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Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio: Biking in NYC!

Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio: Biking in NYC!

Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio go for a bike ride on Saturday (July 30) in New York City.

The rumored couple were joined by Leo‘s BFF, Lukas Haas.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Blake Lively

Later in the weekend, Leo and Lukas checked out t-shirts from a street vendor in Soho.

Late last month, Blake and Leo joined a group of friends and checked out a performance by Stevie Wonder at the Hollywood Bowl.

Leo may be gearing up for a western project for his next movie – he’s reportedly eager to play a lead in The Creed of Violence.

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268 Responses to “Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio: Biking in NYC!”

  1. 1
    tami Says:

    Leo is so handsome. :)

  2. 2
    sourpatch575 Says:

    Aww hell no!
    I thought we seen the last of Blake!
    This is very disappointing!
    Well on the bright side, Leo will eventually find someone wayy better and that REBOUND Lively will be dumped in a heartbeat!
    P.s Leo is looking SEXXY!

  3. 3
    saymyname Says:

    O.D.D couple..

  4. 4
    Alice Says:

    Biking with a dress? come Blake! with your sense of style, you sure can do better than this!

  5. 5
    wow Says:

    Leo looks hot. Lively is an eyesore as usual. She manages to make Leo look less hot and less appealing. Great job, Fake Blake. These two together are hideous!

  6. 6
    BEAN Says:

    Cute. He looks like he’s lost weight. Maybe. Cos he looks better than usual.

  7. 7
    Dasha Says:

    What’s with the headband Leo ? Most importantly what’s with the girl?????
    I still love you though

  8. 8
    rainy day Says:

    Photo op! Who bikes in a dress?

  9. 9
    BEAN Says:

    Why is her mouth always open though lol. Weird.

  10. 10
    nicole Says:

    i really don’t like this couple,she’s very little for he lol

  11. 11
    Dasha Says:

    What’s with the headband Leo? Most importantly what’s with the girl????
    I still love you though ;)

  12. 12
    hahaha Says:

    With HER sense of style this is the best she can do! Bike ride in a long dress. Genius! Leo should be embarrassed! She is no fashion icon. Just because you put fancy clothes on her or put her in a Chanel ad that won`t give her class or sense of style! Thanks god she is wearing the hat and the sunglasses so we don`t have to see her ugly face!

  13. 13
    sourpatch575 Says:

    Awww HELL NAWW!
    I thought we had seen the last of them together!
    This is very disappointing!
    But on the bright side, I know Leo will eventually dump her rebound butt for somebody that is worthy! No more Bar or Blake!
    P.S Leo looks so sexy!

  14. 14
    Tara Says:

    Aw LOVE this couple! I hope they last, and she looks so hot even riding a bike!

  15. 15
    yummy Says:

    lmao she looks like she’s hating it. let me guess this was leo’s idea. what is he thinking being with her lol!

  16. 16
    twit Says:

    I think they are both beautiful and they look like they are enjoying eachothers company.

  17. 17
    MaisyRL Says:

    i’m starting to understand Leo’s style. pick the less talented, less famous ones so they’ll stay in line and do what he says. Gisele however, did get famous and became a supermodel. but Bar, and now Blake, both have careers that have peaked. make no mistake, Blake will be around for the long-haul so her career can benefit. she’ll put up with whatever Leo asks of her (i’d never seen her in hats until recently!) Leo, well, he’s got it together in my book. he knows exactly what these women want, but he makes sure he get’s what he wants too and more (on the side). good for him. use up the fame*hore and throw her out when you’re done.

  18. 18
    sera Says:

    HOT HOT HOT……that’s all i can say for now. I am actually wet… Leo, can you come and rescue me? LOL..please……. haha..

  19. 19
    katchitup Says:

    I thought finally we can have a break from Fake Blake and enjoy the only Leo posts. It was a relief for my eyes not to look at her. But her PR team is working hard for their least talented client! Leo, what does she have on you that you embarrass yourself by being involved with her?

  20. 20
    kelly Says:

    why are people so negative towards blake, is it that hard for two people to just be happy to be with each other?

  21. 21
    Daniel Says:

    Most beautiful couple

  22. 22
    sera Says:

    @katchitup: shut up and enjoy the pictures for once. I don’t know for you but we don’t get to see leo a lot without his hat so i want this time the discussion to be how HOT LEO is not bicthing about his life. We need to make a submission on facebook to ask Leo not to wear a hat anymore please. LOL

  23. 23
    ellie Says:

    “Rumored couple”? I hate to break it to you and your good buddy Leo’s ex NOT Gisele, but they are dating.

  24. 24
    towanda Says:

    leo is handsome <3

  25. 25
    noni Says:


    ur not kat

  26. 26
    Roo Says:

    Cute couple (:

  27. 27
    @sera Says:

    Take it easy already! Go and take a cold shower, enjoy the photos and don’t read the comments if you can’t handle it!

  28. 28
    k Says:

    way to turn 2 pictures into 5 jj lmao

  29. 29
    Cee Says:

    They look great. She’s obvs annoyed with the pap in front of her. I bike in dress all the time. On a hot day I don’t like to mess with pants or shorts

  30. 30
    Mayle Says:

    MEH. I’d rather see pictures of Carey Mulligan.

  31. 31
    A Says:

    lol @ his yearly biking with his new girlfriends.
    I’ve never seen Blake ride a bike before, same with his other gf’s, but as soon as they start dating him they start bike riding, it’s so funny and predictable and once they stop dating him you never see them ride a bike.

  32. 32
    concentrating Says:

    She looks like she’s concentrating REALLY hard riding that bike! ;) Then again, having lived in NYC, I’d probably be nervous too riding a bike down the street.

  33. 33
    A Says:

    lol @ his yearly biking with his new girlfriends.
    I’ve never seen Blake ride a bike before, same with his other gf’s, but as soon as they start dating him they start bike riding, it’s so funny and predictable and once they stop dating him you never see them ride a bike again.

  34. 34
    ha ha Says:

    Yea blake keep showing those ***-tays!

  35. 35
    Cammie Says:


    She looks uncomfortable and he seems more into the cutout Luke then her….

    Who would ride a bike in a long flowing dress….

  36. 36
    toby Says:

    She looks ridiculous in that hat and girls riding bikes in dresses just look silly!

  37. 37
    Katchitup Says:

    What a shame to see a hot guy like Leo ( look at those arms and I always loved him with headbands ) wasting himself on someone like Fake Blake! Shame on Leo for his laughable taste in women!

  38. 38
    Dani Says:


    She’s trying not to run over the photographer. I would have ran him over.

  39. 39
    Wendy Says:


    SO true, suddenly she ducking from Cameras, hanging around his friends, riding bikes in long dresses, basically she has to follow his rules….She persued him since NOV.. now she got EXACTLY what she wanted…

    but she will put up with his EGO for PR…

  40. 40
    Wendy Says:


    If so dangerous why is wearing a long dress, that she has too tie.. won’t she wear pants. clearly she didn’t plan to go bike riding…

  41. 41
    Tina Says:

    Why did they cut Luke Haas out of the pics, so this could look romantic, Luke is the one Leo is looking at with the pleased look….

  42. 42
    HI LEDA Says:



  43. 43
    Helene Says:

    Lukas must be thinking, another tall blond flavor of the month, great, nice to meet u Blake.

  44. 44
    Dani Says:


    If you can’t handle responses to your comments, don’t post them

  45. 45
    slig o lambert^_______^ cute Says:

    leonardo so cute and sweet ^^ the best

  46. 46
    faye Says:

    She neve used to hide wearing hats and sunglasses and such before. Sad how she is easily manipulated.

