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Leonardo DiCaprio: Starring in a Western?

Leonardo DiCaprio: Starring in a Western?

Leonardo DiCaprio grabs his luggage from a bellhop on Friday (July 29) in New York City.

The 36-year-old actor checked into his hotel and carried his bag up to his room without assistance.

Over the weekend, Leo met up with his good friend Lukas Haas and checked out some t-shirts from a street vendor in the SoHo area of the Big Apple.

Leo may be headed to the wild wild west for his next film, the LA Times reports.

The Creed of Violence, a western-flavored script based on the 2010 novel from cult author Boston Teran, has attracted the attention of Leonardo DiCaprio, who’s eager to play one of the lead roles,” a source told the paper.

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  • calling crystal ball

    Boring news !! Any new info on soulmate ?? Till when is he going to be stuck with Fakey??

  • dave

    White shorts, with socks and those sneakers. Just no!
    Thank god, he’s a rich and famous movie star cause in that outfit, I wouldn’t look twice at him.

  • Mayle

    This guy is so generic when it comes to picking roles. The same old dramas. If only he could mix it up like Michael Fassbender and Ryan Gosling.

  • villedeville

    Doesn’t it seem like Leo is just trying to get away from giving the bellhop a tip? Come on Leo, you can afford to be VERY generous! Or maybe he already gave a tip. We’ll never know.

  • um

    The real talk is about Leo’s part in Django Unchained directed by that lunatic Quentin Tarantino. He plays a slave and plantation owner and let’s just say that after the movie is finished wrapping, he may have to marry Kerry Washington, that’s how disgusting a character he will be playing.

  • http://twitter nicole

    he looks horrible and old

  • Kayla

    I read the Django script and I think all he ll will break out if it is released.

  • ???

    Simple question: Doesn`t he have an apartment in NYC? Some eco-friendly building down at the Battery Park? So why the hotel? And what`s with the blue socks? Better than the usual white ones but still dorky…
    I don`t care if these photos are boring but at least we have something and Miss Horse Face is not around!!!!!

  • imagine that

    @???: Eco friendly – LOL. “drives” a Prius than flies private like the other hoolywood do-gooders. Needs to hit the gym and hire a stylist too – yikes!

  • Platerpuss Free Zone

    Yay! Another post that is FREE of Mz Platerpuss! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  • jennifer

    if he’s i NYC is cause blake already returned to NYC to film GG.

  • Gatsby NYC

    @jennifer: I dont think so, he’s rehearsing for Gasty before heading off to Australia. Carey Mulligan said just as much in an interview. Leo doesnt care about Fake!!

  • lauren

    i think he looks great, jeez leave the guy alone….wonder what the suits for!!

  • nyc gal

    AHHH i saw him in NY yestrerday and he looked good, really good, walked kinda funny though! lol

  • QT

    hes signed onto do django (name of his dog haha) and this is going to b 1 RRRRRRR rated movie, he plays a plantation owner and somethingto do with women seXx slaves….oh boy!! far from titanic you’ve come leo…

  • curious george

    Anyone know more about his character in django?? heard its meant to be pretty vile….how will he shoot this AND gatsby in OZ tho??

  • curious george

    Anyone know more about his character in django?? heard its meant to be pretty vile… will he shoot this AND gatsby in OZ tho??

  • leo lover

    He has such a cool name….i love the name leo!!

  • Celebrities

    He looks old but i love him.

  • sourpatch575

    Oh hey it’s Leo, just being his usual HOT self! ;)

  • baby got back

    this is the 1st time iv seen two set of pics of him and havnt been staring at his crotch, its so eye catching it always the 1st thing im drawn to….iv heard hes packin it large so that would make sense!! top guy!!

  • @jennifer

    Guess what! Fake Blake was in NYC and she is already back in LA working on her crappy TV show and her 10 line movie role. Leo stayed in NYC.
    On the other thread someone claims Leo gets paid to date Fake to get her more attention. Not hard to believe? Who in his right mind would wanna date her? Embarrassing!

  • ????

    how can people say he looks old….U CANT EVEN SEE HIS FACE!!!!!!

  • new name

    these are pics from thesame day as yesterday, so he randomly shaved and changed his clothes…odd, im confused!

  • new name

    these are pics from thesame day as yesterday, so he randomly shaved and changed his clothes…odd, im confused!

