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Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio: Biking in NYC!

Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio: Biking in NYC!

Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio go for a bike ride on Saturday (July 30) in New York City.

The rumored couple were joined by Leo‘s BFF, Lukas Haas.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Blake Lively

Later in the weekend, Leo and Lukas checked out t-shirts from a street vendor in Soho.

Late last month, Blake and Leo joined a group of friends and checked out a performance by Stevie Wonder at the Hollywood Bowl.

Leo may be gearing up for a western project for his next movie – he’s reportedly eager to play a lead in The Creed of Violence.

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  • Lukas H

    Jared, why didn’t you bother to show Lukas along with them on the pics? Why only focus on DiCaprio and Flakely? Some (only rare ones) photo websites did have Lukas shown on the photos. I think that’s mean of you…

  • that’s Coz

    its coz Nobody gives a Crap about Mucas… I mean LUKAS…. He should stay out of Leo’s business, then Maybe, Leo and his mother could help Leonardo DiCaprio Find a Decent woman. Instead of Lukas, Pukas, Mucas always Tagging & Fa*gging Along…That’s Why their is NO LUKAS…. LuKas with a “K”. – HA!

  • that’s Coz

    its coz Nobody gives a Crap about Mucas… I mean LUKAS…. He should stay out of Leo’s business, then Maybe, Leo and his mother could help Leonardo DiCaprio Find a Decent woman. Instead of Lukas, Pukas, Mucas always Tagging & Fa*gging Along…That’s Why their is NO LUKAS…. LuKas with a “K”. – HA!

  • KateyCooper

    Jealous b*tches, get a life please. I am sure Blake Like is 10000 times hotter than you, she has a great personality and a beautiful body. You should go out and get a life, what a bounch of pathetic losers.

  • Linda

    what is wrong with blake lively that everyone is hating on her so harshly? let her wear whatever the hell she wants when biking.


    Why would you hate on lucas?? he’s one of his bff!! & I disagree, I bet his sm will blow leo away & leave all girls he’s ever been with in the dust! Some of you have missed the point ! if she’s destined for him she probably will be different to the same old same old. That will catch his eye! not some chick who’s been after him conveniently for ages…he clearly likes to have someone there and she was waiting ready!!!! and able! He’s been seen with this girl for 5mins! Who knows who else he’s seeing or what else he does? It won’t go anywhere…where could it go?? No where that’s where..let him ride bikes…whoelse is he gonna ride with?? She’s not even here yet! And I doubt she’ll be insecure over B&B! hahahahaha…the only girl who could’ve been right for him was gisele…only she isn’t and he wasn’t! leave him..let him have fun…geeese..had to get that off my chest, His Sm deserves more faith than that! I still think he’ll meet her…he deserves it cos he works hard! I hope he meets a woman to share it with & have a family…awww…he’ll surprise us all!!

  • that’s Coz

    Nobody Gonna be a SM for Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio… Not even Gisele, “Mansele” was good enough for him… and SHE took the BEST Action!!!! – EVER… by Walking away, Growing UP and Marrying Tom Brady, and having His Baby… She didn’t Let Lukas… Lukas with a “K”, or anything else Stop her, and DiCaprio was too Ignorant to DEAL with IT!!!! – What a SLOTH PIG….. I DON”T CARE HOW MUCH THIS GUY IS WORTH…. His is Not Right in The Head!!! – Maybe their would be a SM to Match Leo….Supposing Leonardo DiCaprio had a Soul there to actually Meet…. Hahahaha. – Think about it… These Actor People are spanning Any Actress / Models TIME. Wasting HER LIFE, and Posing BL or BR as a JOKE… For Many, Many YEARS… So Watch Out…. Leo is A SLOTH PIG!!!!!!

  • whitney lee

    This couple is fake as all hell! this is just for publicity people! leo is gay if not bi.. and he cannot keep a woman either. i knew they were gonna keep showing them

  • Ele

    I’d like to see her with Penn , she looks better with him in my opinion .. I don’t like Leo and however he’s old for her , he should be with someone else ..