  47. 47
    D. Gabriello Says:

    Leo definitely has a “type” — young, blonde and similar features. Bar, Gisele, and Blake could all be sisters. It’s hardly a stretch but is Blake the first non-model he’s dated?

  48. 48
    Katchitup Says:

    Funny thing about her ugly hats.
    Dear Ted:
    Regarding Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio. That giant sun hat she wears when they are out isn’t really “incognito,” am I right?!
    Dear Bogus Bashfulness:
    Ugh, so right! Girl wants to be seen, trust. Now that her movie’s premiered and all, she’s slowed her little pap appearances quite a bit tho. Suddenly shy, Blake?

    I bet she knew they were going for a bike ride but someone made her believe that she is a style icon or something so I assume she just wanted to stick to that delusion with the dress. Great photo op to make sure everyone knows now that their deal is still on. I wonder what’s in it for Leo…

  49. 49
    Brian Says:

    @D. Gabriello: Their faces couldn’t be more different. Just same haircolor and age. Tho Gisele is loser to his age.

  50. 50
    @Dani Says:

    Oh, I can handle it but clearly sera can’t! :)

  51. 51
    unknown Says:

    Lol wow. Biking in a dress that’s super low-cut. Could she be any more attention seeking…

  52. 52
    MangerBouger Says:

    Why doesn’t he get someone of his age for once !

  53. 53
    Shailene Says:

    Leo and Angelina always get the most posts. I get that.
    But not when the Alexander skarsgaard does. The guy is in one show.

  54. 54
    Katchitup Says:

    His own age? To do that he should grow up first. Then he might date someone closer to his age and someone with substance and class. Until then we have him with the likes of Refaeli and now Lively. Sad!

  55. 55
    Junberry Says:

    She should take a leaf out of Jennifer Aniston’s book….get with an A lister and you will become Alist by association but make sure you get a shark PR firm who will keep you connected to Alister that way no-one will remember why you are there cause it sure as hell won’t be for talent.

  56. 56
    Bunny Says:

    @Shailene: Alex only gets alot of posts when he’s with k-bos bec people hate her.

  57. 57
    danyboy Says:

    @MangerBouger: Because old people are boring. LOL. for example. Jennifer anniston. lol

  58. 58
    danyboy Says:

    @MangerBouger: Because old people are boring. LOL. for example. Jennifer anniston. lol

  59. 59
    Sailor Says:

    Lukas loves Blake@Wendy:

    That’s right, always blame the woman. I love Leo, but she didn’t have the power to snap her fingers and get invited to dinner with Leo and Baz, or to Spielberg’s yacht. That was his doing. She was at Renner’s birthday because he was her former cast mate. Why was Leo there? She was in France for Chanel pr and taking a class. Why was Leo there? No movie to promote.

  60. 60
    xela Says:

    @Junberry: This is also what happened with Katie Holmes. She has no talent but is getting work by association.

  61. 61
    tim Says:

    Bar is the best looking thus far.
    Gisele is pretty effin ugly.

  62. 62
    Frozoid Says:

    Jesus! Why in God’s name aren’t they wearing helmets? Do they have ANY idea how many cyclists are killed each year on NYC streets?

  63. 63
    McClain Says:

    U have to admit, Bar is a really cool name.

  64. 64
    @danyboy Says:

    Nobody said he should date someone who is Aniston’s age. Leo is younger than her and it was said ‘closer to his age’. Somehow I doubt Lively is so fascinating… She looms boring and empty to me. Interviews, her ‘acting’…etc.

  65. 65
    Roisi Says:


    What’s in it for Leo? Try what’s in it for wanker Ted. Someone is actually reading his clueless bitchy ****

  66. 66
    danyboy Says:

    @Frozoid: That’s a good point but as far as for Leo, i want to see his gorgeous face for once get picture without his normal hat. And i can say that i am satisfy by what i saw. LOL

  67. 67
    Scarrr Says:

    What about the one where he leaves her? On celebritygossip?

  68. 68
    Katchitup Says:

    Whether you read Ted’s column or not he was spot on with the hat thing. It’s beyond obvious! I bet if he said the opposite you wouldn’t have problem with it.
    There has to be something in it for Leo to take part in this deal. I can’t wait for the day when he finally dumps her!

  69. 69
    danyboy Says:

    @@danyboy: When women pass age 30, they get like Jennifer Anniston personality, (needy, sugar coating) and men usually get bored quickly by that. I don’t think Leo is ready for that. That is why brad left her not that because she wasn’t hot anymore she still is. That is my point.

  70. 70
    Roisi Says:


    Next you’re going to tell me Leo wears hats to be recognized. If she wasn’t wearing a hat you would scream she wants to be seen. Hats are common in the summer and I don’t see anything outrageous about hers. Something in it for Leo? He’s the most in demand actor and has more money than God. It’s Ted and his ilk who are desperate for attention.

  71. 71
    predictable as always Says:

    gee, what a surprise to see these pictures… I’m so SHOCKED–>NOT!! I wonder who asked JJ to post the pics this time, was it Blake or Leo’s camp??

  72. 72
    You're not Kat Says:



  73. 73
    You're not Kat Says:


    Neither are you

  74. 74
    kà simply amazing Says:

    leo cute handsome

  75. 75
    You're not Kat Says:


    Or you

  76. 76
    Candy Says:

    Wow Leo and Blake make such a hot couple! Thanks Jared for the pics!

  77. 77
    Josephine Says:

    Gorgeous couple indeed! Happy they are still very much in love!

  78. 78
    larson Says:

    Goodness I’m about to hop on cg and tinkerbelle’s train and leave this alone until he comes to his senses. Do people realize that through large amounts of page views that that gives either Blake’s or Leo’s PR reason to continue on with the shenigans? If this phony ass couple were getting like 100 page views Jared wouldn’t even feature it anymore. We as fans have so much more power than we think. Stop giving these two the attention that one or both of them wants. I will only post on Leo’s threads from now on, but I guess Blake will make her way into the posts somehow.

  79. 79
    Josephine Says:

    Oh and imagine how beautiful their kids would be…. I hope they procreate very soon tehehe

  80. 80
    kami Says:

    oh the places his mouth and woo hoo have been. who would want to get it on with him? oh well, guess you can say the same about her. they’re two of a kind.

  81. 81
    Nina Says:

    Lovely couple. Proud to say i’m a Bleo fan!!

  82. 82
    FormerLeoFan Says:

    he’s such a player, not a real man, you can tell..he may even be homosexual. Yes he’s good looking, but I’d never date that type of a guy. I prefer a man who treats me right and has an intention of marrying me. I’m not a fan of the ****** guys or girls.

  83. 83
    Wow Says:

    Cute pics of the lovely pair. I really hope they get married! then it would be officially the hotest pair in hollywood!

  84. 84
    danyboy Says:

    @FormerLeoFan: If you ever had a chance with him, you would still suck him even if he decided to slap you on your face. LOL

  85. 85
    bleo Says:

    adorable pair! They look soo cute together. their kids will be gorgeous!

  86. 86
    Poor Fake Blake Says:

    I think this will end soon, dating Leo is not what Blake thinks..

    She has to be with his friends all the time

    Duck and Hide

    and he is not showing any PDA in public..

    Her PR team has to take the scraps…her looking uncomfortable on a bike with wedgies and bruises, and Luke Haas getting cut out of the pics so they look romantic..

    I give this a few more mths before Blake and her team jump ship, they don’t want follow Leo dating rules.

