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Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio: Biking in NYC!

Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio: Biking in NYC!

Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio go for a bike ride on Saturday (July 30) in New York City.

The rumored couple were joined by Leo‘s BFF, Lukas Haas.

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Later in the weekend, Leo and Lukas checked out t-shirts from a street vendor in Soho.

Late last month, Blake and Leo joined a group of friends and checked out a performance by Stevie Wonder at the Hollywood Bowl.

Leo may be gearing up for a western project for his next movie – he’s reportedly eager to play a lead in The Creed of Violence.

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  • tami

    Leo is so handsome. :)

  • sourpatch575

    Aww hell no!
    I thought we seen the last of Blake!
    This is very disappointing!
    Well on the bright side, Leo will eventually find someone wayy better and that REBOUND Lively will be dumped in a heartbeat!
    P.s Leo is looking SEXXY!

  • saymyname

    O.D.D couple..

  • Alice

    Biking with a dress? come Blake! with your sense of style, you sure can do better than this!

  • wow

    Leo looks hot. Lively is an eyesore as usual. She manages to make Leo look less hot and less appealing. Great job, Fake Blake. These two together are hideous!

  • BEAN

    Cute. He looks like he’s lost weight. Maybe. Cos he looks better than usual.

  • Dasha

    What’s with the headband Leo ? Most importantly what’s with the girl?????
    I still love you though

  • rainy day

    Photo op! Who bikes in a dress?

  • BEAN

    Why is her mouth always open though lol. Weird.

  • http://twitter nicole

    i really don’t like this couple,she’s very little for he lol

  • Dasha

    What’s with the headband Leo? Most importantly what’s with the girl????
    I still love you though ;)

  • hahaha

    With HER sense of style this is the best she can do! Bike ride in a long dress. Genius! Leo should be embarrassed! She is no fashion icon. Just because you put fancy clothes on her or put her in a Chanel ad that won`t give her class or sense of style! Thanks god she is wearing the hat and the sunglasses so we don`t have to see her ugly face!

  • sourpatch575

    Awww HELL NAWW!
    I thought we had seen the last of them together!
    This is very disappointing!
    But on the bright side, I know Leo will eventually dump her rebound butt for somebody that is worthy! No more Bar or Blake!
    P.S Leo looks so sexy!

  • Tara

    Aw LOVE this couple! I hope they last, and she looks so hot even riding a bike!

  • yummy

    lmao she looks like she’s hating it. let me guess this was leo’s idea. what is he thinking being with her lol!

  • twit

    I think they are both beautiful and they look like they are enjoying eachothers company.

  • MaisyRL

    i’m starting to understand Leo’s style. pick the less talented, less famous ones so they’ll stay in line and do what he says. Gisele however, did get famous and became a supermodel. but Bar, and now Blake, both have careers that have peaked. make no mistake, Blake will be around for the long-haul so her career can benefit. she’ll put up with whatever Leo asks of her (i’d never seen her in hats until recently!) Leo, well, he’s got it together in my book. he knows exactly what these women want, but he makes sure he get’s what he wants too and more (on the side). good for him. use up the fame*hore and throw her out when you’re done.

  • sera

    HOT HOT HOT……that’s all i can say for now. I am actually wet… Leo, can you come and rescue me? LOL..please……. haha..

  • katchitup

    I thought finally we can have a break from Fake Blake and enjoy the only Leo posts. It was a relief for my eyes not to look at her. But her PR team is working hard for their least talented client! Leo, what does she have on you that you embarrass yourself by being involved with her?

  • kelly

    why are people so negative towards blake, is it that hard for two people to just be happy to be with each other?

  • Daniel

    Most beautiful couple

  • sera

    @katchitup: shut up and enjoy the pictures for once. I don’t know for you but we don’t get to see leo a lot without his hat so i want this time the discussion to be how HOT LEO is not bicthing about his life. We need to make a submission on facebook to ask Leo not to wear a hat anymore please. LOL

  • ellie

    “Rumored couple”? I hate to break it to you and your good buddy Leo’s ex NOT Gisele, but they are dating.

