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Vanessa Hudgens: Studio Cafe with Sister Stella!

Vanessa Hudgens: Studio Cafe with Sister Stella!

Vanessa Hudgens and her younger sister Stella sport some funky beanies as they head out for lunch at Studio Cafe on Sunday (July 31) in Studio City, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress and her 15-year-old sister both brought along a pal to lunch.

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Earlier in the weekend, Vanessa rocked a hair piece to cover up her short haircut as she got ready for a night on the town. She also wore some jewels on her face!

20+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens heading to lunch with her sister…

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vanessa hudgens jinkys cafe with stella 01
vanessa hudgens jinkys cafe with stella 02
vanessa hudgens jinkys cafe with stella 03
vanessa hudgens jinkys cafe with stella 04
vanessa hudgens jinkys cafe with stella 05
vanessa hudgens jinkys cafe with stella 06
vanessa hudgens jinkys cafe with stella 07
vanessa hudgens jinkys cafe with stella 08
vanessa hudgens jinkys cafe with stella 09
vanessa hudgens jinkys cafe with stella 10
vanessa hudgens jinkys cafe with stella 11
vanessa hudgens jinkys cafe with stella 12
vanessa hudgens jinkys cafe with stella 13
vanessa hudgens jinkys cafe with stella 14
vanessa hudgens jinkys cafe with stella 15
vanessa hudgens jinkys cafe with stella 16
vanessa hudgens jinkys cafe with stella 17
vanessa hudgens jinkys cafe with stella 18
vanessa hudgens jinkys cafe with stella 19
vanessa hudgens jinkys cafe with stella 20

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  • thenextbestthing

    paps don’t give her even a day of rest, do they. or is it her who chooses not to stay out of sight? aside from hsm her movies had never really topped the box office, yet her posts here are always the most viewed.

  • Annah

    enoooough with her already gooosh.. I dont get it. What people see in here? She cant sing, or act- dont even remind me of the horrendous job she did on RENT. I saw it and let me tell you.. it wasn’t pleasant.
    Only thing I really know is that she dated Efron and took naughty pics of herself… good rolemodel? NOT in my books.. And no Im not jealous of here (all her fans are insisting that if you’re a girl and dont like her, you’re jealous which is ridiculous) And dont get me even started with the hair. GOSH ITS JUST HAIR. I dont care if she wears a freaking clown hat with a fhucking moustache seriously GIRL AINT TALENTED. The end. Period. And I dont care how many THUMBS DOOOWN I get because Im so over her… she even sucked on sucker punch.. waste of my money (and before you start complaining about me clicking this post and commented this – I CLICKED IT BECAUSE IM SO FREAKING ANNOYED WITH HER.)


  • true

    she look beautiful i love her friendshipe with laura and her sister .and stop being jalouse people.sorry for my english

  • Karih

    Is this that cold in California right now? Anything for attention I guess…

  • Jenny

    She looks gogeous. So relaxed and happy.

  • e

    She looks great, her smile just lights up everything and I’m glad to see her spening so much time with family and friends. And I’m not saying that you have to be jealous but some of you spend awful lot of time coming onto Vanessa posts and then feel the need to add that you’re not jealous, well, you can say what you want but I can’t think of many other reasons why anyone would feel the need to repeatetly come on to someones post and say how much they dislike them when in real life you’re not a fan of someone you would save yourself a lot of greef by just ignoring those posts and focus on those stars that does make you happy to see. And Annah, just becuase you don’t know anything about Vanessa, dosen’t mean that you can state YOUR opinion as fact, because it is just that YOUR opinion and many people dosen’t share it at all, both inb the fan world but esopcially in the business where there have been few that have meet her and worked with her that haven’t been impressed with her work and her comitment to it, not to mention the people who didn’t like her then had the pleasure to meet her have left comments like “I used to not like hger but then I meet her and now I love her”, she does have a great personality and she does have a lot of talent and that’s why we’re fans of hers.

  • leila

    beautiful girls love their friendshipe with laura new*real friend*

  • team v

    ashley use her friends to get attention she always talk about miley.zac.vanessa………with the presss she’s nothing she will always be disney girl is she 30 now.all her friends dont talk with her ex brenda song.miley and now vanessa .she’s bad person

  • peggy



    But you are in this thread wasting time posting about someone you supposedly don’t like and has no talent meaning you don’t even believe your own crap. How damn funny!!!!

    Obviously the people in the industry who actually work in it don’t agree with you – get over it!


  • LisaLipps

    Another day and another post about this frumpy looking girl. Could she look anymore grungy? Don’t think so….

  • annie

    I love how some poeple claim they are mature but always bring others just to let their fave people look better… or say that we are jealous of someone because we don’t appreciate her. News flash: she’s not THAT appreciate (and not by a certain category of people you’re thinking of). I don’t have anything against Nessa but her fans are a bit obsessive.
    I though Bieber’s fans were crazy, well I think I find crazier on JustJared

  • trooths

    @team v: Umm? that was ash’s 26th the other week, please people stop being so negative.