  • observer

    I love it when leo’s exes come here every now and then and start bashing each other….

  • @observer

    And we love it when useless Fake Blake fans are coming here trying to be funny or something!
    @whitney lee: I`m not sure about the gay thing but other than that you are spot on!

  • Kevin

    Come on… Leo isn’t gay. Why cannot you accept that the guy walk around with your “brothers”? A man needs to hang out with other men, this is natural. Don’t try to use the hatred you feel for this girl (she’s a model too?) to call the guy gay. I cannot be 100% sure, but in my opinion he isn’t. And even if it was nobody here has nothing to do with it… is his life, if he wants to be gay that is. Below prejudice and false morality!

  • o.O

    Leo is the guy of Hollywood… is handsome, great actor (one of the greatest of all time in my opinion), has money (and much… $ 77 million in 2010?! And look what he’s just an actor … you already thought when he start directing movies too?), success… ok, you may find that his girlfriend isn’t that great beau, but I think that he isn’t considering marriage now, is it? Nope! So Leo… have fun because you have the power, man.

  • leo’s fan girl

    Actually Leo’s looking hotter in this pic, haven’t seen him look like this in a while. Must be all the loving he getting. Too bad i can’t be yours.


  • G

    Leo isn’t bad looking, but he’s not as hot as everyone makes him out to be…he kinda looks like pigg-ish. lol. He ure acts like one. Wow, how awesome for Blake….she’s allowed to be Leo’s latest latest H-o, lol. All of his gfs look almost exactly the same, so why he even bother switching them up?? I gues it’s not variety he’s after, but the oh so subtle differences between 10 people who look exactly the same. lol.

  • Same

    looks like she finally found her SugarDaddy (after a number of failed attempts). He is rich and he’s the biggest thing in HW actors pool. He has money&power. She has a very proactive PR team. Since she is not dumb as his previous chick I bet she will make the best profit from this thing. So bad she is so talentless and plastic-looking. But that’s the way he likes them.

  • Hollyweird

    Whatever we feel or think about Blake Lively, she is definitely the actress who’s been trending the most lately. Her contract with Chanel, the Louboutin shoes called after her, the roles in cinema and NOW her relationship with an A-list actor. Definitely, dating DiCaprio will increase her status in Hollyweird and sadly for people who think she’s a bad actress (including myself), we’ll see more and more of her in the upcoming years…..

  • nicky

    I’m brunette, but if I were blonde, I would want to be like her, she’s very charismatic to me. Imperfections on perfection, that makes her charm. concerning her acting, I haven’t seen enough of her, can’t say…

  • Elise

    My friend thinks leo looks ugly in these pics??? is she CRAZY. The man is just riding his bike not trying to look good.

    ps. he dose look hot tho even when he dose not try :)

  • hmmm

    Unfortunately Hollyweird is right. I believe that`s exactly what`s behind this romance/showmance. To make her happen regardless of the fact that she has no talent and she is still just a Gossip Girl actress. Someone in Hollyweird ( we heard the rumors who ) really wants her to happen and Leo plays along. I just don`t buy the stuff that he is so into her. This is business and he has his cake and eats it as well. Because Leo is a huge part of Hollyweird. He tries to remain this cool and down to earth guy but Hollywood and showbusiness/PR runs in his blood by now… That`s why I`m so sceptical about this whole soulmate thing. Leo picks them to fit into his professional life. His private life is subordinated to his professional life. That`s pretty sad.

  • let the music play

    Thanks , Jared, for great pix. Leo is looking sexy as hell :)

    Keep the photos of Leo and Leo & Blake coming !