  • towanda

    leo is handsome <3

  • noni


    ur not kat

  • Roo

    Cute couple (:

  • @sera

    Take it easy already! Go and take a cold shower, enjoy the photos and don’t read the comments if you can’t handle it!

  • k

    way to turn 2 pictures into 5 jj lmao

  • Cee

    They look great. She’s obvs annoyed with the pap in front of her. I bike in dress all the time. On a hot day I don’t like to mess with pants or shorts

  • Mayle

    MEH. I’d rather see pictures of Carey Mulligan.

  • A

    lol @ his yearly biking with his new girlfriends.
    I’ve never seen Blake ride a bike before, same with his other gf’s, but as soon as they start dating him they start bike riding, it’s so funny and predictable and once they stop dating him you never see them ride a bike.

  • concentrating

    She looks like she’s concentrating REALLY hard riding that bike! ;) Then again, having lived in NYC, I’d probably be nervous too riding a bike down the street.

  • A

    lol @ his yearly biking with his new girlfriends.
    I’ve never seen Blake ride a bike before, same with his other gf’s, but as soon as they start dating him they start bike riding, it’s so funny and predictable and once they stop dating him you never see them ride a bike again.

  • ha ha

    Yea blake keep showing those tit-tays!

  • Cammie


    She looks uncomfortable and he seems more into the cutout Luke then her….

    Who would ride a bike in a long flowing dress….

  • toby

    She looks ridiculous in that hat and girls riding bikes in dresses just look silly!

  • Katchitup

    What a shame to see a hot guy like Leo ( look at those arms and I always loved him with headbands ) wasting himself on someone like Fake Blake! Shame on Leo for his laughable taste in women!

  • Dani


    She’s trying not to run over the photographer. I would have ran him over.

  • Wendy


    SO true, suddenly she ducking from Cameras, hanging around his friends, riding bikes in long dresses, basically she has to follow his rules….She persued him since NOV.. now she got EXACTLY what she wanted…

    but she will put up with his EGO for PR…

  • Wendy


    If so dangerous why is wearing a long dress, that she has too tie.. won’t she wear pants. clearly she didn’t plan to go bike riding…

  • Tina

    Why did they cut Luke Haas out of the pics, so this could look romantic, Luke is the one Leo is looking at with the pleased look….




  • Helene

    Lukas must be thinking, another tall blond flavor of the month, great, nice to meet u Blake.

  • Dani


    If you can’t handle responses to your comments, don’t post them

  • http://ja slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    leonardo so cute and sweet ^^ the best

  • faye

    She neve used to hide wearing hats and sunglasses and such before. Sad how she is easily manipulated.

  • D. Gabriello

    Leo definitely has a “type” — young, blonde and similar features. Bar, Gisele, and Blake could all be sisters. It’s hardly a stretch but is Blake the first non-model he’s dated?

  • Katchitup

    Funny thing about her ugly hats.
    Dear Ted:
    Regarding Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio. That giant sun hat she wears when they are out isn’t really “incognito,” am I right?!
    Dear Bogus Bashfulness:
    Ugh, so right! Girl wants to be seen, trust. Now that her movie’s premiered and all, she’s slowed her little pap appearances quite a bit tho. Suddenly shy, Blake?

    I bet she knew they were going for a bike ride but someone made her believe that she is a style icon or something so I assume she just wanted to stick to that delusion with the dress. Great photo op to make sure everyone knows now that their deal is still on. I wonder what’s in it for Leo…

  • Brian

    @D. Gabriello: Their faces couldn’t be more different. Just same haircolor and age. Tho Gisele is loser to his age.

  • @Dani

    Oh, I can handle it but clearly sera can’t! :)