  87. 87
    the groupie is back=Donie Says:


    your calling Leo old you dumb ass LOL what an ignoramus.

  88. 88
    hot Says:

    Leo looks really hot in these pics and Blake looks very cute in tha hat and outfit. I think they make a cute pair.

  89. 89
    haha Says:

    Nice New Pics! They Look really Good! I Can’t Wait Until He brings Her To The Oscars!

  90. 90
    hot Says:

    Leo looks really hot in these pics and Blake looks really cute in her hat and outfit. I really think they make a cute pair!

  91. 91
    Nice photos Says:

    They look super sexy together. Leo is tall and muscular, while Blake is tall and lean. they both have great bodies. Sexiest couple ever!

  92. 92
    danyboy Says:

    @the groupie is back=Donie: Leo is hot you dumb fucck. LOL

  93. 93
    Nina Says:

    That’s right guys! Leo and Blake are really an adorable couple no qustion about it.

  94. 94
    tyra Says:

    They are so hot! I hope they last for a very long time. Two of the most beautiful and most talented people on earth dating. My head is going expoad for how awesome this couple is!

  95. 95
    @danyboy Says:

    1. Again who cares about Pitt/Aniston/Jolie? Just out of curiosity how old was Jolie when she hooked up with Pitt?
    2. @roisi: We are talking about Lively and her huge and ridiculous hats. So no, I’m not telling you anything about Leo and his hats. Different topic!

  96. 96
    evie Says:

    I love this couple!!

  97. 97
    Katchitup Says:

    Ha ha, the bellafreaks are here posting every couple of minutes! Keep up the good work, drool squad!

  98. 98
    rush Says:

    leo and blake make such a cute couple! Better looking than many other celeb couples out there. plus there both pretty talented. love them both!

  99. 99
    mila Says:

    OMG leo looks so damn hot… him <3

  100. 100
    rush Says:

    Not to mention, there both hot!

  101. 101
    sera Says:

    @Katchitup: I know personally you visit bellafreaks all the time. It is shame that you are not coming out of closet yet. LOL.

  102. 102
    I Says:

    leo looks hot and amazing
    thx jared

  103. 103
    Nanana Says:

    She has always worn hats you useless twits (that buffoon Ted included)

    Suck on that!

  104. 104
    @katchitup Says:

    Its funny because I look on there and Katchitup loves Leo and Blake. So you love Leo and Blake too? I can tell you love them by the way you post over there. Why do you like them so much?

  105. 105
    Nanana Says:

    More Blake in a hat

  106. 106
    Nanana Says:

    Wayyy before dating Leo

  107. 107
    Chellie Says:


    From a friend who saw this play out: Leo was cycling on the outside of Blake. The pap got in front of them. She got nervous. Leo told his friend on the other side of Blake to take the lead. Leo got behind him, and Blake behind Leo.

  108. 108
    @katchitup Says:

    haha don’t put on a disquise. you love Leo and Blake!

  109. 109
    Sh.C Says:

    Ah, shush peeps! What’s wrong with bike ridig in a dress? :S Grow up!
    There must be something seriously wrong with Leo though, don’t know why, love him and all, but there’s definitely something going on in that beautiful head of his.

  110. 110
    she's so ugly Says:

    ugly girl, ugly mouth, ugly face, ugly eyes, ugly mole, ugly nose. Nice body though, I’ll give her that. Oh, I forgot, ugly fake boobs though. LOL

  111. 111
    Katchitup Says:

    @sera: you know it personally? LOL! You don’t know sh*t about me personally!
    @Nanana: And who said that she just started wearing the hats? Nobody so what’s your point? And how many more ugly Fake Blake photos are you going to pist to prove whatever your point is?
    No disguise here. I use this name to annoy the real one! LOL!
    It’s amazing that now of course we have an eyewitness and her friend happens to post here. You should go to Us Weekly they seem to be the official source in this tragicomedy. I bet they will make a fairy tale story out of it!

  112. 112
    Fan of Beauty Says:

    With a hat like that she doesn’t need a helmet……and she thinks she doesn’t need a stylist. LOL, LOL!!!

  113. 113
    @nanana Says:

    NOBODY said that she started wearing hats because of Leo. That’s made up. Post the link to the comment that states that otherwise… Also if you are searching for that non-existing stuff why don’t you look for th one where anyone said she wNts to date Leo! Thanks!

  114. 114
    Naomi Says:

    Was it the day after that he was seen partying with Brazilian models at a nightclub with Usher? Where was she? With Lukas?

  115. 115
    lafamepoma Says:

    He’s in NY because she works there, that’s it, but he’s a bit tiring always fliritng with girls .

  116. 116
    lmao at the fake comments Says:


    the eyewitness is either Leo/Blake or their PR… who else could know what happened at that moment, and why on earth would they post it on JJ of all places?? LOL doesn’t take a genius to figure it out…I’m also starting to suspect that these so called anonymous posters talking about how ‘hot’ they look and how insanely gorgeous of a couple they are, have something to do with their PR…something smells fishy to me. And it’s not just Blake’s’s more than that ;)
    don’t get me wrong, I actually have nothing against Blake. I still think she’s probably a nice person, but this whole PR stunt has left a bad impression on me..I can’t stand FAKE people.

  117. 117
    @nanana Says:

    Oh, I missed ONE comment from Faye. You are right about that but that’s ONE! your other quote doesn’t prove your point at all. I personally never said she started wearing the ugly hats because of Leo. Besides one comment from faye what else do you have? It’s obvious that she is way more easily spotted with this hideous hats than without it. No argument with that. Or the fact that she craves attention. Period.
    @Naomi: she went back to LA after this bike ride thing and Leo was partying with the Brazilian models after she left. I guess this time he was careful not to be seen walking one of them home. Maybe that’s why these photos are released days after th bike ride? Because Leo was caught again with his hand in the cookie jar and some new photos are coming?

  118. 118
    SashaT Says:

    In fact, he is in NY because of the Great Gatsby’s rehearsals.

  119. 119
    Nanana Says:

    Point of correction: you missed two comments sweetie. Two more than you initially claimed weren’t there. :)

  120. 120
    Naomi Says:

    @nanana lol! I guess he’s getting careful. He prefers to be caught biking with that C-list actress and Haas in the middle of the day than being caught at 2 in the morning walking and flirting with a supermodel….

  121. 121
    @nanana Says:

    Sweetie, learn to count. Faye`s comment is one and the second doesn`t prove anything. But keep pushing this pathetic thing if that`s what makes you feel better. You are the minority here. Deal with it already! I`m done with this stupid conversation, you`re hopeless. :) ( I bet you post on bellazon! )
    @Naomi: I guess he got the clue after the Polish model incident to try to keep it low profile unless he wants extra face time with Lively to prove that everything is OK. A deal is a deal!

  122. 122
    E Says:

    They’re happy and the obsessed psycho is still miserable. I love it!

  123. 123
    YAWN! Says:

    Obsessed psycho and miserable! How original! You missed the jealous and get a life part! The snoozefest is not complete without those!

  124. 124
    shut up already about the hat Says:


    why are you still going on about the stupid hat…who cares. It’s true that she looks stupid in her straw hats, but I think she wears them to hide her unattractive manly face. Can you really blame her?? LOL The only physically attractive thing about Blake is her body. I do think she has a great body, but her face is fugly as hell. :S And she SHOULD be hiding it AT ALL TIMES with NO EXCEPTIONS hehehe!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  125. 125
    Emmmm Says:

    If you don’t like them together stop reading about them being together!
    I think they make a hot couple and if ur bitching your just jealous :)

  126. 126
    E Says:


    That would only be pointing out the obvious. Miserable obsessed psycho covers it all.

