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Justin Bieber: Shirtless Time in Miami!

Justin Bieber: Shirtless Time in Miami!

Justin Bieber goes shirtless while relaxing by the pool on Saturday (July 30) in Miami, Fla.

The 17-year-old teen sensation stripped down to his boxer briefs and took a dip in the water while singer pal Sean Kingston relaxed on a lounge chair.

“@seankingston #realfriend” Justin tweeted that same day. “I LOVE MIAMI.”

Biebs has been taking it easy the past few weeks. “I’ve been working so hard, I’m taking a month off,” he told THR last month. “It’s been great to just think and enjoy hanging out with my friends. I’m still growing up, and when you’re working every day, you don’t really get a chance to figure out who you are. So with the time off, I’m able to think, pray and just kind of grow up.”

45+ pictures inside of shirtless Justin Bieber

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justin bieber shirtless 01
justin bieber shirtless 02
justin bieber shirtless 03
justin bieber shirtless 04
justin bieber shirtless 05
justin bieber shirtless 06
justin bieber shirtless 07
justin bieber shirtless 08
justin bieber shirtless 09
justin bieber shirtless 10
justin bieber shirtless 11
justin bieber shirtless 12
justin bieber shirtless 13
justin bieber shirtless 14
justin bieber shirtless 15
justin bieber shirtless 16
justin bieber shirtless 17
justin bieber shirtless 18
justin bieber shirtless 19
justin bieber shirtless 20
justin bieber shirtless 21
justin bieber shirtless 22
justin bieber shirtless 23
justin bieber shirtless 24
justin bieber shirtless 25
justin bieber shirtless 26
justin bieber shirtless 27
justin bieber shirtless 28
justin bieber shirtless 29
justin bieber shirtless 30
justin bieber shirtless 31
justin bieber shirtless 32
justin bieber shirtless 33
justin bieber shirtless 34
justin bieber shirtless 35
justin bieber shirtless 36
justin bieber shirtless 37
justin bieber shirtless 38
justin bieber shirtless 39
justin bieber shirtless 40
justin bieber shirtless 41
justin bieber shirtless 42
justin bieber shirtless 43
justin bieber shirtless 44
justin bieber shirtless 45

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  • John

    he need to get a better underwear. And please, this is not a really entertain news, it just disgust me. If i want to see men with underwear, i can see on my boyfriend, and not justin bieber. He is nothing special anyway.

  • Erik D. Mydjit

    This is wrong… wrong Just Jared……Just Stupid.

  • lala

    wow he’s grown a lot!

  • longchamp

    wonder how many socks it took, ROTFLMAO

  • Paddy

    Kiddie porn??? It’s Miami, you can see the same and more on any beach. The only reason you are seeing this is the guyswith cameras perving on the guy from a mile away.

    Why can’t the guy be just a guy??? Name a guy who doesn’t want to walk around in his gaunch and slurp his cereal on a sunny morning.
    You are all jealous of a 17 yr old who’s livin’ the dream and it’s very revealing of your insecurities.

    I, for one, admire that he can just ignore you pathetic losers in your Mom’s basement in YOUR underwear dissin a guy who is a household name while you are surrounded by concrete and completely unknown.

    You go JB!! Fcuk these A-hole$

  • Noli

    @Mia: LOL You made my day with laughing.
    He is simply very underdeveloped…

  • ozzie

    people seriously need to get a life. there is nothing wrong with a 17 y/o hanging out in their boxers eating breakfast. male or female.

    no one was harmed … no laws were broken … its such a non issue.

    i wish people freaked out this much about important things.

  • ash

    cant wait to see him with some weight on him… and a few years.

  • jk

    I feel wrong for watching this photos…. but hey he’s a celebrity so it’s all right.

  • andieb

    With all the money he’s been making you think he’d be able to afford an actual pair of SWIM TRUNKS! Seriously, dude, come on.

  • ozzie


    its a private pool … he can wear what he wants … its a free country.

  • B

    eww! I just threw up in my mouth

  • andieb

    @ozzie: I know he CAN wear what he wants…I’m just saying it is a SWIMMING POOL so it’s not too off base to expect someone to wear the PROPER attire. It just grosses me out a little, but that’s MY opinion.

  • jelena

    The paps have GONE WAY TO FAR this timeā€¦ I feel really bad for him

  • Skylare

    Why is it necessary to take pics of a 17 year who just woke up from sleep. It dosent make any sense.

  • Jake Cruise

    Justin, come to Daddy!


    My eyes! My eyes!! Quick, Robin, give me those shirtless pictures of Efron….


    My 6’2, 15 year old could use her as a javelin…

  • Salome Martinez

    I thought he had a penis!


    Ohh… There it is!

  • Heisgay

    He changes his underwear like 5 times. He is gay and F*cks who ever he is with.

  • alexa

    @lala: no, its just you :) still looks like a 10 yr old to me

  • http://stripperbelow Stripperbelow

    You can take the boy outta the trailer park but you cant take the trailer park outta the boy. Bitch go put on some board shorts.

  • sawa

    ….I feel really uncomfortable.

  • Angelina Jolie is a WH@RE

    he looks like a 12year old boy..i think his penis is very small.

  • lopeztonight

    Attention whore

  • Brooke

    “why is there a 17 year old lesbian in her underwear?” haha ooooooh good one! really creative, never heard that one before. not.

  • Kate

    Oh my god, please take this picture down already. It grosses me out every time I see it when I click on the website because it’s highlighted atop the front page. This BOY is 17 and clearly still a child. Stop glamorizing that. Gross!

  • Ro

    Only 45 pics showing every little detail of a 17 years old boy? is way ahead of you, jared. keep up the good work.

  • Tommy Girl

    Another year to go and I’ll be doing him!

  • Jared

    I dont care what anyone says hes a stud. This something for me to jerk to. I wanna do dirty things to him. I wouldnt mind having his dick in my ass. I would also suck him off tell he cums in my mouth.

  • jessica nunez

    he’s so ugly like that, oh wait he’s bean ugly

  • gabriel

    Uuuyyy q bien se lo ve.. Tiene un cuerpazo !! Q rico juju

  • Victoria

    Look at his balls

  • Victoria

    Look at his balls

  • Ali

    Wah justi kia body hy teri chikni

  • daniel.e.p


  • daniel.e.p

    p/s leave justin bieber alone, and stop commenting bad comment on him

  • daniel.e.p

    nothing is wrong with justin bieber relaxing outside without cloths. you guys stop been jealous

  • JM

    sexy pic of justin bieber i want to get hem out of those boxers!!

  • Ashley

    Damb hes so hot and fine guys r just jelous cuz hes hot an there not


    thumb up thumb down
    i think he should put on some pants


    yeah me too!

  • fan

    Justin is soooooo hot and hes soo sexy! I wish i could be with him and i could be on his nice body!

  • elmor

    Well I would like to shove my dinki winki up his arshole!!

  • selena gomez

    ur a hotiie

  • Gerwin

    His body looks great. I love seeing Justin Beiber in his underwear soaking wet and his butt shots r sexy too.

  • Gerwin

    His body looks great. I love seeing Justin Beiber in his underwear soaking wet and his butt shots r sexy too.

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