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Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio: Biking in NYC!

Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio: Biking in NYC!

Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio go for a bike ride on Saturday (July 30) in New York City.

The rumored couple were joined by Leo‘s BFF, Lukas Haas.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Blake Lively

Later in the weekend, Leo and Lukas checked out t-shirts from a street vendor in Soho.

Late last month, Blake and Leo joined a group of friends and checked out a performance by Stevie Wonder at the Hollywood Bowl.

Leo may be gearing up for a western project for his next movie – he’s reportedly eager to play a lead in The Creed of Violence.

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  • unknown

    Lol wow. Biking in a dress that’s super low-cut. Could she be any more attention seeking…

  • MangerBouger

    Why doesn’t he get someone of his age for once !

  • Shailene

    Leo and Angelina always get the most posts. I get that.
    But not when the Alexander skarsgaard does. The guy is in one show.

  • Katchitup

    His own age? To do that he should grow up first. Then he might date someone closer to his age and someone with substance and class. Until then we have him with the likes of Refaeli and now Lively. Sad!

  • Junberry

    She should take a leaf out of Jennifer Aniston’s book….get with an A lister and you will become Alist by association but make sure you get a shark PR firm who will keep you connected to Alister that way no-one will remember why you are there cause it sure as hell won’t be for talent.

  • Bunny

    @Shailene: Alex only gets alot of posts when he’s with k-bos bec people hate her.

  • danyboy

    @MangerBouger: Because old people are boring. LOL. for example. Jennifer anniston. lol

  • danyboy

    @MangerBouger: Because old people are boring. LOL. for example. Jennifer anniston. lol

  • Sailor

    Lukas loves Blake@Wendy:

    That’s right, always blame the woman. I love Leo, but she didn’t have the power to snap her fingers and get invited to dinner with Leo and Baz, or to Spielberg’s yacht. That was his doing. She was at Renner’s birthday because he was her former cast mate. Why was Leo there? She was in France for Chanel pr and taking a class. Why was Leo there? No movie to promote.

  • xela

    @Junberry: This is also what happened with Katie Holmes. She has no talent but is getting work by association.

  • tim

    Bar is the best looking thus far.
    Gisele is pretty effin ugly.

  • Frozoid

    Jesus! Why in God’s name aren’t they wearing helmets? Do they have ANY idea how many cyclists are killed each year on NYC streets?

  • McClain

    U have to admit, Bar is a really cool name.

  • @danyboy

    Nobody said he should date someone who is Aniston’s age. Leo is younger than her and it was said ‘closer to his age’. Somehow I doubt Lively is so fascinating… She looms boring and empty to me. Interviews, her ‘acting’…etc.

  • Roisi


    What’s in it for Leo? Try what’s in it for wanker Ted. Someone is actually reading his clueless bitchy arse

  • danyboy

    @Frozoid: That’s a good point but as far as for Leo, i want to see his gorgeous face for once get picture without his normal hat. And i can say that i am satisfy by what i saw. LOL

  • Scarrr

    What about the one where he leaves her? On celebritygossip?

  • Katchitup

    Whether you read Ted’s column or not he was spot on with the hat thing. It’s beyond obvious! I bet if he said the opposite you wouldn’t have problem with it.
    There has to be something in it for Leo to take part in this deal. I can’t wait for the day when he finally dumps her!

  • danyboy

    @@danyboy: When women pass age 30, they get like Jennifer Anniston personality, (needy, sugar coating) and men usually get bored quickly by that. I don’t think Leo is ready for that. That is why brad left her not that because she wasn’t hot anymore she still is. That is my point.

  • Roisi


    Next you’re going to tell me Leo wears hats to be recognized. If she wasn’t wearing a hat you would scream she wants to be seen. Hats are common in the summer and I don’t see anything outrageous about hers. Something in it for Leo? He’s the most in demand actor and has more money than God. It’s Ted and his ilk who are desperate for attention.