  127. 127
    jul Says:

    they are together and happy, I really don’t understand why all this hater think with blake. who’s with her is he not you. Get a life and worry about your lifes

  128. 128
    E Says:

    Thankfully you’re hiding your ugly fat ass behind a computer in mommy’s basement.

  129. 129
    Emmmm Says:

    Agreed :)
    And how is wearing a DARK hat attention seeking… Reallyy?!

  130. 130
    Emmmm Says:

    @E: Agreed with u ! Not E

  131. 131
    Britt Says:

    He looks like he’s trying to peek at her boobs, lol.

  132. 132
    Maria Says:

    Really nice couple! They fit together- they both seem smart and interesting as well as attractive in a similar way. Happy for them!

  133. 133
    fake posers Says:

    how much are you posers aka bellazon freaks getting paid for talking about Leo and Blake and building them up 24/7??? because you should at least be getting paid for this useless hobby of yours? you sound like a bunch of pathetic ass kissing fools !! you should try looking for a real job and getting some real life experience, instead of praising celebrities, non stop 24/7. Leo doesn’t need anymore praise or anyone else kissing his ass. He already gets plenty of that from Blake and his other groupies..

  134. 134
    zimbab Says:

    Blake looks scared riding that bike. She shouldn’t worry. If she gets hit by a car her fake fun bags and nose will protect her from the fall.

  135. 135
    linz Says:

    @Britt: Where do you see him trying to look at her boobs? LOL. This is old news. Its from the other day. I think Lukas Haas was with them too. I saw him in a twitter pic from this ride with them Clearly looks like he was talking to him and he just wasn’t in the shot. Thats probably why she looks annoyed because the paparazzi had a clear shot and he wasn’t making googly eyes at her.

    On the flip side my man Leo is looking toned and gorgeous! Seriously can’t wait til Blake Gate is over!! Hopefully it will be sooner than later

  136. 136
    Katchitup Says:

    The bella-people are working around the clock. Couldn`t they be even more obvious posting about them? No imagination, no taste.
    @E: YAWN! You are just as fascinating as Fake Blake while she is `acting`. LOL! YAWN!

  137. 137
    sos Says:

    @larson: Agreed!I knew there were some fake posters on here because of how high the post count is on something we heard and saw tweet pics on Sunday.Old He is in New York for Great Gatsby,they are rehearsing and then going to Australia.Typical though,he’s partying and alone since Sunday,and we get this.What’s funny is I was just thinking the other day,how glad I was we didn’t have the weird Bar fans doing the sh@t they use to.So here we are with the Blake fans..I guess.. doing it.Can’t wait for the Blake/Leo wedding 2011 post to
    Larson’s right we should post on Leo only threads.Nice to see him with his hat off.

  138. 138
    ;) Says:

    The haters that has nothing to do arrived !!!!!!!! (Yea, click on the dislike button ;) )

  139. 139
    wow Says:

    @141: Nothing to do? Right! You`re an idiot! ;)

  140. 140
    wow Says:

    @Katchitup: Will you lot just enjoy the beautiful Leo and stop bitching about his choice of GFs, Gee or is that all you live for lol

  141. 141
    Hat or No Hat? who cares? Says:

    Leo will DUMP her, yes FAKE fans you better believe she’s going to get DUMPED whether she’s wearing hat to hide her face or not. And thats ALL THAT MATTERS is that THIS CHARADE WILL NEVER LAST!!!

  142. 142
    sweetness Says:

    #1. if Leo MAJOR A-List MOVIE STAR did not want to be with Blake, he does not have to.

    #2. Hey ignorant haters, some actresses where hats while they are shooting movies and can’t get tans throughout the duration of a film because it will cause a problem with continuity. Not to mention too much sun on fair skin is bad, as in skin cancer bad.

  143. 143
    yawn Says:

    @145: Hey delusional, aren`t you tired of the hat topic? Plus no offense but who cares about her `movie continuity`. Like she has a career that requires that. It was all about getting attention while hiding under those ugly things.

  144. 144
    GORGEOUS Says:

    Leo is GORGEOUS! His arms are killing me… so muscular. HOT HOT HOT LEO. Catch me… you can, man. Leo has the power. Wait… Leo has 36? O.O He definitely doesn’t seem have 36. So young, fit and beefy… I’m in love ;).

  145. 145
    ha Says:

    Leo has reached Clooneyville, Just like George people are like WTF with these women he’s with.

    So they have been on a couple of dates and now they’re “in love” ?PLEASE.

  146. 146
    sunny Says:

    they are a gorgeous cople if they are one

  147. 147
    Sami Says:

    This is going to end just like Barf!! Fake…. word of advice. There is no way in hell you’re going to last beyond next year… Just telling it like it is. Even her fans no this wont last! Ahhh I’m having flashbacks of Barf!!lolololol!!!

  148. 148
    yajaira Says:


  149. 149
    edzctor Says:

    wath this video thanks :)

    thanks :)

  150. 150
    eyesore Says:

    good lord, she’s hideous. That head needs a paper bag over it!

  151. 151
    crystal ball2 THE SM IS IN LA Says:

    SM is in LA. like 1 psychic said, they have already met, but he doesn’t “see her”, aka he doesn’t get that it’s her ? I GET THAT they both feel something. As to why he is not with her , someone clue us in. 1 or both have issues? Or as one said he is not listening to his spirit?

  152. 152
    dadh Says:

    @crystal ball2 THE SM IS IN LA: You are right his SM is in LA working on set film called savage. Don’t worry, she will be back soon to NY to ride with him again. LOL.
    Sometimes it is too funny knowing that you are too fool of shiit. lol

  153. 153
    Hottie! Says:

    Leo looks good! So excited about The Great Gatsby :)

    As far as who he’s dating, I could care less. He can date whomever he likes and it makes not one bit of difference to me. You will notice, as with other celebrities, some fans will NEVER like his girlfriends. He could start dating Pippa Middleton and people would be tearing her apart. It’s just plain jealousy.

  154. 154
    lol Says:

    stop doing that they look good and what she done really to hate her i need answer ?i from clooney side and when we hated his last gf was for a reason or many ones realLy but blake is beautiful and seem a real sweetheart with more than u see the prove that leo look really having A happy and fun time man he even looks hotter with her I AM NOT HIS FAN JUST SEE U DON’T LOVE HIM U SHOULD WISH HIM GOOD THINGS IF U CARE OR LOVE HIM!

  155. 155
    abby Says:

    she aint going anywhere *******. stop hating

  156. 156
    who Says:

    who bikes in a dress? some sleeze ball who is selling the view to keep the guy around , I seen one of the final photo`s on that outing showing him driving away ,off in an opposite direction

  157. 157
    Medusa lives Says:

    she looks like a retart with her mouth open like that. She has a nice body, but that butterface is hard to miss. I hope she doesn’t turn Leo to stone one of these days. LOL Good Lord, help us all and make sure she keeps wearing those fugly straw hats permanently!

  158. 158
    crystal ball2 Says:

    she’s not on savage set- as these pics show
    u must be pr

  159. 159
    mike Says:

    Blake is so hot Leo is so fortunate !!!

  160. 160
    mike Says:

    Blake is so hot Leo is so fortunate !!!

  161. 161
    @151 Says:

    I remember the SM posters said that he has met her spiritually not physically yet. That they meet in their dreams and that they get signs about eachother. I wonder what signs he gets about her and if he even notices them?