  • ron

    @Celebrities: You would lick his asss hole if you ever have a chance with him. LOL

  • c

    Ageee with #3
    anyway he’s not even that good an actor

  • kate

    If we like it or if we not, its just a matter of time till Leo will be seen vacationing in Mexico with Barf again! I can put my money on it that they will get back together in the future. Blake is just a poor rebound! ):

  • Cammie

    He doesn’t look Old IMO, but like a tourist.

  • tru

    he’s a great actor and a nice dude

    still with lively


  • anon

    I think he’sll get the Oscar for Hoover but he will get a lot of sideyes and wtf’s for Django

  • Readings from past threads

    Reality @ 04/25/2010 at 11:29 am

    Looking at Leo’s chart again he is looking for someone to connect with mind body and soul. He’s a very highly evolved soul. Don’t be fooled people even though he’s with Bar. He likes to be surrounded by Beauty, hence dating models. But what he really wants is a soul connection. Being famous does have its high price to pay and it does get lonely. Leo does feel alone right now. He knows he has friends and family, but he still feels alone. Besides all the creative people he works with, directors and producers, which most have been male and some female producers there’s really not a lot of time for him to get out there and find her. I urge him to heed and really look at all and even search and ask… what other project are out there scripts/environmental projects going his way. Have his production company go to pitch festival to find more scripts he’s interesting in producing or starting in. The expansion on his career with Jupiter in Saturn really makes it for him to get back into making some key choice roles these coming 2 years.

    The Venus energy in this chart which I feel it’s his soulmate, she will understand him, like no one ever has. The understanding on a deeper soul level. Once he knows he’s not alone on this level then he will light up again. Too many people draining his energies in Hollywood. There’s a lot of activity in July and August. He will be coming off of the promo for Inception and timing plays a really really big role. Predicting time and dates are not as important as degrees of separation, because he could be 2 or 3 degrees from her. Someone might know someone who knows someone. That’s how its going to happen through an creative endeavor be it a film or environmental project. The soulmate energy shows up in the 5th 6th 7th and 8th house..which seems to me that the energies are shifting and things are really aligning to happen for him. So that means Leo is actively searching….I feel that he feels he knows she’s coming.

    I don’t want to throw out to many astro terms because I know it’s hard to understand astrology and all the houses.

    It is possible the soulmate is an unknown actress, because in this chart it shows the same Energy, but she I feel does fashion, and even a writer of some sort, very creative girl, novels and such, this woman is definitely his EQUAL more ways then one. She is going to give him a run for his money and she does not need his money at all. But in terms of her energy coming on strong, she knows who is she, strong highly evolved soul just like Leo.

    I hope I’ve helped everyone ease their minds. One thing to remember is that astrology is your birth map. I recommend going to a very good astrologer, and having your life mapped out because you can see where you are going and what you need to do…to get where you are going. We are all connected to the Universe so the sun, the moon and the planets we all share the same energy. So let it all be a positive one and find your passion in life. Don’t settle for mediocrity. Life is meant to be lived in your highest grand vision of yourself.

  • Readings from past threads

    Meaningful @ 04/26/2010 at 6:36 am

    okay,I give readings & I’ve been reading this and I’d like to add leo’s soul partner could be British &/or of a different race, there’s a lot of spiritual guidance around her which helps her learn more about her soul purpose, she’s aware of him (as he’s famous) she could be accepting the strong possibility that he is the one for her..i sense its been difficult for her to accept this as they ‘appear’ to be in two different worlds..its not a typical situation. She is very aware of her own soul’s guidance, just as Reality said & is a highly evolved soul, we are picking up on her vibration so your descriptions of her are very on point. We are all connected by thought & energy, & like everyone she would like to meet the one. This has been revealed to her & she most probably is manifesting thoughts of her soul mate (consciously or unconsciously), hence causing you (Ale, Reality & many others) to pick up on who she is…Both of they’re energy is strong & rooted in who they are, this combination of divine love is very important in regards to helping the world on a larger scale, lots is still to unfold, she is carving her career, all you can do is wish these individuals well, their paths will cross when they are meant to and not a moment sooner. Everything is written already & vibrations & thoughts are like signals to the universe to cause the manifestation of them. Hope you can all wish them well (including Bar) be kind to each other:-)

