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Jenna Ushkowitz: Sexy Shoot with Tyler Shields!

Jenna Ushkowitz: Sexy Shoot with Tyler Shields!

Jenna Ushkowitz strips down to her underwear for a sexy shoot with celebrity photographer Tyler Shields.

“Want to go on an adventure? Her response: ‘Always,’” Tyler wrote. “30 minutes later, you are climbing over rocks in high heels into water, a giant sign tells you not to go in and [you're] being bashed around by waves into rocks. Such a fun night!”

“Everyone needs their own personal @tylershields,” Jenna, 25, wrote on her Twitter account recently. “He’s a ninja but today he wears the hat of savior and computer fixer upper.”

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  • Maria

    Oh, no.

  • Lailah

    Another addition of “Glee Girls Gone Wild” *sigh*

  • Mayle

    LOLOLOL. Horrible actress in a horrible TV show posing for a horrible photographer. Could these photos have looked any more awkward?

  • Lisa

    Wtf is this? Ew man.

  • mimi
  • Greta

    Well, now we know that she prefers the full Brazilian. These photos are just wrong!

  • caveman

    @Lailah: You do realize these actresses are grown women, not high-school students, right?

  • psshhhh

    How did Shields become famous anyway? He had no formal photography training and it shows in his uninspired, teenage-boy wet dream photoshoots. Don’t get me started on Terry Richardson who admitted to being a perv “just like every other man”. I ain’t seeing no talent.

  • umm

    @Mayle: how is jenna a horrible actress??

  • coc

    There’s a problem with these pictures: she’s NOT sexy.

  • kà simply amazing

    se*y becuze nak*d

  • Josi

    Why is this photographer so popular? I find all of his photoshoots just terrible and hard to watch. He makes those celebrities look really bad – awkward, vulgar (but never sexy even in sexy clothes) and dirty in a very bad way and still – they love working with him. Some amateurs post better and more professional looking or artistic photos on social sites.

  • Mayle

    @umm: Oh please, most of them are awful actors except for the Jayma, Jane, Naya and Lea. Mark and Dianna are ok. The rest are just bad. The token black girl acts, like, well the token black girl. Which is terribly, might I add. I’m trying to remember the last time she didn’t mention she was a black girl. The dude that plays Finn: painful. Chris Colfer = painful (only gets awards attention because he cried here and there…oh, and because he plays a boy who recently came out). This chick just stands there pretends she’s a ‘punk girl’. It’s a bucket full of fails. The Brittany girl sleep walks through her lines and people think it’s quirky and funny because her lines are so terribly random.

  • Zoila

    I don’t care what anybody else thinks. Jenna Ushkowitz is an amazing actress and such a beautiful person! These photos are fantastic and Tyler Shields is a great photographer :)

  • lily

    I don’t get all those bieber-jonas brothers-glee stuff, guess i’m to old for that…
    this girl isn’t sexy, don’t know much about her acting, but this pics looks cheap…

  • NEXT

    @Mayle: You think Amber is a terrible actress but Dianna Agron isn’t. LOL.

  • jonas, bieber ?

    @lily: I assume you’ve never watched an Episode of Glee in your life.

  • Tater Tot

    What an UGLY mug?

  • Mary

    So just because someone like Jenna Ushkowitz isn’t a size zero or has a perfectly toned body like every other woman in the media, it doesn’t make her sexy?
    Well guess what, not every woman out there has a “perfect” body. Jenna Ushkowitz is stunning and sexy in her own way! She’s a wonderful human being!

  • http://ja slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    i dont care . Next pic

  • Lailah

    @caveman: You do realize you missed the entire point of the joke right?

  • A

    @Mary: It’s not just her body, it’s her face.
    Just not attractive.

  • Mary

    @A: Wow. You’re extremely rude!

  • ejjww

    She is so freaking uglyyyy


    Jared’s sister. hahahahha

  • Alaia

    @Mary: No. She isn’t sexy because she is trying to be. There are plenty of curvy/modest girls in Hollywood who I consider to be attractive but don’t awkwardly flaunt it in tacky photos.

  • Molli

    Ushkowitz? Must be adopted.

  • duh!

    She is bloated……and ugly.

  • A

    @SnOOKIE: LMAO@ “Jared’s sister” hahahahh :D

  • nikki


    she is lol

  • yuk

    Can’t believe Jared isn’t banning the racist users.

  • lily

    @jonas, bieber ?: I watch like 10 episodes of glee…and that was my limit.
    I’m 22 and maybe I just don’t get it…maybe Bob Dylan isn’t a good musician, maybe Justin Bieber is…maybe Truman Capote isn’t a good writer, maybe Snooki is now.
    If this show helps kids that’s great…But pics like this, this is just cheap…it’s not art, and I don’t think that smart girl would do something like that.
    So I’ll better go and read a book (it’s like twitter, but longer and written on paper) and listen to some, not so cool music, like The Police.

    And btw watch “Philadelphia”, it’s a very good movie.

  • charles

    I still I can not believe that there are still people so stupid in the middle of 20 century

  • violet

    Why is Tyler allowed to have a camera?

  • charles


  • gaby

    this is not looking sexy, it is looking unconfortable, and the see through panties not cool.
    @mayle : i don’t know how diana agron is an ok actress, she is awful. the glee writers gave her so much storyline and she was awful all the time.

  • A

    @charles: 21st century ;)

  • blb

    she is beautiful!!what’s wrong with you people?

  • coc

    @Mary: No. She’s just NOT sexy – period. Size doesn’t have anything to do with that, you elephant.

  • mrkonja fra brne

    @Mary: It’s rude to say someone doesn’t have a pretty face – even if they really really don’t? Wow. We should all lie then – for the sake of courtesy. *eyeroll*

  • mason

    she’s not a pretty girl. or even cute. so her trying to do sexy just doesnt work.

  • mailey

    the thing with the photog being popular is just this: one person says he is ‘cool’ and like mindless idiot zombies everybody follows suit.
    he becomes trendy and that’s it. it’s like rachel zoe.
    rachel zoe has no style. same thing. people are stupid. that’s all it is.

  • when beargrylls says ‘glacier’

    you can also be pretty and not sexy. like taylor swift is pretty but no one can convince me she is sexy. maybe one day when she drops ehr whole castles-in-the-sky crap and acknowledges she is over 12.