  162. 162
    sera Says:

    @@151: Then, it must be Mol from inception. lol

  163. 163
    Love the shoes Says:

    I really really like them so much. I think she loosens him up a bit and I think she’s a surprise to him. I think he’s someone she never thought she’d be attracted to, and I think he brings out her serious.

    He’s a Scorpio and she’s a Leo . Very VERY passionate, and if maturity level and desire to make it work level of caring is there, they will be one of the successful HW love matches for a long long time.

    I think they are perfect for each other. time will tell.

  164. 164
    Love the shoes Says:

    @Alice: Have a feeling this was a “come on babe, lets go riding” thang and she said what the heck, tied her dress up and hopped on. Love it!

  165. 165
    duh Says:

    @Love the shoes:

    1st of all she is a virgo and she obviously knew she’d be attracted to him or she wouldn’t have said he was her childhood CRUSH!!!

  166. 166
    yeah Says:

    You guys are embarrassing, You’re all just the public, and you can’t say who dates who. To all the married people and those dating anyone, if i took a shot of you with your partner, post it in my blog, and have 40,000 people comment on it saying “eww what s lut” or “they’re so not a good pair” how would you feel? I’m a fan of neither acts but seriously, the public needs to act more sane and proper. Geez people these days

  167. 167
    oh please Says:

    @Love the shoes:

    she’s a Virgo sweetie pie. some of you people are so annoying and sound like such little girls, or maybe you are PR getting paid to do your lame, sorry ass jobs? LOL who knows, but whatever it is, it is seriously nauseating to read this sappy 12 year old comments. I can’t deal anymore, can some REAL people who aren’t living in LALA land please come to these threads and comment for a change. F*ck, I want to see Leo dating some hot girls and being a player, *******, SOB, ass-hole that sleeps around with a lot of girls and makes them scream for mercy LOL…straight from the door, I rather see that than this boring sh*t !! And I still want to know if he’s King Schl*ng or not? can the psychics also fill us in on that? PLEASE!!

  168. 168
    oh please Says:


    oh shut up!! boo hoo, why don’t you go cry to mommy now little girl!!

  169. 169
    sinande john Says:


  170. 170
    sinande john Says:


  171. 171
    they look NOTHING alike Says:

    @sinande john:

    none of them look alike at all… Gisele looked manly and so does Blake, but that’s as far as the similarity goes..Bar had a rounder shaped face and has no resemblance whatsoever to either of those women…and it sounds like Blake’s PR is trying to push this she looks like his exes crap a little too much. do we have another case of “i want to be a model” on our hands? just like Bar wanted to be like Gisele? oh please, what is wrong with these desperate women. Be yourself and stop trying to be something you’re NOT!

  172. 172
    Noname Says:

    I still cant fathom how and why Leo would date this gal! He’s out of her league.

  173. 173
    wrong answer Says:

    @crystal ball2 THE SM IS IN LA: SM does not live in LA. Sorry…

  174. 174
    Athenais Says:

    cute . Leo spend time with Blake before to go in Australia filming ” the great gatsby”.

  175. 175
    icici Says:

    @Athenais: where she will be shortly dumped there after. Now thats cute!

  176. 176
    Issy Says:

    she looks like a zombie catching flies with her mouth open… ummm as for the dress, Cok tease ppl…. playin hard to get or playin ******?

  177. 177
    reality check Says:

    @wrong answer:

    of course not, she lives where you live of course. you people are so transparent and ridiculous LOL get a grip on reality already, seriously!

  178. 178
    ? Says:

    @wrong answer:
    oh ya? where then? since u obviously have a personal take on this.

  179. 179
    * Says:

    @@151: physically too

  180. 180
    arwa Says:

    I’m really sick of people attacking Blake only because she got the guy they’ve dream about him since forever, I don’t like Blake but if I have to say negative words against someone, he will be Leo, he’s the one who jump from woman to another, he chose her, not the opposite (obviously), and finally it is a really sick attitude to praise how he “use” these “fame *****”, even if they are bad, if he only hock up with them to “use” them he is worst

  181. 181
    wow Says:

    @fake posers: Why should you worry? if people like Blake they have a right to say so, it’s people like you that come here and ***** over every girl he’s with, if you don’t like him with her leave this site…easy

  182. 182
    wow Says:

    @Hottie!: Yep, these sad sack people will never approve of anyone he dates, we’ve heard it all before..same hate, just directed at another woman, come on you lot, don’t come to posts of him with women it’s bad for your health lol

  183. 183
    sad Says:

    @abby: They will only stop hating when they find some happiness in their own lives

  184. 184
    yawn Says:

    Wow, we have a whining self conversationalist posting here this morning! LOL! Get lost, drama queen, if you don`t like it!

  185. 185
    gg fan Says:

    thats really hilarious everybody is so angry to her because of she is dating with Leo

  186. 186
    wow Says:

    @yawn: You’re boring yourself to death with all that yawning, time to get some fresh air away from your computer …maybe, just a suggestion

  187. 187
    wow Says:

    @yawn: well, surely, you’re the one who should get lost as you hate the fact that your darling Leo is with Blake,haha, you’re a joke

  188. 188
    yawn Says:

    And the self talker is just getting more and more boring with the unnecessary blabbing. And now she gives out advice! Priceless! From a Fake Blake fan who talks to herself! LOL!
    @Gisele fan: Whatever it is makes her look trashy and cheap. Just like her `acting`. Nothing natural or beautiful about her. Seems like Leo likes them desperate for fame without talent looking ugly. Poor guy doesn`t have much taste in women…

  189. 189
    Effy Says:

    Yuck! She grosses me out! LEO, YOU CAN DO BETTER!!!
    Find a girl who’s beautiful, real and intelligent! With 77 mil a year it shouldn’t be that hard!

  190. 190
    Ashley Says:

    @MaisyRL: Leo did make Gisele more famous to the gossipers BUT she was “THE” model a good 2 years before Leo. She was bigger than what Lara Stone is today already making 7,000 an hour in the year 2000 and made 30 million from her Sandals line in 2001. (dont believe me you can check her wikipedia page) The fashion’s it girl ruled every camapign,cover,runway so I think she was Leo’s only equivalent in the success department. I thought Bar was going to become bigger after dating Leo but nope, here she is only working for anonymous catalogs and GQ still, lol. Blake is an it girl for now but we will see where her success goes I guess…

  191. 191
    c Says:

    both borrrrinnggg zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  192. 192
    HOT Says:

    I just have to say one thing about this news: Leo is so beautiful and delicious… he’s 36?! Are you kidding?! This man seems that older, better he gets. HOT HOT HOT.