    Reality @ 04/26/2010 at 10:16 am

    Thank you Meaningful and Ale for adding your thoughts on to this thread. @ Brasil Looking from Leo’s chart and from picking up from Meaningful’s reading, I just got a flash of thoughts in my head. I do mostly Astrology readings, but I feel that Leo’s soul mate is ethnic from a different race. Why does that matter to everyone. It will not matter to Leo because they are connected by soul. She is his soul mate. She has a beautiful aura of light around her. I’m sure she’s not ugly, or have three moles or something wrong with her. When you are attracted to someone on a soul level. Looks don’t matter, because it’s the energy that matters. Meaningful, you are very on target with Leo’s soul mate. I am picking up things from your reading… She is surrounded by a lot of spiritual guides and she being prepared for to be with him. As I had said before, SHE is his EQUAL with that being that, and as MEANINGFUL SAID, she is carving her career and I believe she will be famous in her own right not because she is Leo’s Girlfriend, this woman can stand solid on her own making them a power couple. This is the balance for Leo. She balances him out. She is very spiritual. She is a very unique individual. She knows her soul purpose and is manifesting her soul mate’s energy so she & he can do want they need to do for the world.

    I’m sorry, I don’t know what Leo’s soul mate looks like I can only pick up on her very strong energy. I can only say, she is an absolutely amazing woman with a big heart, a humanitarian, an extremely creative being, with a light that is so bright ready to help the world as it is her soul purpose to do so. I do strongly feel they will meet in a meeting of a creative endeavor that will take Leo to his soul mate. Both energies are tied into creativity and expansion as the charts explains. Very important for Leo in end of July early August be in tuned with her, but I feel they are in tuned to each other already on a spiritual level and are connecting to each other, just not on a physical level yet, because they haven’t met. As Meaningful said, it is already written in the stars and we can only wish these two souls happiness and ask the universe to continue to guide them for timing is everything.

  • Readings from past threads

    Reality @ 04/27/2010 at 10:41 am

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    GENERAL STATEMENT: You can’t escape your destiny, but what you can do is prepare to acknowledge, accept, or say no to your destiny that shapes your life experiences. . However, the beauty of life is CHOICE. Even though you have an amazing destiny that lies ahead , it’s up to you to get there. It’s the evolution of your soul to get there. Some make it, and some don’t. Say if you got dealt with a bad hand in life and you make something out of nothing instead of staying as a nothing then you created your destiny, the ironic part is everyone’s destiny is the same! Destiny is the state of knowing who you are and your purpose in life. Happiness. End world Hunger. Wealth. Bliss. Love. Peace. Joy. Harmony. Hard to arrive in all those place when the world says, all those things are hard to attain or people say, you can’t attain a happy life or a happy marriage. Who wants a Destiny or Fate of being miserable and unhappy, or conflicted and in pain? How’s that working out for you folks who don’t believe in happiness in love. I bet being a constant complainer in life is working out super in your life.*** A little sarcasm…to jolt the mind.

    Back to the question: Reading someone’s Astro chart can get very complicated. Bar’s and Leo’s relationship stems from a past life. I don’t really want to get into that, because we are living in the present. But there are some karmic ties that makes what their relationship is like today, for ex. The reason he’s with her, and not another model. Could Leo marry Bar? Yes, but deep down, he knows, he doesn’t want to be with her. You don’t even need to be an astrologer or a psychic to figure that out. Pictures paint a thousand words. Even looking at pictures, people can tell what the energy is like.

    Can Leo avoid his destiny to be with his soul mate? No. They are going to meet at one point. Both will have to make that decision. When the two will meet, it will be so natural and he’s going to be so intrigued by her because of her energy. No, Leo can’t escape his destiny neither can his soul mate. They will meet and it’s up to them if they want to be together or not. Look at Titanic. Leo could not escape that role. It was meant for him so that led him to where he is today. You can’t avoid your destiny, if you do, you’ll keep running into it until you make a choice to fulfill it or not. In general though, there are a lot of people who manifest their destiny and up not fulfilling it because of fear.

    In Leo’s case, and according to his chart, I don’t think he’ll pass up this soul mate, there’s just this Je ne sais Crois about her. She’s so rooted in who she is. She lights up the room with her smile and energy and really, she could have any guy she wants in the world, or she could be with any guy she wants, but ah ha, she has to be with Leo. Time will only tell the tale of these two powerful souls ready to take the journey to help heal the world. I make it sound so epic….There is something about the energy of these two… Just talking about this put’s all the positive thoughts into motion aligning with their positive energies to meet sooner!

