZdollZ Says:

    @Dip and Thrust: Yes.

  15. 165
    Dip and Thrust Says:

    @ZdollZ: How glorious! ;) OMG, can you imagine if the marriage certificate leaked online??

  16. 166
    ZdollZ Says:

    @Dip and Thrust: The cemeteries would be filled with dead fangurls ;)
    Hey, can you find me a new nickname? Thanks!
    P.s. Damn you smell good! :P

  17. 167
    Dip and Thrust Says:

    @ZdollZ: LOL! IKR? It would be a sight to behold. Unfortunately I am not so good with nicknames. This is the only one I have and it took me ages to think of!! ;p ;) ;D Thanks. I used a new fabric softener! :)

  18. 168
    Connie Says:

    California overturned gay marriages. If he was married he would have had to tie the knot in another state.
    I don’t see him married, it would attract publicity. Our Wenty is a shameful gay.

  19. 169
    ZdollZ Says:

    @Connie: If he was married,it would be secretly of course, he might also be engaged to be married, or just having had a boyfriend for ages.

  20. 170
    Zora Bazyli Says:

    He’s a mega-star! Oh the traffic here!!!Lol
    @Dip and Thrust: Yeah you’re f*cking right as usual! He’s our queen:) Oh, OK, Just have to find it myself then!Lol.

  21. 171
    Went's One-eyed Winky Says:

    @Zora Bazyli: Right? It’s like there are loads of people posting here! ;) Why did Wenty stop doing those uber-gay photoshoots? Awesome, but what does it mean? ;D

  22. 172
    Zora Bazyli Says:

    @Went’s One-eyed Winky: What does what mean? ;o

  23. 173
    Zora Bazyli Says:

    @Went’s One-eyed Winky: It means fabulous, gorgeous, outstanding, magnificent, HOT & I’m your dolly ;*

  24. 174
    Zora Bazyli Says:

    @Went’s One-eyed Winky: Hey, I saw your comment and answered, now it’s gone in a sec! :-/

  25. 175
    Zora Bazyli Says:

    @Went’s One-eyed Winky: Yeah he did some uber-gay photo shoots. After he got PB all gay whatever was forbidden I guess. All for the fangurls. And he did have a lot of fangurls. Probably no one thought at that time that his career would be fading so soon.

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