  193. 193
    lua Says:

    Well, I have nothing against Blake Lively and that´s simply because she´s not that relevant where I´m from. I’m not from USA and, seriously, I get to know who she is now that her name is attached to Leo´s. She might be famous there in US but I dont think she´s that famous worldwide, so I dont know her really, I dont have an opinion about her, if she´s nice or not, good actress, bad one… whatever… What I really wanted to comment is that, for real guys, we’ve been seeing Leo repeat the same old pattern for a long time, he always pick the same ‘type’. I would be really surprised if he all of a sudden showed up dating a non-blonde, non-model type. He seems kind shallow this way to me, As someone said here he picks the girls, so I’m sorry, but he’s the one who should be getting the angry comments. He likes these women, it’s a fact.
    I see here a lot of people wishing that he finds his soulmate, and that this soulmate is someone completly diferent from what he´s used to, someone that in a certain way will ‘save’ him from this shallow world he seems to be living in. I think it would be great too, but I don´t think it´s gonna happen. I don´t believe that someone so diferent from his very high standard could even have a chance with him. I know it´s sad but if his SM really exists, and if she’s like she was described on his trheads, I think that he wouldn´t even look at her twice, or maybe wouldn´t see her that way. Maybe he´s already too involved with the distractions that the world he lives in provides, maybe he´s so involved with it he wont be able to identify real love when it hits him.
    I believe that if his SM exists, then she´s already pathing her own way, maybe they’re just getting apart… It´s sad, I really wish him well, but I don´t think his searching for true love or for a soulmate. I actually think he doesn´t believe in soulmates and fate or anything like that.
    My opinion is that we´re gonna see him repeating the same story over and over, choosing the same type of women, continuing with the same old habits and lifestyle.
    People only change when they want to and love is something so subtle that will only change you when you allow it, when you´re really open to it.
    I really hope for him and for all of us that we’re all open to it, so we can all be truly happy. It´s corny, I know, I´m sorry, but that´s my hope.
    Sorry for the long post, it sounded more like a relief, but I don´t post here much, so I´m posting everything at once, sorry… :)

    Joy, everybody

  194. 194
    rara Says:

    they look rediculous together. leo is too good for her and they both know it. she looks like a little girl who is constantly trying to please him. he is just using her for a bit of fun, but leo needs a strong firey strong minded woman. you can really see their age difference between them…

  195. 195
    Danielle Says:

    Actually… I love them

  196. 196
    Living to Please Says:

    @rara: I agree… it looks like she’s ALWAYS trying to please him….

  197. 197
    HURT Says:

    Matching up to the women he’s dated is going to tough for his SM, nearly impossible for a non-celeb, non-model, non-blonde, non-long-legs and non-white. Trust me, it will difficult for her to adjust to his lifestyle. The insecurities will be there. If it’s meant to happen for Leo and his SM to be a couple, it will require a lot of real work on both ends for a really long time, otherwise both could end up getting hurt and never recovering. And not to be able to recover from a seriously broken heart is seriously hard, takes years, many many years, and still u doubt urself regarding everything u do.

  198. 198
    Annie Says:

    He’ll get bored of this Vanilla chick soon

  199. 199
    brenda Says:

    Leo is so sexy …but I don’t like his personality….

  200. 200
    Gisele Fan Says:

    So nobody answered me…? What type of material her fake boobs are made of? Saline, silicone, composite? They look grossly false as she can never have a natural cleavage… her fake breasts are way too much apart and too bubbled-up. I wonder what plastic surgeon fabricated those?

  201. 201
    Lukas H Says:

    Jared, why didn’t you bother to show Lukas along with them on the pics? Why only focus on DiCaprio and Flakely? Some (only rare ones) photo websites did have Lukas shown on the photos. I think that’s mean of you…

  202. 202
    that's Coz Says:

    its coz Nobody gives a Crap about Mucas… I mean LUKAS…. He should stay out of Leo’s business, then Maybe, Leo and his mother could help Leonardo DiCaprio Find a Decent woman. Instead of Lukas, Pukas, Mucas always Tagging & Fa*gging Along…That’s Why their is NO LUKAS…. LuKas with a “K”. – HA!

  203. 203
    that's Coz Says:

    its coz Nobody gives a Crap about Mucas… I mean LUKAS…. He should stay out of Leo’s business, then Maybe, Leo and his mother could help Leonardo DiCaprio Find a Decent woman. Instead of Lukas, Pukas, Mucas always Tagging & Fa*gging Along…That’s Why their is NO LUKAS…. LuKas with a “K”. – HA!

  204. 204
    KateyCooper Says:

    Jealous b*tches, get a life please. I am sure Blake Like is 10000 times hotter than you, she has a great personality and a beautiful body. You should go out and get a life, what a bounch of pathetic losers.

  205. 205
    Linda Says:

    what is wrong with blake lively that everyone is hating on her so harshly? let her wear whatever the hell she wants when biking.

  206. 206
    UMMMM Says:

    Why would you hate on lucas?? he’s one of his bff!! & I disagree, I bet his sm will blow leo away & leave all girls he’s ever been with in the dust! Some of you have missed the point ! if she’s destined for him she probably will be different to the same old same old. That will catch his eye! not some chick who’s been after him conveniently for ages…he clearly likes to have someone there and she was waiting ready!!!! and able! He’s been seen with this girl for 5mins! Who knows who else he’s seeing or what else he does? It won’t go anywhere…where could it go?? No where that’s where..let him ride bikes…whoelse is he gonna ride with?? She’s not even here yet! And I doubt she’ll be insecure over B&B! hahahahaha…the only girl who could’ve been right for him was gisele…only she isn’t and he wasn’t! leave him..let him have fun…geeese..had to get that off my chest, His Sm deserves more faith than that! I still think he’ll meet her…he deserves it cos he works hard! I hope he meets a woman to share it with & have a family…awww…he’ll surprise us all!!

  207. 207
    that's Coz Says:

    Nobody Gonna be a SM for Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio… Not even Gisele, “Mansele” was good enough for him… and SHE took the BEST Action!!!! – EVER… by Walking away, Growing UP and Marrying Tom Brady, and having His Baby… She didn’t Let Lukas… Lukas with a “K”, or anything else Stop her, and DiCaprio was too Ignorant to DEAL with IT!!!! – What a SLOTH PIG….. I DON”T CARE HOW MUCH THIS GUY IS WORTH…. His is Not Right in The Head!!! – Maybe their would be a SM to Match Leo….Supposing Leonardo DiCaprio had a Soul there to actually Meet…. Hahahaha. – Think about it… These Actor People are spanning Any Actress / Models TIME. Wasting HER LIFE, and Posing BL or BR as a JOKE… For Many, Many YEARS… So Watch Out…. Leo is A SLOTH PIG!!!!!!

  208. 208
    whitney lee Says:

    This couple is fake as all hell! this is just for publicity people! leo is gay if not bi.. and he cannot keep a woman either. i knew they were gonna keep showing them

  209. 209
    Ele Says:

    I’d like to see her with Penn , she looks better with him in my opinion .. I don’t like Leo and however he’s old for her , he should be with someone else ..

  210. 210
    observer Says:

    I love it when leo’s exes come here every now and then and start bashing each other….

  211. 211
    @observer Says:

    And we love it when useless Fake Blake fans are coming here trying to be funny or something!
    @whitney lee: I`m not sure about the gay thing but other than that you are spot on!

  212. 212
    Kevin Says:

    Come on… Leo isn’t gay. Why cannot you accept that the guy walk around with your “brothers”? A man needs to hang out with other men, this is natural. Don’t try to use the hatred you feel for this girl (she’s a model too?) to call the guy gay. I cannot be 100% sure, but in my opinion he isn’t. And even if it was nobody here has nothing to do with it… is his life, if he wants to be gay that is. Below prejudice and false morality!

  213. 213
    o.O Says:

    Leo is the guy of Hollywood… is handsome, great actor (one of the greatest of all time in my opinion), has money (and much… $ 77 million in 2010?! And look what he’s just an actor … you already thought when he start directing movies too?), success… ok, you may find that his girlfriend isn’t that great beau, but I think that he isn’t considering marriage now, is it? Nope! So Leo… have fun because you have the power, man.

  214. 214
    leo's fan girl Says:

    Actually Leo’s looking hotter in this pic, haven’t seen him look like this in a while. Must be all the loving he getting. Too bad i can’t be yours.