  • Readings from past threads

    Meaningful @ 04/27/2010 at 11:44 am

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    Hello everyone, nicely done Reality! I get the same for these two people..they have a divine purpose together and it definitly involves being of service to the world. They are both very charismatic, warm, friendly, open,kind, helpful (I could go on and on)..they are eachothers reflections..these attributes are very important when it comes to relating to other people, this world is in dire need of healing and people are fulfilling their life purpose left right & centre, in order to help this planet. Although there is alot of devastation in the world, there are many souls with specific & strategic purposes..such are these two people. I believe you Reality when you call them a power couple..they are indeed, both of their light is very very bright and this lady in particular is very unique & different. I see creative writing around her & she is definitly in the arts & his equal, she has no problem standing on her own two feet. You’re right, he will be intrigued as her energy is different to other women he’s met. She’s real. This refreshing display of love & compatibility would be positive and inspirational, especially as they’re in the public eye. Again you are right about choices, we all have them, hopefully this will come to pass.

  • Cool guy

    I love the simple style of this man. It’s seems a normal guy, isn’t star, no freshness, carries its own baggage… very cool! This guy makes a lot of money and continues to do simple things, has the same friends (which is rare in Hollywood)… I really like celebrities who try to maintain a simple lifestyle. He’s the kind of guy who goes to trendy nightclubs, but also frequents places modest. A+ for it.

  • Readings from past threads

    Reality @ 04/27/2010 at 5:03 pm

    @Catarina I can’t speak on behalf of Meaningful, but think she would agree with me that we are not here to predict dates. I wrote on the threads to share a possibility line in Leo’s love life. Although, I know I threw out July and August, because I’m reading in chart a burst of new incoming energy for him. As for the link you shared. You have to understand that each year the energy on the planet shift, meaning that there are more people aware of who they are. Just because it wasn’t posted in the internet doesn’t mean something didn’t happen. I’m telling you it’s a past life thing for Leo and Bar, that’s why the on and off thing happens, and why Leo is trying to help her grow up. But then BOOM! BAR was BACK. So I understand, why people in general don’t want to get hyped up or get disappointed.

    I looked back at that time in the charts and I saw there was an opportunity for them to meet, but that didn’t happen, because right energy wasn’t there. What I mean by that is when Leo get’s introduce to his soulmate it’s because of a project environmental or film. I’m not entirely sure about the details, I could be wrong, but I just see lots of people around these too as a collaborative effort. So close, So close. It’s not time that keeps them apart, it’s the degrees in people. They are like 2-3 people apart. That’s it! One phone call. Don’t expect to hear about it on the internet. These two are going to keep it under wraps for a bit, because I feel they are going to work professionally together on some projects. They are going to run in the same circles soon.

    I also feel in 2009, the soul mate needed to know who she is and the power that she has. Also her career is a key part of who is she. Like Leo, she plays a big part in this world, accompanied to what Meaningful said about their energies. As meaningful pointed out, not a moment to soon or a moment to late. In the spiritual world, time does not exist. The world thinks in a linear dimension, while few think inter-dimensionally, meaning everything is happening all the time in different realms. Spielberg & Cameron think like that. I don’t want to delve into metaphysics too much, but let’s just say, the forces are out there working.
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    Meaningful @ 04/27/2010 at 5:12 pm

    hello Catarina, I read a few of those comments & they are interesting takes on this topic, I will say that timing is down to when these individuals have planned to meet prior birth/incarnating, whether they choose to embark into a relationship is down to them.

    Without going into too much detail ,we all have soul contracts and relationships are one aspect to be fulfilled by choice (people come & go in your life, within reason), though purposes (i.e what you feel your life represents & where it should or could go) are very individual, especially at this time on the planet…it will be very difficult for anyone with a designed purpose to ignore it..its like an alarm clock ringing, a ‘calling’ so to speak. This soul has a very important mission and its to assist humanity, the fact that she ties in with leo’s name all the time does mean they will meet, especially as its such a popular subject…there is definitely something about Mr DiCaprio, he has a very bright aura, where as Bar, not so much. This doen’t make her any less of a person, it just means he is more anchored in who he is than Bar, and that reflects in their public persona, age, life experience etc. Only Leo knows how aware he is of purpose, though he is already fulfilling it, by inspiring you all with his talent & his concern for the environment, people(haiti) etc. There is a lot of darkness in the world but just as much light in it too, it simply takes you to be responsible for being a light to yourself and to others. We’re fascinated by this topic because on some level you know there is more to come..not just by wondering when this or that is going to happen, but knowing that change is inevitable..its part of life..As fans you should try not to judge his choices, personal or professional. Enjoy the fact that you’ve got an amazing actor just trying to do his Reality says, life is about creating the grandest vision of yourself! Maybe Leo has yet to truly stand alone in his personal life, who knows, maybe its not necessary & all karmic lessons will be learned through this relationship with Bar..very interesting stuff (poor Leo, all this fascination with his love life!.chuckle)

