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Gerard Butler: Manchester Takes on MLS!

Gerard Butler: Manchester Takes on MLS!

Gerard Butler attend a soccer match with nightlife impresario Ronnie Madra and actress Melissa George – at Red Bull Arena on Wednesday (July 27) in Harrison, New Jersey.

The 41-year-old Scottish stud watched as the 2011 MLS All-Stars played against Manchester United. Manchester ended up winning the game 4-0!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Earlier in the month, a first look at Gerry in his upcoming film, Machine Gun Preacher, was released!

In mid-July, Gerry attended the Ischia Film Festival in Ischia, Italy, where he was named Actor of the Year!

Bigger pic inside…

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gerard butler mls game 01

Credit: James Devaney; Photos: WireImage
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  • GB

    Please cut your hair already!

  • JoJo

    He looks possessed in that pic!

  • niknoks

    As a United fan the headline has already p*ssed me off. It’s Manchester UNITED not Manchester.
    Anyways, what took so long getting these photos up?

  • anon

    Well, Man U is like an all star team itself and picking from a bigger pot to boot.

  • GFW

    3, 2, 1 how long will it take Brooke to bring her attention seeking story here? I’m like on the count of 3.
    With that said, I like the pensive more serious look one of them watching the game better but realize it’s all about smiling in la-la land! Gerry always looks best to me when serious. It’s much more him than the Happy-go-Lucky act.
    That being said, I love his hands.

  • angelsrock

    Old news, JJ!! I’m still waiting on that MGP trailer!!!!

  • Swansong/Paisley

    I have to say, of all the photos of Gerry I’ve seen over the years these are my least favorite. His clothes are hanging on him here. I think there is a general consensus in fandom that he is getting too thin. I know a quite a few fans who are worried about him. I hope the weight loss is for his upcoming role in Mavericks, and I also hope that he’ll put some weight back on after the filming.


  • Kate

    I like the long hair on him. Lookin good Gerard!

  • niknoks


    United isn’t an all-star team or like an all-star team, we are just a regular football club that happens to very successful. ;-p
    We hate being called Man U.
    I’m going to apologise to everyone in advance on this thread, I’m going to be insufferable when it come to my club.
    We have a saying in Manchester, football isn’t a game, it’s a religion. Well, Alex Ferguson is my God and Old Trafford is my church.
    As Bill Shankly one said “Football isn’t a matter of life or death, it’s much more important than that.” I very rarely quote Liverpool managers, but he is spot on there.
    Again, apologies.

  • Jeff

    What he said above… It’s Manchested UNITED.

    The Lakers and Clippers aren’t called ‘Los Angeles’ are they…

  • Em

    My word does the MLS suck that bad. Though United is obviously an awesome team.

  • niknoks


    To be fair to the all star team they don’t usually play together and they were playing a team who play together for a living.
    The MLS is generally a retirement home for professional footballers. It’s where they go when they’re aren’t good enough to play in Europe any more because they can still make a lot of money over there. The women’s football is a different matter tho’.

  • so gullible

    @Jeff: Especially since there is a Manchester City team, wouldn’t want to mix those two up.

    Yes very old news. Ancient.

  • GFW

    It’s an obvious attempt to derail “Brooke” and her storytelling as there is no reason to drag it here. None.
    That being said, I like the lighter hair, the longer hair. As for his weight? It might be for a reason. Standing up on boards that sit on water with extra pounds might a tad difficult. Not to mention being 6’2″?
    I wouldn’t worry about Gerry. He’s lots of people to do that for him. He’s well and happy and having the time of his life!

  • Midsummer’s Eve


    These are not my fav photos either by a long shot. He looks like a homeless man walked in off the street! A very handsome with good dental care homeless man, but hoboish all the same! And I think he looks “wired”. Not himself.




    I’m just funnin with ya, Nik! LOL!

  • Latesummer’s Eve


    I don’t think he is well or very happy. He looks stressed out and trying to compensate for it, obviously.

    And I would think that having more weight would be more advantageous then being so light you get flipped off by a wave easily. Gerry just needs to find his “zone” with his weight but he is definately in the lower aspects of it right now and pushing unhealthy.

    The only reason I think JJ threw these pics up was to start a new thread and change the subject and get us off the old one before it got overloaded! LOL!

