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Rihanna: Super Sexy for Kadooment Day Parade!

Rihanna: Super Sexy for Kadooment Day Parade!

Rihanna wears a barely there bikini for a Kadooment Day parade held on Monday (August 1) in Barbados.

The 23-year-old singer arrived back in her hometown over the weekend after wrapping up the North American leg of her Loud tour.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Rihanna

FYI: Kadooment Day is the final day of the Crop Over traditional festival, which historically celebrated the end of the sugar cane harvest. Thousands of Barbadians join different bands with members dressed in elaborate costumes!

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rihanna bikini kadooment day parade 04
rihanna bikini kadooment day parade 05

Credit: Islandpaps; Photos: Splash News Online
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  • Mllllllef

    I Knew that it was weird that she was wearing a classy dress earlier,It was a sign of the

  • Kate

    @Mllllllef: It’s a parade! People always look over-the-top!

  • http://j ivanka


  • laverdadduele

    Just went I thought she couldn’t steep lower.

  • shontelle

    @Mllllllef: So men can be shirtless but if a woman wears a bikini costume at a parade, it’s a catastrophe? Lol.

  • lola

    Im sooooo glad she did the parade, i was wondering if she would. i wish i was there i havent seen it in such a long time. ilike her costume too. PROUD BAJAN!!!!!!

  • sacha

    She actually looks sexier with jeans and a T-shirt on but wtv. I’m sure she had fun, wish I was there.

  • Lisa

    Ok for all those that live in a box and dont know anything about other cultures, this is a parade, this is how everyone that participates in a caribbean parade dresses, they have different troops with different outfits, but they are all scantly clad because they are marching through the streets for hours and they are judged on their costumes. I do realize that some of you all have never left your little corner of the hood but good lord it’s not that serious, Trinidad, Jamaica, Virgin Islands, they all do it.

  • lola

    i sugest everyone do research before they say anything ignorant and look racist/prejudice

  • fergie

    mmmm there’e nothing wrong for her wearing that custome!!! lady gaga uses worsts ones and no one says anything but she doesnt’ look very good!

  • ALEX

    If you’re gonna judge what Rihanna is wearing, then judge the entire Caribbean & Brazil most of Latin/South America.IT’S THEIR OUR CULTURE. If you don’t know about Carnival, please utilize the internet or YOUTUBE and read up on the history before you judge her

  • loving.

    “Rihanna wears a barely there bikini for a Kadooment Day…”

    You mean wearing a regular ass Carnival outfit, right? lol. I mean I have to say that pretty normal for a festival.

  • rudeboy

    @Mllllllef: I’m going to go ahead and assume you’ve never seen or attended a parade in your life.

    @ivanka: I’m sorry. I didn’t realize this was a ‘describe yourself in 1 word’ post.

    @laverdadduele: Just when I thought your trolling couldn’t steep any lower. You could at least try and make your comments relatively amusing, Laverdouche.

  • lmao

    Is there a video of this?

  • Snooki

    Not my favorite look of Rihanna…

  • Snooki

    Not my favorite look of Rihanna…

  • Mllllllef

    @shontelle: Yes.

  • Kay

    Sob, sob :(. I wish I was there. She looks nice in her costume.

  • um

    um excuse me but even in all these crop over or carnival, mardi gras parades there are good and bad costumes.

    I think the best carnival costumes are in Venice, Italy then the Brazil Carnival.

  • tal


  • Melody

    i like her but her body looks ugly in this pictures

  • selz

    i think we’ve seen way too much of her already … costume is nice though… would look nicer on someone in better shape…

  • kayla

    MUST SHE?!

  • kà simply amazing

    hahahahahahaha too bad

  • jane

    this looks a lot like brazilian carnaval!

  • 640fan

    It’s sad when people show their ignorance by commenting on cultures and things they have no clue about. What Rhianna is wearing is a Carnaval costume. Similar to Brazil, most , if not all, of the Caribbean Islands celebrate a Carnaval as part of their national heritage once a year – Trinidad’s being the biggest. She is not wearing it out on the street by herself, although she is pictured alone here. She is part of “Troupe”. The leader of the “Troupe” determines the theme, and different groups of people within the Troupe are assigned different costumes. Rhianna, I am sure, had nothing to do with the design and simply paid her registration fee for the materials to participate in the Troupe she selected. I, myself, of Caribbean heritage can speak authoritatively on this subject as I have worn many Carnaval costumes in my day. Some skimpy, some not. In addition, the costumes are sometimes worn by 200 pound women (yes, even a bikini costume) it is a sight to see as they sway to the Calypso music and dance with abandon, because after all the “spirit “of Carnaval, is not looking good or to care about people like yourselves sitting in judgement of us, but a celebration of life and abundance – and, yes, even a 200 pound woman would have something to celebrate in the Islands and she would be encouraged to do so – not judged and demeaned by the mean-spirited lot that frequents this and other sites to offer only negative comments.

  • Brandon

    @Lisa: I think what lisa means is the women and very young girls are dressed like whores the men and boys of course sit back and watch the peep show, if it was their culture then the men would also run around nearly naked but it ‘s just typical sexism that they ingrain in girls as soon as they can talk I have seen girls as young as five wearing almost nothing at these trashy parades sick.