  • Looks great

    Leo is gorgeous. The older the better it gets… is a man now, no longer the skinny boy from the time of titanic. Today he’s one of the greatest actors of all time, has an enviable career and is sexier than ever. Catch me if you can, Leo ;).

  • Cairo

    “Don’t be fooled people even though he’s with Bar. He likes to be surrounded by Beauty, hence dating models. But what he really wants is a soul connection.”

    This was written before he split with Bar? Interesting.

    “There’s a lot of activity in July and August. He will be coming off of the promo for Inception and timing plays a really really big role. Predicting time and dates are not as important as degrees of separation, because he could be 2 or 3 degrees from her. ”

    Inception was July of last year.

    “That’s how its going to happen through an creative endeavor be it a film or environmental project.”

    Gatsby auditions were in the fall

    “I feel that he feels he knows she’s coming.”

    He supposedly met up with B Lively again in January

    “It is possible the soulmate is an unknown actress, because in this chart it shows the same Energy, but she I feel does fashion, and even a writer of some sort, very creative girl, novels and such, this woman is definitely his EQUAL more ways then one. She is going to give him a run for his money and she does not need his money at all. But in terms of her energy coming on strong, she knows who is she, strong highly evolved soul just like Leo.”

    She’s not well known compared to him, she does fashion, cooking, a tv series is based on novels, and she has money. Too close for comfort!

  • 11:11

    I find it interesting that the SM repost happened to post at 11:11.

  • Cairo

    “She lights up the room with her smile and energy”


  • SashaT

    Why is he staying at the hotel? I thought he’d live at Flake Blake’s apartment, no? Are these two really together or what?

    The main reason why he is in NY is because they are starting to rehearse for The Great Gatsby.

  • Wow

    He has his own apartment in NYC so why would he live at fake’s place? Or at a hotel?
    Can we stop with this soulmate stuff already? Now it’s supposed to be lively all of a sudden? Lively as not known and his equal at the same time? Without merit but lively was well known before the hook up. Maybe she is not Leo’s league ( rather the Kardashian kind of famous ) but still. And she is definitely not his equal in any ways! The whole thing doesn’t make sense ( in general not just on this thread ) so let’s just stop it already! Reality check! He whole thing abou a soulmate is just waste of time. Some need this fantasy thing to deal with the fact that Leo is / was involved with women like Refaeli or Lively. And you expect a 360 from him when he meets this mystery girl. Give me a break!

  • Wow

    Sorry but this whole soulmate thing ( not in general but in his case and on a gossip site ) sounds just as delusional as those people over on bellazon. I don`t say the soulmate thing is stupid but we are on a gossip site and all these soulmate predictions are about a celebrity you never met and you don`t know much about ( besides gossip ). How can you predict anything and believe this is going to happen to him? Come on! And this last twist about Lively being his soulmate? Priceless!

  • cammie

    Iam interested in seeing what he will do with the “Djano Unchained” role, if he does it.

  • Domino

    I love his cute little legs. SO ADORABLE!

  • larson

    The soulmate stuff is interesting somewhat, I mean it’s better than talking about Blake. I don’t think anyone is expecting it to come true though. I think that it’s odd he’s staying in a hotel when he has an apartment in NYC, but maybe he has a reason. Maybe renovation going on?

  • kà simply amazing

    he looks good as always! :D

  • Gisele Fan

    When he was dating Gisele, he was always staying at her apartment when he was in NY. No matter if she was there or not…. HE OCCUPIED HER PENTHOUSE. That I can guarantee. So how come he’s staying in a hotel while he has a “rumoured” girlfriend who lives in NY? Weird.

  • ron

    @Gisele Fan: He has his own apartment in NY so the question you should ask yourself is how come he is staying in a hotel while he has his own place in NY DUH. LOL
    It is fascinated me that all leo EXes fans are bitter that he dumped there girl dream couple. LOL. Leo is really powerful guy. LOL.
    i hope blake fan don’t come here and rant when also the journey comes to an