  215. 215
    G Says:

    Leo isn’t bad looking, but he’s not as hot as everyone makes him out to be…he kinda looks like pigg-ish. lol. He ure acts like one. Wow, how awesome for Blake….she’s allowed to be Leo’s latest latest H-o, lol. All of his gfs look almost exactly the same, so why he even bother switching them up?? I gues it’s not variety he’s after, but the oh so subtle differences between 10 people who look exactly the same. lol.

  216. 216
    Same Says:

    looks like she finally found her SugarDaddy (after a number of failed attempts). He is rich and he’s the biggest thing in HW actors pool. He has money&power. She has a very proactive PR team. Since she is not dumb as his previous chick I bet she will make the best profit from this thing. So bad she is so talentless and plastic-looking. But that’s the way he likes them.

  217. 217
    Hollyweird Says:

    Whatever we feel or think about Blake Lively, she is definitely the actress who’s been trending the most lately. Her contract with Chanel, the Louboutin shoes called after her, the roles in cinema and NOW her relationship with an A-list actor. Definitely, dating DiCaprio will increase her status in Hollyweird and sadly for people who think she’s a bad actress (including myself), we’ll see more and more of her in the upcoming years…..

  218. 218
    nicky Says:

    I’m brunette, but if I were blonde, I would want to be like her, she’s very charismatic to me. Imperfections on perfection, that makes her charm. concerning her acting, I haven’t seen enough of her, can’t say…

  219. 219
    Elise Says:

    My friend thinks leo looks ugly in these pics??? is she CRAZY. The man is just riding his bike not trying to look good.

    ps. he dose look hot tho even when he dose not try :)

  220. 220
    hmmm Says:

    Unfortunately Hollyweird is right. I believe that`s exactly what`s behind this romance/showmance. To make her happen regardless of the fact that she has no talent and she is still just a Gossip Girl actress. Someone in Hollyweird ( we heard the rumors who ) really wants her to happen and Leo plays along. I just don`t buy the stuff that he is so into her. This is business and he has his cake and eats it as well. Because Leo is a huge part of Hollyweird. He tries to remain this cool and down to earth guy but Hollywood and showbusiness/PR runs in his blood by now… That`s why I`m so sceptical about this whole soulmate thing. Leo picks them to fit into his professional life. His private life is subordinated to his professional life. That`s pretty sad.

  221. 221
    let the music play Says:

    Thanks , Jared, for great pix. Leo is looking sexy as hell :)

    Keep the photos of Leo and Leo & Blake coming !

  222. 222
    let the music play Says:

    Keep the photos of Leo and leo & Blake coming because we are not sick enough of these two yet. We wanna throw up a little in out mouth when we see them together. We wanna say `ewwww` every time we see them together and we wanna keep wondering what the h*ll is wrong with Leo being associated with her. We like to suffer so please, Jared keep the Leo & Blake photos coming!

  223. 223
    Teniola Says:

    I have no problem with this couple. Leo likes beautiful girls, and more power to her for her to get to date someone so talented. Leo is gorgeous, and if he wants to date her he can. No point in the negativity or jealousy. Good luck to them.

  224. 224
    Leo Girlfriends all look bland Says:


    If he likes beautiful, why does he continue to date manly, horse faced girls..he likes tall, blonde girls..not beautiful girls


    Bar-Cute, but not striking face

    Blake-Plastic, but still bland face…

    Who was the Gorgeous girl he dating..?

  225. 225
    Dani Says:

    Damn… Leo is sooooo sexy. 36 years old? No way… gorgeous, hot, yummy, polite, sweet, gentle, talented, great actor and rich… PERFECT. Will you marry me now? Please… I want you all to me :). Yeah, I’m selfish.

  226. 226
    Leo Girlfriends all look bland Says:


    If you are thin, blonde, and tall with a not beautiful, horsey may have a shot..

  227. 227
    true Says:

    @Leo Girlfriends all look bland:

    it’s true, none of them were gorgeous, and none of them have any sex appeal either. Blake and Gisele have manly looking faces. Bar’s face was prettier, but still nothing to the extent they made her out to be.. They have all been over-hyped because of being with Leo. Blake and Gisele are fugly to me. Blake’s body is nice though, I will definitely give her that. I don’t like Gisele’s body either, she has the perfect model body, but it’s way too masculine. She falls into tranny territory.

  228. 228
    selfishho Says:

    I hate her nude pics. They should be banned. Leo is mine lol

  229. 229
    speechless Says:

    I want their matching tans!! Haha. Seriously, does anyone notice how tan they are??? The other pictures of her on the boat, (other thread)she’s white.
    He looks hot!! I could really care less about her. Oh, I saw the pics on Bellazon. Her dress is short in the front, and long in the back……bike riding???? Seriously???? Shy?? I think it’s funny how she seems to play the part of “shy”. Predictable. I guess it won’t be long before we see her in a motorcycle helmet, on the back of his bike. Ugh.

  230. 230
    Hollyweird Says:

    I only started to watch GOSSIP GIRL last week out of curiosity about Blake Lively. So if this is a PR stunt ; it’s working !! But in my case, I’m starting season 2 of GG and so far I think Blake is a terrible actress. Before that, I saw her in “The town” where she was okay but I think her real life personality is very close to the character of Serena. If so (80% of probability) , she will very quickly feel insecure and self-conscious when she will think about the perfect bodies of Gisele and Bar who unlike her don’t have an inch of plastic in their bodies.

  231. 231
    Just sayin' Says:

    I must say Blake’s breasts look less fake than usual here. But I wonder if she pretends they’re non-plastic even with her boyfriends because it’s clear for a man to see the difference between a real cleavage and a plastic one when they touch. I bet Leo will soon regret Bar’s REAL curves.

  232. 232
    magicrainbow Says:

    Penn Badgley must feel SO BAD … props to this ambitious b!tch though for bagging such a high-profile guy. I’m sure this was an arrangement between their respective agents because they clearly don’t hang out with common people or attend the same events.

  233. 233
    UMMMM Says:

    The one thing I’ll say about Gisele is she was real, not like these two. She actually loved being with him and was her self and so was he. They had a gd chemistry, he has none with these two, so if they are both pr or favour hookups, who knows?? by the way they pushed Bar in everyone’s face or he has baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad taste in women, at least gisele is at the top of her game…still! and older than these pre schoolers…I mean, what IS he doing and thinking. He doesnt even look like he enjoys the company of these females…He used to laugh, haven’t seen that in about 6yrs:(If he is actually attracted to them, he has terrible taste. If not he has a bubble for a head and lives in it every day..surely you’d want a different perspective on life, why would you get with ms lively for it????? ugh.yuck yuck yuck

  234. 234
    UMMMM Says:

    And I agree they alllll look bland, why not someone different??

  235. 235
    TED C. Says:

    Dear Ted:
    How much longer are we going to experience the DeLively phenomenon? Do you think it will last? They (still) seem pretty fake to me.

    Dear Doomed DeLively:
    By my count, they should have been over a long time ago. And yet I totally understand why they’re still canoodling their way around the globe and delaying their inevitable breakup. It’s obvious. We can only hope Leo will see the light sooner than later (and you know it will be he who sees it).

  236. 236
    whatsnew Says:

    i don’t have anything against blake as I love her in GG, but I think most people really do not support this “couple” (if they really are) because we all have been used to seeing leo with supermodels and always wishfully thinking that he’ll end up with kate winslet. haha! :)

  237. 237
    and again Says:

    He will be dumped in a matter of time, Blake will soon see the real loser in him as all the others did and they dumped his bloated druggie old used up face wait an see…………

  238. 238
    ali Says:

    they look great together .

