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Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio: Biking in NYC!

Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio: Biking in NYC!

Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio go for a bike ride on Saturday (July 30) in New York City.

The rumored couple were joined by Leo‘s BFF, Lukas Haas.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Blake Lively

Later in the weekend, Leo and Lukas checked out t-shirts from a street vendor in Soho.

Late last month, Blake and Leo joined a group of friends and checked out a performance by Stevie Wonder at the Hollywood Bowl.

Leo may be gearing up for a western project for his next movie – he’s reportedly eager to play a lead in The Creed of Violence.

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SM is in LA. like 1 psychic said, they have already met, but he doesn’t “see her”, aka he doesn’t get that it’s her ? I GET THAT they both feel something. As to why he is not with her , someone clue us in. 1 or both have issues? Or as one said he is not listening to his spirit?

@crystal ball2 THE SM IS IN LA: You are right his SM is in LA working on set film called savage. Don’t worry, she will be back soon to NY to ride with him again. LOL.
Sometimes it is too funny knowing that you are too fool of shiit. lol

Leo looks good! So excited about The Great Gatsby :)

As far as who he’s dating, I could care less. He can date whomever he likes and it makes not one bit of difference to me. You will notice, as with other celebrities, some fans will NEVER like his girlfriends. He could start dating Pippa Middleton and people would be tearing her apart. It’s just plain jealousy.

stop doing that they look good and what she done really to hate her i need answer ?i from clooney side and when we hated his last gf was for a reason or many ones realLy but blake is beautiful and seem a real sweetheart with more than u see the prove that leo look really having A happy and fun time man he even looks hotter with her I AM NOT HIS FAN JUST SEE U DON’T LOVE HIM U SHOULD WISH HIM GOOD THINGS IF U CARE OR LOVE HIM!

she aint going anywhere *******. stop hating

who bikes in a dress? some sleeze ball who is selling the view to keep the guy around , I seen one of the final photo`s on that outing showing him driving away ,off in an opposite direction

Medusa lives @ 08/02/2011 at 11:52 pm

she looks like a retart with her mouth open like that. She has a nice body, but that butterface is hard to miss. I hope she doesn’t turn Leo to stone one of these days. LOL Good Lord, help us all and make sure she keeps wearing those fugly straw hats permanently!

she’s not on savage set- as these pics show
u must be pr

Blake is so hot Leo is so fortunate !!!

Blake is so hot Leo is so fortunate !!!

I remember the SM posters said that he has met her spiritually not physically yet. That they meet in their dreams and that they get signs about eachother. I wonder what signs he gets about her and if he even notices them?

@@151: Then, it must be Mol from inception. lol

Love the shoes @ 08/03/2011 at 12:12 am

I really really like them so much. I think she loosens him up a bit and I think she’s a surprise to him. I think he’s someone she never thought she’d be attracted to, and I think he brings out her serious.

He’s a Scorpio and she’s a Leo . Very VERY passionate, and if maturity level and desire to make it work level of caring is there, they will be one of the successful HW love matches for a long long time.

I think they are perfect for each other. time will tell.

Love the shoes @ 08/03/2011 at 12:16 am

@Alice: Have a feeling this was a “come on babe, lets go riding” thang and she said what the heck, tied her dress up and hopped on. Love it!

@Love the shoes:

1st of all she is a virgo and she obviously knew she’d be attracted to him or she wouldn’t have said he was her childhood CRUSH!!!

You guys are embarrassing, You’re all just the public, and you can’t say who dates who. To all the married people and those dating anyone, if i took a shot of you with your partner, post it in my blog, and have 40,000 people comment on it saying “eww what s lut” or “they’re so not a good pair” how would you feel? I’m a fan of neither acts but seriously, the public needs to act more sane and proper. Geez people these days

@Love the shoes:

she’s a Virgo sweetie pie. some of you people are so annoying and sound like such little girls, or maybe you are PR getting paid to do your lame, sorry ass jobs? LOL who knows, but whatever it is, it is seriously nauseating to read this sappy 12 year old comments. I can’t deal anymore, can some REAL people who aren’t living in LALA land please come to these threads and comment for a change. F*ck, I want to see Leo dating some hot girls and being a player, *******, SOB, ass-hole that sleeps around with a lot of girls and makes them scream for mercy LOL…straight from the door, I rather see that than this boring sh*t !! And I still want to know if he’s King Schl*ng or not? can the psychics also fill us in on that? PLEASE!!


oh shut up!! boo hoo, why don’t you go cry to mommy now little girl!!

sinande john @ 08/03/2011 at 1:22 am


sinande john @ 08/03/2011 at 1:22 am


they look NOTHING alike @ 08/03/2011 at 1:36 am

@sinande john:

none of them look alike at all… Gisele looked manly and so does Blake, but that’s as far as the similarity goes..Bar had a rounder shaped face and has no resemblance whatsoever to either of those women…and it sounds like Blake’s PR is trying to push this she looks like his exes crap a little too much. do we have another case of “i want to be a model” on our hands? just like Bar wanted to be like Gisele? oh please, what is wrong with these desperate women. Be yourself and stop trying to be something you’re NOT!

I still cant fathom how and why Leo would date this gal! He’s out of her league.

wrong answer @ 08/03/2011 at 2:24 am

@crystal ball2 THE SM IS IN LA: SM does not live in LA. Sorry…

cute . Leo spend time with Blake before to go in Australia filming ” the great gatsby”.

@Athenais: where she will be shortly dumped there after. Now thats cute!

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