  • let the music play

    Keep the photos of Leo and leo & Blake coming because we are not sick enough of these two yet. We wanna throw up a little in out mouth when we see them together. We wanna say `ewwww` every time we see them together and we wanna keep wondering what the h*ll is wrong with Leo being associated with her. We like to suffer so please, Jared keep the Leo & Blake photos coming!

  • Teniola

    I have no problem with this couple. Leo likes beautiful girls, and more power to her for her to get to date someone so talented. Leo is gorgeous, and if he wants to date her he can. No point in the negativity or jealousy. Good luck to them.

  • Leo Girlfriends all look bland


    If he likes beautiful, why does he continue to date manly, horse faced girls..he likes tall, blonde girls..not beautiful girls


    Bar-Cute, but not striking face

    Blake-Plastic, but still bland face…

    Who was the Gorgeous girl he dating..?

  • Dani

    Damn… Leo is sooooo sexy. 36 years old? No way… gorgeous, hot, yummy, polite, sweet, gentle, talented, great actor and rich… PERFECT. Will you marry me now? Please… I want you all to me :). Yeah, I’m selfish.

  • Leo Girlfriends all look bland


    If you are thin, blonde, and tall with a not beautiful, horsey may have a shot..

  • true

    @Leo Girlfriends all look bland:

    it’s true, none of them were gorgeous, and none of them have any sex appeal either. Blake and Gisele have manly looking faces. Bar’s face was prettier, but still nothing to the extent they made her out to be.. They have all been over-hyped because of being with Leo. Blake and Gisele are fugly to me. Blake’s body is nice though, I will definitely give her that. I don’t like Gisele’s body either, she has the perfect model body, but it’s way too masculine. She falls into tranny territory.

  • selfishho

    I hate her nude pics. They should be banned. Leo is mine lol

  • speechless

    I want their matching tans!! Haha. Seriously, does anyone notice how tan they are??? The other pictures of her on the boat, (other thread)she’s white.
    He looks hot!! I could really care less about her. Oh, I saw the pics on Bellazon. Her dress is short in the front, and long in the back……bike riding???? Seriously???? Shy?? I think it’s funny how she seems to play the part of “shy”. Predictable. I guess it won’t be long before we see her in a motorcycle helmet, on the back of his bike. Ugh.

  • Hollyweird

    I only started to watch GOSSIP GIRL last week out of curiosity about Blake Lively. So if this is a PR stunt ; it’s working !! But in my case, I’m starting season 2 of GG and so far I think Blake is a terrible actress. Before that, I saw her in “The town” where she was okay but I think her real life personality is very close to the character of Serena. If so (80% of probability) , she will very quickly feel insecure and self-conscious when she will think about the perfect bodies of Gisele and Bar who unlike her don’t have an inch of plastic in their bodies.

  • Just sayin’

    I must say Blake’s breasts look less fake than usual here. But I wonder if she pretends they’re non-plastic even with her boyfriends because it’s clear for a man to see the difference between a real cleavage and a plastic one when they touch. I bet Leo will soon regret Bar’s REAL curves.

  • magicrainbow

    Penn Badgley must feel SO BAD … props to this ambitious b!tch though for bagging such a high-profile guy. I’m sure this was an arrangement between their respective agents because they clearly don’t hang out with common people or attend the same events.


    The one thing I’ll say about Gisele is she was real, not like these two. She actually loved being with him and was her self and so was he. They had a gd chemistry, he has none with these two, so if they are both pr or favour hookups, who knows?? by the way they pushed Bar in everyone’s face or he has baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad taste in women, at least gisele is at the top of her game…still! and older than these pre schoolers…I mean, what IS he doing and thinking. He doesnt even look like he enjoys the company of these females…He used to laugh, haven’t seen that in about 6yrs:(If he is actually attracted to them, he has terrible taste. If not he has a bubble for a head and lives in it every day..surely you’d want a different perspective on life, why would you get with ms lively for it????? ugh.yuck yuck yuck


    And I agree they alllll look bland, why not someone different??

  • TED C.