  • niknoks

    @Midsummer’s Eve:

    I’m just funnin with ya, Nik! LOL!”

    I’ve smacked people for less than that…. ;-p
    One of the biggest, if not the biggest rivalry in English football. Liverpool – United. We hate each other.

  • The Noise In The Walls

    niknoks..Wow..what happens when Manchester UNITED play Celtic??

  • http://deleted Brooke

    @GFW #16
    Nothing to do with me.
    BTW – I’ve replied to you on the last thread.

  • niknoks

    @The Noise In The Walls:

    Not much, they play in a different league in a different country, there is no real rivalry there. It can be a bit tasty on the pitch they are both passionate teams but there is no animosity between the fans like United-Liverpool for instance. I like Celtic and I like to see them do well but United is my one and only club.

  • The Noise In The Walls the Rod Stewart song..
    “We’re Celtic…United”…although I’ve heard otherwise :)..especially from fans in Scotland and Ireland..:)..

  • paisley

    This is old news from last Wednesday. JJ strikes again – there were something like 15 photos to go along with this story but JJ always seems to pick the most unflattering one they can find to use as their lead in. It was nice to see Gerry relaxed, having fun with his friends and smiling a genuine smile that reached his eyes. Too bad JJ didn’t lead in with one of those photos instead. Peace, everybody…

  • paisley

    @niknoks: No kidding, niknoks…this was from last week. Don’t know why it took this long for it to hit JJ.

  • paisley

    @angelsrock: @Swansong/Paisley: I wouldn’t worry too much at this point. The man has a real weakness for baked goods and I’m willing to bet that once “Mavericks” filming wraps, the first thing he’ll do is scarf down some goodies. :-)

  • paisley

    @Swansong/Paisley: If it helps, in a couple of the photos that aren’t shown here, he was holding a half-eaten snack in one hand. Something on a stick but I couldn’t quite tell what it was.

  • Latesummer’s Eve


    LOL! Well then it’s a good thing I’m here and you’re waaaaaay over there!


    @Swansong/Paisley: @paisley:

    Now ladies! We want him to eat and beef up a bit but we don’t want him to eat too many cupcakes! You know Gerry, I bet he can’t eat just one! LOL!

  • Latesummer’s Eve

    You know I got to thinking about his weight and Mavericks and I was wondering if the stunt double that they’ve gotten for him to do the really hairy stuff is really slender and skinny? You couldn’t just get anyone to do that stuff so maybe that’s the reason for his slimness? I don’t think Frosty Hesson is all that skinny.

  • Latesummer’s Eve

    We WANT him to eat Pilsbury but we DON’T want him to look like the Pilsbury doughboy even though he’s real cute! LOL!

  • paisley

    @Latesummer’s Eve: HEH! I’ll bet he can’t eat just one cupcake too, Latesummer’s Eve – especially since he confessed to wolfing down 2 deep-fried MARS bars when he was on Bonnie Hunt way back when. (and then felt ill!) You’ve got a very good point regarding his stunt double for Mavericks. Maybe the guy IS a skinny toothpick. I never even thought of that. Peace!

  • kà simply amazing

    :@ no

  • http://b slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    gerad have butler face

  • so gullible

    I doubt Frosty Hesson was a toothpick even when he was mentoring Jay, though there do not seem to be any photos of him at that time. He’s a burly guy now but he still surfs all the time. including the Mavericks. Apparently Moriarity meets Hesson when Jay is 12 years old around 1990.

    “In double-overhead surf, the 12-year-old was the only kid to make it out, winning the event and realizing his affinity for big surf. Shortly thereafter, he chanced across a wizened elder local named Rick “Frosty” Hesson in the midst of a rant about the newly-ordained jewel of California surfing, Maverick’s.”

    Well GB seems to getting the “wizened elder” part down.

    Finally found it, according to this, Hesson was 45 years old when he started to coach Moriarity.

    “After some reluctance 45-year-old Frosty agreed to teach Jay how to ride the big ones. ”

    The star does not conform to the stunt double – the star tries to look like the character he is portraying and then they find the stunt double I should think.