  • predictable as always

    gee, what a surprise to see these pictures… I’m so SHOCKED–>NOT!! I wonder who asked JJ to post the pics this time, was it Blake or Leo’s camp??

  • You’re not Kat



  • You’re not Kat


    Neither are you

  • kà simply amazing

    leo cute handsome

  • You’re not Kat


    Or you

  • Candy

    Wow Leo and Blake make such a hot couple! Thanks Jared for the pics!

  • Josephine

    Gorgeous couple indeed! Happy they are still very much in love!

  • larson

    Goodness I’m about to hop on cg and tinkerbelle’s train and leave this alone until he comes to his senses. Do people realize that through large amounts of page views that that gives either Blake’s or Leo’s PR reason to continue on with the shenigans? If this phony ass couple were getting like 100 page views Jared wouldn’t even feature it anymore. We as fans have so much more power than we think. Stop giving these two the attention that one or both of them wants. I will only post on Leo’s threads from now on, but I guess Blake will make her way into the posts somehow.

  • Josephine

    Oh and imagine how beautiful their kids would be…. I hope they procreate very soon tehehe

  • kami

    oh the places his mouth and woo hoo have been. who would want to get it on with him? oh well, guess you can say the same about her. they’re two of a kind.

  • Nina

    Lovely couple. Proud to say i’m a Bleo fan!!

  • FormerLeoFan

    he’s such a player, not a real man, you can tell..he may even be homosexual. Yes he’s good looking, but I’d never date that type of a guy. I prefer a man who treats me right and has an intention of marrying me. I’m not a fan of the slutty guys or girls.

  • Wow

    Cute pics of the lovely pair. I really hope they get married! then it would be officially the hotest pair in hollywood!

  • danyboy

    @FormerLeoFan: If you ever had a chance with him, you would still suck him even if he decided to slap you on your face. LOL

  • bleo

    adorable pair! They look soo cute together. their kids will be gorgeous!

  • Poor Fake Blake

    I think this will end soon, dating Leo is not what Blake thinks..

    She has to be with his friends all the time

    Duck and Hide

    and he is not showing any PDA in public..

    Her PR team has to take the scraps…her looking uncomfortable on a bike with wedgies and bruises, and Luke Haas getting cut out of the pics so they look romantic..

    I give this a few more mths before Blake and her team jump ship, they don’t want follow Leo dating rules.

  • the groupie is back=Donie


    your calling Leo old you dumb ass LOL what an ignoramus.

  • hot

    Leo looks really hot in these pics and Blake looks very cute in tha hat and outfit. I think they make a cute pair.

  • haha

    Nice New Pics! They Look really Good! I Can’t Wait Until He brings Her To The Oscars!

  • hot

    Leo looks really hot in these pics and Blake looks really cute in her hat and outfit. I really think they make a cute pair!

  • Nice photos

    They look super sexy together. Leo is tall and muscular, while Blake is tall and lean. they both have great bodies. Sexiest couple ever!

  • danyboy

    @the groupie is back=Donie: Leo is hot you dumb fucck. LOL

  • Nina

    That’s right guys! Leo and Blake are really an adorable couple no qustion about it.

  • tyra

    They are so hot! I hope they last for a very long time. Two of the most beautiful and most talented people on earth dating. My head is going expoad for how awesome this couple is!

  • @danyboy

    1. Again who cares about Pitt/Aniston/Jolie? Just out of curiosity how old was Jolie when she hooked up with Pitt?
    2. @roisi: We are talking about Lively and her huge and ridiculous hats. So no, I’m not telling you anything about Leo and his hats. Different topic!

  • evie

    I love this couple!!

  • Katchitup

    Ha ha, the bellafreaks are here posting every couple of minutes! Keep up the good work, drool squad!

  • rush

    leo and blake make such a cute couple! Better looking than many other celeb couples out there. plus there both pretty talented. love them both!

  • mila

    OMG leo looks so damn hot… him <3

  • rush

    Not to mention, there both hot!