    Dear Ted:
    How much longer are we going to experience the DeLively phenomenon? Do you think it will last? They (still) seem pretty fake to me.

    Dear Doomed DeLively:
    By my count, they should have been over a long time ago. And yet I totally understand why they’re still canoodling their way around the globe and delaying their inevitable breakup. It’s obvious. We can only hope Leo will see the light sooner than later (and you know it will be he who sees it).

  • whatsnew

    i don’t have anything against blake as I love her in GG, but I think most people really do not support this “couple” (if they really are) because we all have been used to seeing leo with supermodels and always wishfully thinking that he’ll end up with kate winslet. haha! :)

  • and again

    He will be dumped in a matter of time, Blake will soon see the real loser in him as all the others did and they dumped his bloated druggie old used up face wait an see…………

  • ali

    they look great together .

  • Jack

    Looks like these two are having a gay day together. Yes, agree with the low comments “beautiful”

  • Lucky Blakey

    My goodness what is it with this girl lately ? I never watched Gossip Girl cos it seems too much teenage-oriented but I keep reading her name in all chick and gossip magazines !! Of course she looks good but dating DiCaprio seems a bit out of her league, doesn’t it ? It certainly will increase the hype around her. She’s unbelievably lucky even if DiCaprio seems to be an immature man who will always have the spirit of a high-school kid dreaming of dating the captain of the cheerleaders.

  • ???

    @speechless: You’re comment is silly, when you get into a new relationship, isn’t it normal that you want to share things that you enjoy??

  • hahaha

    `new relationship`? As long as you don`t think that this `relationship` is going to last much longer… LOL!
    @240: Right, she is just way too lucky to catch such a big fish WAY out of her league. It screams fishy left and right from the very beginning. Someone like her doesn`t score Dicaprio just like that. Seems like a deal / PR arrangement.

  • clamity

    leo is just wow

  • ???

    @hahaha: what are you hahahahing at? their relationship is new and nobody said anything about it lasting? and couples do like to share things or is it not like that in your cynical little world?

  • http://deleted article

    one of leo’s secret girlfriends:
    Spanish to English translation
    The Spanish secret girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio: Irene Chamorro
    MujerdeElite – 21 hours ago

    The actor lived a passionate affair with the singer after meeting at a party.
    A new familiar face joins the list of conquests of the famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Although it is usual to relate to young performer with beautiful women, the news has surprised because it is a Spanish girl. The fortunate live a romance with Leonardo Chamorro Irene was known for her singing career and her special relationship with the late Antonio Flores.

    The couple met at a party held by businessman Javier Hidalgo, attended when invited by the host itself to agree with him and some friends at a restaurant. According to some witnesses, the actor Irene noticed from the first moment he saw her, and what was initially a crush eventually became a romance that has remained secret for years.

    But why hide their relationship?, What did you hide? The truth is that the date of the affair between Leonardo and the singer has not been made ​​public, and perhaps one of the two had a partner at the time and were forced to live a clandestine love, but then who would prejudiced: Gisele Bundchen, Bar Refaeli, Blake Lively …?

    i don’t know u like her or not but i’m so happy he is not in love with bl according to this kind of articles!wow!if u like to see her:

  • Tigershavefeelings2

    From the directors of ‘the yacht’ and makers of the ‘santa barbara excursion’ now brings to you ‘the bike ride’, rated R ( for ridiculous)…..NEXT!

  • ???

    @Tigershavefeelings2: That’s so funny you’re cracking me up :)

  • oh nooo!

    @article: stupid article don’t believe not one word.

  • @tigershavefeelings2

    Your comment together with an earlier one ( you’ll know that Leo is serious about a woman if she is over 25 and a brunette ) are the best I read recently! Thanks! It’s hilarious and true / beyond obvious at the same time! Keep them coming!!!!!!

  • Tigershavefeelings2

    hee hee… Aint I stinka?