  • Latesummer’s Eve

    @so gullible:

    “The star does not conform to the stunt double – the star tries to look like the character he is portraying and then they find the stunt double I should think”


    Well, normally I’d go for that however, Gerry couldn’t shrink to Sam’s height either but because of someone to surf the Mavericks beyond Gerry’s abilities, for those wide shots, the guy is really tall and thin and they want to make it believable. No one really knows what Hesson looks like.

    It was a stretch, OK?

  • Latesummer’s Eve


    Just the thought of one makes my stomach queezy!

  • can’tgetenough
  • a rose by any other name

    A slimmer Gerry is a healthier and more youthful Gerry (inside and out). He is competing with younger guys for roles and perhaps knows what he’s about here.

    Look up GLYCATION if you are not familiar with the word.

    “Beefy” (like too much beef in your diet) is not good for anyone either.

    He was not “beefy” in his youth and as he gets older, it is even more important to stay trim and fit.

    If he’s smart, he’s doing it for his health (and his looks). I won’t hold my breath, though.

    These are not the best photos, but he looks good in others taken recently.

  • so gullible

    I said the star “TRIES” to look like the character. Depending on the biopic they do try harder to get close to the real person but obviously they can’t in all cases. Gerry did bulk up a bit for MGP along with the clothes they had him wearing did make him seem slightly shorter. Now that I think about it, they did initially cast Penn to play the role of Frosty Hesson so they were never aiming for burly, more wizen perhaps.

    After all they cast midget Cruise to play a 6 foot 5 character called Jack Reacher in a movie in development to the dismay of many fans of the novel, many of whom suggested GB would have been a better fit actually. So wonder how they’ll pull that off – bring out the CGI or cast the munchkins as supporting cast.

  • Solo

    Will Gerry attend a Battle of The Legends match – Celtic Legends vs Manchester United Legends in Glasgow on Tuesday 9 August?

  • Kate

    Ethan Hawke is behind them! :)

  • dmp

    Can’t get enough is right lol. What a fun video and such an original combination of GB and Barry White . . . love it! A great idea with very creative effects . . . GB is everywhere (almost) movies, television, Internet.

  • goodgravy

    Gerry looks crazed from hunger. Eat a donut or a dozen.

  • Snuffleupagus

    @BROOKE – honey, stop lying.
    It is YOU you keep referring to. And you didn’t answer my question in the last three threads.
    If this crap were even close to being TRUE – and it WASN’T you:
    WHY??? Cuz it has been posted over and over here that none of these women do??
    I think it’s you. You were jilted by the Buttfukkk, and you HATE the fact that his makeup artist and his personal trainer got more ‘mileage’ off the whole ‘arrangement’ (if it were that) than you did.
    Truth is…no one here cares because YOU are a dime a dozen in Gerryland. SO I ask again:
    Why do you care so much to keep posting here. Any normal human being would say, well screw it, they don;t care so be it.
    YOU keep pressing.
    It’s YOU and what a pathetic sad trying to get attention case you are.
    @PSA (from last thread): niknak and Maggie Stinkbomb are farrrr more annoying overall than Douche and Gerry’s F*cked Up Wife.

  • Canned Laughter

    he’s skinny but sloppy, slappy not ‘tight’ looking.
    You can be thin and ‘lean’ and strong looking without being skinny/fat like Paris Hilton. That’s Gerry. He looks like a co/kehead. All co/keheads are skinny but soft and gross.

  • lolita

    JJ, of all the pictures of Gerry we have seen you pick that one. The dark circles under his eyes and the thinness of his face along with the angle of the picture, he just looks so unlike himself. Even his hair adds to the odd look about him. I don’t believe he is staying thin for a movie. He looks like he is fighting some illness. The man is running himself ragged. I hope I am wrong about the illness, but Manny is a nurse and she can see how he is just not healthy looking.
    JJ if you have some news or decent pictures of him please let us know, for a while there you were showing one or two a day.

  • Nicola

    He looks someone’s dirty-minded drunk, stinky uncle in these piccies, full stop.

  • stoop

    “thinness of his face”
    classic facial ‘c/oke wasting.’
    sorry niknoks to dash your dreams of the perfect gerry.

  • manchester sucks


  • redO

    “@PSA (from last thread): niknak and Maggie Stinkbomb are farrrr more annoying overall than Douche and Gerry’s F*cked Up Wife.”
    kinda mean, but i laughed at this.

  • Dogfood

    Manny knows her stuff, why are you so surprised????