  • CyahWaitForBrooklynCarnival

    Its not a bikini, its a Carnival Costume. Everyone dresses like that for Carnival sometimes worse.

  • Jessica

    Why must women show SO much damn skin in carnivals? Even those little girls?? I don’t get it. Are carnivals boring if the girls cover up a bit even if it means wearing shorts and a tank? Sure the women are having fun but the end of the day….it’s a guy’s heaven. Half naked girls everywhere shaking their bootys.

  • G-lok

    You should really do some research before you write articles on places unfamiliar to you. ‘People of the province?’ They are no provinces here.

  • adrian

    Ben ova and doan let go rihrih

  • islandgrl


    Try to have an have a clue and understand the context of this photo. It’a carnival parade, everyone is like that!

  • Elaine


    it’s a culture tradition. I’m west indian like Rihanna and have family in Barbados and their sister country Trinidad. This is very normal for our culture to dress like this and march in a parade. Just like it’s an U.S. tradition for people to eat a ton of fast food instead of making home cooked meal, and to get tattoos and piercing for the hell of it, not because of any religious or spiritual reasons.

    So how bout you not judge, because that’s just steeping so low.

  • Elaine


    you’re tacky for being ignorant to the culture of certain countries. Instead of being all judgment and ignorant go open a book about other cultures other than your own.

  • bajanbabe


    Invest in a dictionary or familiarise yourself with spell check sweetie

  • bajan


  • bajan


    its not a LOOK. Its a parade costume.
    please see menu tab. cropover 2011. costume name – FIREFLY FRONTLINE – PHOENIX. this is how she would have look before the costume got
    soaking wet because it rained

  • Demmi

    God why did I not look like that in my costume today???? ahhhhhhhhhh!!! run from the room tearing my hair out…It was a great day not a lot of sun and not a lot of rain..The route was long but the drinks and food were plentiful and there was fun dancing in the streets with friends and familly..No one was hurt or injured and in all another great carnival here in Bim. Rih you were a sport and we love you for it…Next year maybe?????

    Poor baby got soaked and her costume started to run red dye all over her but she was such a good sport about it ..hope she get it off her skin before she has to shoot her takes for the documentary…LOL

  • Demmi


    Not Boring but you try spending form 9.00am until 6.00pm jumping a long a tar road in the hot sun or pouring rain in a jesuit robe and at the end of it we will bury you while trying not to laugh at your stupidity like I am trying not to laugh now!!!

  • bajan
  • Sweet fah days

    rihanna doing she jones an wuk up.

  • Caribbean Chick – West Indian

    It’s Carnival – This is how we in the islands parade in our costumes. Most of the Caribbean Islands namely Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia, Antigua, St. Vincent have this annual event. If you don’t know something about someone’s culture please use GOOGLE. It makes you look very ignorant especially in this techno era where secondary data is ready available so, please educate your else. This is foolishness as far as I am concern regarding Rihanna who is clearly just enjoying herself in her country at a cultural event.

    Carnival in the Caribbean Region:

    Barbados –

    Trinidad and Tobago –

    St. Lucia –

    St. Vincent –

    Use Google according – learn something today

  • ProudBajan

    @Brandon: I don’t know which carnival you’ve been to but there’s an age restriction for joining grand kadooment bands. However, there’s a kiddies kadooment available where the young girls’ and boys’ are covered more. Also, the men in kadooment bands usually only wear a shorts and no shirt. So you see it’s not as sexist as you have been fooled to believe. Do some research in the future and learn more about something before you leave a stupid comment :)

  • BAJAN 101

    People its A CARNAVAL , not a RED CARPET event maybe if some of you travel or better yet goggle custume events barbabados, puerto rico, trinidad etc you will see its an affair of partyin and drinkin and dressin in custumes to represent something of the island. So please educate yourself before you speak. SHE LOOKS SOOOO FRIGGIN HOT.

  • BAJAN 101

    @jane: something like it but more clothes lol

  • Red Carpet Shelley

    For many of you born of Western or Eurocentric cultures, you may not understand Caribbean culture. So, before you make ignorant, bigotted comments, do your research and stop being part of the problem. Caribbean Carnival is about costumes, music and WINING. The word “wining” means basically to dance in a very sexual manner and its part of the Caribbean culture. Rihanna is no different than any other person who “plays mas” (translation: gets in a costume and parades). GET A CLUE!!!!

  • bajan

    Riri is wear a baje international parade costume. to see the other costumes see

  • ProudBajan

    It’s amazing how ya’ll Americans would have all these negative comments about someone else’s culture and describe their festive costumes as tacky, when your culture does nothing but portrays women in nothing but a sexual light, need I say your porn sites, pin up girls, playboy bunnies and if you wanna talk about scantily clad your hooters restaurants, your college girls who openly flash at frat parties. If Rihanna is Barbados’s tacky trashy slut, she is 1 to America’s millions and counting.

  • G-lok

    @lola: Well said.

  • G-lok

    @Mllllllef: @lola: Well said.