  • annie

    I just love how fans claim to be the mature ones but can’t be able to not mention others just to let their fave person look better… or can’t understand that people are not jealous because they don’t appreciate her. Funny, you’re not doing any better with others celebrities… Pot calling the kettle black!! Otherwise, it means that when you’re hating on others (not gonna mention anyone but I’ll let you guess since you love to belittle those people and bring them everytime) you’re jealous of them… Oops! Seems like you’re not better than “Vanessa’s supposed to be haters”.
    Well, I thought Bieber’s fans were crazy, I think I just found crazier on JJ.

  • faerybelle

    @annie: This has always been my thought. I have no problem with Nessa, but some of her ‘fans’ need to reign it in and stop being so hateful.

  • sara

    stop being negative ?????????? really ? so what about you ? you always come to vanessa’s post and say so many negative things about her or it ok with you ? and you said before you are not ashley’s fan so what happen you became her fan ???

  • kerri

    Aww too cute :) i love that Nessa is so close with her sister. It shows that she is a very down to earth person.

  • trooths

    @sara: MY dear, my dear! Just because I actually bother to read and understand something before I comment on it does not make me a fan! Ashley Tisdale is 26 not 30 this is a fact, not fan-girl ranting. I have not said anything negative as far as I was aware, just gave my views. However, I make sure that I understand what I read before replying.

    If I was being negative, I might say something like, ‘Vanessa is a talentless fame-wh**e ‘ But I didn’t, I just said that I did not particularly like her, that is not being negative.My view without being nasty to anyone.

  • http://none Mia

    Spirit hoods are one of the dumbest thing’s I have ever seen. I mean if your going to wear it at least put some effort into the entire outfit. Tall UGG’s in the summer, with shorts?

  • kami

    ♥ sweet, sister bonding time. ♥

  • skskj

    @thenextbestthing: you DO realize that the reason her posts get the most views is because of people like u talking shittt about her, right? So before you complain realize that you’re contributing to the “problem”….

  • skskj

    @thenextbestthing: you DO realize that the reason her posts get the most views is because of people like u posting shittt about her, right? So before you complain realize that you’re contributing to the “problem”….

  • skskj

    @thenextbestthing: you DO realize that the reason her posts get so many views is because of people like u posting negative shittt about her, right? So think about how you’re contributing to what ur complaining about.

  • hello

    Why even bother? Its like telling my 2 year old to stop having temper tantrums! So let the kiddies have their mean opinions if it makes them feel better. Sometimes people have to bring others down to make themselves feel better about themselves.

  • !!!!????

    Love her and love how she values her family and friends!

  • Tora

    She looks cute and most importantly happy! :-) go V

  • jasmine

    First: Vanessa is NOT ugly! She is going to lunch for god sake people, what is she supposed to do dull her self up over a lunch?
    Second: I love V:-) haha just wanted to say that.

  • jasmine

    The beanie hat Vanessa is wearing kinda looks like the one Zac always wore to Lakers games and stuff. Miss zanessa’:(

  • http://j ivanka


  • claud

    lol… haters gonna hate

  • sophie

    let me guess… you are Lauren or Kady or that other so called “old” Zac Efron fan on twitter who is always bashing Vanessa?

  • trooths

    @sophie: So the ‘bashing’ thing I did was to point out that Ash is 26 and not 30! How evil of me!! What an awful thing to do!!

  • emiley

    ashley is nothing who cares about stella and v

  • trooths

    Where did my other post go?@sophie: I asked who is Kady?

  • rabid

    @Mia: But no one wood pay her any attention if she didn’t dress stoopid! itz summer peepz! Will she wear a bikini in NY in December?

  • Danielle

    Actually, she can sing and act obviously you don’t know anything about her. If you don’t know SHOUT UP!!!!

  • zac-is-wack

    it’s so obvious that trooths is lauren, too!

  • Tata

    looking lovely, Nessa :)

  • rabid

    @zac-is-wack: RFLMAO!!! You are so very wrong!!!

  • my2cents


    I went to see Rent and I thought she was great . You have your opinion I have mine. Your a Hater I’m not.. I’m a fan your not.

    Cute sisters and they are young and experimenting with fashion and having fun. Get a grip who cares they look cute.

  • Io

    She should keep her hair hidden like this while it’s growing out. I like short hair but the haircut she got for that role is just bad.

  • !!!!????

    Love ho much she treasures her family and friends <3

  • Thahmina Yasmin

    awwwww…sooo cute..xx
    Vanessa nd Stella reli look like each other…

  • kelly

    Wasn’t enough she had to get her boring butt in Hollywood. Now she’s trying to get her ugly sister there too. Greedy b*tch.