  239. 239
    Jack Says:

    Looks like these two are having a gay day together. Yes, agree with the low comments “beautiful”

  240. 240
    Lucky Blakey Says:

    My goodness what is it with this girl lately ? I never watched Gossip Girl cos it seems too much teenage-oriented but I keep reading her name in all chick and gossip magazines !! Of course she looks good but dating DiCaprio seems a bit out of her league, doesn’t it ? It certainly will increase the hype around her. She’s unbelievably lucky even if DiCaprio seems to be an immature man who will always have the spirit of a high-school kid dreaming of dating the captain of the cheerleaders.

  241. 241
    ??? Says:

    @speechless: You’re comment is silly, when you get into a new relationship, isn’t it normal that you want to share things that you enjoy??

  242. 242
    hahaha Says:

    `new relationship`? As long as you don`t think that this `relationship` is going to last much longer… LOL!
    @240: Right, she is just way too lucky to catch such a big fish WAY out of her league. It screams fishy left and right from the very beginning. Someone like her doesn`t score Dicaprio just like that. Seems like a deal / PR arrangement.

  243. 243
    clamity Says:

    leo is just wow

  244. 244
    ??? Says:

    @hahaha: what are you hahahahing at? their relationship is new and nobody said anything about it lasting? and couples do like to share things or is it not like that in your cynical little world?

  245. 245
    article Says:

    one of leo’s secret girlfriends:
    Spanish to English translation
    The Spanish secret girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio: Irene Chamorro
    MujerdeElite – 21 hours ago

    The actor lived a passionate affair with the singer after meeting at a party.
    A new familiar face joins the list of conquests of the famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Although it is usual to relate to young performer with beautiful women, the news has surprised because it is a Spanish girl. The fortunate live a romance with Leonardo Chamorro Irene was known for her singing career and her special relationship with the late Antonio Flores.

    The couple met at a party held by businessman Javier Hidalgo, attended when invited by the host itself to agree with him and some friends at a restaurant. According to some witnesses, the actor Irene noticed from the first moment he saw her, and what was initially a crush eventually became a romance that has remained secret for years.

    But why hide their relationship?, What did you hide? The truth is that the date of the affair between Leonardo and the singer has not been made ​​public, and perhaps one of the two had a partner at the time and were forced to live a clandestine love, but then who would prejudiced: Gisele Bundchen, Bar Refaeli, Blake Lively …?

    i don’t know u like her or not but i’m so happy he is not in love with bl according to this kind of articles!wow!if u like to see her:

  246. 246
    Tigershavefeelings2 Says:

    From the directors of ‘the yacht’ and makers of the ‘santa barbara excursion’ now brings to you ‘the bike ride’, rated R ( for ridiculous)…..NEXT!

  247. 247
    ??? Says:

    @Tigershavefeelings2: That’s so funny you’re cracking me up :)

  248. 248
    oh nooo! Says:

    @article: stupid article don’t believe not one word.

  249. 249
    @tigershavefeelings2 Says:

    Your comment together with an earlier one ( you’ll know that Leo is serious about a woman if she is over 25 and a brunette ) are the best I read recently! Thanks! It’s hilarious and true / beyond obvious at the same time! Keep them coming!!!!!!

  250. 250
    Tigershavefeelings2 Says:

    hee hee… Aint I stinka?

  251. 251
    Tigershavefeelings2 Says:

    Did hear about the pre-quel, “raising the ‘bar’ ” ? Went straight to video around may, just before they released “the yacht.”

  252. 252
    Irene Chamorro Says:


    I found a youtube video of her. she has very pretty eyes but there’s not much info. about her on the internet. Thanks for the news. I wonder when this affair took place…?

  253. 253
    Irene Chamorro Says:

    I found another video of her and her sister. She is the one on the left. I think her eyes are gorgeous. She reminds me a little of Aishwarya Rai in the eyes.

    and here is another one, she is the one on the right.

    Now i’m curious to find out when this happened? It must have been a while ago, because I think she is older now…she’s still beautiful though.

  254. 254
    @tigershavefeelings2 Says:

    Any info on this season’s finale? Raising the Bar season was way too long and painful. This one is just as painful so I just hope it’s gonna be shorter… No more sequel, no more episodes, please!

  255. 255
    interesting Says:

    @TED C.: Interesting how the Leo only thread only gets a few comments, 50 or so, and yet this one where Blake is mentioned gets over 200 , proves my point that most posters just do so to spread the hate!

  256. 256
    interesting Says:

    @@tigershavefeelings2: Yeah but rumour has it , that it’s going to be re-released :(
    Lets do it for the tigers !

  257. 257
    whatever Says:


    it has nothing to do with whether it’s a Leo (alone) thread or not. Some of the posters get into discussions on certain threads, and they will keep the discussion going on that thread rather than switching to a new one. It has nothing to do with hating on his gf’s!!! the last Leo alone thread got over 100 posts, and than this one came along and got a lot of comments because people were excited to see him without his hat on..and he looked nice in these pics… so stop being so friggin dramatic!!

  258. 258
    Tigershavefeelings2 Says:

    my tip for theseason finale is awaiting moderation. while we wait lets join in revolt, my friend jeezus! Was seemingly denief his post on perez hiltons celeb blog. His mission was to instigate a revolt against pr driven hollywood and liberate actors to regain hold of hollywood…. Theres too many hands on the gears to true see them free of tabloid bullshit, and coaxing to sell themselves short for a bit of hoopla, but if you are sick of the crap forced down our throats let your next post read “NO MO’ FAUX SHOW!” Its not directly targeted at these two fools caught in the pr trap, its for the “enough already” groans everyone feels when the machine churns out this tired mulch once more, whos with me?

  259. 259
    article Says:


  260. 260
    article Says:

  261. 261
    uhm Says:

    @whatever: Uhm who’s being dramatic here? a touch of doth the lady protest too much? lol

  262. 262
    Tigershavefeelings2 Says:

    The finale looks to be extending for another season if weinstein has his way, but leo may not be reprising his role. Theres talks of a spin off called the “the triangle”, starring blake lively,ben affleck and special guest star jennifer garner. Leo apparently has a new indie film in production called ” is this clingy chick really going to stalk me all the way the australia?” ( classification yet to be approved)

  263. 263
    Tigershavefeelings2 Says:

    I had to repeat my news of the series finale of this painful episode, if its posted twice you’ll see theres a signicant casting reform on the triangle and new title of leos upcoming indie film, just in case theres and confusion all spin offs and next in production ideas are on the table….anything goes with tabloid ho’s….NO MO’ FAUX SHOW!!! Stand tall leo, we still believe in u dude!

  264. 264
    whatever Says:


    huh? so now you think your shakespeare too? lol stop posting here if you have such a problem with people’s opinions about his gfs!

  265. 265
    hmmm Says:

    there are some new photos of them grocery shopping. jj won`t let me post the link. looks like it`s far from over and it certainly didn`t look like another photo op.

  266. 266
    sos Says:

    Thanks for the warning,jj will probably make a post for it.I saw the pics on Bellazon,yikes that site is scary.They really do follow his every move and hers too now.Interesting how they said they ran off when they spotted the paps,like the sunglasses sighting.

  267. 267
    Tigershavefeelings2 Says:

    Am I being censored? Wtf is with the awaiting moderation, twice??? I feel a team blake sabotage…. Haha beat you, my post made it the grocery store article jared put up! Lets see if this one works…

  268. 268
    Tigershavefeelings2 Says:

    Yes!!!! Thanks jared

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